Oil & Corruption

Oil Corruption A Russian politician and high level Western Oil Executive have been assassinated within minutes of each other Their murders become inadvertently linked through the everyday work of an oil analyst Jon

  • Title: Oil & Corruption
  • Author: Gareth_C
  • ISBN: 9780956829993
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Russian politician and high level Western Oil Executive have been assassinated within minutes of each other Their murders become inadvertently linked through the everyday work of an oil analyst, Jonathan Marshall A leak of Jonathan s work causes consternation at the highest levels of Governments, business and beyond, sparking deployment of assassins and agents to silenA Russian politician and high level Western Oil Executive have been assassinated within minutes of each other Their murders become inadvertently linked through the everyday work of an oil analyst, Jonathan Marshall A leak of Jonathan s work causes consternation at the highest levels of Governments, business and beyond, sparking deployment of assassins and agents to silence the source and prevent the uncovering of global corruption in the oil industry With his life in danger, Jonathan battles to discover the truth and stay alive

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    1. A normal every day joe who works at an oil company but when he finds some information that he shouldn't know, the gates of hell let loose upon him. There are explosions, people out to kill Jonathan Marshall. Every character mentioned in this book has crazy things happen to them and/or does crazy things. Even though the book is filled with crazy scenes, I would not categorize it as completely serious. There are some dry humorous parts that keep the mood light and entertaining.I wasn't sure what t [...]

    2. Picked this book up at the airport on the way to recent holiday. I wanted a great escapist read and I wasn't disappointed. The pace clips along nicely, moving continents and interweaving a few strands of the story together. What I liked was that it starts out following an ordinary bloke, just doing his job in an oil company, but he finds some information he should not have and suddenly all hell breaks loose - explosions in apartments, assassins, global plots etc. with this guy in the centre of t [...]

    3. Really very good! I liked all the action and the fast pace. So many interesting characters who do crazy things, or have crazy things happen to them. Sometimes they are really over the top, but it works. The only way I can describe it is that they are exaggerated, but believable, if this makes any sense. Like how Falcus was, and “The Cajun”…I think my favorite was Captain Pink. (The line where he walks in clutching a latte like a live grenade cracked me up…I could picture it perfectly!) A [...]

    4. This novel by Gareth Flood reminded me of a weird mix between (are you ready…) “24”, “The DaVinci Code”, “Bourne Identity” and a tiny splash of “The Naked Gun”. Yeah, I know how crazy that sounds, but that’s what it seemed like to me! Some of the characters, and there are many in this book, were just so outrageous…awesome, but also almost caricatures. But they really made the story work in my opinion and gave it a really cool, unique flavor. I think Mr. Flood is a creative [...]

    5. There are 2 murders that happen right off the bat: one is to “Hoot”, the CEO of the biggest oil company in the world, and the other is to Viktor Masloz, Vice-President of the Russian Federation. When oil analyst Jonathan Marshall discovers the reason for the assassinations, it puts his own life in major jeopardy. The thing I liked about this book the most was that it never really took itself too seriously. There were a lot of funny and tongue-in-cheek- moments, and at unexpected times. I rea [...]

    6. Crazy ride!! This wild and complex story line jumps all over the globe, from Paris to London, Kazakhstan, even Corsica and California! The action never slows down as Jonathan and Julie try to escape the people trying to kill them because Jonathan uncovered a scandal in the oil company he works for. I liked so many things about this book…the narrative, the unexpected action, the larger than life characters, and the non- stop thrills. Recommend to fans who enjoy a fast, exciting and entertaining [...]

    7. I actually really liked this book. I admit this surprised me because at first I didn’t think I would – and only because I was thinking “what kind of an idiot keeps building a villa just so that the terrorists can blow it up?” I mean come on! Big world out there, buddy… move on. But although Mr. 3.64% is the first “quirky” character to show up, he certainly isn’t the last. This novel had some of the most interesting characters (with funny names) I’ve seen in a while. And a very [...]

