The Cat Who Went Bananas

The Cat Who Went Bananas The merry atmosphere in Pickax is dampened by the death of an out of town actor and the theft of a rare book Qwill finds himself distracted from the events by his finicky pal Koko who s been acting f

  • Title: The Cat Who Went Bananas
  • Author: Lilian Jackson Braun
  • ISBN: 9780399152245
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The merry atmosphere in Pickax is dampened by the death of an out of town actor and the theft of a rare book Qwill finds himself distracted from the events by his finicky pal Koko, who s been acting fishy than feline Has Koko gone bananas, or is he trying to let the cat out of the bag to solve the dual mysteries

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    1. Lilian Jackson Braun

      Lilian Jackson Braun was an American writer She is well known for her light hearted series of The Cat Who mystery novels The Cat Who books center around the life of former newspaper reporter James Qwilleran, and his two Siamese cats, KoKo and Yum Yum in the fictitious small town of Pickax located in Moose County, 400 miles north of everywhere Although never formally stated in the books, the towns, counties and lifestyles described in the series are generally accepted to be a modeled after Bad Axe, Michigan located in the Michigan Thumb where she resided with her husband for many years until the mid 1980 s Many also believe that the culture and history of the Upper peninsula of Michigan are represented in the series as well, which is quite possible as it is indeed a fictitious location.Lilian Jackson Braun began her writing career as a teenager, contributing sports poetry for the Detroit News She later began working as an advertising copywriter for many of Detroit s department stores After that stint, she worked at the Detroit Free Press as the Good Living editor for 30 years She retired from the Free Press in 1978.Between 1966 and 1968, she published three novels to critical acclaim The Cat Who Could Read Backwards, The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern and The Cat Who Turned On and Off In 1966, The New York Times labeled Braun, the new detective of the year The rising mystery author disappeared from the publishing scene for 18 years The blame came from the fact that mystery novels were starting to focus on sex, violence, and foul language, and Braun s light hearted books were not welcome in this new territory It wasn t until 1986 that the Berkley Publishing Group reintroduced Braun to the public with the publication of an original paperback, The Cat Who Saw Red Within two years, Berkeley released four new novels in paperback and reprinted the three mysteries from the sixties Braun s series became an instant best seller once again In January 2007 the twenty ninth novel in the series, The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers, was released in hardcover by the Penguin Group.Not much was really known about Braun, as she prefered to keep her private life that way For years, publishers have given inaccurate accounts of her year of birth, which has remained unknown until she openly acknowledged her age in an interview for the Detroit News in January 2005.


    1. Book Review2+ of 5 stars to The Cat Who Went Bananas, the 27th installment in the "Cat Who" cozy mystery series, written in 2004 by Lilian Jackson Braun. This was my least favorite of all the books in this series. It had the potential to be so much stronger, given it was about a rare book. But I think the publisher got caught up in the money, people loving the series and a rush to push it out the door. The ending was vague, the story was disconnected and the voice of several characters seemed to [...]

    2. I don't read "The Cat Who" books for mystery or thrills. I read them for their charm and warmth, to visit old friends again, to walk down the streets of Pickax and browse the shops, to admire Quill's reserved intelligence and thoughtfulness, and to play with Yum Yum and Koko as they race up and down the ramps in the apple barn. By that measure, "The Cat Who Went Bananas" is a wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable addition to Braun's series.Some reviewers have criticized the ending as vague or uncle [...]

    3. Oh dear…I’ll start by saying I have read all 26 previous novels in this series. The first three were solid mystery novels taking place in “the City” (probably Detroit or Chicago) with a crime reporter (Jim “Qwill” Qwilleran) acting as the sleuth. They were OK but not spectacular. Then 18 years passed before the next book of the series was published. Qwill had now inherited a ton of money and was able to move to Pickaxe in the northern part of the state of Michigan. That provided a pr [...]

