Teller of Tales

Teller of Tales Janitor is a story about a man whose skin pigments happen to be predominantly black who exists in Southern society before the advent of a kinder and gentler America Although he is not treated with re

  • Title: Teller of Tales
  • Author: Ray Dacolias
  • ISBN: 9780988817722
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Janitor is a story about a man whose skin pigments happen to be predominantly black, who exists in Southern society before the advent of a kinder and gentler America Although he is not treated with respect at his custodial job or in town, he is the embodiment of affability and graciousness One day, something dramatic happens to alter the shameful attitude of his fellow Janitor is a story about a man whose skin pigments happen to be predominantly black, who exists in Southern society before the advent of a kinder and gentler America Although he is not treated with respect at his custodial job or in town, he is the embodiment of affability and graciousness One day, something dramatic happens to alter the shameful attitude of his fellow citizens toward him Love is about the inviolate affection between a father and his daughter As she lies dying on a hospital bed, he faithfully attends to her every need it is here that we see their special bond, and the deep sorrow that compels him to desperate measures The Whispering Bells is a tale about tiny creatures that seek adventure and excitement as they soar throughout the galaxies Sometimes, they form long lines and watch young Bells catch meteoroids and perform entertaining routines on them One of these Bells is not so cautious and he lands on a planet where he cannot fly, and this is where his real journey begins Crashing Into You examines the life of a beautiful young woman and the consequences of her irresponsible actions She speeds everywhere she goes, never thinking that her reckless driving might hurt someone but one day she does hurt someone and goes to jail, and when she comes out, she is forced to examine her past life and the people she affected March of Life takes place during World War II American and Filipino soldiers are on a forced march by Japanese captors who mistreat and often murder those prisoners who displease them or who are unable to physically make the trek One of the Japanese soldiers does not agree with this inhumane treatment He finds a way to leave the island, but unfortunately lands on the Chinese coastline, and must somehow survive the very people his country is seeking to commit genocide against Autograph profiles an old man who has had decades of nightmares about his role in the horrific bombing of another nation He eventually realizes that he must go to this country and make amends with the people, but once there, he finds it is not an easy task Of Greater Significance than Mammon begins with a dying man struggling to move along a snow covered road He is trying to get to the house where his wife and precious daughter live, but he soon collapses A Good Samaritan comes along and learns from this man that there are assassins coming to kill the man s family The youth now must make a decision to run, merely help, or take action 100 depicts the struggles of one hundred men in a bleak desert They are cogitating on the methods to prevent a fast moving truck with a deadly cargo from reaching a nearby city These bald headed men, dressed in beige clothes, have no weapons and very little time to resolve this dilemma Soul Love begins with a man holding onto the railing of a boat, his other hand grasping his wife s as she dangles above a tempestuous sea Soon his grasp will weaken and she will fall into the boiling cauldron but when his hold on her is gone, something miraculous happens A Purpose Given profiles a wandering man who appears to be just like every bum or hobo who inhabits the landscape, but his past life was exemplary, and due to tragic circumstances, he has voluntarily left home and hearth to look for a greater purpose beyond his own life, and finds it.

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    1. When I first started this book I really didn't think I would like it. I usually shy away from books of short stories but I found myself really enjoying the fact that I could read a complete story and put the book down without worrying about losing the rhythm of the book. Sometimes I cried and sometimes I thought wow that fits me like a glove. I really do think this book will fit with people who like all types of genres. I think the story The Janitor is my favorite although A Purpose Given is rig [...]

    2. Most people look toward something in their day to give them a little inspiration. A positive idea or thought that will give them just enough energy to make it through another lengthy day. It often comes from stories or messages that people pass onto one another in hopes that life will improve. This book is a compilation of stories about different situations that are very difficult. Lives that seem almost unbearable and impossible to find any joy. The most memorable story is the story about a fat [...]

