The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Published

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Getting Published Includes tips about everything from agents to electronic publishing

  • Title: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Published
  • Author: Sheree Bykofsky Jennifer Basye Sander
  • ISBN: 9781615641277
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
  • Includes tips about everything from agents to electronic publishing.

    • Unlimited [History Book] ✓ The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Published - by Sheree Bykofsky Jennifer Basye Sander ✓
      290 Sheree Bykofsky Jennifer Basye Sander
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    1. Sheree Bykofsky Jennifer Basye Sander

      Owner Agent Sheree Bykofsky Associates, Inc.Sheree Bykofsky is the author, co author and editor of than twenty books, including the best selling The Complete Idiot s Guide to Getting Published Pearson , now in its fifth edition, The Complete Idiot s Guide to Publishing Magazine Articles Pearson , The New York Public Library Desk Reference Simon Schuster , three editions of the regional bestseller The Best Places to Kiss in and Around New York City Beginning, 3rd edition , The Big Book of Life s Instructions, Harper , Me Five Years From Now Warner, and then Hyperion , Sexy City Cocktails, Adams , The Downtown Girl s Guide to Wine How to Buy, Serve and Sip with Style and Sophistication Adams , Put Your House on a Diet Rodale , Popping the Question Real Life Stories of Marriage Proposals From the Romantic to the Bizarre Walker , The 52 Most Romantic Dates in and Around New York City Adams , and Put Your House on a Diet Rodale Sheree has written articles for a variety of magazines and newspapers, including The Writer, which featured Sheree s cover story The Six Secrets of Getting Published Sheree is also an avid poker player and author, with the late Lou Krieger, of Secrets the Pros Won t Tell You About Winning Hold Em Poker Kensington , The Rules of Poker The Ultimate Argument Settler Kensington and The Portable Poker Pro Kensington In December 2005 Sheree placed first out of 164 women who competed in the World Series of Poker Ladies Circuit Event at the Showboat in Atlantic City And Sheree won a seat into the famous World Series of Poker two times.Sheree Bykofsky Associates, Inc Shereebee , AAR, represents hundreds of authors in all areas of adult non fiction as well as adult and young adult literary and commercial fiction.


    1. As an aspiring novelist, this book didn't do much for me. I could tell by the second chapter that it was really more oriented toward the non-fiction book writer. Example: I skipped chapters 7 and 8 all together because they specifically had the word "Nonfiction" in the chapter heading.That doesn't mean that there was nothing of value in here, just that I was not in the target audience.Also, many of the tips just seemed like common sense:* try to get to know other authors* try to get to know edit [...]

    2. More than likely this book would have gotten a higher rating if I had read it when it came out. But I didn't, and most of the information I gleaned from this book is outdated in today's fast-paced publishing world. Still, there are some fantastic nuggets of wisdom in here, but only if you know enough about the business to discern what is current and what is old, old hat.

    3. "The Complete Idiot's Guide To Getting Published Fifth Edition" by Sheree Bykofsky and Jennifer Basye Sander is a very good general overview of getting a book published. Like other books in the series, it provides simple and well organized advice on the topic. There are many books that delve deeper into the topics presented here, but this is a good general book on the entire process. Once read, an author or aspiring author can look to these other resources for the areas he or she needs more info [...]

    4. If you're writing non-fiction, this book will probably be very helpful. But if you're interested in publishing a novel, you'll probably be left wanting. This is not to say the authors don't cover publishing fiction, just that it's neither their expertise nor their focus. It's like a restaurant meal where the mashed potatoes were great, but the meat just wasn't very flavorful - it's just not satisfying. The authors, both who've worked as editors, one who seems to have published a number of books [...]

    5. There are a number of great mysteries in life: the Most Holy Trinity, what happens inside a black hole, what women do when they go to the bathroom as a group. Another is exactly how it is that a book moves from being an author's idea to a manuscript to a published volume. The authors of this guide are both widely experienced in the business of publishing. They share their collective years of experience with the novice writer approaching the prospect of giving birth to a book. Much of thei (show [...]

    6. The authors are very informative, honest and provide very specific information that many writers need and should heed to. I think knowing the other side to selling and querying an agent is outside the realm of so many writers and yet, so many are unwilling to seek out the information they need. This book has it. It would greatly help their understanding, focus and how to query and handle the process of seeking agents. I highly recommend this read.

    7. I read this book about two years ago and thought it wasn't relevant to me. It was recommended by an agent friend of mine and now I find this book invaluable. The authors take the mystery out of publishing and even include examples of proposals and contracts. They're not afraid to recommend web sites and other books to further a writer's education. If you want a book published and feel you need to know that world, buy this book.

    8. I wasn't too impressed with the book at first. My fiction writing project is almost to the second draft stage so a lot of the information didn't pertain to me. However, the second half of the book provided a very good education on what to do after you declare your text proofed and polished and ready to face the world.

    9. Very basic info. Again, different from book publishing in Indonesia (although just a little). Useful if you want to learn everything from the basic and not just about publicizing the book. It starts from the writing, submitting manuscript, deadline, how the book gets into stores, and how to publicize (only about 3 chapters about that, which is too bad).

    10. I am glad I picked up this book early in the process of arranging my own book. It was helpful and positive. Many of the other books out there are rather negative, or mayby just too realistic. No one likes to hear how slim your chances are when you're pouring your soul into your work. This book offers hope, or at least a hint there of.

    11. An extensive and extremely informative book on getting your book published. Reading this book gave me the confidence that I may not necessarily have to self-publish. The CD gives great samples on book proposals, agent-author contracts, publisher contracts, info on literary agents, etc.

    12. There were some good website and periodical suggestions here and it laid the publishing world out in a clear, simple manner. For someone completely new to the idea of publishing it could be very helpful. I found some good advice but also found it to be really fairly basic stuff.

    13. Very helpful and honest in understanding the aspects of the world of publishing. Focused on traditional publishing and clear that the authors are not fans of self-publishing. If you are only interested in self-publishing I do not recommend.

    14. As an overview of the inner workings of getting published, I found the book to be a great resource, not only did it provide practical advice but also brought a common sense approach. I will surely use the author's advice both in my personal writing as well as in my classroom.

    15. Its a good start on the process of getting published by a publisher. It tells how to work with agents, editors, production people, sales and book store owners. The book was a quick read with many helpful tips. If you want to get published it is a worthwhile read.

    16. This was a good book to start with, but I kind of wish it was more focused. A lot of the publicity information, especially, seemed more geared to promoting non-fiction works, instead of fiction. Is there an Idiot's Guide to Getting Your Novel Published? Because I want one.

    17. I much prefer reading fiction, but this was very helpful. Favorite lines:1. "Artful language does not make good storytelling. Conflict does" (108).2. "Writing a book is an art. Publishing a book is a business" (161).

    18. Very informative, but when I sent them a query letter, (as the said to in the book I paid for!) I got no responce. I would have thought with all the good advice, they would at least say they recieved the letter!

    19. Decent general overview of the process. If you know the questions to ask, similar answers are readily available online, but the book help to make sure you cover all the questions.

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