Predestinados Como se desafia o destino Uma maldi o que nem os deuses conseguem vencer Helena Hamilton tem dezasseis anos e passou a vida inteira a tentar esconder o facto de ser muito diferente o que n o tarefa f

  • Title: Predestinados
  • Author: Josephine Angelini
  • ISBN: 9789896573225
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • Como se desafia o destino Uma maldi o que nem os deuses conseguem vencer.Helena Hamilton tem dezasseis anos e passou a vida inteira a tentar esconder o facto de ser muito diferente, o que n o tarefa f cil numa ilha t o pequena e resguardada como Nantucket E est a tornar se ainda mais dif cil Pesadelos com a travessia desesperada de um deserto fazem com que acorde deComo se desafia o destino Uma maldi o que nem os deuses conseguem vencer.Helena Hamilton tem dezasseis anos e passou a vida inteira a tentar esconder o facto de ser muito diferente, o que n o tarefa f cil numa ilha t o pequena e resguardada como Nantucket E est a tornar se ainda mais dif cil Pesadelos com a travessia desesperada de um deserto fazem com que acorde desidratada e com os len is estragados de sujidade e p Na escola, assombrada com alucina es de tr s mulheres a chorarem l grimas de sangue e, quando se cruza pela primeira vez com Lucas Delos, n o percebe que est o destinados a desempenhar os pap is principais numa trag dia que as Parcas insistem em repetir ao longo da hist ria medida que Helena vai desvendando os segredos da sua ascend ncia, compreende que alguns mitos s o mais do que simples lendas Mas mesmo os poderes de semideuses poder o n o ser suficientes para desafiar as for as que compelem Lucas e Helena a juntar se e que, ao mesmo tempo, tentam separ los.

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    1. Josephine Angelini

      Josephine Angelini is a Massachusetts native and the youngest of eight siblings She graduated from New York University s Tisch School of the Arts in theater, with a focus on the classics She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter.


    1. No, GoodReads. NO.How about NO FUCKING STARS?Quick, someone get me chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate!I should have known that when Lauren Kate blurbed this book I wouldn't like it. No, wait, that doesn't fully express my hatred for Starcrossed. How about this:After reading this shit storm of a book I feel like I should go straight to my book shelf and give "Catastrophe": Hush, Hush,  "My Eyes, They Bleed!": House of Night, "Kill it with Fire!": Twilight, and even, yes,  "Are You Fuckin' Ki [...]

    2. Starcrossed is the story of a teenage school girl, Helen, who meets new boy, Lucas, and tries to murder him with her bare hands for no reason. Lucas, also, wishes to kill Helen in a horrifically violent way because they’re both demigods on the opposite side of a war.I really thought this book was going to kill me – either with hypertension or an aneurysm for all the times it had me almost screaming in frustration. For example:Lucas is violently dragging Helen out of a supermarket. Helen does [...]

    3. **EDIT: I originally gave this book three stars, simply because it is based on Greek mythology, and I've had a love affair with Greek mythology since I was a kid. However, upon further consideration and a sudden recall of my Homer and Bullfinch, I am forced to concede that the Greek Mythology in this book is about as authentic as cranberry sauce in a can. So, only two stars, and I'm STILL being generous!Two Twifans are walking down the street to the cinemaFangirl 1: ZOMG, I h8 steffie meyer! Y h [...]

    4. Beware of spoilers!Characters:So this is where I went slightly balistic. I'm going to talk about the two main freaks of the book.Helen Hamilton:Grams is a Mary Sue. She's so damn perfect and untouchable that it's difficult for me to relate to her. Tall, beautiful, graceful, heavenly. Hence, her nickname, "Heaven Hamilton." Really? She's quite pathetic really. She whines a lot and can't stand if someone makes fun of her, which reminds me of mostly ever other YA MC. She is also very selfish. Espec [...]

    5. --->WHAT THE HOLY GRENADE WAS THAT?! <---A damn good book, that’s what that was. ;)I am officially a Josephine Angelini fan, that’s for sure. She’s one intelligent, story-choreographic, badass woman! She definitely wrote a book that, from the very first page, has it all:Romance.Suspense.Intrigue. Action.Mythology. And it has Lucas Delos.*eyebrow waggle* ____________________________________________♦Helen♦Helen Hamilton has always been different.She’s workin’ her way up to bein [...]

    6. Alright, I know that I originally rated this book 2.5 stars and, back then, I honestly thought that it deserved that much; I really did. However, a little over a month ago I was given an assignment for my AP class (we were reading the Iliad at the time) to cover the "apology of Helen" as was told in the Odyssey and really her whole life; especially the time when she was in Paris and how she effected the Trojan war. At first I was kind of moaning about it (my GR friends can attest to that) but, t [...]

    7. This is a story of an impossible love and two people destined to repeat historyWanna know who I loved most in the book?I was never a fan of Helen and Paris, dunno why, and in this book the main couple certainly didn't change my mind.I liked Hector the best, he is an amazing character and I wish HE was the main one instead of Paris, but oh well, can't have everything :(The world buildingWell, like I said, the main story here is the Trojan war about to repeat itself, and Paris+Helen's tragic love [...]

