Palomar Rileggendo il tutto m accorgo che la storia di Palomar si pu riassumere in due frasi Un uomo si mette in marcia per raggiungere passo a passo la saggezza Non ancora arrivato Dalla presentazione scr

  • Title: Palomar
  • Author: Italo Calvino
  • ISBN: 9788804379904
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rileggendo il tutto, m accorgo che la storia di Palomar si pu riassumere in due frasi Un uomo si mette in marcia per raggiungere, passo a passo, la saggezza Non ancora arrivato Dalla presentazione scritta da Calvino nel 1983

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    1. Italo Calvino

      Italo Calvino was born in Cuba and grew up in Italy He was a journalist and writer of short stories and novels His best known works include the Our Ancestors trilogy 1952 1959 , the Cosmicomics collection of short stories 1965 , and the novels Invisible Cities 1972 and If On a Winter s Night a Traveler 1979.His style is not easily classified much of his writing has an air of the fantastic reminiscent of fairy tales Our Ancestors, Cosmicomics , although sometimes his writing is realistic and in the scenic mode of observation Difficult Loves, for example Some of his writing has been called postmodern, reflecting on literature and the act of reading, while some has been labeled magical realist, others fables, others simply modern He wrote My working method has often than not involved the subtraction of weight I have tried to remove weight, sometimes from people, sometimes from heavenly bodies, sometimes from cities above all I have tried to remove weight from the structure of stories and from language.


    1. The thought of a time outside our experience is intolerable.Had I met someone like Mr. Palomar before reading this book, I’d have easily passed him off as just another middle aged man on the verge of senility with nothing better to do with his time or at the most a mad wannabe scientist who realized about his true calling when it was too late with no one interested about his observations or findings. But trust Mr. Calvino when it comes to make seemingly weak characters strong and one of the mo [...]

    2. A bit nearsighted, absent minded, introverted, he does not seem to belong temperamentally to that human type generally called an observer. And yet it has always happened that certain things – a stone wall, a seashell, a leaf, a teapot – present themselves to him as if asking him for a minute and prolonged attention: he starts observing them almost unawares and his gaze begins to run over all the details, and is then unable to detach itself. I find it almost impossible to pick a favorite amon [...]

    3. Palomar = Mr. Palomar, Italo CalvinoMr. Palomar is a 1983 novel by the Italian writer Italo Calvino. Its original Italian title is Palomar. In an interview with Gregory Lucente, Calvino stated that he began writing Mr. Palomar in 1975, making it a predecessor to earlier published works such as If on a winter's night a traveler. Mr. Palomar was published in an English translation by William Weaver in 1985.تاریخ نخستین خوانش: شانزدهم ماه نوامبر سال 2012 میلا [...]

    4. This is a sprightly and accessible tour of the mind of an ordinary man on a quest to see the world in simpler, truer terms and thereby reduce his anxiety with its confusion and paradoxes. In a series of 27 vignettes, he takes his common experience from the natural and human world as a series of problems in looking and interpreting the nature of reality. These little episodes or essays sometimes have the flavor of whimsy, sometimes of spiritual mediation, and other times of what you could be cons [...]

    5. Calvino's bittersweet final "novel": a series of reflections on humanity's relationship to the universe, to the world, to itself. Mr. Palomar, named of a telescope is a perfect observer, always alert and alert to his own alertness, seeking a maximum of receptivity to his surroundings, attempting with a modest diligence to make sense of existence. The question of how best to do this is, of course, complicated -- its nuances, broken in so many sub-examples, compose this book. Encyclopedic and rigo [...]

    6. Mr. Palomar, as the name suggests, is an observant soul. When he goes on vacation, to the beach, he contemplates a wave, thoroughly. He notices a woman sunbathing topless, and strolls back and forth in front of her, trying out different postures to appear not to be observing her. She is ultimately not amused. He then waits till the sun starts to sink, and observes himself dive in, and knife toward the horizon.He observes his lawn, an albino gorilla, a gecko. He, Calvino, is at his best when Mr. [...]

    7. Palomar " tende a ridurre le proprie relazioni con il mondo esterno e per difendersi dalla nevrastenia generale cerca quanto più può di tenere le sue sensazioni sotto controllo".Chi è Palomar?E' un personaggio fuori dai canoni anche se è lui l'indiscusso protagonista in un susseguirsi di azioni (minime ed essenziali ) ma soprattutto di riflessioni. Il suo nome è quello di un famoso osservatorio astronomico in California. Il suo ragionamento continuo gli rovina il piacere di alcuni gesti ma [...]

