L.A. Metro

L A Metro Dr Kimberly Donovan s life is in shambles After her medical ethics are questioned first her family then her closeted lover the Chief of the ER betray her Determined to make a fresh start she flee

  • Title: L.A. Metro
  • Author: R.J. Nolan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dr Kimberly Donovan s life is in shambles After her medical ethics are questioned, first her family, then her closeted lover, the Chief of the ER, betray her Determined to make a fresh start, she flees to California and L.A Metropolitan Hospital.Dr Jess McKenna, L.A Metro s Chief of the ER, gives new meaning to the phrase emotionally guarded, but she has her reasons.Dr Kimberly Donovan s life is in shambles After her medical ethics are questioned, first her family, then her closeted lover, the Chief of the ER, betray her Determined to make a fresh start, she flees to California and L.A Metropolitan Hospital.Dr Jess McKenna, L.A Metro s Chief of the ER, gives new meaning to the phrase emotionally guarded, but she has her reasons.When Kim and Jess meet, the attraction is immediate Emotions Jess has tried to repress for years surface But her interest in Kim also stirs dark memories They settle for friendship, determined not to repeat past mistakes, but secretly they both wish things could be different.Will the demons from Jess s past destroy their future before it can even get started Or will L.A Metro be a place to not only heal the sick, but to mend wounded hearts

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    1. I did this back to front and re-read no.2 before no.1 but it didn't make any difference, they can be read independently. A great book by R.J Nolan, superbly written. Really enjoyed it.Just re-read this and yes if definitely is worth the 5 stars, thoroughly enjoyed the story and smooth writing style that enabled me to quickly find my flow and feel enveloped in the novel.

    2. L.A. Metro is an amazing read, especially for its genre. If you're like I am and always looking for a kindhearted romance with some adorable sweetness and lots of "does she or does she not?" tension thrown in, then this is the book for you. If you quickly lose your patience upon realizing some women can be just a bit dim-witted when it comes to picking up their cues, then you might not enjoy Kim and Jess's slow building relationship as it transforms from spirited friendship into gentle, uncondit [...]

    3. Lovely read. Standard setting and plot, but so well realized that you don't feel as if you have read it before.Wonderfully well presented characters, natural dialogue and a great big dog. What's not to like?

    4. I resisted reading this book for a long time. I was an idiot. Don't be me.Dr. Kimberly Donovan is fleeing Minnesota; a gifted psychiatric practitioner, L.A. Metropolitan Hospital offers her a fresh start and a chance to do the job she loves. Dr. Jess McKenna is that hospital's Chief of the ER; although their mutual regard and secret attraction are immediate, neither wants the pain and potential heartbreak of a relationship which could fail. As they wend together though, it seems that the two wom [...]

    5. This was probably a little more like a 4.5 for me because there were a handful of unforgiveable typos. BUT! I LOVED this book. Oh my goodness, I loved the characters, I loved their growth from strangers to friends to lovers. I'm sure I'll be reading this one again.

    6. This was very enjoyable! I had wanted to read something like this for a while, a book about female doctors who fall in love, and this one didn't disappoint! Sure, I found it kind of slow at times, and there was a lot of this: character A says something, characters B seems to panic, character A notices it and now regrets asking/saying it, character B now seems happy and answers favourably, character A can now feel relief, haha. But that's really a small complaint, it was very entertaining and I'm [...]

    7. L.A. Metro by R.J. Nolan is an enjoyably sweet romance. I really liked this story and the main characters Jess and Kim. I also loved the scenes with Thor and how sweet Jess is. I can’t wait to read more of this series. I highly recommend L.A. Metro.

    8. The storyline itself was fine. However, I took exception to two over-used scenarios/phrases in this book. Firstly, the reference to one of the main characters breast-size being large and, therefore, everyone in the book was after her to "date" her, even the women. She is relentlessly chased and ogled throughout the book. Really wonderful women are WAY more than their breast-size. Second, the continual use of the phrase: "She scrubbed her hands over her face." This was more than a little annoying [...]

