Highlander Betrayed

Highlander Betrayed Hidden deep in the rugged Scottish Highlands lies the Highland Targe an ancient relic guarded for centuries by clan MacAlpin It is said the Targe can shield the heart of the Highlands from invaders a

  • Title: Highlander Betrayed
  • Author: Laurin Wittig
  • ISBN: 9781477807279
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hidden deep in the rugged Scottish Highlands lies the Highland Targe, an ancient relic guarded for centuries by clan MacAlpin It is said the Targe can shield the heart of the Highlands from invaders and now, as part of his plan to crush the Scottish rebellion, the English king wants the Targe for himselfRowan MacGregor, orphaned niece to the chief of the MacAlpins andHidden deep in the rugged Scottish Highlands lies the Highland Targe, an ancient relic guarded for centuries by clan MacAlpin It is said the Targe can shield the heart of the Highlands from invaders and now, as part of his plan to crush the Scottish rebellion, the English king wants the Targe for himselfRowan MacGregor, orphaned niece to the chief of the MacAlpins and the rock her family depends upon, is worried With the dwindling health of her aunt, the Guardian of the Targe, the protections that have kept the clan safe and prosperous are fading, and the new Guardian, one of her cousins, has yet to be chosen Rowan wants nothing than to see the clan protected again, but when it seems that will never happen, she despairs even when a handsome and charming stranger comes to her aid Nicholas fitz Hugh is not what he seems Half English, half Scottish, he turned his back on his Scottish heritage early in his life, giving his loyalty to England instead Now he is a talented and cunning spy charged with finding and stealing the Highland Targe for his king But when Nicholas finds himself falling for the bonny Rowan and wanting to protect the family she holds so dear, he is forced to choose between his king s will and his own Will he betray his king and his mission Or will he turn his back on the woman he has come to love

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    1. Laurin Wittig

      Laurin writes bestselling and award winning Scottish medieval romances and lives in southeastern Virginia In 2014 she has two new books coming out Highlander Avenged, book II in the Guardians of the Targe trilogy, releases on June 24th, and her first novella appears in The Winter Stone anthology, with fellow authors Tanya Anne Crosby and Glynnis Campbell It releases April 21st Both are available for preorder now.For information about all of Laurin s books, please visit her web site, LaurinWittig.


    1. I loved this author If you like historical Scottish romance, you should try this author out! she was excellent in her descriptions, but not so descriptive that it took over the book! The feelings and attitudes of people were described as well as charater detail, landscapes etc with enough visualisation that you could see it and feel it as the story unfolded.Nicholas is sent to Scotland to steal the "Highland Targe" from the clan MacAlpin. It is the magical shield preventing King Edward from marc [...]

    2. I must say that no matter what sort of caffeine drink I dosed myself with, whenever I picked this book up to force myself to finish I ended up falling asleep.I tend to love all things Scottish (I would love my own man in a kilt!) and when I looked at the reviews of this book I was happy to pick it up. It had gotten such glowing reviews. What, I wonder, did they read that I missed?This could have been an interesting story - Nicholas, a spy is commanded by his king (English of course) to go toScot [...]

    3. Breathtaking Scottish adventure! Again, a beautiful Scottish medieval romance as I love them. I fell in love with this book HIGHLANDER BETRAYED written by Laurin Wittig. It is the first book of her Guardians of the Targe trilogy! This is the first time that a read a book by this author and to my surprise, I discovered that she is truly a storyteller that kept my interest until the end. The Highland Targe is an ancient relic guarded for centuries by the MacAlpins. I loved her characters, but main [...]

    4. Hold onto your highlanders kilt! This book is so clever and brilliant I loved it! As always Laurin Wittig puts out another amazing book with all the elements you want love, magic, betrayal, mystery, murder adventure plus some true Scottish history. I enjoyed this book very much. It's about a master spy Nicholas fitz Hugh master spy for King Edward I Longshanks of England. He wants Nicholas along with another spy the evil Archie to steal the Targe to stop the Scottish rebellion. Problem is they d [...]

    5. Title: Highlander BetrayedGuardians of the TargeBook 1Author: Laurin WittigReview Rating: Five Stars Reviewer: Linda Hays-GibbsGenre: Historical Fictional RomanceExcitement in the Scottish Highlands Nicholas fitz Hugh is an unlikely hero for he is King Edwards most trusted assassin and spy. He believes in no one but himself and certainly not in love. He is half Scot and the other half is an English Lord's illegitimate son. His father beat him and his mother could not stand to look at him for he [...]