    8. Calvino, Kendi Yer ve Gök tanrısını yaratma fikrini fazla ütopik bulmuş olacak kiPalomar ile yetinmiş. Bu bile fazlasıyla yetiyor aslında. Palomar, kitap boyunca size doğadan hayvanlara, yemek kültüründen seyahate kadar türlü mecraya kendi gözlem ve eleştiriyle anlatmak istiyor ama kendi çalıp kendi söylüyor da diyebiliriz. Bölümler, alıntılar karmakarışık bir anlatıma sahip. Palomar'ın durduk yere yerden türeyen bir derviş edası var ki o en komik olan. Son böl [...]

    9. Εμπειρίες και πνευματικές αναζητήσεις ανησυχίες, προβληματισμοί και σύμβολασκέψεις για το σύμπαν, το άπειρο, τον κόσμο, την ανθρώπινη ουσία και φυσικά τον χρόνο. Όλα αυτά μέσα από τη ματιά του κυρίου Πάλομαρ. Ο Italo Calvino, με τις περιγραφές και τις διηγήσεις του στοχαστικού χα [...]

    10. القراءة الأولي لـ إيتالو كالفينو ولكن علي الرغم من كونها رواية تأملية وفلسفية للغاية إلا أنني صراحة لم اندمج كثيراً مع أفكار السيد بالومار !!فالرواية بأكملها تتحدث عن رجل يحيا في عالمه الخاص وتأملاته الشخصية التي لا تدع له مجالا للتفكير في شئ أخر سوي هذه الأفكار الفلسفية و [...]

    11. I came to Calvino late. As a curious/voracious young adult I read If on a winter’s night a traveller, thought it pointless, and aside from fragments didn’t try him again for twenty years. The density, the language, the playful intellectualness – none of that was the problem. But I was a Borges fan and I demanded some heartshock with my mindgames – some dizzying vertigo or glimpse of the abyss. Whether, in other works, Calvino offers this I can’t say: since my two-decades hiatus I’ve [...]

    12. Every time I pick up an Italo Calvino book I am torn between two poles: on one hand, I am initially intensely disinterested: how to get involved in a book that has no overarching plot? But on the other hand, Calvino chooses his words so carefully and wisely that not one sentence seems superfluous. His love of lists for example seems to parallel the mind thinks. And, provided I give him a chance, my mind begins to think that Calvino is some kind of god who has the blue-prints to the human conditi [...]

    13. Uno di quei libricini piccoli e sottili ma che racchiudono un mondo, dall'infinito, alle costellazioni, ad una iguana, al trottare di una giraffa, ad una caraffa da tè. Palomar, individuo sensibile alle piccole grandi cose che lo circondano cerca di dare un senso al mondo in cui vive, una ragione, un perché. Logicamente arriva ad una sola conclusione possibile: forse il mondo ha un suo senso, sicuramente maggiore di quanto ne abbiamo noi umani.

    14. I'm not one of your starry-eyed prose-droolers who appreciates beautiful writing on its own terms. I need formal innovation or structural complexity or dazzling dialogue or knee-snapping humour to keep me amused amid the lexical contortionism. This makes Calvino an infuriating bedfellow: his Oulipo-era prose is constructed with tight mathematical rigidity, yet what comes through in this work is the shiny artifice of his prose, the sparkly poetics of the Cosmicomics. Not good.Well . . . I don't k [...]

    15. لا يشترط على الجميع ان يتذوقوا اعمال كالفينو او يفهموا ما يصبوا اليه، ليس للكون أعماله صعبة او غير مستساغة بالعكس، بل لأنها دقيقة وعميقة. فتراه مثلاً يقف على الشرفة او على الشاطئ ويشرع بتخيل وتصور ما لا يوجد بالحسبان من خيالاتقرأت الكتاب ترجمة ياسين طه حافظ وحين قارنتها بترج [...]

    16. I wonder if, sometime before I was born and sometime before he died, Mr. Calvino and I had a meeting where we decided we would become friends, or perhaps we simply agreed that I would admire him a great deal and would go to him in those moments of need when I wasn't even aware of my need. I wonder if Mr. Palomar was the result of this meeting, the product of the contract, if you will. It is, of course, a silly thing to wonder. Entirely unlikely and, some would say, entirely impossible. How would [...]

    17. I don't usually like blurbs. I find that they often misrepresent the books that they are supposed to be describing. That said, I don't know that there is any better way to describe Mr. Palomar than "a vision of a world familiar by consensus, fragmented by the burden of individual perception. This books isn't plot driven, or even character driven, so much as it is a book of images, thoughts, moods, and ideas. Contemplative and deliberately paced, Mr. Palomar is different from almost anything else [...]

    18. A strange little book. It consists of a number of short musings on everyday life knitted together around the character of Mr Palomar. Most of the chapters left me cold, though I did like the story about odd sized slippers and the unwitting fellowship conferred on strangers by being part of a "odd matched pair".Mr Calvino writes exquisitely as ever, but I struggled to get into this one. In part this was because I could not get away from my own musings and reflections. Early chapters are set at th [...]