    9. I read the second book of this series first and both books can be read independently. I actually liked the second book a bit better because it had less repetitive phrases and overall better written. I still enjoyed this book but the story with Jess was a bit too drawn out. I really enjoyed that they got together early on and about half of the book was them as a couple. In a lot of other books the story ends once the main characters get together - so this was a nice change. All in all I would rec [...]

    10. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I hadn't heard of it until a few days ago. Being a fan of Radclyffe's medical novels, I was expecting to be disappointed by another writer. I wasn't.There is good characterization. Both characters have deep wounds which affect the way they see the world and behave in it. The spark and chemistry between them is there from the beginning, but the relationship is well paced. The writer took the time to describe a growing friendship first. That makes sense, it [...]

    11. Ever watch Grey's Anatomy and wish that the show was about lesbian doctors? The lesbian-version could be Lesbian's Anatomy. Er. actually, that title sounds more appropriate for a lesbian porn movie. Maybe not a good idea. But RJ Nolan's novel series featuring W4W McDreamys DEFINITELY a good idea, and a great execution from the author.Sometimes, we forget that doctors are human because they are often times perceived and defined by only their medical profession. But they have cuts and bruises, and [...]

    12. Medical romance is the bomb. I keep hoping for the Radclyffe heir-apparent. The one that writes with equal expertise, but goes deeper to reach a full, fleshed out story (beyond the formulaic 250 pages). The developing romance between Dr. Jess McKenna, L.A. Metro’s Chief of the ER, and Dr. Kimberly Donovan, the new psychiatrist was believable, but the depth of this story just barely scratched my itch. Hovering superficially above where it needed to immerse the reader into this world and exit ch [...]

    13. I started with The Wish by R.J. Nolan and ever since reading that short story had been dying to get into LA Metro. I wasn't disappointed! LA Metro is medical romance that has just the right amount of medical and the right amount of romance. The two characters of Kimberly Donovan and Jess McKenna each show their flaws loud and clear as the story unfolds, but it is the willingness to reach out to friendship that makes LA Metro a sweet romance. The two characters acknowledge their physical attracti [...]

    14. 1.5 starsF/F romanceThis one really put me to sleep. The plot is weak and these characters were just plain flat and didn't interest me at all. Not much medical or psychiatry detail to impress me-- the story just didn't have any real depth. Considering the massive amount of mostly 5-star reviews here I just expected more. pfft. Don't even think of comparing this writer to Radclyffe. Nope. These inflated reviews in high numbers are most likely the product of fanfic followers (story has an online o [...]

    15. I did enjoy the premise of this book. 2 characters that were destined to be. I wish I had more time to write a better review, I did enjoy this book don't get me wrong but there was a lot of 'she said and then she said back" moments that got a little confusing. I am however looking forward to the next one !

    16. This is the story of two doctors, both out of damaging relationships, forging a friendship in the ER. It's not an uncommon story line but the characters have a lovely depth to them that makes reading L.A. Metro well worth it. The secondary characters are strong enough to be memorable and I'm looking forward to reading about them in the next in the series.

    17. Been considering reading this book for a while and finally got around to it. I did enjoy the story but not as much as I had hoped to. Not sure entirely why but maybe too superficial. Too much "telling" of the story rather than showing.

    18. 5 stars Marvellous romantic story.Nice build up showing Jess and Kim learning to trust and love again. I loved the two M/C Kim and Jess. Thoroughly enjoyable book.

    19. Pretty standard but well written story. It's not breaking any new ground and I have read many stories like this but it's a comfortable read worth my time and probably yours too. What rubbed me the wrong way what that Kim's character is too perfect. She's beautiful, generous, kind, patient, she's everything. I would rather her being more flawed, more human.

