The Chakra Diaries

The Chakra Diaries FREE BONUS Downloadable MP Chakra Meditation at http thechakras Balance your own chakras as you learn how these energy centers affect love and loss health and happiness life and death for the parti

  • Title: The Chakra Diaries
  • Author: Becca Chopra
  • ISBN: 9781450531917
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • FREE BONUS Downloadable MP3 Chakra Meditation at http thechakras Balance your own chakras as you learn how these energy centers affect love and loss, health and happiness, life and death for the participants in a chakra workshop You ll laugh, cry and and maybe even jump for joy as you experience their transformation with them Whether you re an avid yogi orFREE BONUS Downloadable MP3 Chakra Meditation at http thechakras Balance your own chakras as you learn how these energy centers affect love and loss, health and happiness, life and death for the participants in a chakra workshop You ll laugh, cry and and maybe even jump for joy as you experience their transformation with them Whether you re an avid yogi or yogini or have never heard of chakras, you ll find this look at the human condition and the miracles that can happen through forgiveness, love and energy healing to be both enlightening and entertaining Chakra balancing techniques and wisdom are woven throughout the life stories.

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    1. Becca Chopra

      I am the author of THE CHAKRA ENERGY DIET, THE CHAKRA DIARIES, CHAKRA SECRETS and BALANCE YOUR CHAKRAS, BALANCE YOUR LIFE When not writing or reading, I m teaching yoga and meditation, swimming with dolphins on the Big Island, and having fun here in paradise.I publish Becca s Inspirational Book Blog at BeccaChopra.


    1. The first thing that grabbed me was the cover: all those swirls turning in one direction in harmony, it's not something I've seen before. Only later did I realize there's a hidden meaning in this cover, showing that, interwoven in the story are the lives of different characters as they attend a 12 week chakra workshop and experience a major shift in their lives. During this workshop, as characters come and leave, the reader's taught how the energy of healing and different people can leave a mark [...]

    2. Don't you often wonder about the lives of others in your yogo or dance class? What is the tubby woman at the back of the class really thinking? Does the lone man in his spandex clothes feel as stupid as he looks? Is the woman running the class as confident as she appears? Well, even though the blurb of the Chakra Diaries reads like a self-help book it gives you a chance to dip into the lives of such characters including chubby but lovely Estella, abused Sarah and also including the narrator Rebe [...]

    3. A wonderful book of real characters with real stories. Very often authors put a group of people in some kind of semblance, and Becca Chopra has done this with great style with "The Chakra Diaries". A story of interwoven lives bound together by a common goal of self discovery and self healing. The characters in the book have been asked to write in diaries as part of a workshop. Each writes their story as only they could. Becca has showcased her diversity as an author in writing the many voices of [...]

    4. I was contacted by the author for an honest review during a free promotion a couple of years ago. I agreed and downloaded a copy due to being interested in spirituality and the chakras. Unfortunately, due to my rather large reading list, I have only recently been able to read it.This is a collection of stories that were quite interesting. They are a small insight into the lives of the people who, in one way or another, found themselves learning about chakras and opening themselves to spiritual a [...]

    5. The chakras come from the sanskrit word meaning "wheel" or "disc" and in yoga and meditation there are seven of them, one starting from the base of the human body to work its way up the spine to stop at the head and above; muladhara, svadhisthana, manipura, anahata, vishudda, ajna and sahaswara act as spiritual pathways to eventual enlightenment for the person who uses them in a series of disciplines in this book. The first to the third are the chakras of matter, while the fourth is the connecti [...]

    6. HmmmI'd give it 2 1/2 stars if I could.The book is about a group of people taking a chakra workshop. The first chapter reveals what's going on. Each chapter after that is a workshop diary from a participant, so through the book we learn about each participant, including some that overlap. The final chapter brings all of the workshop participants and the leader together.I liked the format and that it was a fictional telling of the chakras. The stories were interesting. Some were disturbing though [...]

    7. To be honest I don’t know what to make of this book. I liked learning more about chakras. I enjoyed the individual stories and the healing of the chakras. The experiences were wonderfully told and allowed me to gain a bit of insight into the people.My issue lies with Becca. When I got to one point in the book I was so angry at her that I wanted to slam the book by either not rating it or giving it a low rating. To me, what she did as a spiritual leader of sorts, had me so disappointed that I w [...]

    8. The Chakra Diaries delves into the lives of characters who seek to become emotionally centered. Each give readers a glimpse into their personal lives sharing how they rose from adversity to face life’s challenges. Particularly interesting was the romance that developed between Barry and Deb. Really liked that part, though I wanted to understand better why Barry dropped out of the class? And though it wasn’t the case, but why would Rebecca put him out of ‘a healing’ class that has the too [...]

    9. The stories that Becca tells in The Chakra Diaries are both common and enlightening. We’ve all heard them, perhaps even experienced them – the unrequited love, the cancer diagnosis and the betrayal of those closest to us; what makes them stand out in this book though is the way that they are each woven into a stronger theme of positive change and personal development. Each story is complete in it’s own right, yet each forms a part of the whole novel. Each story talks eloquently about the c [...]

    10. kindle - a fun way to experience the use of the Different Chakras. The author tells the story through nine participants of a chakra workshop, run by a woman named Rebbecca. Each participant tells his or her story through a notebook given at the start of the class, where they write down their life story, their fears, hopes, wishes etc. Each of these characters, have one of their chakaras blocked and each is given a meditations and exercises to follow to hopefully correct the flow of the energies. [...]

    11. Drawn InI was totally drawn in by Becca's writing style. The characters and their individual stories gave so many examples of issues we deal with in life. The stories were artfully woven into beautiful expressions of connectivity to our "energy centers" or Chakra's.Whether you are new in your understanding of the chakra's or just need a reminder of how we are impacted by life experiences, The Chakra Diaries should be on your to read list.Kathleen Westberg, author of Dying is Weird; A Journey of [...]

    12. Very quick read that left me inspired to journal and full of love. Lots of very thought provoking and healing quotes at the start of each chapter. The first person narratives of the diaries were a very refreshing way to read about the Chakras. This was is short, sweet, and powerful book. Thanks Becca for sending it my way!

    13. This book written in diary form of the journals kept by its participants while attending a Chakra workshop was a little bit too much of personal sharing for my tastes. If this indeed happened in real life I can't imagine anyone pouring out their inner secrets for public dissemination.

    14. This book describes stories of nine different people which go to Rebecca`s yoga class. They search love and understanding and want to express themselves better. By the way you can easily learn here about chakras and how to balance them.

    15. Enjoyed the meditations for the chakras & info about them but the fictional story was a little too much drama. I personally could not relate to the characters.

    16. 7/10 a nice little book which uses the chakras for structure giving a meditation for each and contextualising them through the story's characters and histories.

    17. This book was a good 'in between' read, very kid of lightweight and easy to read. Interesting how it all molded together as you went along reading each person story in the group.

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