    6. Hidden deep in the rugged Scottish Highlands lies the Highland Targe, an ancient relic guarded for centuries by clan MacAlpin. It is said the Targe can shield the heart of the Highlands from invaders and now, as part of his plan to crush the Scottish rebellion, the English king wants the Targe for himself .Laurin Wittig writes a story steeped in Scottish Mythos we are once again dealing with my favorite Edward, even if he is English and wants to conquer Scotland and Wales But the Scots don't wan [...]

    7. Highlander Betrayed by Laurin Wittig is a 2013 Montlake Romance publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Rowan has been having sharp headaches and experiencing some frightening occurrences. Something is amiss. Rowan's Aunt Elspet is in ill health. She is the guardian of the Highland Targe. Without a replacement being named, Rowan is becoming nervous. One of her cousins will inherit the responsibility, but no one has been named yet. Their safety depends of [...]

    8. Wittig is a very talented author, showing us the growth of feelings and the emotional issues that couples work through, even as she takes us on a political and magical journey through Scotland’s rocky past. Nicholas and Rowan were set up from the beginning to fail, only overcoming the odds due to their own stubbornness and belief that their love is the most important thing for them and their clan. Though Nicholas takes a while to come back to his true nature he is, in the end, a real highlande [...]

    9. THE HIGLANDER BETRAYED is a vibrant, fast-paced, and moving Montlake Romance set in fourteenth-century Scotland. Rowan, the gutsy heroine, falls in love with Nicholas, a braw English spy sent to steal the mythic Highland Targe. Nicolas's growing love for Rowen creates divided loyalties making it difficult for him to complete his mission for King Edward I. This finely crafted, well-plotted novel transports the reader to the medieval world when the Scots and the English vied for dominance in the H [...]

    10. Scottish Highlands 1307. Wittig writes a historical romance full of action and betrayal. Nicholas is a spy for the king sent to acquire/steal the Highland Targe that empowers the Highlanders and protects them from invaders. Nicholas is half Scot and half English. His Scottish mother was raped by an Englishman. Nicholas lived with the Scots until he was twelve, but when he realizes his mother can't stand the sight of him he leaves. When he finds his father, his father beats him and tells him to g [...]

    11. Deep in the rugged Scottish countryside lies the Highland Targe, an ancient relic that, along with its Guardian, protects the heart of the Highlands.For centuries, the MacAlpin clan has watched over the Targe, but Lady Elspet, the current Guardian, is gravely ill. Her niece Rowan MacGregor, the rock of the family, is doing everything she can to hold her clan together when she meets Nicholas fitz Hugh.Handsome and charming, Nicholas quickly joins clan life — yet he is not what he seems. A cunni [...]

    12. MacAlmostThis was a very sweet tale with very nicey nice characters and a somewhat chaste romance. The story was well-written but dull, especially considering the potential. You have a betrayal that could have wrought a lot more heartache than it did - it was all too easily brushed aside. You have paranormal stuff with the guardianship of the targe that's over before it gets going. And you have a villain who is off page too much to present any real sense of danger.I'm going to recommend this to [...]

    13. Highlander Betrayed by Laurin WittigI love reading about the Highlanders, and the stories about the Fey! This starts out as a typical romance, yet the author reels you in with with great characters and imagination. With a touch of history, SNAP, you've got me! I'm anxious to move on to the second book, give a more detailed review when I've read more. This is an easy book to read and I'm on to the next book!

    14. I did not ken that I would like this book so much.Historical romance with a dash of espionage plus a smidgen of paranormal? Yes, please.Yeah, I'm pretty much hooked now & ready for the rest of the trilogy!

    15. Luckily my grandpa was Scottish Luckily my grandpa was Scottish along with other relatives so I could get into the flow of the book with it's Scottish terms. I had bought the audio version to go with it, but it has a download issue, so I just read the book, standalone. I do have the next book in the series so I will go to book two after a break, but if I hadn't already bought it, not sure I would buy it now. It was ok, nothing more, nothing less. I will get to book two, just not right away

    16. 3.5 starsThe story was good and the characterizations well done --certainly a different slant on the typical fantasy of Scots or Irish lore. I lowered the rating from 4 to 3.5 because of several grammatical or proofreading errors, although not so many or so egregious that it would keep me from continuing to read the series.

    17. Good storyThis was slow getting into. I was afraid that the hero was going to blow it. The story got really interesting.

    18. Do you ever start reading a book and know within the first chapter that you are just going to LOVE the book? That all your fantasies of adventure, magic and love will be met? Seriously, reader, I was not disappointed. This is book 1 of Laurin Wittig’s new series Guardian of the Targe. I’m delighted that I’m catching this series at the beginning. We’re soon to have another sequel in June, 2014. Yes, Laurin Wittig, you have made my day. There is something so, so – well scrumptious about [...]