    20. Wundervolle Liebesgeschichte – grosse Gefühle, hervorragend erzählt„L. A. Metro“ ist eine abwechslungsreich und authentisch erzählte Liebesgeschichte zwischen zwei Ärztinnen. Dr. Kimberly Donovan (Kim) und Dr. Jessica McKenna (Jess) lernen sich an Kims erstem Arbeitstag im L.A. Metropolitan Hospital kennen und sind direkt voneinander fasziniert. Auf beiden Seiten ist mehr als gegenseitige Anziehung vorhanden. Aber können sie ihre Vergangenheiten hinter sich lassen und einander vertrau [...]

    21. Dr. Kimberly Donovan is a thirty-something psychatrist – and she's ready to start over as far away from her ex-lover as possible. After being involved in a debate about her ethics, her lover, the ER Chief of Memorial Hospital where Kim worked at, leaves her and even denies their relationship. She ends up in L.A. Metropolitan Hospital, more than ready to move on, professionally as well as personally.On her first day at work she learns, that her new job entails being the ER psych consult – a j [...]

    22. Product Description “Lesbian Fiction - Romance - Dr. Kimberly Donovan's life is in shambles. After her medical ethics are questioned, first her family, then her closeted lover, the Chief of the ER, betray her. Determined to make a fresh start, she flees to California and LA Metropolitan Hospital.Dr. Jess McKenna, LA Metro's Chief of the ER, gives new meaning to the phrase emotionally guarded, but she has her reasons. When Kim and Jess meet, the attraction is immediate. Emotions Jess has tried [...]

    23. This is the formal publication of an uber that was originally posted online. Although it's set in a hospital, I'm not sure I'd classify it as a medical romance - in this one Nolan doesn't put too much medical detail in (which is probably good as those in the medical field normally roll their eyes when they see/read medical dramas). It is, however, defintely a romance where a recently transfered psychatrist joins the staff of LA Metro and ends up as the psychiatry liaison with the ER (you know t [...]

    24. L.A. MetroLA Metro is a great book. I love how each woman had an emotional struggle that they had to go through . Honestly I love all of RJ Nolan's books, they are are very well thought out . And they end in such a satisfying manner, it's incredible. And they have epilogues, I love epilogues! And how you get to see a little further in the future, to see how the characters are doing after the end of the book. An epilogue is probably my favorite thing in a book , other than a fabulous story and pl [...]

    25. This was an ok read. The leads spend a lot of time together and get to know each other, and their courtship is fairly sweet, but it never quite got where I needed it to go to be more than average. The character of Jess is supposed to be a hard ass bitch but I saw little evidence of it. And I also found it hard to believe that everyone, gay or straight, who worked at the hospital wanted to go out with Kim. Jess' problems were also well telegraphed but not dealt with until the end of the story whe [...]

    26. Paging Dr KimI really like Hospital dramas and RJ Nolan's writing so I knew this book would be right up my alley. Dr Kim is over coming heartache and betrayal when she takes a job at LA Metro. She meets up with Dr Jess who is battling demons of her own. Watching them learn to overcome their pasts and strive for a future together was a wonderful treat. These women are easy to care about, the storyline and pace is great and there were no obvious editing errors. The only thing I would have liked ad [...]

    27. Excellent!RJ Nolan is an powerful writer and her storyline is eventful, adventurous and surprisingly empowering. To think people's attitudes and comments can have such a profound effect on two women's lives. Now these two women are extremely well educated and powerful due to not only who they are privately but also professionally. It's well written and has an emotionally charged storyline but is also an impressive storyline. Read it you won't be disappointed. I couldn't put it down.

    28. Great readI really like these characters and the pace is nice. I would like to follow them some more. Thank you for taking me on a fun filled journey. I would have liked to have seen more about the hospital staff and their interactions. All in all I would read this one again for sure and the author is becoming one of my top five favorites. Thanks again for sharing your talent with us all RJ Nolan.

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