Dream Bound

Dream Bound They are creatures of light in search of an energy source to help them survive So when the Nyrians discover amazing power in the extreme passion and sexual pleasure of humans they come to Earth to sa

  • Title: Dream Bound
  • Author: Kate Douglas
  • ISBN: 9780758269348
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
  • They are creatures of light in search of an energy source to help them survive So when the Nyrians discover amazing power in the extreme passion and sexual pleasure of humans, they come to Earth to satisfy their needsFor years, Mac Dugan has been trying to find the mysterious being he once loved and then lost Now he has gathered a group of six highly intuitive and extThey are creatures of light in search of an energy source to help them survive So when the Nyrians discover amazing power in the extreme passion and sexual pleasure of humans, they come to Earth to satisfy their needsFor years, Mac Dugan has been trying to find the mysterious being he once loved and then lost Now he has gathered a group of six highly intuitive and extremely sexual men and women at a secret mountain hideaway Here he hopes to focus their potent sensuality into highly erotic fantasies that will summon his lover, Zianne What he doesn t anticipate is each team member making extraordinary sexual discoveries of their own

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    1. Kate Douglas

      Some people just seem to know they are meant to write, but it can still take a while to figure out exactly what their career will entail Kate Douglas started out writing radio copy for a country western radio station in 1972, wrote and illustrated an educational cartoon strip for the American Mosquito Control Association for a number of years, was a newspaper reporter for a small town weekly where she covered everything from high school sports to drug busts, and then, in the mid 1980s, decided to write her first romance Many submissions and rejections followed.In 1998, she sold to a small ebook publisher before anyone knew what an ebook was, but it wasn t until 2005, a full twenty years after finishing that first romance, that she signed with a New York publisher.In January 2006, Kensington Publishing launched their Aphrodisia imprint of erotic romance with Kate s Wolf Tales, a sexy paranormal series about a lost race of shapeshifters She went on to write 21 novels and novellas in that series, then wrote three other series for Kensington before moving to St Martin s Press.She has two series with SMP The Intimate Relations series complete with three novels and one novella of romantic suspense set in California s wine country, and an erotic paranormal series, Feral Passions, set in California s Trinity Alps.She is also continuing her Spirit Wild series, the sequel to Wolf Tales, independently.Kate and her husband of over forty five years have two adult children and six grandchildren They live in the small town of Healdsburg, California, in the heart of the beautiful Sonoma County wine country katedouglas and katedouglas eroticromance for full chapter excerpts of all of Kate s books You can find Kate on Facebook at facebook katedouglasthorpage or on Twitter wolftales


    1. ADULT BOOK = ADULT REVIEWOk so if you know me you know I am a HUGE Kate Douglas Fan. I have all her stuff (some of it signed teehee) I buy whatever she puts out as soon as it comes out even though I may have beta read it or received an ARC DOES NOT MATTER she writes it, I buy it ;-)I was so sad to see her Wolf Tales series end because you can read that series and see her progression from an erotica author to an author that writes amazing stories that happen to have lots and lots of steamy HOT [...]

    2. DREAM BOUND by Kate DouglasIn this erotic romance story, extreme, hot, sexual fantasizing is used as an energy source to attempt to save an alien race of people, the Nyrians, from a lifetime of imprisonment and at the same time save Earth from being stripped of all its resources and left as a dead rock floating in the universe. In the first story in this series (Dream Catcher in the NightShift anthology) , Mac Dugan met Zianne, a time-traveling alien from a spaceship in orbit near Earth 20 years [...]

    3. Dream Bound was such a different book for me, in all the right ways. It is very different from everything that I have read recently. Mac has brought together his dream team of six highly intelligent individuals who have tested high in every test he could them through, especially psychically. He has also assured that the group is very open minded when it comes to their sexual desires and wants. He needs them at a facility he had built based on a four month relationship he had twenty years ago, wi [...]