    19. DNF - I had vowed not to read anymore by this author but accidentally started this one because it was in my queue and didn't check the author. Right away! Right away I could tell because it was the same boring crap in the previous two books I read by her. I do not click with this author at all.

    20. Fantastic storyThe writer, Ms. Laurin Wittig has brought forth a beautiful story about the Scottish Highlander way of life. I truly enjoyed the historical accounts of how life was during these very hard times. Also, I love how Ms. Wittig displays the extremely protective lifestyle of the Highlanders and why. Ms. Wittig also shows the values and love within the clan and how true love can happen in the strangest of ways. I can't wait to read what happens in the next books of this awesome series.

    21. Laurin Wittig’s Highlander Betrayed is the first installment of her newest trilogy set in the medieval Scottish highlands during the tumultuous reign of Edward I. Wittig is an engaging writer with impeccable attention to detail. Her story is well crafted with rich characters and swoon worthy leading men that artfully blends in paranormal elements and highland myth. It is a passionate tale of love, honor, duty, clan and country. Rowan MacGregor and Nicholas fitz Hugh met under false pretenses [...]

    22. Highlander Betrayed is a story of an English spy, Nicholas, who seeks out Scotland’s Targe (“a shield”) for King Edward. Nicholas’s father was English who forced himself on a Scottish woman. Nicholas grew up for 12 years in Scotland before he left to live with his father. Nicholas eventually becomes the most trustworthy and successful spy for King Edward. When King Edward wants to conquer Scotland, he sends Nicholas to retrieve the Targe – a shield that Scotsmen believe protects Scotla [...]

    23. 8/10This story is a mix between a paranormal, highlander, and spy romance. I actually had no idea that this book had some paranormal aspects before I started reading, so I was pleasantly surprised. If you don't like mixing some magic in with your historical romances. a little! Or just be forewarned. This was an interesting story about a Scottish clan that has the power to protect the passage to the Highlands with a shield known as the Highland Targe. Since this shield inspires hope in the highla [...]

    24. The king's most trusted spy is sent to steal a targe from the highlanders. He is to work with his sort of friend, Archie. However, when a wall falls down, he immediately rushes to save the people under it even though he is not usually the type of person to be a hero. For his help, the clan allows his to stay with them in the castle for a while. He falls in love with the chief's niece even though he had initially planned to just use her. He saved her when the wall fell. They would be together but [...]

    25. I’m a sucker for a man in a kilt—I can’t explain it. I hardly have any Scottish blood in my Heinz-57 blend. Spy novels are a love of mine as well. So when I received an uncorrected proof of Highlander Betrayed to read, I was kind of excited.The story line and writing are good, and I enjoyed the characters and setting. There’s enough of the supernatural here to feed the superstitions and folk-lore of the day.Nicholas fitz Hugh is swoon-worthy enough for a romance, but he lacks the necessa [...]

    26. I received this book as a First Read.This is the first book I have ready by Laurin Wittig and, to be honest, I may have passed it up had it not been given to me by GR. But I'm glad I read it, and I'm glad I had the chance to become familiar with a new-to-me author.First, I'll start with what I appreciated and liked about the book. First, I think Ms. Wittig did an excellent job portraying real human emotions in her characters, and not falling back on attempting to make her characters fit an unre [...]

    27. When Highlander Betrayed begins we meet Nicholas, who is the Master Spy for King Edward of England. Obsessed with the need for power and superiority, the king tasks Nicholas with finding and stealing the Highland Targe, a relic which is said to protect the Highlands from attack. Tasked with Nicholas is Archie, another spy for the King, and together they set out to steal the Targe at all costs.In the Highlands lives a clan who has the Targe in it's possession, and among the clan is Rowan, a young [...]

    28. 3 stars / 2 flamesThis was an enjoyable historical romance set in the Highlands during the reign of Edward Longshanks, Hammer of the Scots. I got this book off Kindle Unlimited, and it offered free audible narration with the download. I haven't tried any of the audible narration on Kindle Unlimited yet, so I thought I would give it a try. I started off reading the book, then switched to the narration when I had to do some mindless computer work. Unfortunately, I did not care for the narrator. He [...]

    29. Ever since I saw Braveheart when I was a little girl, I've been fairly obsessive over Scottish historical romances, so when I saw this book available on netgalley for review, I jumped at the opportunity. I am certainly glad that I did. This is a fantastic story of magic, love and betrayal that will enrapture your heart and entrance you in Scottish mythology. The characters are well developed and loveable, even the ornery Scotia won a place in my heart. Nicholas and Rowan are a powerful couple wh [...]

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