The Ghost of Windy Hill

The Ghost of Windy Hill Some people think the house on Windy Hill is haunted Lorna and Jamie aren t so sure they believe in ghosts So how can they explain the mysterious sounds of knocking running steps and tinkling bells

  • Title: The Ghost of Windy Hill
  • Author: Clyde Robert Bulla Don Bolognese
  • ISBN: 9789992829363
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • Some people think the house on Windy Hill is haunted Lorna and Jamie aren t so sure they believe in ghosts So how can they explain the mysterious sounds of knocking, running steps, and tinkling bells

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    1. Clyde Robert Bulla Don Bolognese

      Born to be a WriterAlmost as far back as he can remember, Clyde Robert Bulla wanted to write Born on a farm in a small town in Missouri, Mr Bulla s first school was a one room country schoolhouse One day his teacher asked each first grade student what he or she would do with a thousand dollars Young Clyde answered that he would buy a table His classmates laughed heartily, and his teacher was puzzled What I really meant, says Mr Bulla, is a desk or other flat surface on which to write my stories First StoriesMr Bulla s first piece of writing was titled, How Planets Were Born The ambitious opening sentence was, One night old Mother Moon had a million babies All through school, Mr Bulla continued to write stories mostly, but plays and poetry, too After years of gathering editor s rejection slips, Mr Bulla sold a magazine story, then several Soon after, Mr Bulla wrote a novel and a publisher accepted it.The Difficult YearsIn the excitement of publishing a novel, Mr Bulla wrote two books Unfortunately, no one wanted to publish them His luck took a turn for the worse when the publisher of his first book went bankrupt For several years, he worked at a local weekly newspaper where he struggled with linotype, kept books, collected bills, and wrote a weekly column.Success A couple of Mr Bulla s weekly columns caught the attention of a well known author and illustrator of children s books She wrote to Mr Bulla, suggesting that he try writing a children s book He immediately sent her a manuscript for a children s book he d written a year before Within one week, an editor of a New York publisher read the manuscript,and it was accepted The book was The Donkey Cart, published in 1946 Since then, Mr Bulla has written over twenty books for children, as well as the music for several children s song books.About The Chalk Box Kid When I was young, explains Mr Bulla, I sometimes found it hard to cope in new surroundings, and I was apt to get off on the wrong foot This is the story of a boy who got off on the wrong foot in a new school and how he tried to cope In describing the chalk garden, Mr Bulla says, I gave Gregory something I ve always wished for a big, blank wall that I could cover with my own drawings.


    1. Published ahead of my time, "The Ghost Of Windy Hill" has remained among my possessions since I was about 7. Having transitioned to "Nancy Drew", Laura Ingalls Wilder, and V.C Andrews a few years thereafter; I’m puzzled by 20 year-olds sticking to 'young adult' material! I must have been enchanted with the paranormal so long ago, memories of how this story went faded and I’ve enjoyed experiencing it again. The late Clyde Robert Bulla divulged information succinctly. He used no literary whims [...]

    2. We owned this when I was little. I never liked ghost stories, so I never read it. Too bad! It's a very short novel about a family that disproves ghosts and solves mysteries, could be considered historical fiction as it's a slice-of-life of 1851. Entertaining and thoughtful. Read now because I'm learning that the author has done good work; I'll continue to read more by him. Illustrator did well, too, and I'd like to see more of his work.

    3. Great read for kids during the Halloween season. There is talk of a ghost but the main story centers around a family moving into a large farmhouse for the summer and in the end helping several of the new people they meet.

    4. I read this as a child and found myself getting it from the library often. This is what got me hooked on the kind of books I mainly read now.

    5. I read this as a tween so picked it up again when I found it at a thrift store recently. It was fun to read again.

    6. I read this as a child I think in 4th or 5th gradeSt. Joseph's Hill Academy anyway, it prompted creative writing in me and hence a writing assignment for school manifested as 'The House on Windy Hill' great memories

    7. Professor Carver once lived in a supposedly haunted house as a favor to the owner, a friend, to show that there was nothing to be frightened of. Now a stranger asks him to do it again. Initially reluctant, the Professor agrees and takes his wife and two children on a vacation from Boston to the countryside. The story focuses on Lorna and Jamie as they enjoy having their own rooms, explore the woods, meet some odd neighbors, and bake. Gentle and not at all frightening, this is an easy, comforting [...]

    8. This was my first chapter book as a wee child. I was frustrated by it then and that has not changed. Seviah wanted me to read a book aloud to her (love that my kids still like me to read to them). So, I chose this one so that we had something with a bit more meat than just a picture book. The ending is not what I wanted as a kid and Seviah was also frustrated by it. But then, I am a sucker for a good ghost story and this is not a good ghost story. That being said, it is still a very sweet story [...]

