Last Christmas

Last Christmas Last Christmas I had everything I d ever dreamed of The perfect place the perfect gift and the perfect girl And now it s all gone It s lost in a sea of broken promises lies cheating and torn heart

  • Title: Last Christmas
  • Author: Marie Coulson
  • ISBN: 9781481179508
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • Last Christmas, I had everything I d ever dreamed of.The perfect place, the perfect gift and the perfect girl.And now it s all gone It s lost in a sea of broken promises,lies, cheating, and torn hearts Christmas won t be the samewithout you and I m damned if I ll let myself wallow All I want for Christmas you.A Novella from Ollie s POV DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOTLast Christmas, I had everything I d ever dreamed of.The perfect place, the perfect gift and the perfect girl.And now it s all gone It s lost in a sea of broken promises,lies, cheating, and torn hearts Christmas won t be the samewithout you and I m damned if I ll let myself wallow All I want for Christmas you.A Novella from Ollie s POV DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED BOUND TOGETHER.

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    1. Marie Coulson

      I m Marie Coulson, writer and creator of the Bound Together series.Born and bred in England, I discovered my love for writing when I was a mere child Beginning with poetry and short stories, I soon discovered my flare and passion for the written word.After pursuing a career in childcare, education and the care of the elderly, I left my job in the summer of 2012 It was at this point I finally sat down to write a novel that had been plotted for nearly three years Only three months later Bound Together was born.


    1. This story pissed me off royally!!! I get that Ollie had his heart broken, as we have all been there, but he needs to grow a pair and move on. Layla chose Jared and, for once, he needs to respect her choice even if it is not him. I cannot believe that her friends would turn their backs on her and act in such a heartless manner and to encourage Ollie to break up her relationship again. Wth???? Mel already screwed her over with Jared and now she's done it again. Why would she do that to someone sh [...]

    2. Don't get me wrong here I loved this short story but I think Ollie needs to move onhe is being a hypocrite he wants Layla to chose him but Layla feels for Jared the way Ollie feels for her. On that note I still can not wait til Torn Apart comes out. But if I have to choose one for Layla it would be Jared.

    3. More Ollie Green? Yes, please ma'am! Cant go wrong with an extra helping of that.In "Last Christmas" we catch up with our rocker stud, Ollie, in the aftermath of hurricane Layla. And boy did she leave a path of destruction behind her. In true Ollie fashion he keeps on trucking, if we know one thing about him its he is a survivor. Ok, maybe the way he went about it was all wrong, but the man has just been torn to shreds by that that harpee, Layla. I felt I was going through it with him and caught [...]

    4. Though my heart still hurts for Oliver I truly didn't like the ending of this book. Unless Layla's friends know something we don't I think it was very poor advice. how could they do that to Layla, really to either one of them. They are supposed to be their friends. And really even if she did change her mind, (which i don't think she should, that is if he is the same Jared we got to know in Bound Together) really Oliver you are much better than that. If it were me, I'd always feel second choice.I [...]

    5. I'm a sucker for this book(loved it)I enjoyed the love triangle in Bound Together (Make sure you read that first)and I am still leaning toward Team Jared but it was great to see things from Ollie's POV and boy did I feel for that boy.I just wanna take him home with me and errrr take care of him?!?! OK maybe do more than that LOL ;) Layla is gonna have one hell of a decision to make!In "Last Christmas" we get to see things through Ollie's prospective and see the havoc that Layla's decision has br [...]

    6. I just don't get the appeal of Ollie he seems like an immature jerk to me!! I hate whiny guys! And Layla's friends are bitches they should support her choice and not interfere, they never even gave Jared a chance and if wasn't for Mel, Layla never would have hooked up with whiny Ollie!! God I hope Ollie gets to Europe and Layla tells him to get lost, I know that's not going to happen but a girl can dream!!

    7. Oh my godOh my god!! Totally happy dancing right now!!! Wow! I loved Bound Together and I've had this little thing sitting in my library for ages and ages and I finally read itbut sadly I totally forgot what Bound Together was about *shame on me* but then I remembered so I did a speed read of this and absolutely positively head over heels fell in love with Ollie ALL OVER AGAIN!!I loved this little book. It was awesome to read this from Ollie's POV! Ollie has had his heart ripped outta of his che [...]

    8. Ok so if you haven't read Bound Together you need to read it first this isn't an option becuase Last Christams would make no sense without reading the book that insipired this. I really was 100% team Jarred after Bound Together there was something about him and who he was that made my heart skip a beat. I liked Oliver but he didn't make me feel like Jarred. However! Now I am finding myself completely conflicted and don't have a clue at this point! Oliver is trying to get over his broken heart fr [...]

    9. You see I like Ollie, I really do, but my god he really needs to get a grip and get over Layla! I'm still Team Jared and if the next book ends with Ollie getting Layla, I will be seriously pissed. I do hope he has his HEA, just not with Layla!

    10. 3.5-4 starsI liked reading from Ollie's POV but I didn't like the ending. First, I'm Team Jared all the way but clearly Ollie is the favorite here. Without spoiling anything, I understand why the next book is titled Torn Apart.

    11. Mr. Oliver Green has been hurt something terrible by lil' ole Layla. He is destroyed, in shambles, and doesn't know how to move on. Ollie cannot believe Layla would dump him via text messagee on who does that? As much as my heart was with Jared, I was disappointed in Layla treating Ollie like that!! Ollie did me in! Here I thought I was Team Jared, and all along my heart is telling me it is indecisive. This is all because of his dirty man ways.ok not 100% true!! He also won me over with the swee [...]

