Spirit Fighter

Spirit Fighter Your mom always said you were an angel What if she was right Jonah Stone has always thought of himself as average but in seventh grade he learns a fascinating family secret and his world turns upsid

  • Title: Spirit Fighter
  • Author: Jerel Law
  • ISBN: 9781400318438
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • Your mom always said you were an angel What if she was right Jonah Stone has always thought of himself as average, but in seventh grade he learns a fascinating family secret, and his world turns upside down Jonah s mom is a nephilim, the daughter of a human and a fallen angel, which makes Jonah one quarter angel When his mom is kidnapped by fallen angels, it s up to JoYour mom always said you were an angel What if she was right Jonah Stone has always thought of himself as average, but in seventh grade he learns a fascinating family secret, and his world turns upside down Jonah s mom is a nephilim, the daughter of a human and a fallen angel, which makes Jonah one quarter angel When his mom is kidnapped by fallen angels, it s up to Jonah and his sister Eliza to rescue her Guided by prayer and a guardian angel, Jonah and Eliza embark on an epic adventure through the streets of New York and come to understand that God plans in ways they never could have imagined Spirit Fighter, Book 1 in the Son of Angels Jonah Stone series, is an imaginative adventure that is based on scripture in the book of Genesis.

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      Jerel Law is a gifted communicator and pastor with than twenty years of full time ministry experience He holds his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill go Tarheels , and a master of divinity degree from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary Jerel began writing fiction as a way to encourage his children s faith to come alive He lives in North Carolina with his family Spirit Fighter is his first novel.


    1. First I would like to THANK Amy at Thomas Nelson for allowing me to read and review Spirit Fighter. I have to say I loved this book and when I was finished I gave my son the book to read and he devoured it in one night. Spirit Fighter is a story about Jonah and Eliza a brother and sister dual whose mother has been kidnapped by fallen angels. They learn that their mother is a Nephilim making then 1/4 Angel. As the story unfolds Jonah and Eliza have to trust the Guardian Angel God has sent down to [...]

    2. Age level: 9 and upPercy Jackson, move over! Jonah Stone is here!My review: The cover and title of this book got my attention, but the moment I saw the reference to Percy Jackson, I knew I had to review it! I had to read Percy Jackson in college, but I ended up loving it :) Spirit Fighter tells the story of Jonah, who at first seems like a typical 13 year old boy who loves to play basketball and video games, forgets he has homework assignments, needs to be reminded by his parents to do his chore [...]

    3. Jonah Stone is thirteen when he flunks the school basketball tryouts but notices something strange about the way he can kick a soccer ball. He tells his parents, who not only believe him but tell him a family secret – Jonah’s mother is one of the Nephilim, one of the half-human, half-angel beings referred to in Genesis, and Jonah and his siblings are quarterlings, which gives them special powers and the ability to see angels. But then his mother goes missing, and it seems that others of the [...]

    4. Jonah Stone's life really hadn't been going as planned. It's a bit embarrassing to be going to the same school as his eleven year old sister Eliza and his seven year old brother Jeremiah. His hopes are to make the middle school basketball team, but when he finds himself so frustrated that he kicks a soccer ball, something weird happens the ball goes sailing over the treetops. When he goes home and tells his parents they let him in on a little secret, he and his siblings are 1/4th angels with spe [...]

    5. This book started off great and I thought had lots of potential. Character development of Jonas was great. The way that he discovered that he had super powers was great. Where the story fell short was that his sister, Eliza, finds out she has powers too, but as Jonas keeps finding more powers all she ends up having is her shield (which is cool but I thought overly limiting on her abilities for the story). Also the fact that throughout the whole story the kids are put into impossible situations t [...]

    6. There was a part of me that felt like this was a watered down version of the Mortal Instruments series. The Nephilim must hunt for the missing mother. Haven't we been here before?But this story is geared toward middle grade readers, and is geared more toward the Christian Fiction genre, so I tried to keep an open mind. Keep in mind. if you aren't a fan of having bible verse thrust at you fairly frequently, this may be a bit offputting in this book. There is a lot of scripture quoting.But on the [...]