    4. If it was possible, I wouldn't give this book ANY stars. I have no idea how people think this series is good. I couldn't get into this book and it took me longer than expected to actually read this book. It was utterly boring, pointless and there was no solving of mysteries nor anything related to mysteries. It didn't even answer any questions that were put into the book. I still don't know why Violet married that guy, but at the same time I didn't care. The characters just didn't get formed and [...]

    5. Another disappointment. Again the murder mystery is remote and justice comes by divine intervention. Qwill undertakes no real interest in researching what could have been a delightful romp through people's lives to solve the 3 mysteries that arose in the book.Did Alden Wade kill his second wife? Did he kill her first husband? What happened to Ken/Wesley? What happened to the baby kidnapped so long ago, a mystery never investigated?It seems Braun has become bored with mysteries and only wants to [...]

    6. These are seriously the weakest mystery novels I've ever read. The cat yowls when someone dies wrongfully. No one investigates, everyone continues with their gossipy lives and eventually the murderer dies in an unrelated accident. I'm kind of flabbergasted by the series in general. Now I want to read the first one to see if it's any better. So far, the two books I've ready are basically about a caricature of small town life with a mildly unsympathetic protagonist and opening a new bookstore and [...]

    7. I didn't read the reviews for this book until I was already half way through the book . . . would I have still checked it out of the Library? Perhaps not. Do I regret reading it? Hmmm, the jury is still out. It is time I will never get back, but since I was on vacation and read in bed before falling asleep, it's not time I would have used except to read another book.I'm just wondering who is now writing the Cat Who books --- The inside cover of this book says "Lillian Jackson Braun is the author [...]

    8. Yea! I finally reached my goal. I have now read 1-27 of "The Cat Who" books. As I read ".Went Bananas", I thought it seemed to be back on track. However, toward the end one character disappeared and we never heard of him again. Is he dead or did he fear for his life and run? The supposed villain died and we never knew if he was a villain or just wrongly accused. A man and his wife died before the story began and there was no solution on this front either. This is my stopping place. I will imagin [...]

    9. In this latest from Lilian, we find Pickax in the midst of their opening of the theatrical production, the town is celebrating the opening of the new bookstore that is replacing the old one. Polly is the new owner and this causes a rift in Qwill's and Polly's relationship. There is much ado about the new marmalade cat, Dundee, that is the bookstore's new mascot. Koko keeps flipping banana peels to the floor, Qwill is frustrated about this monstrosity of an old wooden mansion on top of a hill, bu [...]

    10. Another day, another Cat who book. This one deals with the building of the new Pickax bookstore, The Pirate's Chest. Polly is too busy to have her usual evenings with Qwill, so he dines with Violet Hibbard and decides to write the text for a photo book of her home. But all isn't right in Hibbard house, and a younger man has married Violet. Suspecting a ploy for her money, Qwill begins a quiet investigation, but it all comes to an end with her death and the destruction of Hibbard house. Koko as u [...]

    11. Let's be honest, I don't believe that many folks pick up this series for the 'mystery'. Many of the crimes take place "off camera" and the case is often solved with little assistance from James Qwilleran, and his feline companions. The real reason to read these books is to find out what is happening in Pickax and the surrounding communities in Moose County. What's going in in the new bookstore? Is the city having another celebration of one of the tragedies or other events that took place earlier [...]

    12. I know Braun's writing has become disjointed at times as she had gotten up in years, but I believe that the questions the reader was left with in this particular book was intentional. I come to this conclusion with the last entry in Qwill's journal where he brings up the same questions most readers probably had. It was almost like Lilian Jackson Braun was reminding her readers that we don't always get the answers we want or need and maybe a reflection of her own life and failing health.It might [...]

    13. A co-worker recommended this book, I think because either a: it has no profanity or sex, or b: he hates me and thinks I have no taste.I thought these books were supposed to be mysteries, and I guess it sort of was, but there was no real sense of urgency or even any sincere effort at investigation. It was this guy and his cats (and all of his neighbors and their cats), and this bookstore, and that event, and this other article. It was a daily journal of tedium, and I can't believe I actually read [...]