    12. This is a short novella between Bound Together and the next book in the series. And it is all Ollie his POV in all of his Bad Boy glory!Ollie is still very hurt and upset. After the end of Bound Together, he has reason to be"That bitch broke my heart, took off and sent me a fucking text! So excuse me if I'm not really feeling the whole love, dating and romance scene. I've had my fucking fill. I played that game and lost. I lost it all. I'm never putting myself through that shit again" He spends [...]

    13. Even though this is a novella about Ollie, I think it told a lot of information that we didn't get from the first book. It explains a little more history about Ollie as well as his mother. Though, even finding out more about his mother doesn't make me like her any better. I still think she failed as a mother. But *spoiler alert* I can't wait for Torn Apart, because Ollie is going to fight for Layla! This should be immensely entertaining. I'm going to love the interaction that Ollie and Jared may [...]

    14. I am so tired of Ollie.why cant he move on and be happy. I am not sure i am excited about book 2. I hope we get a happy ending and a book that does not drive me insane wanting to pull out someones hair!!!!I really hope the next book just makes Layla and Jared relationship stronger, and i hope her friends support her on her chose rather then pushing her to do something they think is right.

    15. Uggg!!!! Hurry up Torn Apart! I'm still team Jared. I think Ollie needs to move on. Layla needs that strong alpha male and I just don't think Ollie has that. Thanks for the little teaser but it doesn't change my thoughts on who I'm rooting for, you did make it interesting to know where the next book will pick up!!!

    16. Oh Ollie! My rockstar- I don't know what to do with you! I loved that I got to read from Ollie's pov. It made me smile, made me cry and broke my heart a little. I was glad to see more of Amy and Mel and after that ending I am so excited but also freaking nervous to read the next book!!!

    17. TEAM OLLIE!!! Screw Jared & the horse he rode in on!! Thanks for the AH-MAY-ZING novella!! I CAN NOT WAIT for Torn Apart!!--I will rip down Karen's door if she does any bragging about getting to read it first!! :)

    18. Omg. I was totally Team Jared until I read this. I am sooooo Team Ollie now!!! Go get her O!!!! He makes me so sad they way he is hurting so badly. I cannot wait to see what happens in Europe.

    19. Last Christmas is a novella seen through the eyes of one of the hotties from Marie's first book Bound Togethers' eyes. Ollie has traveled from Cali to Utah to work get to know his mother whom he has not seen since he was a kid and be a part of his younger half brother Patricks life. It is a year since he has a magical holiday season with Layla (who is off in parts unknown for those who haven't read the first book) and he is still not fully over the damage she caused to his heart and soul. He doe [...]

    20. Wow! I absolutely loved the first book and this cemented my love for Ollie! He is soooo much better for Layla than Jared! It seems that eventhough she loves Jared, he brings way too much heartache and drama into her life. His life seems way too complicated to make her as happy than Ollie's would. His love seems so much more pure than Jared's. I know that sounds so wishy-washy but it just seems that Jared is more in love with the idea of her and not actually the person inside her. He seems as tho [...]

    21. A perfect novella after Bound Together!I have always been Team Ollie from the beginning and will always root for him. So this book was absoultely beautiful and perfect!I loved being able to see how things were from Ollie's POV. In Bound Together I could see how much he loved Layla just from the small gestures he did and the letter he wrote her. But this novella really showed who he was and the heartache he went through.Ollie has no clue how to move past Layla and become who he was. Ollie goes th [...]

    22. this short story wasnt really needed. it made my opinion of ollie worse. i mean i feel for the guy but why did he choose to move in with his mum if he still had so much resentment for her. especially since he loved layla so much he shouldve realised she wouldnt wanna move with him and i think if he didnt move he wouldve stood a better chance. his behaviour in this book was surprising. i knew he would sleep around and i wasnt keen on reading about it. his thoughts were immature and all over the p [...]

    23. I love this book. Why!?!? Team Oliver captain right here. This book picks up with Oliver after Layla rips out his heart and leaves in the arms of another man. One who is not her perfect match in my opinion! So he is heart broken and the book is his journey to finguring out he is not going down without a fight. So he is off to win his girl back. squeal*** I love Oliver and I love that he is going after Layla and I'm just hoping its not for nothing and they end up together this time. If not Marie [...]

    24. Wow I wasn't expecting Ollie to come off so mad throughout the whole novella!! And I wasn't expecting him to be a major player either, even if it was for a short bit, but I loved the little blurbs of his conquests. I was really glad when he had his little epiphany and finally took his turn around the corner. But AHHH I am so scared about what is going to happen in the next book!!! I am sitting on the edge of my seat counting the days till it comes out!Song Playlist:1. Love Crime - My Darkest Day [...]

    25. Oh. Em. Gee. If you read Bound Together, you cannot pass this book up! OLLIE! Wow, I didn't know he had all this emotion in him, not to mention his stamina! LOL!!!This was well done and wasn't even really about Christmas, but as Ollie revisits Layla's hometown again, you feel that raw emotion from their Christmas a year ago and it's an emotional ride.This was a short, but it didn't feel as short as most. It was a great addition to the Ollie/Layla/Jared love triangle! I'm so glad I read this!!

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