Why She Left Us

Why She Left Us It was the summer of and she was young and inexperienced but longing to love and to be loved in return when he entered her life At the same time while she was desperately seeking the love and

  • Title: Why She Left Us
  • Author: David Dennis
  • ISBN: 9781480251571
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
  • It was the summer of 1985, and she was young and inexperienced, but longing to love and to be loved in return, when he entered her life.At the same time, while she was desperately seeking the love and approval of a mother who never wanted her in the first place, events totally beyond her control claimed her as their victim, leaving those she left behind unable to cope withIt was the summer of 1985, and she was young and inexperienced, but longing to love and to be loved in return, when he entered her life.At the same time, while she was desperately seeking the love and approval of a mother who never wanted her in the first place, events totally beyond her control claimed her as their victim, leaving those she left behind unable to cope with the enormity of her absence WHY SHE LEFT US is written as a series of diary entries, the events seen through the eyes of several different people But at its center is a love story chronicling a romance that transforms the lives of two people who, for too brief a period of time, experienced the greatest happiness they had ever known.

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    1. Why did she leave us anyway?I think a good way of opening a book – be it title or first line - is to throw a question of some sort in there, leaving us thinking why, how or tell me more, and that carrot is used as an incentive to hook us.David Dennis does this expertly. Why did she leave us? Who left us? How did she leave us? Did she get the bus? Did she run away screaming? Did she jump off a cliff? Did she elope with another man? You’ve got to read on to find out.As I read the book I’d co [...]

    2. How often can a story, a tragedy, a tale of the darkest valleys and warmest peaks, be expressed so uniquely? The series of diary entries require a level of commitment to story and character, but this commitment is certainly merited. Other reviews will expound upon the various struggles of the family and the sisters, how interludes of pain and pleasure are never as cookie-cutter as we would love to believe. However, what I find most impressive in this epistolary novel is the way the stories are i [...]

    3. If you like stories that don't necessarily have a happy ending, I can safely recommend this one. The characters are all well-defined, and I even got a kick out of one of the "bad guys" because his antics were so over-the-top. There are some dark, powerful scenes here, and an ending that I found quite moving. I was very impressed with this one!

    4. 2.5/5 starsI was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.The summer of 1985 proves to be the disastrous undoing of a whole family in David Dennis' Why She Left Us. The book is written in a series of diary or journal entries authored by five main characters - three sisters, their aunt, and the boy loved by one of the sisters.The characters each date their journal entries and, if you aren't paying attention to the dates, it's very easy to get very confused right from the star [...]

    5. 2.5/5.0“Why She Left Us” is as heartbreaking as Steel Magnolias and Romeo and Juliet but lacks the lingering loveliness.Full review in April 2013 issue of InD'tale Magazine.

    6. Scenes of beautiful simplicity alternating with those of piercing sadness all add up to a tremendously moving reading experience. This is one that I will never forget!

    7. It is difficult to write the Great American Novel. F. Scott Fitzgerald did a good job with The Great Gatsby, but that novel is in its dotage, requiring extensive sociology to appreciate fully. Jonathan Franzen engages society in the 21st century with brilliance and aplomb in Freedom,(facebook/notes/ronald- for my review in free verse) but derogates his working-class characters to the extent where they beat up or murder the members of the middle class. John Steinbeck is of a different era in The [...]

    8. I stepped away from the normal genre I read and decided to read this book. From the outside it looks great and sounds great too. I definitely was not disappointed.I am so glad that I read this and it is one of the only books where i have wondered how to write the review, because i do not want to give anything away.This book is so refreshing. I love how the author has done this. Yes the diary entries are from different people at different times but I can understand why it needs to be this way.You [...]

    9. You’d think that reading a novel with 5 first person points of view would really get confusing. You’d have to backtrack and keep a chart of who does what. Not so in this novel. Dennis gives us 5 main characters each with a unique writing voice and style. Monica, Betsy, Ellen, Aunt Lucille and Carl all shine with personality and varied life experience. Despite the fact that a majority of the storyline is re-telling, this reader never got bored thinking “been there, done that” because thei [...]

    10. It was the summer of 1985, and Betsy, as the oldest of three sisters, was still young and inexperienced. However, she was longing to love someone and to be loved in return, when Wayne entered her life. Quiet, painfully shy, and lacking in proper social skills, he came across as a shady person to others because he was unable to look anyone in the eye. At the same time, while Betsy was desperately seeking the love and approval of a mother who never wanted her in the first place, events totally bey [...]

    11. Oh my lord, I wish I had adequate words to describe what this book has done to my emotions and my heart. I can't find the words, and it is with trembling fingers that I even attempt to review it while it is so fresh in my head.I admit, I was most interested in reading this book because it took place in 1985-the year I was born. With that said, moving on.When you start this book, you immediately connect with Monica. She sucks you into the book on the first page and after that, well, good luck to [...]

    12. “Why She Left Us” is a general fiction novel, mixed with a lovely tale of romance. The writing was quite well done, details were stunning and well organized. The five different points of view can be a bit overwhelming but it all plays well throughout the book. This isn’t a book for one of those people who like to have things laid out for them up front, the stories give you pieces of the story, one at a time, and you have to lay them out and piece the story together. It kept me reading. The [...]