    14. I'm enjoying becoming reacquainted with this series. My mother read 1 - 12 and maybe 13/14 before she died and loved the mystery series ensconced in literary references and cats who enjoy gourmet food. This is one of the later ones written 2 years before Lilian Jackson Braun died. The author plays with a break up of Qwill and longtime girlfriend Polly - not sure where that will lead. This one leaves some loose ends, but it was a fun, end of the year, Christmas break read.

    15. The cat who is finally losing its cuteness for me but I still read them because I can't help myself. An out of town actor and bananas? I think the term is called " grasping at straws". But what the hell it has cats.

    16. in a word, lame. read a few of the cat who series. lightweight at best of times. this was dull & slow with no sense of resolution of mystery. probably only good reading for when you have the flu

    17. This could be possibly one of the worst books I have ever read/finished. I kept hoping for a decent ending but was horribly disappointed.

    18. Qwilleran has been to the doctor and told to change his diet, mainly by adding bananas. He discovers that both Koko and YumYum are interested in the peels and drag them all over his house, sometimes leaving them in very inopportune places. The bookstore is opening shortly, and Polly is focused on making sure it goes smoothly. A rare book is stolen and reported by Alden Wade. Qwilleran is also on the outside of a family drama: While in Lockmaster, Alden Wade married Wesley's mother. Then she died [...]

    19. After 25+ books in this series, the plot was a bit formulaic (I had guessed the outcome quite early), and while I didn't mind the "mystery" part actually being a sub-plot in the background, our friend Qwill's habit of lying in this one was a bit out of character, even more so his considerations of dropping his long-time dinner date for another woman. But that said, it was yet another enjoyable visit with our friends and acquaintances in Pickax. [Note to the casual reviewer: if your like my recen [...]

    20. I adored this book. As a cat lover who is very allergic, I have to live out my cat moments vicariously through Qwilleran's Siamese cats, Koko and Yumyum. They have special powers, aristocratic tastes, and are quite independent! Qwilleran comes across as being a bit low-key, but his dry sense of humor comes out fairly often. There is enough variety in storylines to keep it interesting as each set of characters is developed.This was the first of the series that I had read, but I'm already halfway [...]

    21. Light read. Not the typical mystery I expected. I expected the obvious crime at the beginning and the rest of the book to be the investigation. Here there are just a few "mild" criminal events sprinkled through the book, some that are never really explained (Like what happened to Kenneth??). This is an easy ready and the literature and cat references add to the interest factor.A good pick for cat-lovers.

    22. Good clean summer reading fun! Typical and extremely entertaining edition of the "Cat Who" books. Fun from beginning to end.As usual, Qwill and the "kids" solve a murder, but the method is unique and dependent on the actions of resident, kitty sleuth--KoKo. He plants a bana peel to help Qwill determine "whodunit"

    23. I enjoy this series, but you can tell that the author was getting elderly. Sentences were repeated in their entirety in multiple places in the book. Characters disappear for no apparent reason who had seemed integral to the plot. There was no real resolution to this story. I wonder the editor didn't help the author correct these.

    24. This is the 2nd I've read in this series.I found myself enjoying the characters---like friends. I am listening to the audible versions and LOVE the voice that reads. George Guidall. This book was very good but had a disappointing endingLet the air out of the entire thing.

    25. This series really started declining in its later years. I mean granted LJB was in her 90s and who knows how she was doing, who knows how she was still writing anyway? (it was probably a lot of ghostwriters let's be real) This book was pretty weak though.

    26. A loose plot and obvious mystery put this low on the list of Braun sequels. The narration seemed lackluster as well, probably from the uninspiring material. The book spent more time on the subplots than the mystery. Disappointing.

    27. I got Lillian Jackson Baraun loves fire. If you think back there is a amazing amount of stuff that burns down. This book is no exception. The book left numerous things unanswered. I still enjoy the characters but i am starting to believe she running out of stuff to write.

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