Volokolamsk Highway

Volokolamsk Highway True story of one batallion s fight against the Nazis as well as their own fears in the early stages of the Defense of Moscow

  • Title: Volokolamsk Highway
  • Author: Aleksandr Bek
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Hardcover
  • True story of one batallion s fight against the Nazis as well as their own fears in the early stages of the Defense of Moscow.

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      178 Aleksandr Bek
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    1. Aleksandr Bek

      Alexander Alfredovich Bek Russian 3 January 1903 O.S 21 December 1902 2 November 1972 , sometimes transliterated from the Russian Cyrillic as Aleksandr Bek or Anglicized to Alexander Beck, was a Soviet novelist and writer.Alexander Bek was born on 3 January 1903 The son of a physician employed by the Imperial Russian Army, Bek received an upbringing in his native city of Saratov, where he attended a Realschule.Following the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the outbreak of the Russian Civil War between the Red and White movements, he joined the Bolsheviks Red Army as a sixteen year old volunteer and began contributing articles to the army s divisional newspaper in 1919 His first novel, Kurako, completed in honor of the outstanding Soviet metallurgical worker Mikhail Kurako and set down following the impressions left on Bek after a visit to the town of Kuznetsk, was published in 1934 Several other works in the style of socialist realism were written during the 1930s.Bek returned for duty in the Soviet Army during World War II, in which he witnessed the Soviet defense of Moscow in 1941 and served as a war correspondent He produced one of his life s most famous works, Volokolamsk Highway , in 1944, depicting the heroism of Moscow s defenders He witnessed the surrender of Nazi Germany in World War II in Berlin the following year.The famous of Bek s 1950s and 1960s works included the Several Days and General Panfilov s Reserve , both of which appeared in 1960, as well as the 1956 Talent The Life of Berezhkov , which appeared in English as Berezhkov The Story Of An Inventor and was based on the real life of a specialist involved in the Soviet automobile industry.Bek s 1965 novel The New Appointment was written as a roman clef centered around Soviet politician Ivan Tevosian, who under Joseph Stalin s period as head of the Soviet Union had been appointed to play a key role in heading the Soviet metallurgical production Despite the initial announcement of the book s publication in the pages of Novy Mir, the novel was not published in the Soviet Union until the 1986 in large part as a result of the protests of Tevosian s widow, who complained that the work unfairly discussed the private aspects of her late husband s life Accordingly, The New Appointment first appeared in Frankfurt am Main in 1972.Bek died on 2 November 1972 in Moscow.


    1. আমার উপর খুব একটা আঁচড় ফেলে গেলো না এই বই। মানে, আমার যদি একটা বৈশ্বিক কিতাব-লিষ্টি থাকে দাগ টানবার জন্য, এই বইরে আমি জায়গা দেবো না।কিন্তু এই দাগ না দেয়ার একটা পেছনের কাহিনী আছে। ছোটো।আমার কাছ [...]

    2. Must admit, I expected lots of Soviet propaganda of the period in this book, and found next to none. The book is as realistic as it can get in details, conversations, people's experiences. It gave me shivers to live through what they lived through. Truly can I call myself a proud Kazakh, a compatriot of heroes like Baurzhan Momyshuly.

    3. Потрясающая книга, которую я слушал полгода назад и мне заново захотелось ее переслушать. О том, как сделать результативную команду бойцов в краткие сроки, о душе командира, о мудрости. Каждому руководителю - обязательно к прочтению!

    4. মস্কো রক্ষার লড়াইয়ে নিয়োজিত একজন কমান্ডারের এক্সপেরিয়েন্স লিপিবদ্ধ করেছেন আলেসান্দ্র বেক। শুরু থেকে শেষ পর্যন্ত জমজমাট। সোভিয়েত বই, তার উপর যুদ্ধ নিয়ে, প্রচুর প্রপাগান্ডা আছে ভাবতে পারে [...]

    5. Очень неожиданная книга. Много читал про события под Москвой зимой 41-го, но так никогда и не задумывался, почему отступающая сломленная Советская армия смогла остановить фашистов. Что повлияло, какое событие произошло? И уж тем более несильно знал о реалиях того периода во [...]

    6. Bir savaş klasiği. Moskova önlerine kadar ilerleyen Alman ordularını durdurmaya çalışan bir Sovyet tugayının hikayesi. Cok iyi yazılmış, Türkçe tercümesi de oldukça iyi. Savaşın psikolojik ve ideolojik yönüne tuttuğu ışık da ayrıca takdire deger. İkinci kez okudum.

    7. Compré el libro por dos euros en un puesto de vestíbulo en un centro comercial. Era miscelánea: recetarios de cocina, colecciones del litografías, insufribles volúmenes de auto-ayuda. Sin embargo, el símbolo de la estrella del Ejército Rojo, con su hoz y su martillo en la portada, capturó mi atención. Saqué el móvil para r al autor: Alexandr Bek. Reputado escritor soviético, cuya obra más reconocida es precisamente la que tenía entre mis manos: La carretera de Volokolamsk. Obviamen [...]

    8. "A soldier doesn't want to die. He goes into action not to die, but to live. And he wants commanders of the same sort And you say it so glibly : 'I shall die with my battalion' There are hundreds of men in a battalion, Comrade Momysh-Uly How can I entrust them to you?" - General Panfilov.Kata-kata itu terpatri kuat di benak Baurjan Momysh-uly, seorang Kazakhstan, dan mempengaruhi bagaimana ia memimpin batalion menghadang pasukan Nazi di garis depan dalam mempertahankan Moscow pada 1941. Alexande [...]

    9. -Otro producto de su época, lugar y circunstancias.-Género. Novela histórica (a su manera, eso sí).Lo que nos cuenta. El autor busca, dos años después de los acontecimientos que desea conocer más en profundidad, testimonios sobre la Octava División de Guardias del general Panfílov que protagonizaron la defensa del acceso a Moscú cerca de la carretera de Volokolamsk frente al ataque alemán durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. La novela nos presenta el testimonio de uno de los protagonist [...]

    10. That was the right book to read after "Light infantry tactics". I was not surprised this book was favored by Che Guevara and is on a read list of Defense Forces of Israel. It has some so-called "locomotive" episodes, which were a must for USSR books - praising Communism, Lenin, etc. However, there are quite few of them and they do not hinder the plot. So, it's mostly about military tactics and therefore quite interesting.Just to be clear - it's not about well-known "28 Panfilov's heroes". So, no [...]

    11. رواية رائعة تتحدّث عن كتيبة روسية تواجه الجيش النّازي، لمن يحبّ المسلسلات سيجد مسلسل Band of brothers قريباً من الرواية

    12. Доста приятна, разказва за втората световна война и битката, която руснаците трябва да проведат, за да удържат Волколамското шосе, спирайки пътя на немците към Москва. Препоръчвам :)

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