The 6th Grade Nickname Game

The th Grade Nickname Game Best friends Jeff and Wiley are nickname addicts It s only when a spunky red haired environmentalist named Cassandra enters their lives that they begin to doubt their nicknaming prowess No name seems

  • Title: The 6th Grade Nickname Game
  • Author: Gordon Korman
  • ISBN: 9780786851904
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback
  • Best friends Jeff and Wiley are nickname addicts It s only when a spunky red haired environmentalist named Cassandra enters their lives that they begin to doubt their nicknaming prowess No name seems to say it all On top of everything, some of the nicknames that Jeff and Wiley have invented are backfiring on them Will the nicknamers be able to get it together before itBest friends Jeff and Wiley are nickname addicts It s only when a spunky red haired environmentalist named Cassandra enters their lives that they begin to doubt their nicknaming prowess No name seems to say it all On top of everything, some of the nicknames that Jeff and Wiley have invented are backfiring on them Will the nicknamers be able to get it together before it s too late

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      Korman wrote his first book, This Can t be Happening at Macdonald Hall , when he was 12 years old, for a coach who suddenly found himself teaching 7th grade English He later took that episode and created a book out of it, as well, in The Sixth Grade Nickname Game , wherein Mr Huge was based on that 7th grade teacher.Korman moved to New York City, where he studied film and film writing While in New York, he met his future wife live in Long Island with their three children.He has published than 50 books.


    1. This book was pretty good. I didn't really like how Jeff and Wiley acted like they weren't themselves just because they both wanted Cassandra. An example of that is when Jeff and Wiley were talking about how lame the international festival was but then Jeff went and signed up for it anyway. I do like how it ended up that neither of the boys got to go with Cassandra to the Sadie Hawkins dance and they realized what they had done to their friendship. This book also had a good moral that you should [...]

    2. I recently finished the book The 6th Grade Nickname Game, by Gordon Korman. It is about two 6th grade boys named Wiley and Jeff who give all their friends crazy nicknames like "Snoopy" based on their personalities. One day, they get a new English teacher who is huge and intimidating, and everyone is a little unsure of what to think of the teacher. It turns out that the teacher is a really nice guy, and all he wants is for the class to give 100% in their work. When the class takes a test, he jump [...]

    3. I was straightening up my son's book shelves and as is usual for me, I read a few of them. Gordon Korman is one of DS's favorite authors at the moment so he asked me to read this one in particular. It is a light book, nice quick read, aimed at 4th - 6th grade boys. Two best friends who have a great time assigning appropriate nicknames for everyone they encounter. There is a nice little message threaded through the book about friendship and loyalty and also about how maybe a person given a nickna [...]

    4. This is a nice and sometimes funny story about two best friends who run into some problems and turn against each other. At the same time, their teacher and their class run into problems of their own which they must overcome. One of my fifth grade boys recommended this book to me. I love that Gordon Korman didn't portray all the adults as stupid and all the kids as all-knowing. I love that he gave libraries, books, and reading a positive and important role in the story. The characters included a [...]

    5. Personally, I thought this book was not bad, not good, just another book that I will forget about the week after i I read it. I think considering the length, vocabulary, and content, this book should be for younger kids, not 11 and 12 year olds. No deep content, but it does portray some good messages/morals about friendship, acceptance, judging people before you know them. I think the book had the right ending. If either Wiley or Jeff took Cassandra to the school dance, the book would have shown [...]

    6. Wiley and Jeff are true-to-form and believable 6th grade friends. Cassandra's unique characteristics are reminiscent of Jerry Spinelli's Stargirl. It's no shock that Wiley and Jeff fall head over heels for Cassandra--she's new, she's different, and the typical nickname won't stick. Also, as an educator I found inspiration in the students of 6B who gave "one hundred and ten percent" for Mr. Huge so they could not only pass the State Reading Assessment but so Mr. Huge could keep his job.

    7. The book 6th Grade Nickname Game is a funny and great book. I enjoyed reading this book and I think you would too. This is about a 6th grade class who had a substitute teacher. The substitute is also a football coach, and that's how he teaches. 2 students make up funny nicknames for the substitute teacher and for the Students too. Then there is this new student named Cassandra. Jeff and Wiley (the main characters) want to think about what they could name her.I kind of wanted to give up near the [...]

    8. i think that that this is the best book ever and that every person should read this book. i think that people should read this book because it talks about boys and girls. i also think that people should read this book because as a girl it was very inspiring to me, and i think that it would also be inspiring to other people too. The Message:the message of this book is to love youre name for whatever it was always. another message i had learned from the sixth grade nickname game is that you should [...]