    7. Book 1 of a Great Series for Teens and Pre-TeensThis book begins with a bang and races from there. I actually got the third book first, but quickly realized that I needed to read books one and two to complete the story. The children learn that they are special kids destined to fight in the spiritual warfare battle of good against evil. What child (or any age for that matter) can resist that! The kids learn to put on their armor when they are called on to go into battle by going to school with ot [...]

    8. This is a verbal review from both a fifth and eighth grader who completed the book - as a disclaimer, I did not but then again a middle-aged gray-haired guy is not the target audience!Bottom line summary is they both loved the book, and we have ordered (and they completed) the Kindle-format sequel. When asked what they liked the most, the fifth grader said he liked the characters and the story, which was about all I could get out of him. The eigth grader said she liked the Bible story aspects.To [...]

    9. Pretty good story for 10-13 year olds. 3 siblings find out that are one quarter ("Quarterlings") angel. Their mother is a Nephilim, a child of a Fallen Angel and a human. Each of the children have different powers that they don't know about until they are in battle with the Fallen. This was the main reason I didn't give this 5 stars. They are in the middle of a battle and are losing; their powers are not enough to save them, so, all of a sudden, there's another power that helps them win the batt [...]

    10. Great Christian book Excellent book for teaching teenagers and young people about spiritual warfare. Would like to see a trilogy made from this book

    11. Interesting book, enjoyed it overallReview:Before I start this review, I’d like to say that I’m definitely not the target audience of this book, so I’m going to tell you all of the things I’ve enjoyed about this book, and then explain the things I didn’t, and why I didn’t, but mainly it will be because I’m not the target audience. So I did have a few problems with this book, but I don’t think that the people who are likely to pick up this book will have the same problems.It’s h [...]

    12. This is my joint review for both Spirit Fighter & Fire Prophet by Jerel Law:Usually, I don't read much Middle Grade Fantasy novels. I enjoyed Harry Potter series and Neil Geiman's Graveyard Book, and was not so-impressed with The Chronicles of Narnia, but that's it. Son of Angels series by Jerel Law intrigued me with promises to be Christian answer to popular middle grade adventure series like Percy Jackson and the Olympians & The Kane Chronicles. Making Christianity and the Bible exciti [...]

    13. **Originally on Read-A-holicZ, HERE!**Okay so obviously I am not a middle grade reader since I'm *cough, 19, cough* but i can still enjoy a middle grade once in a while. I was really interested in reading how this book would incorporate the religious morals & teachings in a MG book with paranormal aspects and action. And overall I was pretty impressed. One of the things i liked about Spirit Fighter was that the reader wasn't too heavily overloaded with scripture and it didn't bore me (sorry [...]

    14. Review:Protagonists: This book focuses on Jonah and Eliza Stone who find out that they are descended from a fallen angel and that they have inherited angelic powers, which they need to use to rescue their recently captured mother. Their family has always been a God fearing one and when the children are tasked with this mission they go into with knowledge that with God on their side they cannot lose. The character development of these characters mainly comes from the doubt the children get in God [...]

    15. Jerel Law in his new book “Spirit Fighter” Book One in the Sons Of Angels, Jonah Stone series published by Thomas Nelson introduces us to Jonah Stone and his family.From the back cover: Your mom always said you were an angel. What if she was right?.Jonah Stone has always thought of himself as average, but in seventh grade he learns a fascinating family secret, and his world turns upside down. Jonah’s mom is a nephilim, the daughter of a human and a fallen angel, which makes Jonah one-quart [...]

    16. Spirit Fighter by Jerel Law is the first book in the Son of Angels series for children, around eight years and older. In this story the average seventh-grader Jonah Stone is often over shadowed by his very smart younger sister, and walks his little brother to class every morning. He is bullied and often feels that he has no real talent, unlike his sister. One day Jonah discovers that he is much more special than he had ever hoped.Jonah discovers that his mother is half angel, making him and his [...]

    17. Spirit Fighter by Jerel Law 5 STARS I found myself lost in the story and had a good time reading it. Spirit fighter is angels versus fallen angels and this battle is being fought by a 13 year old boy and a 11 year old girl. They have to go and save thier mom who was kidnapped by the fallen angels. Jonah 13 is excited because today was the start of basketball tryouts. He has been practicing for a long time. Its three days long. But the first day of tryouts the coach told him that it was not his g [...]

