Save My Soul

Save My Soul Kendra Larkin s life was seemingly perfect but little did she know the path she was on was about the be forever altered Following a tragic rappelling accident she lands on Dr Adam Chamberlain s oper

  • Title: Save My Soul
  • Author: K.S. Haigwood
  • ISBN: 9781478239406
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kendra Larkin s life was seemingly perfect, but little did she know the path she was on was about the be forever altered Following a tragic rappelling accident, she lands on Dr Adam Chamberlain s operating table.Accepting a proposal from her handsome guardian angel, Rhyan, Kendra is tasked with saving the soul of her doctor, who also happens to be her soul mate If complKendra Larkin s life was seemingly perfect, but little did she know the path she was on was about the be forever altered Following a tragic rappelling accident, she lands on Dr Adam Chamberlain s operating table.Accepting a proposal from her handsome guardian angel, Rhyan, Kendra is tasked with saving the soul of her doctor, who also happens to be her soul mate If completed successfully, she will keep her life however, her life isn t the only thing in danger her soul is, too.Even with Rhyan s help, it seems there is no happy ending in sight Torn between her newly discovered love for Rhyan, and the undeniable attraction she has for Adam, Kendra finds herself at a crossroad With Adam s rejection of God, and his guardian demon conspiring against her, her soul may already be lost.Will she find a way to overcome the evil in her life, or will Adam s guardian demon win both their souls and make Kendra his puppet in Hell

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    1. Raven's Review:This is one of those books where you really wish the outside world would stop disturbing you because once you pick this book up, you can't put it down. Kendra is a 29 yr old freelance photographer with a great big house she had custom built on the outskirts of town. ( I so want this house btw). Kendra is in an accident while repelling off Dead Man's Cliff and falls to the bottom of the ravine. She's rushed to the hospital where Dr. Adam Chamberlain fights to save her life through [...]

    2. Save My Soul is classed as a romance. I think that is wrong. I think this novel creates its own genre. I’ll call it ‘action romance’ for lack of a better description.Kendra Larkin has a problem: she’s just had an accident that should kill her. But she’s too young to die, so she feels pressured to make a deal with an angel who can save her life. The trouble is, you can’t trust just any odd angel and there are some little details Coen has omitted to mention in the heat of the moment.Th [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this book by K.S. Haigwood. I found myself immediately sucked into this novel. I had not read the synopsis, so everything was a complete surprise from the first paragraph. I think that added to my enjoyment. The characters were very fascinating and I loved the concept of a guardian angel and guardian demon. It made for some interesting internal conversations in my head. I love it when books make you think. I do have to admit, that the author did such a good job creating the bad [...]

    4. A must read! Saving my soul was a wonderful, thought provoking book. The story begins with Kendra, an independent woman who has a near death accident. In order to keep living, she must agree to save the soul of the surgeon who saved her life. Her surgeon, Adam, no longer believes in God. Her guardian angel gives Kendra one week to help Adam find love and faith, or both their souls will be lost. Determined to save her soul and Adam's, Kendra discovers her soul mate and true love.This is a beautif [...]

    5. My ThoughtsWell I really enjoyed this book. I was honored that I was one of the very first to read it. Kristie has definitely put a new spin on Angels. She has set a good story line with awesome characters who are in no way perfect, but if they where perfect then this story would not have been a gripping read.Kendra our heroine is unlike any other heroine. She has to make Dr. Chamberlain believe in something that he has not believed in in many years. She needs him to believe in god in order to s [...]

    6. So this book was recommended to me by a friend which is kind of the only reason I picked it up. To be completely honest I expected it to have more of a paranormal touch to it that it actually delivered, but we’ll get to that.So Kendra Larkin is a twenty something woman who seemingly had a perfect life—a job she enjoys, a loving family, a lot of friends and a fuck-buddy who satisfies her every need (in case you have been living under a rock on mount Everest and/or have an underdeveloped brain [...]

    7. Lucky me! I had the pleasure to be one of the first to read and review this awesome story. Save My Soul has so much going for it. Kristie Haigwood has such a uniquely charming voice in this debut novel. I honestly felt like I was reading about a real person. She is a force to be reckoned with that's for sure. Although quirky at times, Kendra is a strong, likeable young woman and pulled at my heartstrings immediately. This story was so charming and had the magical influence of the old angel on my [...]