    8. I hate to say this but I am going to be tearing this one apart. I think I'm the first person to write a negative review for Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini on the entirety of the internet. But that said, here goes nothing.This book did nothing for me. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And here's why.Starcrossed is set on Nantucket island and features the shy, willowy Helen as she gears up for the first day of her junior year of high school. She and her father live alone and she has a job and a best [...]

    9. I love anything to do with retellings and/or Greek mythology, so this book was really fun. No matter what way I try to describe this book it keeps sounding cheesy so fine, maybe it is kind of silly BUT I STILL LOVE IT.Helen is a Nantucket teen who has the face of Helen of Troy and demigod powers, but doesn't know what's going on. A new family moves to town and they have all the dynamics of Edward Cullen's family (a bunch of superpower teens coupled up and passing as normal teenagers). BUT I PROM [...]

    10. This thing made me want to spit nails. Or throw a car. Something violent.Helen's the fastest, strongest, prettiest girl at her school. She's always been a bit different. Girls at school are jealous, boys drool over her, her dad's proud of her. Yeah. All that fancy chiz.Oh, and she can fly and shoot lightning out of her hands sometimes. But that's normal, right?Right.Not like that's suspicious or anything, but her mother Beth left when Helen was little, erasing all evidence that she ever existed [...]

    11. *This ebook was provided to me at no cost by the publisher*Gah! I just finished this book and I don’t know if I want to scream or cry! I was so frustrated by the ending and revelations of this book. I don’t remember being this upset since the famous Clary-and-Jace-are-siblings revelation of The Mortal Instruments series. And just knowing the truth and what it all means just makes me madder. I was devastated by what we learned and was told---there’s no other way to describe it and I wanted [...]

    12. Starcrossed is not your typical girl meets boy they fall in love and defeat the bad guy together. No, it’s much much MORE. I absolutely adored this book! I was left thinking about it long after I finished this enthralling story that entwines Greek mythology and modern day times so flawlessly and with such vivid accuracy I almost question if Ms. Angelini had witnessed the Gods-and all that that entails-herself.Helen has lived her entire life on Nantucket Island, she’s always known she was dif [...]

    13. 3,5 Sterne Puh schwierig schwierig. Also der Anfang war mir viel zu klischeehaft. Sowas a la Twighlight-Teenager-Highschool-Lovestory 🙄 aber ich mochte die Richtung in die die Geschichte ging und obwohl ich dachte, dass es durchaus viele Parallelen zu Percy Jackson - griechische Mythologie halt - geben könnte, war das absolut nicht der Fall. Diese Welt hier folgt anderen Regeln. Allerdings sind mir hier manche noch nicht so ganz klar/logisch, aber das kommt vielleicht mit dem nächsten Band. [...]

    14. The first time I read this book, I just threw it down 50 pages in in disgust. I absolutely hated the initial pages of the book. Helen was insipid. Despite there being no clear description of her, I could tell that she was going to be another of those I-am-so-pretty-but-I-just-can't-see-it type of girl. Well, she is, and she is so typically Mary Sue, but upon a rereading, the entire book is so well-written and its portrayal of mythology so well-explained and creative that I am so glad I gave this [...]

    15. *2.5 stars*Title: StarcrossedAuthor: Josephine AngeliniSeries: StarcrossedPublication date: May 31st, 2011Genres: YA, mythology, romance, paranormalThemes: friendship, love, destinyPOV: 3rd person and femalePacing: fastIts best element: the mythologyThis review is very personal and ‘in my opinion.’Somehow, I knew I wasn’t going to love Starcrossed. I kept, for the past two year, passing by it, at the library, and never actually borrowing it. Why? Well, I do like books with gorgeous covers [...]

    16. Greek Mythology! YAY! Starcrossed is completely addicting. I read these 400 some pages in one afternoon, because I simply could not stop.I don't know it if was because I found the story so addicting or if it was because I was enchanted by the cast of characters. Either way Starcrossed was an unforgettable read. Helen is a normal teenager, well as normal as a teenage demigod is. I like that Helen knew she was different, but didn't exactly know what that meant. This wasn't a story where the charac [...]

    17. THE BLURB:How do you defy destiny?Helen Hamilton has spent her entire sixteen years trying to hide how different she is — no easy task on an island as small and sheltered as Nantucket. And it's getting harder. Nightmares of a desperate desert journey have Helen waking parched, only to find her sheets damaged by dirt and dust. At school she's haunted by hallucinations of three women weeping tears of blood . . . and when Helen first crosses paths with Lucas Delos, she has no way of knowing they' [...]

    18. WOW!!! I really loved this book. Just finished it a few hours ago, and my mind keeps dragging me back to go over one detail or another. I love characters whose personalities aren't clear-cut black or white - ones who are motivated by both good and evil. And Josie's addition of the Furies makes this possible. I love the fact that she takes ideas from ancient literature and molds them into something that works well in a contemporary story. Placing the story on the island of Nantucket is pure geniu [...]