    4. Either I'm getting too old to be reviewing erotica or there is such a thing as too much sex in a book.Kate Douglas' Dream Bound has too much sex. There. I said it. The premise is that a forty-something-year-old man, Mac Dugan, made contact with an alien race twenty years ago through the power of his sexual fantasies. During a four-month stint in which the alien returned to him nightly, Dugan begins plans to save the alien's race from the other alien race that imprisons it on a spaceship on the d [...]

    5. For the last 20 years Mac Dugan has put all his knowledge and money into technology that is beyond this world. The woman of his dreams life is at stake as is the fate of earth. Only his dream team can communicate with the Nyrians. A spirit alien race imprisoned on a space ship near earth. Communication is through the energy generated through their dreams. And what hot dreams and fantasies they are. !!!!!!!

    6. A man who knows his future is waiting for him fights hard and works harder to save the woman he loves and her people.Twenty years ago Mac Dugan found the love of his life and lost her. But he is a man that has a second chance. His love is from the future, his present to be exact. He spoke to her over time and space and she taught him what he needs to know to save her people. The time is now!Mac has brought together his Dream Team; three men and three women that have a little extra and a lot of s [...]

    7. Dream Bound by Kate DouglasGrade: B“You couldn’t have an orgy and leave out the guy who brought the beer.”Dream Bound is so different from anything else out there and it is so good you won’t be able to put it down. As I first started reading I kept thinking “I’ve read this before” and it took me a few days to realize that last year I reviewed Night Shift which contains the novella Dream Catcher by Kate Douglas. Dream Catcher is the prequel to Dream Bound and takes place twenty year [...]

    8. While the writing is decent, don't expect much in the way of a story or even remotely plausible behavior from the characters. I don't mind suspending disbelief and just going with obvious contrived scenarios in order to justify sex between a bunch of strangers, however, I am don't like erotica that skips over character development and hot sounding sex scenes in favor of repeating the same few threadbare plot points.The biggest problem with the book is that there are way too many characters and a [...]

    9. I could not, for the life of me, get into this book. It just had too many things going on at once. All of the characters that were introduced in the book had a story line. I felt that it would go so much smoother if Ms. Douglas just stuck to 2 or even 3. I never thought I'd say this, but I even found myself skipping through a lot of the sex scenes. And there were A LOT of sex scenes.Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a hot erotic novel, but there was just too much going on for me to keep any interest. [...]

    10. Incredibly unique story. Unlike any other story I've ever read. Hot sex scenes but not too steamy. The characters are very engaging. This is the first of two books in the series. I simply loved this book; the love the lead character has for his woman and the lengths to which he's gone to get her back was beautiful. If you don't want to know whether this books ends good or bad then stop reading this review. It has a very good ending but not before your heart breaks. There's a second book and I ha [...]

    11. After 20 years of putting together Zianne's rescue with her fellow Nyrians "Mac"Arthur dugan has his sattelight array in place and his "Dream-Team" of brilliant geeks together. He's filled with doubts, plagued by protesters and had to go it alone as the government has labeled him a nut case over space aliens (the Gar) parked behind the moon. As things progress faster than he imagined his "kids" bond into a family fast and make contact right away. They form a rescue plan and gear up amid a suspic [...]

    12. I happily suspended my disbelief to buy into a world full of aliens, never fully explained technology, and telepaths. And sex. Lots and lots of sex - anal, oral, lesbian, gay, threesomes, even some light bondage. Only three stars because they build up towards a big thing, planning and scheming, and the book ends right before it gets started. If I were reading a hard copy it wouldn't have been as much of a shock, but when "Epilogue" popped up on my e-reader I was like, "Noooooo!". My library does [...]

    13. Interesting sci fi concept. However, felt like the book was written around the sex scenes- hell it was the whole plot. But even I like a little story with my porn. Might of enjoyed it more if the sex was at least written written well. But when I found myself skipping to the end of a sex scenet good!

    14. Likeable characters and extremely hot sexy times. Not to mention Douglas nails it with the sexually and racially diverse characters, again. I'm psyched for the next installment. :)

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