    19. Um livro muito introspectivo e de grande reflexão, mas posso dizer, que gostei desta obra de Italo Calvino.O livro é subdividido em 3 grandes partes:1-As férias de Palomar- descrição2- Palomar na cidade-narração3- Os silêncios de Palomar- meditação.Cada uma destas partes, é por sua vez, dividida em pequenos capítulos, que nos revelam pequenos momentos na vida do senhor Palomar. Com grande pormenor e fugindo aos cânones normais da escrita, Calvino revela nesta obra, um grande fulgor [...]

    20. Nobody looks at the moon in the afternoonAnd this is the moment when it would most require our attentionSince its existence is still in doubtThe moon is the most changeable body in the visible universeAnd the most regular in its complicated habitsWho fear it is too beautiful to be truePerhaps the first rule I must impose on myself is this: Stick to what I see[Jupiter] Effects of immense atmospheric storms are translated into a calm, orderly patternWhat can be more stable than nothingnessThis obs [...]

    21. I've always loved the idea of Calvino, his books of ideas, the idea of the book in Calvino, though I've not always loved everything of his. This is a great one. I mean, there is a plot in the sense that one's life is a plot, that the evolution of Mr. Palomar's thinking is a plot. Not that plot matters much to me. Palomar is less a character than a sequence of systems of thought, subtle differentiations between them, always leaning toward the balancing of the visible and invisible, the finite and [...]

    22. I'd started reading this book a long time ago but didn't get very far for reasons long since forgotten. Having just re-read the brilliant 'If on a Winter's Night a Traveller', I picked it up again. Being by Calvino, one of my literary heroes, I knew it would never be less than interesting. The book has no story as such at all, comprising a series of reflections. That rules it out for all of those readers who like their fiction to be plot-driven. And in the hands of another writer, this might be [...]

    23. Non so perché mi sia venuto in mente di leggere Calvino, dato che so benissimo di non andare per niente d’accordo con la sua scrittura, che è eccellente dal punto di vista formale, ma che non mi soddisfa quasi mai, comunque. Troppo “fredda” per i miei gusti. E questo “Palomar” non fa eccezione.Vabbè, ormai è fatta.

    24. I wanted to give this book one star as I "did not like it", but out of respect for many admiring readers of it here, give it two stars instead. I am now finished with my subjection of Italo Calvino. He just does not do it for me. Sorry.

    25. Italo Calvino,Itália,1923-1985 Escritor "O conhecimento do próximo tem isto de especial: passa necessariamente pelo conhecimento de si mesmo".(Palomar)

    26. True art opens our eyes to the beauty of the world-to its inexorable effervescence and inescapable sadness. Mr Palomar, who appears to the world to be an eccentric crank, discombobulating beneath the dissonances of his mind, is a true artist and poet: that he is able to recognize the beauty of a piece of cheese, which the colorless, grey crowds ignore in their desire to go nowhere fast, is a symptomatic of how willfully understood most artists are-it is only after we open the minds and eyes of o [...]

    27. "la signora Palomar si esprime con frasi compiute ma spesso allusive e sibilline, per mettere alla prova la prontezza d'associazioni mentali del marito e la sintonia dei pensieri di lui con quelli di lei ( cosa che non sempre funziona); il signor Palomar invece lascia che dalle brume del suo monologo interiore emergano sparsi suoni articolati, confidando che ne risulti se non l'evidenza di un senso compiuto, almeno il chiaroscuro di uno stato d'animo" "il signor Palomar spera sempre che il silen [...]

    28. คัลวีโนมาแบบคอนเซปต์เป๊ะอีกแล้วในงานเขียนแบบ 3x3x3 เล่มนี้ คัลวีโนแบ่งเรื่องออกเป็น 3 หมวด คือ Palomar's Vacation, Palomar in the city แล้วก็ The Silence of Palomar แต่ละหมวดก็แบ่งเป็น 3 สถานที่ และแต่ละสถานที่ก็ซอยเป็น 3 [...]

    29. If this were a novel (it isn't), it would have the rare distinction of being entirely characterless. (Which is not to say it is without character. Character it has. In fact, it's a real charmer.) Many books lack plot (as this one does) but few find themselves without a character to follow around. Calvino, however, despite having named his book after a person (the "main character"), has made a world that is populated by things like giraffes and tortoises and waves and meat and cheese and even sta [...]

    30. Book simmering with that Aristotelian flavor: endearing list-making, whimsical archiving. It can be a bit tedious and indulgent at times, like Calvino is spewing out of his vault just to spew, but I have a habit/fault of being an invested and flattering listener, anyway, so I don't mind. In any case, P.'s system of order stresses me out -- it's so intentionally myopic it is smothering. There's no motion to this book at all, but the language is so so beautiful; it was a real pleasure to luxuriate [...]

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