The She-Hulk Diaries

The She Hulk Diaries JANUARY CURRENT STATUS No job no boyfriend no permanent place to live no car and most of my clothes are held together with staples and duct tape Bank account almost wiped out Many of my former as

  • Title: The She-Hulk Diaries
  • Author: Marta Acosta
  • ISBN: 9781401311018
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback
  • JANUARY 1CURRENT STATUS No job, no boyfriend, no permanent place to live, no car, and most of my clothes are held together with staples and duct tape Bank account almost wiped out Many of my former associates have expressed a desire that I never darken their doorways again for legal and financial reasons.She Hulk got us got us kicked out of the Avengers Mansion PeopleJANUARY 1CURRENT STATUS No job, no boyfriend, no permanent place to live, no car, and most of my clothes are held together with staples and duct tape Bank account almost wiped out Many of my former associates have expressed a desire that I never darken their doorways again for legal and financial reasons.She Hulk got us got us kicked out of the Avengers Mansion People keep posting videos online of her New Year s Eve shenanigans twirling, flaming telephone poles in Times Square, climbing the Empire State Building while dangling Anderson CooperSaying there are two sides to Jennifer Walters s personality is an understatement When she hasn t morphed into a 650 pound, crime fighting, hard partying superhero, she s a single lawyer trying to get her act together Hilarious and action packed, The She Hulk Diaries tells her story, as she juggles her intense legal career by day with battling villains and saving the world by night Maybe bad guys will stop trying to destroy the planet so she can have a real social life and even meet a guy who isn t trying to take over the universe.

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      Marta Acosta lives in the San Francisco Bay Area She was a feral reader, roaming the stacks of the public library.She received a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from Stanford University and has written for the San Francisco Chronicle, the Contra Costa Times, and Spaces Magazine.Marta lives with her husband, spawn, and their crazy dogs An avid gardener, she likes independent films, funny novels, loud music and lively conversations.She s always happy to hear from readers, even the ones who point out typos.


    1. *I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review*To be honest, I didn’t expect to like this book as much as I did. I thought it would be a fun read with some action and drama and some sort of crazy evil villain trying to take over the world. What I didn’t bargain for and what I was pleasantly surprised by, was how frigging hilarious it was. No really. This book was LOL no LMFAO not extreme enough… ROFLMFAOOHMYGODMYRIBSHURT funny. Don’t let the comic book beginnings fool you, this is [...]

    2. It all started with a separation of self, a bad reputation, and a long lost love.Chickflick meets superhero comic loving nerd reading. I went into this book expecting action jackson type comic level reading. What I got was a well done mix of superhero fun with romantic drama and a lot of laughable moments.I found myself snickering and enthralled after the first few pages. I had to stop so many times to share what Jen/Shulky were up too with my family. It was too good not to pass on. I had a lot [...]

    3. Here is a quote from someone who gave a positive review to this book, "Don’t let the comic book beginnings fool you, this is definitely a book for a mature and decidedly female audience. This book is classic Marvel meets Sex in the City."Besides placing quote marks around "mature" and "female" this pretty much sums up why I'm giving it a negative review.By the way, Marvel, a huge part of your fan base is female and so you don't need to pander to what marketing companies tell you women are like [...]

    4. This is the first novel that we’ve read for our Ladies Comic Book Night book club, but the decision to read it should be an obvious one. Apparently, the She-Hulk Diaries as well as Rogue Touch, are Marvel's attempt to "target women readers with stories of dynamic female super heroines who split their time between fighting villains and searching for a decent guy to date." [X]. I can't say this concept impressed me, any more than their attempt to bring in Black female readers by marrying Storm o [...]

    5. Reading THE SHE-HULK DIARIES was more painful than a green-fisted punch in the stomach by ol' "Shulky" herself. I also bought and read ROGUE TOUCH about the X-Men's Rogue and was similarly disappointed. What should be fun young adult books geared toward getting more teenage girls into comic books and superheroes is just a waste of paper.I'm not sure who Marvel things these books are geared towards? Teenage girls? Adults? Comic fan boys? If it's young girls, then the main character shouldn't be a [...]

    6. As a She-Hulk fan I am disappointed but sadly not surprised by this offering from Marta Acosta.My major complaint (that Jen and She-Hulk are NOT different entities) was actually addressed late in the piece, but the fact remains that Jen never saw 'Shulky' (a nickname I tired of immediately) as separate from her. The reveal about Sven and Amber made me roll my eyes as the use of Doom here felt lazy and obvious. And leaving one of his clones running around? Not even the bratty OOC She-Hulk masquer [...]