    3. *I received a copy of this book through First Reads in exchange of an honest review.*A collection of ten unique short stories, "Teller of Tales" is a book that tackles some interesting themes such peace, hope, love and so on. I was eagerly looking forward to read this book since I am an avid reader of short stories. However, I should say that what strikes me the most about this book is Ray Dacolias' rich, challenging and amazingly flamboyant use of language. He successfully manages to bring abo [...]

    4. Overly descriptive writing hinders enjoyment/interest. Stories themselves are okay once you have read through the wordy beginnings.Book was obtained through a giveaway.

    5. First things first: I received this book as part of a giveaway. It was delivered amazingly quickly, which was awesome.I hate to give the book such a low rating, but I can't honestly say I enjoyed it. I found the writing to be rather wooden and stiff; the characters are mostly cardboard cutouts. Everything about the way it's written suggests that the only purpose of the stories is to deliver a moral. While there's nothing inherently wrong with didactic fiction, it's not very effective when all o [...]

    6. "Teller of Tales" which I won from Giveways is a beautiful imaginative and lyrical collection of short stories that illustrate the worst and best in mankind. Into this tapestry of life experiences are woven elements of remorse, self-discovery, fear and desperation, but also renewal, redemption, fortitude, justice and most of all love.The "Janitor" sketches the story of a solitary and affable black man who lives in a town ruled by prejudice born of the ugliness of inherent hierarchy. One day a c [...]

    7. (This book was originally reviewed for Inkspand)I have read one other book by Ray Dacolias, and while I often enjoyed his flowery, meandering prose there, I found the overabundance of words to be daunting in such short stories. I also found it a little disconcerting how all of the characters in all of the stories seemed to have the same voice and the same flowery speech. I would have preferred to have read several different styles of writing, dialect, and mannerisms, especially considering the s [...]

    8. I was given a copy of Teller of Tells, by Ray Dacolias, by inkspand in exchange for an honest review. I thoroughly enjoyed the stories. The book began strong, the first two stories were my favorites!To be honest, I was a little worried when I began the first story, Janitor, I wasn't sure what I had gotten myself into. There is a very heavy thread of racism and prejudice. I forced myself to continue to read and am glad I did. It very quickly takes on a different tone and becomes an obvious lesson [...]

    9. I got this book as part of a giveaway and because of this, I felt compelled to finish this book before reviewing but this book was not an easy read for me. These stories are all very simplistic morality tales. These stories all hinge on the premises that horrible tragedies befall people in order to lead them to be available for some heroic deed later.or that one simple heroic act will changes entire communities opinions or even that if two people love each other selflessly enough they won't com [...]

    10. I received this book for free from a friend who received it in exchange for a review. Despite that kindness I give my candid opinion below. Having read it, would I have paid for it? No way.This book is a collection of short stories which range in setting from World War II all the way to interstellar space where mysterious creatures ride about on asteroids. To say that the book is "all over the map" is far underplaying its variety.On the positive side, the author does have some unique stories to [...]

    11. This book wasn't my first introduction to Ray Dacolias' writing. I had previously read The Searcher, so I knew what type of writing to expect.Dacolias uses very complex and long sentences. Filled with figures of speech and long descriptions. For example, on page 66, there's an enormous periphrasis, that isn't necessary at all: "they had not tasted the sweet elixir that is the soft, silky, universal liquid that soothes the parched tongue and quenches the dire thirst and brings life to the dehydra [...]

    12. I won this book in a GoodReads Giveaway. In this review, I will try not to reveal too much information; but encourage you to read a copy and form yours own opinion.I enjoyed this book. It contains a series of short stories about finding and holding onto those values one needs to succeed in life. Hope, Love, Honesty, Truth, Respect, etc. It is not a self help book.I like how the book was organized in the order of the stories. The first two stories really helped to hook me in; I also felt no story [...]

    13. *I received a copy of this book through First Reads and didn't purchase it myself.*"Teller of Tales" is a collection of ten beautiful short stories covering topics such as the seeking of inner peace, hoping for life to get better, loving other people, understanding the consequences of your actions and many more. As I'm a big fan of short stories, I really looked forward to reading this book. Most striking is the incredibly picturesque language Ray Dacolias uses which draws you into the book fro [...]

