The First Cut

The First Cut Five years ago Nicky was on holiday when her best friend Grace was murdered Nicky sought solace in the arms of Grace s widower They re now married but he s often out of the country for work and when

  • Title: The First Cut
  • Author: Ali Knight
  • ISBN: 9781444715378
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Five years ago, Nicky was on holiday when her best friend Grace was murdered Nicky sought solace in the arms of Grace s widower They re now married but he s often out of the country for work, and when Nicky meets Adam, she s tempted But what starts as an innocent flirtation leads to a terrible ordeal, and a dark secret.

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    1. Ali Knight

      I m the author of four psychological thriller novels , the latest, The Silent Ones, is out in paperback on January 28th My other books are Wink Murder, named by The Independent as One of their best commercial reads of 2011 The First Cut, One of the top ten crime books to take on holiday, according to The Telegraph and Until Death, A gripping read, The Sunday Mirror.I love reading and writing and getting feedback from readers I live in London with my husband, kids and a psychotic cat Photo Rankin Photography


    1. Time Taken To Read - 2 daysBlurb From Five years ago, Nicky's best friend Grace was brutally murdered.No one was ever charged with this terrible crime and Nicky in her grief sought solace in the arms of Grace's widower.They're now married but he is often out of the country for work, and when Nicky meets Adam, who is young, good-looking and obviously interested, she's tempted.But what starts as an innocent flirtation leads to a terrible ordeal, and a dark secret. A secret that involves her husban [...]

    2. recommended this book to me by email and delivered a week ago. I enjoyed her debut first immensely, but this second book is more confident and mature in style and the plotting is first rate. I really, really enjoyed this.From the opening chapter right to the end, Ali Knight, drives the plot and always keeps you guessing. I thought I'd worked out what was coming next a few times, and then began to realise that this book is much cleverer than that with genuine twists and turns. The opening scene f [...]

    3. “The first cut” is an Ok psychological thriller. It has enough suspense to keep you guessing, although I found some of the characters a bit plain. But the dialog is quite accomplished, and the descriptions make for a good understanding of the plot. I also liked the final twist in the novel, which leads to a satisfactory ending. Ali Knight was an unknown author for me, so I was pleased to discover someone new, and is quite likely I will read more from her in the near future.

    4. Mijn recensie voor Ali Knight - Snijdende pijn voor VrouwenThrillersvrouwenthrillers/index.Tijdens een vakantie met vriendinnen wordt Grace Peterson vermoord, haar beste vriendin Nicky ontdekt het lichaam van haar vriendin in het meer voor hun vakantiewoning. Na een periode van rouw krijgt Nicky een relatie met Greg de man van haar vermoorde vriendin. Vijf jaar verder in de tijd en journaliste Nicky is getrouwd met Greg Peterson. Greg is veel in Los Angeles voor zijn werk en het huwelijksleven l [...]

    5. Back in August of last year, I read and reviewed Ali Knight's debut novel Wink Murder. I was impressed by her writing then and having just read her second novel The First Cut, I'm still very impressed.The First Cut is another very cleverly written psychological thriller. The lead characters are not the most likeable of people, they are flawed and damaged individuals who constantly make the wrong decisions, yet the story is compelling.In the prologue, Nicky's best friend Grace is brutally murdere [...]

    6. Ali Knight a travaillé comme journaliste et secrétaire de rédaction pour la BBC, The Guardian et The Observer. Je ne sais plus qui tu es, son premier roman, figurait sur la liste des romans de l'année 2011 du journal The Independent.Dans ce thriller au suspense hitchcockien, Ali Knight met à nouveau les sens de ses lecteurs en alerte. Personnages troubles, récit captivant et chapitres courts, vous ne pourrez pas lâcher La première blessure avant d'avoir découvert le lien sordide qui uni [...]

    7. Nicky's best friend, Grace, is ruthlessly murdered during a girl's weekend away. The murderer is never caught.Fast forward 5 years . Nicky is now married to Greg, who was married to Grace before her death. The marriage isn't going well they seem to be pulling away from each other. Nicky accidentally runs into a young man who becomes quite taken her. No problem with a little flirtation is there?That's when the strange things begin to happen. Accidents that maybe aren't accidents? Discovering th [...]

    8. On a là un roman qui avait énormément de potentiel, où se jouait une partie de séduction sulfureuse, au suspense pernicieux, et où les protagonistes endossent tous un rôle trouble, qui brouille volontairement les cartes. C'était franchement alléchant et plutôt engageant. Hélas la deuxième moitié du récit s'est avérée décevante et longuette. Nicky se prête à flirter avec Adam, un jeune homme de bonne famille, pour oublier que son couple bat de l'aile. Elle accepte de le suivre [...]

    9. Really good read once I got into it. Kept me guessing right to the end. Hard to put down. Nicky our main character,a journalist on a failing newspaper/ journal who wrote the obituaries , often tried to use her journalistic skills but came up with 5 when adding 2+ 2. There were some extremely frightening moments in this book and at least a couple of obviously very nasty men, stuff of nightmares certainly . Not giving anything away by saying it has a happy ending and had a definite conclusion and [...]

    10. This book I found took me a little while to get into. I was wondering whether to give up on it but hate doing that to a book and was so glad that I didn't. It really did pick up pace about a third through and couldn't wait to see what happened next. I had no idea of what was to happen at the end. The main characters Nicky and Gregg I had trouble warming to. Nicky I liked more than Gregg though. A good read.

    11. Ali Knight is a master at creating page turning, suspense and characters that you can't bear to give up. I have loved all her books but this one is my favourite with the dark marriage and the changing way you perceive the central character as the book progresses. The inherent sinister nature of supersized container ships and the fear they engender is carefully captured and exploited. A great read.

    12. The start of this book was great and it hold my attention until I slowly got to the end of the book. It went a little boring for a while, but the ending was a suprise so I would say that this one is a decent read. 3,5*

    13. Another book from Ali Knight packed full of intrigue and twists and turns. I didn't guess what it was all about or who had ordered the hits on Gregs girls but it loses a star for the reasoning behind it as it seemed a bit OTT that Lawrence would go to those lengths. Still enjoyed it though.

    14. I really enjoyed this. The reason it got 3 stars rather than 4 was that the twist was a little far fetched for me. Otherwise, I thought it was a really good crime fiction novel and enjoyed reading it. Would definitely read another novel by Ali Knight.

    15. Het begin en het einde waren geweldig maar daar tussenin vond ik het vaak verwarrend en erg lang duren.Het einde is erg verrassend.

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