    8. Pleasantly Surprised.This is a very enjoyable faced paced thriller. I rolled my eyes when I first saw how many chapters were in the book. Fifty, plus an epilogue? No! Say it ain't so because I had just tried to read two other women's books and there was no flow. Way too much fluff and superfluous descriptions. So, with a tired right finger I started clicking and clicking and clicking! Before I knew it, I was 30% complete and fully engrossed.The stories star Kendra Larkin endures what appears to [...]

    9. The story kicks straight into action with Kendra, the heroine, lying on the operating table, dying. She miraculously survives, but there is a catch: her life and soul will only be saved if she manages to make the doctor who operated on her believe in God again. Dr. Chamberlain is embittered and has good reasons to have lost his faith, so it's not an easy task. Kendra is helped by her guardian angel Rhyan, who also happens to be really hot :)This is a refreshing change from the 'paranormal-romanc [...]

    10. I'm hearing FABULOUS things about this Kindle Freebie!amazon/gp/product/B007 Book Blurb: Kendra Larkin had everything going in the right direction. Her life was seemingly perfect, and she wouldn't have changed a thing about it. Unfortunately, the course of her life was about to be forever altered. A tragic rappelling accident lands her on Dr. Adam Chamberlain's operating table. She agrees to a deal proposed by a guardian angel to help save the soul of the man who is both her doctor and soulmate. [...]

    11. The opening sequence of this story pulls you in. There is no wading through backstory, it jumps right into the action and continues at a breakneck pace until the very end. A solid and thrilling read. What I loved about this story was the attention to character, and it gave me the feeling that people I was being introduced to were going to be around for a while (*cough more books* cough). While it touches on religious themes, this book is not preachy, nor can it be described as Christian fiction. [...]

    12. 6 stars for this one!! WOW!!! From beginning to end I was hooked!! Read it in an evening bc I couldn't put it down! It starts with Kendra who is on an operating table after a severe accident!! She is given a choice to live or die by the guardian angel of her surgeon. He gets her to agree to convert Adam, her surgeon, to believing in God again or her life will end in one week and she will lose her soul. Little does she know that Adam is set on shunning God and all faith affiliated! He has survive [...]

    13. A refreshing break from the usual overdone paranormal storylines of vampires, werewolves, and other mythical creatures. No doubt about it, the angels and demons subject has been covered many times but Save My Soul bravely charts a new pathway in the theme. The actual storyline is heavily influenced by religion but don’t be put off by the book’s belief in divinity as is not shoved down your throat, for anyone who thinks this may not be their cup of tea. The religious theme is more like a cons [...]

    14. This story was fantastic and had me hooked from the first page! The main character Kendra has had a bad accident, she finds herself on an operating table in hospital fighting for her life, but strangely she can hear everything the doctors and nurses are saying although she is out cold! Kendra finds herself having no choice but to make a deal for her life with a guardian angel, only the angel keeps the most important part of the deal from Kendra, of which she does not find out until after she has [...]

    15. Not at all what I expected. (To clarify, I didn't expect bad; I expected the stereotypical angel romance that has become so popular lately.) Ms. Haigwood obviously poured her soul into this, and it shows. Where I began to worry that this would become a religious novel, it stayed paranormal and any and all mention of God was part of the storyline, not of any given belief. I'm impressed. I hesitate to go into any detail because I would hate to be a spoiler, but the characters are exceptionally wel [...]

    16. Redemption is often hard to come by, and this story is no exception. The difference? Redemption has a time limit of one week. Kendra should be dead- in fact, she was. If she wants to survive the week with her soul intact, she must lead her savior back to God- and that's no easy task. A tragedy caused him to turn his back on God when he was only thirteen, and not even for love does he want to embrace faith once more. With a lovable cast of characters- like Rhyan, Kendra's guardian angel, and Herc [...]

    17. Definitely, it has been a pleasure for me to read this book. It hooked me after a few paragraphs.I must say it has been really intriguing for me the whole plot till the end.I love the way the author leads the story, so that you can follow it without problems.I could feel the quemistry between the characters, even the bad ones, and the anguish that Kendra felt as the end of the week was arriving.I really liked the book, and recommend it to everybody who likes this kind of reading.

    18. Absolutely wonderful. As an atheist myself I wasnt sure I would enjoy or even really wanted to read this book. Save my soul is a classic good vs evil bbut twisted into this amazing book. I cant wsit to read more!