    9. "Shut your eyes, Jamie. Now think of Windy Hill and tell me what you see.""I see a big house on a high hill," he said, "where the wind comes in from the sea.""And it's night and there are trees all around," she said. "There's tall grass in the yard. An old man is creeping through the grass - " (8-9)"Windy Hill is not haunted. We can be sure of that already," said professor Carver. "If something mysterious happens here, it still won't mean there's a ghost in the house.A strange sound might be the [...]

    10. My mother got this for me as a child and this started my love of mysteries and suspense. Years and years later, she found it in a box and sent it me. I gingerly pulled it from the package and read it sitting on my floor right there and then. It's just wonderful! Thanks, Mom!

    11. Finished at lunch at Patriot Steakhouse. This feels to me like a typical, and not outstanding, short (84 pages) children's book. It's amusing and has some good touches, but a lot is elided, especially the characterization.Finished well before 2104-11-30 13:38 EDT.

    12. honestly, this book may be horrible, but it was my 1st chapter book that I read in one day. I was in 3rd or 4th grade maybe and I loved it then, so it deserves an honorable mention.

    13. This was my very first Ghost story I ever read and it was the instigator to my love for all things paranormal.

    14. This is one of several books that I have had since I was a kid. In trying to cull my library, I thought I would give them a reread before finding them a good home.A very enjoyable book that brought back a lot of memories. The story is well done, if not overly scary, but it is for kids about 8-10 years old.Highly recommended for your little ones that like to get scared by things that go bump in the night.

    15. This was a short chapter book for younger readers. The setting was the mid 1850s, in Massachusetts. Two siblings, with their parents, go to live at a house in the country to prove to the skittish owners that the house isn't haunted. The message is you shouldn't believe everything someone tells you.

    16. I first found this book at a yard sale as a child and loved it! As a mom, I rediscovered it at a flea market at read it to my boys. An adventurous mystery with a lovely cast of characters for a YA audience!

    17. Book Review:By:Brittany PerezOh My BooknessDate: May 10,2014The "Ghost Of Windy Hill", by Clyde Robert Bulla, illustrated by Don Bolognese is a presentation of the Weekly Reader Books. Weekly Reader Books offers book clubs for children, from pre-school to young adult. The Weekly Readers Children Book Club started in 1928 but most may remember it from the 50's, if they had a child themselves or were in grade school. The Weekly Children's Book Club seized to exist as an independent publication in [...]

    18. My two brothers loved this book. One of them would have given this a six-star rating. He read it so often that he probably memorized some of the lines. I should ask him what parts of the story captured his interest. It may have been the mystery of the 'ghost' in the house. I generally like Bulla's stories so I expected to enjoy this one. However, this is not one of my favorites. [3 stars]2nd read: I liked the story a lot better, maybe because I didn't have unreasonable expectations. This will be [...]

    19. Nice, simple kids book with a good story. I have been trying to find a book from when I was a kid, about which I remember almost nothing (a big old stone house, wind, a candle, a mystery, I think by the ocean) so I've started a couple books thinking they could be that book. They weren't. This one wasn't either, but I finished it anyway. In contrast to another one I had just tried reading, I really appreciated how this was written simply, but well. It respects kids through the characters it portr [...]

    20. This is a semi-spooky children's book about 2 kids and their parents who stay in a supposedly haunted house to prove that there are no ghosts in it. During the month that they stay, the children make a friend and several discoveries. I enjoyed the simplicity, suspense, and fast pace of this book. After reading it, I discovered that Clyde Robert Bulla wrote "Ghost Town Treasure", another children's book that I enjoyed.

    21. The sweet touch of Clyde Robert Bulla's writing graces the pages of this book as poigantly as in all of his short, heartwarming stories, and I feel privileged to read them. I'm always tempted to give his books more stars than I probably should, because I love them so much, but I think that this is a fair rating. Perhaps two and a half stars? I really like this book, and would recommend it to anyone that asked.

    22. I found this in a box of books I had saved. My daughter thought it looked interesting so she read it and was asking me about it. I couldn't remember what it was about so I read it again. so nice to read a book that isn't about robots, vampires or cheerleaders and geared for the 9-11 age. She is enjoying it immensely.

    23. This was the very first chapter book I read. Iust have been 9 or 10. At the time. It was a scary read. Taught me to not assume the worse from first look. Lead to my penchant for Steven King novels as a teenager.

    24. This is a great book for the 7 to 10 age group. I bought it because it has the same illustrator as The Wicked Pigeon Ladies in the Garden. I love Don Bolognese's artwork.Full review: buildinglifelongreaderssp

    25. Another book that was read to us in school. I never remembered the title, but always remembered the story and tracked down a copy years later on E-bay through pure luck. The spooky tale of a family who moves into a haunted house and is forced to solve a mystery. I loved it!

    26. I first found this book at a yard sale as a child and loved it! As a mom, I rediscovered it at a flea market at read it to my boys. An adventurous mystery with a lovely cast of characters for a YA audience!

    27. It was a good story until the end. The ending just wasn't really developed and came off weak. But it is a kid's book

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