A Sliver of Hope

A Sliver of Hope My twin sister was the only person in the world I thought I d known inside and out Apparently I was wrong Twin sisters share a unique bond one that can t be broken by miles time or even death Hann

  • Title: A Sliver of Hope
  • Author: Karla J. Nellenbach
  • ISBN: 9781620151334
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • My twin sister was the only person in the world I thought I d known inside and out Apparently, I was wrong.Twin sisters share a unique bond, one that can t be broken by miles, time, or even death Hannah and Hope Morton are no exception When Hope takes her own life, Hannah loses a sister and a best friend, a catastrophe she isn t sure she ll survive herself With her famMy twin sister was the only person in the world I thought I d known inside and out Apparently, I was wrong.Twin sisters share a unique bond, one that can t be broken by miles, time, or even death Hannah and Hope Morton are no exception When Hope takes her own life, Hannah loses a sister and a best friend, a catastrophe she isn t sure she ll survive herself With her family in ruins, Hannah is slowly disappearing, drowning in a sea of misery Even her wild, energetic best friend can t pull her out of her grief Desperate to help Hannah, her brother comes home from college, bringing his best friend Julian along, the first boy to break Hannah s heart None of their efforts are enough to pull Hannah off her self destructive path, though Julian is the only one who can get through to her, working his way into her frozen soul with cocky remarks and genuine love that warms her from the inside out As Hannah works to find answers, she continues to uncover new secrets and people that reveal a side of Hope she had never shared with her twin Alone now, Hannah must make a decision of her own move on and start a new life with the people she has left, or let the weight of her grief drag her down with her sister.

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      Karla J Nellenbach divides her time between dayjobbing, writing, and indulging in her Winchester Sam and Dean, that is obsession The rest of her day is spent playing butler to a cranky old man masquerading as a housecat and two rambunctious puppies that closely resemble small horses Born and raised in the wilds of Michigan, she knows two immutable facts 1 it is entirely possible to live in a thumb, and 2 you definitely can go home again you just might not survive the winter Having resided in the sunscape of Florida for the last decade, she s still on a quest to see a real live alligator outside of the petting zoo.


    1. This was a freebie over on and I hadn't got round to it as I had a few in the queue before it, but I finally started it and couldn't put it down.I hadn't read the above blurb or any reviews on as is my habit, so I actually had no idea what it was about, which I am pleased about as I was as shocked as Hannah when she discovered Hope. From then on, the emotion was literally thick and was pouring off the page as I read the story.Hannah goes through the stages of grief and Nellenbach portrays each [...]

    2. Do you have a heart? Yes? What about working tear ducts? Yes? Do you like to read? Yes? Good! You came to the right place!A SLIVER OF HOPE by Karla Nellenbach is a story that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. It starts with April Fool’s Dayentical twin sisters, Hope and Hannah Morton’s favorite time of year. Pranks are their favorite thing to do. After a handful of pages, though, you realize this isn’t your normal April Fool’s Day and everyone’s world comes crashing down. W [...]

    3. I can not explain how much I LOVE this book As a suicide survivor (father committed June 2012) this book hit home and I loved it from beginning to end Amazing, every word, every explanation is exactly how you feel going through this horrible time Thank you for writing this book, you have given me new hope!!!! Amazing, truly!! <333

    4. OH MY! This book is such a wonderful read! It evoked so many emotions, I could not put this down. Read it in 3.5 hours.

    5. Okay, I gotta tell you that this one TOTALLY blew me away. I knew from the synopsis that it was going to be about grief, but WOW!!!!The format for this one is kind of different. It is written in totally first person point of view as journal entries from Hannah. Hannah basically journals her grief process. As you can imagine, loosing a sibling would be hard enough, loosing your twin? I just can’t imagine. Karla Nellenbach does an amazing job of walking us through Hannah’s grief process and se [...]

    6. First I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to YA Bound for introducing this book to me. I have been reading the same things over and over again and decided I needed a breath of fresh air and low and behold I see that there is going to be a blog tour so I decide I am going to check it out. A Sliver Of Hope is was so much more than what I bargained for. I mean I went from zero to sixty in the emotions department so many times I couldn't figure out if I wanted to laugh or cry or scream my freaking [...]

    7. I received a review copy of this book for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl. Lately I seem to be reading books that delve into the subject of grief. I tend to gravitate toward books dealing with this topic as my own life at one time was torn apart by the anger and depression that come about as a result. After the death of my mom from cancer, there were understandably days where I wasn't sure if it was worth it to continue struggling to live. I wanted to see her again so badly that I [...]

    8. My initial thoughts- This book is great! The story really draws you in and keeps you there. Such a sad story that really shakes you to the core. Written in diary format, the style is different than what I'm used to, but after only a few chapters I found myself immersed in Hannah's story. You feel her hurt and her want to just understand. If only she could grasp just a sliver of her sister Hope (<-- you see what I did there) she could realize what has happened and move forward.This is a really [...]

    9. Cover: was one reason I chose to review this book. It's simple, but feels like a piece of art to me, more like a picture displayed in a gallery than a book cover.Framework: I love twins and their psychology, that's what drew me to the book. I was a little disappointed at that front, but this was an intreesting trip nonetheless. So this is very much about family and death and coping, of secrets kept and answers you'll never get, moving on and starting over. It's a very deep book, which I actuall [...]