    19. Captivated from the very first chapter! What an amazing story. This book was a wonderfulLove story, but it also showed how important faith and believing is. Kendra not only had one, but three men in love with her, but the only one that really mattered was Adam, her soulmate, not just for that reason, but her soul depended on it. Adam had lost all faith when his family was brutally murdered when he was just a child. That would be enough to test the most faithful. Not only does Kendra have to conv [...]

    20. When I read the summary for this book, I thought it was very interesting. As I started getting into the story I got hooked. I wanted to know BADLY what was going to happen, I stayed up late for 2 nights straight because I wanted to know. I truly believe in soul mates and that everything happens for a reason. This book was the perfect example.I love Kendra as the female lead. She is funny, witty, and strong-willed. She reached out to Adam multiple times to try and get through to him because she w [...]

    21. I loved Save My Soul. It's a passionate story of life, death, love and faith. It tucks at you're heart strings and I must admit that I was teary eyed at the end.

    22. A lovely, sweet romance, with a bit of zest thrown in. Ms Haigwood has a way of writing where you smile to yourself at the humor of it and the story plot. Great book, would recommend it!

    23. fantastic read with plenty of on the edge of your chair moments. fantastic characters you really want to love or hate. looking forward to reading more from this talented author.

    24. A marvellous page-turning fantasy tale:Kendra’s clock is ticking – but it’s not her biological one…it’s her life span. She has only a short time to save her soul, and the only means by which she can do this presents apparently insurmountable odds.After a terrible accident, Kendra’s consciousness awakes in the hospital to the sounds of Dr. Adam Chamberlain working furiously to save her life. All of her senses are shut down, except her hearing. And this hearing brings her a voice – t [...]

    25. I don’t remember how I got hold of this book. I think I was browsing twitter and the author was promoting it so I checked the link and bought it straight away.The novel begins with fast pace busy action and it doesn’t slow down at all. The main character Kendra is lying on the operating table, she is close to death. However, she can be safe if she chooses to help a doctor that lost his faith to believe in Good again. Kendra has an extraordinary supporters, a guardian angel and less helpful g [...]

    26. I actually wanted to rate this book 3 ½ stars, but because we can’t do halfs, I’m rounding up. There were positives and negatives for me, but I think the positives win out.Let’s start with the negatives. If you are expecting Christian fiction, think again. Although the main character, Kendra, has a goal to convert her doctor, Adam, to Christianity, her view of it is simply believing in God nothing more. The term is very, very loosely used and she certainly doesn’t live it. She cusses li [...]

    27. Following an accident Kendra is given a second chance to live but she has to make her surgeon and saviour Adam believe [in god]. With help from her guardian angel Rhyan she has one week to convert Adam or face dire consequences herself.At 29 Kendra knows what she wants in life but she is torn between her feelings for Rhyan and Adam, especially since the latter just might be her soul mate. Trying to save her life and her soul but do the right thing this is a thrilling premise that keeps Kendra an [...]

    28. I thoroughly enjoyed reading SAVE MY SOUL and read it in two sittings! I was instantly swept up into the story, needing to know how Kendra was going to pull off the seemingly impossible task before her. Between the mystery of Mason, the allure of Adam, and the temptation of Rhyan, I was hooked. K.S. Haigwood has created an intriguing and gripping story; characters that readers can identify with and care about; and a world of angels, demons, love, and loss that entices the reader from the first t [...]

    29. This is not my typical choice of book, but I found it to be a great read. I liked the romance between Kendra and Adam; watching Adam struggle against his feelings and beliefs, while Kendra gently coaxes him out of his shell. There is a hefty religious side to this story, but only enough to show Kendra helping Adam to regain his faith rather than being over the top. I found the guardian angel and the guardian demon aspect a nice little bit, giving us the two little men on the shoulder.I enjoyed t [...]

    30. If you are a paranormal romance fan this book is for you. Save My Soul got me from the very beginning. K. S. Haigwood did a good job mixing the good angel and the bad angel which we all have in our heads everyday. Even though this wasn't really a Christian book, it was nice to see that good won over evil and love and God were revealed. This book had it all, angels, demonds, love and loss. There are enough twists in this story to keep you hooked. Good Job K. S. Haigwood.

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