Yoga and Vipassana: An Integrated Life Style

Yoga and Vipassana An Integrated Life Style In modern first paced life Yoga is not only necessary relaxation but it is also essential for a happy life On the physical side yoga makes our body strong and flexible Yoga brings relaxations in our m

  • Title: Yoga and Vipassana: An Integrated Life Style
  • Author: Amit Ray
  • ISBN: 9788191026924
  • Page: 434
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  • In modern first paced life Yoga is not only necessary relaxation but it is also essential for a happy life On the physical side yoga makes our body strong and flexible Yoga brings relaxations in our muscles and it also helps to improve the blood circulation in our body Yoga brings harmony in body mind and soul The peaceful and calming effect of Vipassana is also time tIn modern first paced life Yoga is not only necessary relaxation but it is also essential for a happy life On the physical side yoga makes our body strong and flexible Yoga brings relaxations in our muscles and it also helps to improve the blood circulation in our body Yoga brings harmony in body mind and soul The peaceful and calming effect of Vipassana is also time tested The insight meditation, mindfulness of Vipassana meditation removes the past impressions.The author Amit Ray, shares the benefits of yoga and vipassan in an integrated way, which is easy to follow This is a practical and valuable guide for all, who wants to enjoy the combine fruits of the ancient practices of yoga and vipassana.

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    1. Amit Ray

      Amit Ray is an enlightened spiritual master in the Himalayan Yoga and Vipassana tradition He began sharing his experiences after a series of transformative spiritual awakening.In his Himalayan Centre at Uttarkashi, he lives a life dedicated to meditation and yoga He is author of several books on meditation and other spiritual topics He learnt yoga and meditation from the masters of the ancient Himalayan and Buddhist traditions.Amit Ray, in his early years was a scientist After doing his PhD in artificial intelligence and computational neuroscience, he was working as a scientist conducting his research in the area of intelligence and the nature of consciousness He worked in India, USA and UK for about 15 years With a spiritual bent of mind from his very childhood, he undertook intense practices in meditation from when he was a child In his later years, many mystical experiences prompted him to dedicate his life for the search of truth.


    1. Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga are complementary to each other. In this book Dr. Amit Ray shows in a scientific manner the ways and means, the methods and techniques to combine these two ancient teachings in a seamless manner. The sequence of the selected yoga postures with mindfulness are having wonderful result. Recent scientific researches on neuroscience proved the benefits of these two techniques in several studies. Ray shows the practical ways to use them in busy life. Whether you have no [...]

    2. Vipassana (mindfulness meditation) is considered the heart of Buddhist meditation but its essence is universal and of deep practical benefit to all. Similarly yoga exercises are beneficial for our health and mind. This book is for getting the benefits from both these practices. Ray's book is more detailed in its exercises and explanation of breath and postures during daily formal meditation as well as retreat practices. The book describes the limitations and benefits of mindfulness and yoga prac [...]

    3. The author Amit Ray, explains everything that are needed for daily yoga and vipassana practices. For the first time Patanajli's yoga sutra techniques and Buddha's vipassana meditation techniques are successfully combined.He specifically discusses how the different types of yoga can be appropriately incorporated into the daily vipassana training program. Two chapters of the book is dedicated to the postures, breathing and meditation. This author seems to be one of the very few, who truly understa [...]

    4. Very thorough and comprehensive, covering all aspects of meditation and practice within the yoga and vipassana path.

    5. I should start by saying that I came close to abandoning this book after reading the first two chapters. And I'm very glad that I did not - it was a good read if you overlook some obvious issues. The book an easy read and brings together yoga and vipassana (loosely mindfulness meditation) in an elegant way. Yoga is based on a Hindu perspective while Vipassana is closely linked to Buddhist teachings. This book outlines why both of these practices are important and the benefits of implementing bot [...]

    6. I am living in a small town called Montauk, small but magically beautiful. It has stunning beaches and spectacular trees in the state park. On week end I was there, to escape from the city, leaving the stress, and worries behind. I was doing my vipassan meditation under a tree. It has given me an wonderful experience. It has cleared many of my deep-rooted fears and impressions. I am thankful to this book. It has taught me the essential spirit of vipassana meditation. I liked about 80% of this bo [...]