    10. For more reviews visit livinginabookworldThe storyA Sliver of Hope is a story about losing people you love and finding the courage and inner strength to move on.But sometimes that's not enough.You need help.Help from your family,your friends and even professional help because saying goodbye is never easyBut honestlywe never say goodbye,do we?Hannah and Hope were twins,best friends and ready for their last school prank on April 1st.But that never happened because Hope,amazing athlete,brilliant st [...]

    11. 4.5I started this one and it didn't take me long to get through it. I couldn't put it down I needed to know why just as much as Hannah did. I was going just about as crazy as she was.This is written as a journal from one sister to another. I actually didn't have a problem with reading it. There were a few parts that I felt like did stray a little but then that was when she was mad at Hope and she wasn't talking to her. So I had to remind myself that when she would put 'you' she ment Hope, not me [...]

    12. This book was really easy to read and I finished it in a few hours. It deals with the grief and guilt of having someone you love kill themselves. Always wondering if there was something that could've been done differently, wondering about the whys and hows and not being able to say goodbye.A Sliver of Hope is a journal written by Hannah to her twin Hope, asking her all the questions about her suicide that she couldn't find the answers to as she wallows in grief and her life spirals down. When pe [...]

    13. 4.5 stars!Emotional. Powerful. Unique. Those are the first three words that come to mind when I think of this book.Hannah is broken, scarred, and completely lost. She can't seem to move on with her life. She's in a total funk after the loss of her sister her identical twin her best friend. She can't seem to accept the fact that her sister, Hope, chose to take her own life. Hope, who always appeared happy, apparently had a few things she was hiding from Hannah, as well as the rest of the world an [...]

    14. Originally reviewed on The Page Turners for the BLOG TOURA Sliver Of Hope was really about not realising that you are disappearing until you're already too far gone. Hannah and Hope are twin sisters. They are two beans in a pod, two souls and one heart. So when Hope takes her own life, Hannah is left alone with nothing to clue her in on why Hope did it.I really enjoyed this book! One surprising part of this book though, was that it was written in a diary entry. I found that really different and [...]

    15. After reading the blurb I wasn't really sure what to expect in this book - but I say that in the best way possible. Would it be a romance? Would it be a book about over coming grief? Would it also have a little mystery? Well I am very pleased to say it is all of the above. This book from start to finish took me just over 5 hours because once you start you literally cannot stop, you need to know more to the extent that the outside world no longer matters, You become connected to Hannah and need t [...]

    16. Wow. Just wow, I don't think I have ever read a book that evoked so much emotion, I think I actually ran out of tears by the end of the book I cried so much, bare in mind I am en emotional pregnant women so my hormones are pretty much everywhere, but I challenge anyone to read this book and not shed a tear.Hannah's whole world is turned upside down and ripped apart when her twin sister Hopes takes her own life with no explanation. Hannah had always believed her sister to be the most confident an [...]

    17. 5 HEART BREAKING AND HEART STRENGTHENING STARS!!! it's such an amazing read. Julian is a prince in the darkness, trying so hard to reach someone who doesnt want to be reached, she isn't even sure she cane be reached. this book asks the age old question, how long does it take to let go of your loved one, once they have passed away?when is it time to move on and not feel guilty for that smile or laugh?(less)i found this book by accident, i was looking for something to read and it popped up. i thou [...]

    18. I like this book a lot it was so sad and melancholy how a twin has to lives on after her sister took her own life and no one knew why?It just shows us that no matter how happy a person may look on the outside that they are dying on the inside. Families and friends should really talk to each other and don't keep the sad emotions bottled up inside. I would love to have learn more about how Hope met Billy and why she told him she did not have a family it be nice to get that background info. Also wo [...]

    19. If you are looking for insight into grief, this is a good book. I was lucky enough to be the editor on this novel and I can say that no matter how many times I've now read it, it always makes me cry. I lost my own sister several years back, and I found that this book was very cathartic in helping me deal with some of the issues I have avoided all this time. Hannah's struggle to find herself again is a struggle that anyone who has lost someone they love can relate too.I do not recommend this book [...]

    20. Sad, sad, sad. I really liked the format of it being Hannah's journal. It made it personal and all the more heartbreaking. I think the author did a really good job on conveying the hurt/anger that can come from suicide and the constant questioning that the survivors go through. I'm not sure the answer to those questions was full answered but then again, I'm not sure that was the point.

    21. This book is 99 cents right now! It was great don't miss the opportunity to read it! Wow! The emotion in this book had me from the first page. I cried, laughed, cringed and wanted to jump in and hug and shake Hannah. I read it in a day and tears were running down my face. I couldn't put it down.

    22. What a beautifully heartbreaking story. Written so accurately from a 17 year old perspective I found myself relating to this character & her emotions while trying to find a way through her grief. So well written - 4.5 stars from me :)

    23. I really enjoyed this book. I picked it up free from a while ago. Hannah and Hope are twins, but when Hope takes her own life Hannah finds it hard to understand. Written like a diary, the story deals with grief, anger and trying to move forward. A very good read and very well written.

    24. Couldn't stop reading. I loved the style of writing, of Hannah writing to her sister, Hope. It's a very emotional book about a girl trying to get out of this hole she's suddenly buried in after the death of her sister. This book is about hope.

    25. Wow! This book was amazing. It was so emotional and real. It made me cry rivers more than once. You have to read this one.A longet review will be posted shortly.

    26. I picked this up as a freebie on . A fantastic read, couldn't put it down. Evoked many emotions so I wouldn't advise reading in public!

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