    14. I must confess, my one and only crime whilst reading this book is not giving it more time and attention whilst reading another book alongside it. But I digress.This book was filled with marvelous short stories, and I am so glad that it is the very first collection of short stories I have read because it has made me so excited to explore these kinds of collections again.With such intricate and beautifully delicate designs of words splayed out on a page this book had my heart breaking and wrenchin [...]

    15. Look up the word exquisite in the dictionary and one of the meanings is "keenly felt".Ray Dacolias' book of short stories is exquiste. Each one is so diversely unique that i am dumbfounded as to how he pulls them from his brain.A favorite? Each time i finished one i thought to myselfohhh yes this is ittill i read the next one. He might be called wordy by some, but i say it takes each and every word to fully see just what he is painting with those words.Don't be deceived by the size of the book e [...]

    16. This anthology of 10 short stories explores what some of us may encounter - the possible and the impossible and the ordinary and the extraordinary events in our lives. Each story makes us reflect on the deep desires that people experience throughout their complex lives. It is about people seeking their own inner peace, understanding and joy and others looking for a greater purpose in their lives. It is also about individual hope, their needs of spiritual things, materialistic and unmaterialistic [...]

    17. These short stories were very good. They held your attention and it was a quick read. Some of my favorite stories in this book were Janitor,Love,The Whispering Bells,Soul Love and A Purpose Given. These stories were heart touching and writting with care. These stories had a moral at the end that should be shared by all. Some of the lessons taught within this book include standing up for what you believe in, doing the right things in life, ending racism and spreading love.

    18. I hate giving this such a low rating, not only because I received it through first-reads, but also because I love short stories. Unfortunately, I found that out of the ten short stories comprising this collection, I had to skip several after reading a couple of pages. Whereas some of these tales are deeply imaginative, they were often far too repetitive and descriptive to my liking, and generally lacked the developed characters that one, arguably, can demand, even from a short story.

    19. I won this book on a giveaway and I really enjoyed reading the stories but my favtioure story was the love story between a father and a daughter and it was about a his young daughter dying of cancer and she wanted her father to look after the other sick children but I really thought it was a lovely story and I thought all the story's were written lovely and I do recommend this short story book if u like all different stories and it was also a fast pace read also. GREAT BOOK :)

    20. I've received a copy of this book as a part of the giveaway. What I didn't like about the stories is that most(if not all) of them starts to be interesting from at least the 3rd or 4th page .e first couple of pages could be removed without affecting the story. Also, the sentences in the story were so long in an exaggerated way.

    21. I received this book for free through First Reads. A group of short stories that are a bit "out there." I was able to get through the book, but most of the stories read like unfinished works, maybe just me though (I don't usually read short stories).

    22. My thanks to the Author, their Publisher, and for this free volume to read and review.Interesting collection of imaginatively and very well written prose that succeeds in grasping the reader's inner eye and the mentally embodied visions it produces with each short tale.

    23. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. This was a book of short stories. While the individual stories were all wonderfully written, I just didn't get into this book like other ones. Though this wasn't a good book for me, I wouldn't mind reading more from the author.

    24. This is a book of tales that are more true to life than anyone can hardly believe. We all can put ourselves in at least one of the tales hopefully ending as each does with understanding and "love" hopefully the later more often than not.

    25. This is one of the best compilations of short stories I have read in a long time. Decolia's work is simply and elegant. He writes in many different genres but his best stories are stories like "Love" that are about the simple things in life. I highly recommend this book.

    26. i won this in the giveaways listed in GoodReads. it was delivered pretty fast. i wasted no time in indulging myself in the tales that the book had. was immensely satisfied and inspired.excellent read.

    27. This Book is awesome. I really love it because it tackle about how family, love one or etc are important. I had my tears on Second Story. Thanks to the Author. ;)

    28. this was a nice book of short stories, love being particularly powerful, and tear jerking. great to pick up and put down when you have little time.i won this on a giveaway

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