    9. Three and a half stars. Like all of Gordon Korman's books I have ead, the writing is good and age-appropriate. This book deals with the way nicknames can be self-fulfilling or hurtful, so you should be careful wth them. This story is a little shorter and less complex than other Gordon Korman books.I read this based on a recommendation in Donalyn Miller's The Book Whisperer and it is easy to see why she suggested it. A big part of the plot has to do with the students setting an aggressive goal to [...]

    10. I picked this up for my grandson, who acquired a nickname within two days of going to a new school. As I've been a long time fan of Gordon Korman, I decided to read it before giving it to him. It was great fun to see how nicknames are chosen at this particular school, and the effect one has on the recipients. There's another little story in the background involving a bit of competions between two lifelong freinds over a new girl in the class. A good read for any age.

    11. 3 ½ stars. This one was totally different from most of Gordon Korman's that I've read. I enjoyed it for the short, fun, lesson learning story that it was. I read it hoping to read it to my 6th grade class to teach them the "evils" of nicknaming people. It is not quite what I was hoping for, but it was a fun fast read.

    12. I expected this book to be fun, but given it's length I wasn't expecting much of a plot or character development. I was WRONG! It has a hilarious plot along with some side plots and no gaping holes. And the cast of characters cracked me up! Super fun! I would recommend to any kid, and a great book for a reluctant reader.

    13. This was an O.K. book.It was just about 2 kids that had to prove to a "nerd" (As they say) so that they would not have to give him a new nickname. They did beat him, but overall, it wasn't what I thought it would be.

    14. A well written book aimed at middle school age kids. It addresses a lot of the issues that they deal withe importance of being the best you can be and not letting others stop you from being your best; how the right words can help someone, and overall.e importance of real friendship.

    15. This book was amazing. It had some twist in the book and that made the book better but some twist were to easy to figure-out.overall I really like this book so much.

    16. "If there's one thing that never happens enough, it's reading for the plain fun of it. Do nothing! Just enjoy it!" (The 6th Grade Nickname Game, page 82).

    17. Fun read set in sixth grade - two boys who like to give nicknames for everyone they meet and are challenged to make a nickname that isn't true to the boyn they do it? Read and find out!

    18. [from my blog 'Reading in Winter']I’m not sure if reading The 6th Grade Nickname Game by Gordon Korman was a plan or not. I bought the book for my nephew for Christmas and while looking at both it and my current read, Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon, I figured I might as well read the former because it looked more interesting than the latter (OK it’s not that I’m bored with Dragonfly in Amber, but it’s just so long and not as good as Outlander was – I’m still hoping to finish it [...]

    19. The 6th Grade Nickname Game is the story of two sixth grade nicknamers and their rivalry to get the 'unnicknameable' girl to ask them to a dance. Wiley and Jeff, the nicknamers, have successfully nicknamed nearly everyone in the sixth grade, including their principal, substitute teacher, and classmates. But highlight these words: nearly. Now, a few kids weren't worthy of a nickname at all; they weren't worth the trouble for Wiley and Jeff. But this one new girlCassandra, is simply 'unnicknameabl [...]

    20. 1. Overall, I disliked the 6th Grade Nickname Game by Gordon Korman.I say this because I know this book is supposed to be a comedy genre and it's really not that funny. For example, when the main characters Jeff and Wiley are both best friends and make up nicknames that are supposed to be funny when they're not, like when they keep calling Charles, Snoopy, it's not funny,page 36. Another reason why I dislike this book is that the main problem doesn't make sense. For example, when Jeff and Wiley [...]

    21. Wiley and Jeff are best friends. They have been friends all their life. Also they live next door to each other in Old Orchard. For school they go to Old Orchard Public School (OOPS). Wiley and Jeff are legendary for nicknames. Everyone and everything they see and know has a nickname. These two meet a girl, Cassandra and go head to head, just to get her to ask one of them to the Sadie Hawkins Dance. They may even do something to thear their friendship apart for ever. The fat ofe their friendship [...]

    22. Jeff and Wiley have made nicknames for everyone, even the teachers. They’ve even made a nickname for their class ¨the dim bulbs¨. Charles nickname is snoopy and he is not happy with it. They make a nickname for a person who no one talks to. they called him ¨ice-man¨ and he becomes cool and finally gets noticed. A new girl comes named cassandra. Jeff and wiley cannot come up with a nickname for her. Jeff and wiley end up liking her and start fighting. Snoopy overhears the principal talking [...]

    23. Jeff and Wiley have been best friends almost since birth,they nickname everything and every one. They're the ones who nicknamed Old Orchard Public School 'Oops' for it's initials, and they have nicknames for almost every student in school.It takes but a moment of inspired thought to name the enormous high school football coach (Mr. Hughes) who takes over their 6th grade English class Mr. Huge. But when the dedicated but crazy instructor's job is on the line, thinking of a solution is a little ha [...]

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