    13. Told through the diary and memoirs of five narrators, Why She Left Us is a darkly chilling tale of wasted life, exploring the psychology of the book's events and their effects on the survivors as well as the different ways people deceive themselves as well as others.The narrators' voices are powerful and unique as they recount the events leading up to a number of family tragedies: Monica – despairing, depressed and suicidal, though unrepentant despite being locked in a hospital for the crimina [...]

    14. Why She Left Us by David Dennis is a meandering mystery. It’s a composite of the baseness of human nature--and also its virtues. The story of the star-crossed lovers, Betsy and Wayne, is told discontinuously by 5 narrators and in the form of diary entries. This unique narrative method requires attention be paid to who’s diary you are reading and to the date of each entry, but this minimal effort is worth it. I don’t want to give away too much of the story since that’s the meat of this ps [...]

    15. "Why she left us" by David Dennis on the surface is a compelling tale about three sisters and their muddled love life. Their mother, a amorously restless and seemingly selfish and disinterest woman, and their aunt, unhappy and single, have little influence on them.Not surprisingly it is two young men who drive the plot forward, and the rivalries over the two and between the two men as well.On a deeper level the book deals brilliantly with the issues of self worth and the desire to be loved. Told [...]

    16. I was gifted a copy of this book by the author for an honest review.I love the way this book is written and set out. The book is set out as a series of diary entries/memoirs from members of the same family. There are 2 sisters, an aunt and a husband.The way the entries are placed in the book means that you don’t get a straight run of one person’s thoughts, it’s mixed up throughout the book.I love the way that you have to pick out the story line through each different diary entry; this keep [...]

    17. Ok to begin with yes I like books with a little mystery and that don't necessarily have a happy ending. For that I can praise the author. I found the book a bit unrealistic though to really "buy into it". For example, Ellen was sexually active and taking drugs by the age of 15 and didn't seem to belong in 1985. Meanwhile, Betsy was writing a diary in the style of Jane Eyre with a very convoluted and old fashioned lexicon. I understand that the author wanted to depict their different characters, [...]

    18. I was given this book by the author, well, I requested it on a site :)I've never read such a book with this kind of lay out before, it was kinda interesting. At first, I was totally confused as there were so many peoples accounts. I put it down to my old age and plodded on LOLI found it quite depressing in the start, let me say, AT THE START, once I got 'into' it and realized how this was panning out with each person from each chapter I was taken more and more into the reading of these accounts. [...]

    19. "Why She Left Us" is a beautiful and exceptional literary read. Told, in the first person, through 5 different points of view, it is the story of a deeply dysfunctional family and of a young woman, victimized by unrelenting psychological abuse, who reaches for the stars and, for a short time, is transported. Dennis weaves this tale exquisitely through the characters' writings, keeping the reader enthralled wondering first of all which one is the "she" who leaves, and, more importantly, what even [...]

    20. **I received a free copy of this ebook from the author in exchange for my fair and honest review.**Can we say "dysfunctional"? I'm pretty sure that I've never read a story with characters that were so completely and utterly dysfunctional, and Betsy was the least dysfunctional of them all. I found this book was very well written. It did get a little glum for me and made reading it a challenge at times. Just when you think there may be some hope for happiness, it's quickly shot down. The diary ent [...]

    21. "Gripping drama!" 5*****In this emotionally intense novel, David Dennis has allowed the reader to enter into the minds of 5 different characters, all of whom are dealing with some very serious issues leading up to (and even dealing with the aftermath of) a tragic occurrence in the summer of 1985. Lies, deceit, and even murder all play a part in the story which unfolds. At the same time, the tender relationship that develops between Betsy and her one true love is told simply, eloquently, and quit [...]

    22. I was given this book by the author to review. I have to admit that at first I wasn't realy paying attention to the dates of the journals and got myself pretty confused, but once I backed up and started paying attention, it all made sense. The diary format was an interesting way to tell the story. This type of story isn't my favorite, the ones that show the dark side of human nature, the writing style was good, the use of the diary to give us a picture of the characters was also wonderful. There [...]

    23. This book is written differently then most books out there today. Written in the Dairies of Betsy, Ellen, Monica, Aunt Lucille, and Carl. You get to feel what these characters felt for each other and thought what was going on in the lives of the ones that they love. This book keeps you guessing right to the end. Within the tangled web that is a family you see all the aspects of the value that one has on themselves and others around them. It shows the heartache that is felt when a lie is spoken a [...]

    24. This book is told through the diary entries of three sisters, their Aunt and Carl. The diary entries jump from person to person and ranging over wide time span. I first found it distracting that the dates kept changing. I wanted the story to fall in line. However you slowly get bits and pieces from each person and put the story together. This family has gone through many sad, tragic events. I think the author did a great job getting you to see each persons side and personality while keeping you [...]

    25. Great, dark, suspenseful story told through various characters' non-sequential diary entries. It takes awhile before you can figure out what's happened. Touching allegory of good vs. evil - a real page turner and excellent read!

    26. a beautiful, but very tragic story written in the form of diaries of the family involved. The personality of each one easily enabled the reader to 'know' them and either love or hate them. I have never read a book quite like this before. Unique in its style. Loved it.

    27. Several characters in this novel truly engaged me emotionally. I really enjoyed the blossoming romantic relationship that is central to the plot. And the secret that is revealed near the end nearly took my breath away. Outstanding!

    28. The "twist" at the end was riveting, but most of the book was SLOW. The Betsy character was not believable. No one thinks or talks like that.

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