    18. Jonah Stone thinks he's just an ordinary 13-year-old boy, worse than ordinary even. After being asked by the coach not to return to basketball tryouts, he is dejected. Calling upon God for help, Jonah begins to discover his life is meant for so much more than sports. Thus begins the Sons of Angels series - Spirit Fighter by Jerel LawThe Stone children - Jonah, his 11-year-old sister Eliza, and their younger brother Jeremiah (age 7) - are Quarterlings. Their mother, Eleanor, is a Nephilim - her f [...]

    19. Did I enjoy this book: I really did enjoy this book. I read it every free chance I had and finished it quickly. Spirit Fighter held my attention from the very beginning and didn't let go until the very end. This was a positive book that had a lot of action and adventure!This book is geared for the middle grade crowde hero is 13-year-old Jonah Stone. He learns that he is a quarter-angel, or a quarterling, as are his two siblings. Jonah's mother - Eleanor - is a half-angel who is kidnapped by orde [...]

    20. Jonah's week goes from absolutely horrible to incredible, unbelievable, exciting, slightly scary, adventurous, and life changing. Why? Well, it starts out with him being told to not even bother to come back for basketball tryouts, and then in kicking a soccer ball in frustration afterwards he discovers he has some rather unique skills. It turns out that Jonah's mom is a nephilim, half-human half-angel, which makes Jonah 1/4 angel and gives him the ability to kick soccer balls practically into or [...]

    21. I received this book through the first reads giveaway;thanks I enjoyed it!Spirit Fighter is a wonderful adventure book for children , a basic good versus evil story. Jonah Stone our 13 year old hero is not having a good day, he has done horribly at basketball tryouts and told by the coach not to bother coming back for the remaining days. Jonah heads to the soccer fields seeking some peace before heading home , feeling down he asks For Gods help; his farther a preacher has instilled this in him. [...]

    22. This is one of the most well written Christian Fiction books for kids that I have read yet. It uses the Bible as a tool to help the main characters to save their mother, who is a Nephilim, or the offspring of a fallen angel and a human. This story has angels, and it keeps the proper hierarchy/ dogma, guardian angels are different than warrior angels, who are different from Archangels for example. It has actual quotes from the Bible that become literally true when the kids pray to God, who they c [...]

    23. This is a fantastic book written by Jerel Law about a 7th grade boy named Jonah discovering that he is part angel. Jerel Law is a gifted pastor and church planter. He has 17 years of full-time ministry experience. He has a masters degree in divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Jerel began writing fiction as a way to encourage his children’s faith to come alive. Jerel Law lives in North Carolina with his family. Spirit Fighter is his first novel.This book is part of the Son of Ang [...]

    24. Spirit Fighter is a fantastic, action-packed adventure of good versus evil—angel and demon. I'm not one who reads too many Middle Grade novels, but Jerel Law has created an excellent story. Jonah, who's thirteen and his eleven year old sister, Eliza, are to be a part of God's plan in the battle against the fallen angel who kidnapped Jonah's mother. She’s a Nephilim, and an evil twist to this is the kidnapper is Jonah's fallen angel grandfather.Jonah wants one thing in his life, and that’s [...]

    25. Never underestimate the power of prayer…That’s one of the first things that pop into my head after reading the Spirit Fighter. I rarely read middle grade books, but when I saw the cover of Spirit Fighter on Netgalley, I couldn’t help myself from requesting for a copy. And after reading it, I felt touched. It may have not been a book I imagined myself reading, but I really appreciate the chance that I was able to do so. I do admit that at my age (which is obviously not in the middle grade r [...]

    26. (I plan to also post this review on ).I thought that this was a great book that would appeal to kids who enjoy fantasy (it has been compared to the Percy Jackson series and I think that's a pretty good comparison). I liked that the book presented Christian ideals, and even scripture, but did it in an engaging and exciting way. Often, I've found Christian fiction books to be overly sweet or simple or preachy, but this book was a pleasant surprise. Honestly, I think that any child, Christian or no [...]

    27. Wow! Spirit Fighter is an amazing book! I was completely enthralled with the story from the very beginning. I loved the depth of emotion and realistic situations that Jonah faced in the first few chapters. Then to lead into the paranormal portion, where he finds out he is part "Angel" was captivating. I loved this book and could not put it down. Jonah and Eliza are faced with difficult situations beyond their control, and through each encounter find that as their faith in God grows, they become [...]

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