    7. It takes a lot for me to give a book one star, but this one deserves it. The book contains adult themes, but is written like it was meant for a young reader residing in 2009 (it was published in 2013). The ending was honestly horrible and had almost zero setup. I could go on and on about everything I disliked. I had high hopes, because this is a Marvel book, but I now know to steer clear of their other book publications.

    8. (Originally posted on my blog, Misprinted Pages.)Earlier this year, I expressed skepticism toward The She-Hulk Diaries and Rogue Touch — specifically, about authors scribbling down superhero adventures without the pretty pictures to match and, more importantly, with what seemed like a “romantic” spin (that turned out to be false).I love comics, and removing their visual element would be like neutering them. The physical prowess of female superheroes, especially, is what grabs your attentio [...]

    9. 3.5 stars, definitely. I'm a comics enthusiast but had the benefit of knowing relatively little about Jennifer Walters/"Shulky" canon going into this book. From many of the other reviews here I gather that was a good thing. It allowed me to just enjoy Acosta's funny yarn about the mousy lawyer who has Bruce Banner as a cousin and whose bad habit of turning into a giant green party monster got her in hot water at the Avengers HQ, among other things. Had I approached this story with previous knowl [...]

    10. I had somewhat mixed feelings when it came to writing this review; not because I didn't enjoy the book (I really did; more on that in a minute), but because the actual creation of particular imprint makes me a little uneasy. As a fan of both comic books and chicklit, I'm of course delighted by Marvel's decision to publish these fun books based around their female superheroes; but I'm also aware that it's often very difficult for women to be taken seriously as comic book fans, and the creation of [...]

    11. Thank you to Hyperion and NetGalley for an ARC of this book. My opinions are my own.The She-Hulk Diaries is a book of potential, but doesn't entirely work. I wanted to love this book more than I did, but while the writing style is whimsical and informal, the story itself is shallow, superficial, and full of lists. In fact, the lists may have been the most excessive part of the story. Perhaps I'm a purist, but I wasn't sold on Acosta's version of Jennifer Walters. The character never felt consist [...]

    12. Being female does not automatically grant one entre into the world of "chick-lit". Personally, I loathe the genre, mostly because, in the hands of callous writers, it reduces the essential human search for companionship and understanding to shopping trips and make-up advice beneath veiled catty quips. But that's my view, and I'm well aware many others don't share it. -_-So I was afraid, at first, that this book was going to end up just being chick-lit for one of my long-neglected superhero frien [...]

    13. OMG. I loved this book! She-Hulk is a character that I've always been interested in but haven't read enough about. So when I found out about this book I was very interested in checking it out. Glad that I did!Jennifer Walters starts out the year with no job, no prospects, no apartment, and no boyfriend. She also has a problem with her clothes being ruined. So when someone gives her a journal, she decides to start a diary and set goals for herself. Of course, Jen isn't your average girl. She happ [...]

    14. So, for me this one wavers between a 3 and a 3.5. I eventually went with 3 because I'll probably never re-read this one. That said, I really enjoyed Marta Acosta's sense of humor and the way that she portrays Jennifer, while still maintaining the fluffy, chick-flick vibes. Jen Walters is portrayed as a confident, highly intelligent and professional woman, who has a warmth to her personality. She also has issues, which caused me to experience high amounts of laughter! I really liked her best frie [...]

    15. 3.5/5SoI love superheroes.I didn't always. I came into comics as an adult, starting out with Grant Morrison's and Joss Whedon's runs on X-Men, then getting really into Brian Michael Bendis's Daredevil run (still my all-time favorite), then finally branching out into the Avengers and the rest of the Marvel universe (as well as catching up on the backstory). Then I decided I can't stand all the writing for the trade and the endless retcons, and I couldn't justify spending all that money on comics [...]

    16. I received this in exchange for an honest review. With the completion of Rogue Touch I immediately jumped right into The She-Hulk Diaries, because one kick-ass super-heroine is just not enough. Two isn’t really enough either but since these are the only two out right now, I suppose I’ll have to make due.The She-Hulk Diaries surprised me by focusing on Jennifer Walters instead of putting all the attention on her green counterpart. Jennifer is a talented attorney and thanks to a transfusion (f [...]

    17. Rating: 3.5 starsReview: From the moment I spied the tube of bright green lipstick on the cover, I knew I was going to have to give The She-Hulk Diaries a go. The book was pretty much what I expected, think comic book meet Bridget Jones Diary, just not quite as clever as the latter. Even still, my inner girlie geek squealed with delight and enjoyed the ride. I have not previously followed the She-Hulk comics, an oversight that I am clearly going to have to fix ASAP!It was not the deepest of stor [...]