    8. I thought “Oil and Corruption” by Gareth Flood was a lot of fun. I had zero expectations going in, other than I like political thrillers and action books. But I was pleasantly surprised at how much I got into the story! I was actually scared a few times for Jonathan, and laughed at some other places. I didn’t want to put down my Kindle until I had finished the book, and I thought the end was great and wrapped everything up nicely. I’d read more from Mr. Flood in the future, I think he ha [...]

    9. Fast paced, action packed, around the world excitement and danger. A high stakes game of power and oil exposes a dangerous corruption that sucks in “regular Joe” Jonathan Marshall into running for his life, literally. He works for the biggest oil company in the world, and sees something he shouldn’t. This book was interesting and held my attention from beginning to end. The plot was compelling and kept me on my toes. Recommend for fans of thrillers, suspense.

    10. "Oil and Corruption” by Gareth Flood isn’t my normal type of read, but lately I’ve been reading out of my comfort zone and thought I’d give it a try. I’d so glad I did! It was far more exciting than I would’ve guessed, and I found myself flipping the pages as fast as I could to see what would happen. I liked how everything came full circle at the end, and how the story was set in different areas of the world. That was cool. This was a quick read with lots of exciting twists and turns [...]

    11. I was totally sucked up into the story almost from the beginning, and it managed to keep my attention until the end. I genuinely felt invested in the characters, and was anxious, sad, happy, over their fates. I felt that many parts were unpredictable, and downright unique, a rarity for me because I read so much. This author definitely has a good talent for writing plot and characters and I will look forward to seeing more from him in the future.

    12. I read this book in one sitting. It was great! I thought Jonathan was a great, unexpected “everyday” hero-type guy. The premise, although not entirely original, was written in a fresh and new way that kept me captivated from beginning to end. I knew I’d like this book just from the prologue and I wasn’t wrong! Overall a very good story. Lots of thrills.

    13. On the whole, I really liked this book. I though the beginning was a bit sluggish (not the prologue- that was great!), but once the story got moving (with the assassinations), it REALLY got moving. Reminded me a bit of a roller coaster in that regard. So jump on board, fasten your seatbelt, and get ready for a wild ride!

    14. An excellent read! I really enjoyed the complex plotlines and the high-octane adventure and edge-of-death thrills. It was great and original from start to finish. GREAT characters that were a hoot to read. Looking forward to reading more from this author in the future.

    15. Fabulous premise. I enjoyed the setup and there was great tension pulling the story forward. There were some great personalities that had a lot of potential and really came alive as the story progressed. Recommend for fans of thrillers and action.

    16. I liked this book. The unique storylines wove together nicely, and the tension stayed solid with no boring middle, and for the most part I was really impressed. Fans of the genre will enjoy it.

    17. The oil business is always associated with wealth, but this book is so much more.Money, power, greed, corruption and then let’s mix in a little murder and suspense.Jonathan Marshall was just trying to do his job, analyzing data in order to give a report, but the numbers weren’t making sense in the end. Knowing the business he was in, there are very few people he could trust to talk to. Luckily a friend gave him a few magical words that opened up a whole new meaning to his report about an oil [...]

    18. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Oil and Corruption by Gareth Flood. Flood laid it all out for us to get a glimpse of what the Oil business can and probably is like in a sense. The none stop action that you experience in the day-to-day life of Jonathan was amazing. I ended up rooting for him the entire novel from beginning to end. Flood has a way of giving you just enough details to think you know how Jonathan's life will turn out and then he springs a surprise or new player into the mix that makes [...]

    19. 4.5 stars In “Oil and Corruption” by Gareth Flood, Oil Systems Analyst Jonathan Marshall is going about his business doing his job at an oil company when he notices some strange data. Not long after, two high-profile men are assassinated, and it all leads back to Jonathan’s oil company…and to him. With the help of some interesting support cast, he must go on the run, or become the next victim or a corrupt plot. A high-stakes game of cat and mouse that has all the necessary elements for t [...]

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