    19. On one hand this book is without a doubt a direct rip off of Twilight. So many similarities not just in the setting and the characters but down to whole scenes such as Lucas spending the night in Helen's room with her father in the house and leaving in the morning by jumping out of the window. The only thing different was the characters' names.On the other hand it was still a very entertaining book with many likable characters and a fun, interesting story very loosely based on Greek mythology. T [...]

    20. WOW. Nemůžu. Uvěřit. Že. Jsem. To. Opravdu. DOČETLA! Zasloužím si medaili, protože Proroctví mě stálo hodně pevné nervy a tunu zmrzliny navrch. :DVzkaz pro osobu, která mi TOHLETOTO doporučila:Milá Maťo, jestli se my dvě někdy potkáme domů se vrátíš skrz poštu a bude to spousta balíčků. Poštovné mi za to stojí! :*Vzkaz pro ty, co TOHLETOTO přirovnávají k Percymu Jacksonovi:

    21. Σε αυτό το βιβλίο δίνονται στον αναγνώστη πολλές πληροφορίες (υπερβολικά πολλές) και ολίγον τι μπερδεμένες, ενώ η πλοκή είναι σχετικά αργή. Αυτά είναι γεγονός. Παρόλα αυτά δεν με ενόχλησε καθόλου. Μου άρεσε πολύ η αφήγηση, όπως επίσης και οι χαρακτήρες όλων, και των πρωταγων [...]

    22. I adored the first 100 pages. The writing was beautiful, I loved the small island atmosphere that was being set up. The whole tone actually just had me enamoured. Then the love interest made his entrance, and the tension was so engaging because Helen wanted to kill him, she was going to weird places in her dreams and I was like YES here for it. Then she started to fall in love with Lucas and that's where my enjoyment completely dropped off. The backstory and mythology took so long to explain, an [...]

    23. BO-RING.This is easily on Parr with Twilight, Fallen and the Selection. Utter tripe. It was a good idea but the execution was painful and uninspiring.I wanted to grab Helen and shake her by the shoulders screaming "GO BACK TO NURSERY YOU SPOILT, PETULANT LITTLE CHILD!" She was so immature it was infuriating. Oh, and she's a special Mary Sue too. The most beautiful, the most powerful, the fastest, the freaking best at everything and INDESTRUCTIBLE. Seriously. Now let me go pukeThe characters, all [...]

    24. Die Story ist super aber irgendwie hat die Perspektive mich oft verwirrt. Hat auch eine Zeit gedauert bis ich reingekommen bin. Werde bald aber auch weiterlesen.

    25. Il libro più insulso che io abbia mai letto. Non leggerò assolutamente i seguiti (figuriamoci!) e quindi non penso che affronterò nemmeno la sua altra trilogia. Questa esperienza mi è bastata e avanzata.Metà delle idee di questo libro sono buone, ma sono sviluppate malissimo. Per non parlare dello stile dell'autrice. È lo stile di una bambina di 10 anni.I dialoghi sono incoerenti e stupidi (non possono essere considerati neanche da bambini), tanto che pure gli adulti sembrano avere 13 anni [...]

    26. You know what? No.Fuck no!I think rating it 1 star is being extremely generous in this case.What the hell was this?I was warned several times that this book wasn't good, but, like always, I don't listen.I guess I like torture way too much.Oh, boy. Mother isn't going to be happy with that fact.Do I even have to explain why this book was terrible?Yes?Well, I know I'm writing a review, but do I really have to--?YES!!Okay, fine. Let's get this shit started.Shit, that felt goodOT:T-there was . . . a [...]

    27. Very very good. I was unsure when I started it, having received a proof to read before publication, but a few chapters in and I was hooked! Angelini's use of Greek mythology adds a new spin to the relatively saturated 'Supernatural Romance' Genre that has suddenly exploded in teenage fiction. Helen and Lucas' cursed love story is touching and worth the read.

    28. Questa è l'espressione migliore che esprime il mio attuale stato d'animo. Questo libro è statoorribilee per rendere l'idea mi sono recata velocemente sul sito dei sinonimi e contrari.Orribile -orrendo, terribile, tremendo, spaventoso, terrificante, agghiacciante, atroce, raccapricciante, efferato , ma forse non rende l'idea meglio cercare i sinonimi di Orridoorrendo, orribile, terribile, tremendo, spaventoso, terrificante, agghiacciante, atroce, raccapricciante, efferato .Penso di aver reso l' [...]

    29. I'm getting this out of the library first, because I'm iffy about it. It seems like it could be interesting or just more angsty teen romance fair which I've honestly had enough of. But I'm holding out because it involves the Trojan War. Please dear god Josephine, don't do to greek mythology what Stephenie Meyer did to vampires. I love Homer, so if this is just the Hot Topic/CW Network/Gossip Girl/Twilight version of the Iliad, I will honestly slit my stuffed animal's throat.

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