    7. This book is incredibly dense and the author has done an amazing amount of research. I am learning so much about mindfulness meditation and yoga from this book. The approach is very different from what we normally hear.The nine principles of integrating mindfulness meditation (Vipassana) and Yoga is unique and very practical. I am extremely happy to have found and read this. I liked the micro movement meditations. This book is most suited for me at this point of my meditation practice. This book [...]

    8. I really liked this book. It has enough information to open your eyes, but not too much to scare you away. This is a book that has to be read slowly and with determination, with many pauses for looking-off-into-the-distance-deep-in-thoughts and practices. In the book Amit Ray continually brings the focus back to the simple and perfect practice of sitting, standing, walking postures and mindfulness. Ray talks as a good spiritual friend. In this book Amit Ray expresses the heart of Yoga and Vipass [...]

    9. I'm not particularly predisposed to spiritual impulses! But I love meditation particularly Vipassana meditation. The author of this book has something timeless and important to impart, and he does so with unusual intelligence, grace and divinity. This is simply a beautiful book, beautifully written. The meditation techniques of the book added much more value to me. Now, I could go into a much deeper, peaceful and meaningful meditative state.

    10. I am on the flight, returning home from London. Air Canada flight attendant Just asked if I wanted to eat. I said no. Her presence make me happy. I want to be happy, extraordinary and play big in my life. We are told that the key to happiness is inner peace. However, the greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions such as anger, attachment, fear and suspicion. Now, I understand one tiny step of yoga and meditation can result in gigantic consequences in our inner peace over time. I [...]

    11. If you love meditation then you'll love this book! This book explains so much about vipassana meditation and yoga. I really enjoyed it, and will read it over and over again! The principles of integrating the mindfulness meditation with yoga are excellent. The book is very clear and understandable for all levels of meditation and yoga expertise.

    12. I have read a few other books of his and while “Yoga and Vipassana: An Integrated Life Style” is my favorite, this book is great because Amit Ray introduces - via anecdote and examples - tangible ways of becoming more happy.This lucid and beautifully written guide to Eastern meditation provides Westerners with a method of learning the skills of yoga and vipassana.

    13. There are some amazing moments in life. You cannot capture them through camera. I learn meditation from this book. First time, I was reading this book while I was traveling the coast of British Columbia. It gave my immense happiness to understand the depth of yoga and meditation. Thanks for providing nothing but the best of yoga. The book helped me to align me with the highest. This is a incredible powerful but soft book on meditation.

    14. This book is one of those timeless yoga and meditation classics that takes the fundamental precepts of new wisdom, and makes them accessible, relevant and particularly practical for someone who might be facing emotional challenges. I recommend this book to anyone who is serious about meditation and yoga, and learn the skills of life mastery. This book, and the study of (The Power of Now) are indispensable tools for those committed to creating a radiant, wholesome and vibrant life.

    15. I read a lot of articles about “how to overcome anxiety” or “how to beat depression” and those doesn’t really work for who have severe illnesses. I do think yoga with meditation can help a lot. This book is best for combining light yoga exercises with meditation. The last part of the book is the 'meat', for me, in which Ray goes into some depth about the meditation practices.

    16. This is my 2nd book of the author, the previous being Om Chanting and Meditation. The book deals with combining the good features of two different streams of meditation - Yoga and Vipassana. It says that they are not mutually exclusive and can be used to great benefit together. It has many meditation and yoga examples which a person can do.

    17. I do not have much experience on Vipassana meditation. In my college days I used to do yoga exercises. Now, I am too lazy. I am not getting any time to do meditation or yoga. But reading this book is fantastic. The author has given an excellent explanation of the two techniques. I loved it.

    18. I loved this book. I felt this book is a rare gem on meditation and yoga that few people know about. This is one that I will definitely read again. The book cultivated the interests to see yoga in a new way. This is a book that everyone should read.

    19. A classic book on integrated yoga with mindfulness meditation. I am slowly reading the book. Exercises are very easy to follow,

    20. I was in the biggest breakdown of my life. This book helped me out. It gives me the practices of simple yoga exercises with deep meditation.

    21. Good book! Dr Amit Ray given a fresh and new approach to get the benefits of mindfulness meditation and yoga. It helped me.

    22. I hear this book is excellent but cannot find it anywhere. has someone been able to purchase it on line or order it through a bookstore (in the US)?anticipated thanks

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