    18. She Hulk is my favorite Marvel character, I love her witty ironic comics from the 80's and totally fell in love with her during the series written by Dan Slott She-Hulk, Vol. 1: Single Green Female.I made it through the first 2 chapters, barely, then I realized that this is not the She Hulk that I know. See the great thing about She Hulk is that she is a character that retains her femininity while still kicking ass and never becoming a sex object. Unfortunately this story seems to have very litt [...]

    19. This book was provided by the publisher for reviewing purposes. I may not be well-versed in the history of Jennifer Walters or her mighty green alter-ego, She-Hulk (or "Shulky", as referred to in this novel), but it doesn't take a comic book aficionado to appreciate what Marta Acosta has created in The She-Hulk Diaries. I really enjoyed the writing style. It was informal and friendly, like, well, reading a diary. The humor was quick and spot on, and I found myself laughing within the first few [...]

    20. A few years ago I read the entire Happy Hour at Casa Dracula series. I adored that series and determined based on it that author Marta Acosta writes fascinating, relatable characters with wit and a compulsive readability. It's true that in my comic book-reading teenage years, I was more of a DC fan than a Marvel fan. I'm not ashamed to say the Avengers film won me over. I was thrilled to learn Acosta was working on a She-Hulk novel, even though I was never a hard-core Shulky fan. It took me a wh [...]

    21. This book was a strong 2 stars for me up until the last third of it. The plot was OK, and there was some interesting mystery elements, but it was basically a chick-lit book with superheroes. The main character also doubles as She-Hulk, and for much of the book, she refuses to believe she is actually both people - she needs therapy, which she gets, and integration if you ask me. She had a weekend fling with a rock star in law school and it was true love, but he never called her back. He doesn't r [...]

    22. I'll say right up front that I'm not someone who follows She-Hulk or Marvel, so coming into this novel I didn't have any expectations of the way the characters would be. It was a fun book that followed a lot of the standard chick-lit tropes, but did them well. It was refreshing that Jennifer Walters had a demanding job she was good at, since that is the element most often missing from the chick lit and romance genres. Even after some things got tiresome - the diary aspect, freaking out over the [...]

    23. Jennifer Walters is my favorite fictional attorney, and I was excited to read this book. My excitement quickly faded as I realized the author did not do five minutes of research on either attorneys or on She-Hulk's origin story. Rather than nitpick this to death, a couple of brief things:Lawyers go to law school, not grad school. The author also has no understanding of how law firms work.Jennifer Walters got her powers via a blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner, after she was in a ver [...]

    24. This was a really fun, light read. Exactly what I was looking for at the time. Marta Acosta gives Jennifer Walters a witty, enjoyable voice and a relatable personality. A fun take on "Bridget Jones' Dairy" from the point of view of a super-heroine. Although the superhero plotline - She-Hulk fighting a super-villian - seemed not terribly important to the overall story, the romance itself was very believable and complex. It was well-done, and I thoroughly enjoyed the resolution. I also appreciated [...]

    25. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this book but was pleasantly surprised. First off, it's not a She-Hulk novel, it's the story of Jennifer Walters, a nice, intelligent, attractive young lady who's trying to make it in the big city. It could be a Sex in the City or, heck, a Mary Tyler Moore novel, except Jen's a part time superhero and former Avenger. I had a much harder time with my suspension of disbelief with her relationship with a former rock-star boyfriend than I did with her occasion [...]

    26. If you are a comic book geek you'll definitely enjoy this book. This book follows the story of the Hulk’s cousin, Jennifer Walters who transforms into a strong, green super hero known as She-Hulk (or Shulky). The story begins withe Jennifer down on her luck. She just lost her job, got kicked out of the Avengers Mansion, and got demoted from super hero to local hero. As she struggles to get her life together, a long lost lover and her nemesis will resurface once again. This book is hilarious, s [...]

    27. I described my reaction to this book as the feeling you have when you're eating Cheetos or Doritos or some other highly processed snack food. You know it isn't good, yet you feel compelled to keep going anyway. If I could have just turned my brain off, I probably would have enjoyed this silly, fast-paced, Bridget-Jones-meets-superheroes tale - but alas, the poor thing kept chiming in and reminding me how ridiculous the entire plot was.Similar titles:Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

    28. The She-Hulk Diaries is basically like Marvel threw She-Hulk in an episode of Sex and the City and a super villain followed. I hated Sex and the City but I like MarvelRead full review HERE

    29. I really enjoyed this, although I probably would give it more like 3.5 stars. It's a little too chick-lit for my liking, but I enjoyed the nods to the Marvel Universe, and I was entertained, which is all I really wanted.

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