VIP UPDATE Newly Edited Version has been uploaded on December The beginning A point in time or space where something starts year old Sebastian Vanwell a very successful yacht broker always l

  • Title: VIP
  • Author: M.Robinson
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  • Page: 127
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • UPDATE Newly Edited Version has been uploaded on December 13, 2013.The beginning A point in time or space where something starts.32 year old Sebastian Vanwell, a very successful yacht broker, always loved the design and architecture of a luxurious yacht His only addiction was being on the water He loved it, he thrived on it, and he needed it in his life After a very sUPDATE Newly Edited Version has been uploaded on December 13, 2013.The beginning A point in time or space where something starts.32 year old Sebastian Vanwell, a very successful yacht broker, always loved the design and architecture of a luxurious yacht His only addiction was being on the water He loved it, he thrived on it, and he needed it in his life After a very stable, loving childhood with a few bumps, Sebastian married the love of his life the one person who he knew would always be there Julia was his rock, and he loved her than life itself Sebastian kept his addiction to the water under control, wanting to keep his time with his wife and son his number one obsession That was, until he saw her.Ysabelle Telle hit him hard, knocking the wind from his lungs This new addiction haunted him, the one compulsion that he couldn t control no matter how hard he tried Coming from worlds apart, beautiful, dark complected Ysabelle didn t have the rich, protected background that Sebastian had She had lived a life of hell, growing up in poverty and horrific living conditions with a drug addict mother who never cared Ysabelle now lived for one person, and one person only herself She was pure perfection Her beauty, along with a flawless body, had men lined up and driveling over her ensuring her success as a VIP.There are too many words that describe the effects when two diverse worlds like theirs collide They both have too much to lose to get caught in the forceful pull, which could destroy them both.Warning sex drugs language Mature readers only.

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    1. DNF at 48% I must have the wrong edition of the book. Where is the 5 star version everyone's reading??? I think the premise is unique and the blurb distinctive. Unfortunately, it’s also VERY misleading. There is absolutely NO mention of (view spoiler)[Olivia (hide spoiler)] in the blurb so imagine my complete and utter surprise when this character has a huge influence on Sebastian and directly impacts others’ lives. Now that I’ve actually read a good portion of the book, I can definitely s [...]

    2. ***FREE for a limited time May 14th - May 17th, Get your copy today! US UK ***5 starsThis isn’t a love story, but a story about love.There are so many types of love, and if we’re all lucky we get to experience some kind of love in our lifetime…but only the lucky find a love so powerful it consumes you; mind, body and soul would almost be a shame to label it simply “love”. The sensation of knowing that this person owns all of you, every last inch of your heart, mind and soul. The pers [...]

    3. ★★★★ 4.5 stars! Whew, what a roller coaster ride…Let me start off by saying that VIP was not an easy story to read and it's not an easy one to review either. I had a lot of conflicting emotions while reading it but in the end it ended exactly the way I was hoping for. So, all in all it left me with a happy, content feeling (mostly). I know for sure this book will not be for everyone and going in, I had no idea what to expect or how the story would play out. And even though certain part [...]

    4. Check out my INTERVIEW with author M. RobinsonLINK: realitybites-letsgetlostsMinor Spoilers (none will hinder your reading experience)-mature content reader discretion is advised.4 STARS out of 5Genre: Adult Romance Erotica*****NOTE: This book contains rape and cheating.******FULL REVIEW POSTED 1-19-14I can’t remember the last time I was this hesitant to start a book. Plus, with so many mixed reviews I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. Am I happy I read VIP? HELL YES! As you read th [...]

    5. 4 stars!!!VIP. What can I say about this book… It was one of those stories that drained me. It wasn’t an easy book to read. It’s angsty, twisted and pretty messed up- but those are sometimes my favorite types of books! This story has many characters, but the two main individuals are Ysabelle and Sebastian. We get both of their pov’s throughout the entire story. The first half is their pasts, the second half is when their worlds collide. Lets start with Ysabelle. Growing up, life for Ysa [...]

    6. ****4 STARS****prettymessreading.wordpress/This book just took me back to my partying days from Miami to New York to Las Vegas to L.A. to London! Just everywhere and everything. Let's just say I partied like a rock star. Sometimes I still do depending on my mood or current situation.Ysabella is my type of female. Not only is she sexy, she's also a bad ass. Can we talk about her ass?! I'm not a lesbian but I've had fun from time to time if you know what I mean, but I love a woman's ass. She did w [...]

    7. 3.5 - 4 ★'s The Premise:Childhood love that evolves into adult love but is it true love or is it just settling?The Lure:Ahhhe cheating lure. Even though I don't care for actual cheating, I do love all the emotional drama. Plus it doesn't hurt when you're friends are going crazy over the book. The Characters:Sebastian - aka Sebby or my aka Mr. Indecisive. From the beginning, he's always had a big heart full of love but somewhere along the line, he never learned to differentiate between the type [...]

    8. “The truth always finds its way of being revealed, that’s the beauty of lies they never stay hidden”What a twisted web we weave!!! Sebastian Vanwellrried! But he has a secret he's always been in love with one of his best friends, he has 2 BFF's, Julia and Olivia. Now he loves them both but ONE he's drawn to like a moth to a flame! It's that attraction that's bone deepe attraction you can't stop even if you want to! What happens when you lose that ONE person that made you feel that way? You [...]

    9. *~*~*~2.5/3 Cheatin Ass Stars*~*~*~*My emotions ranged all over the place with this one, but initially it started as pure excitement(cue the gif)But as I progressed throughout the book it ranged from totoand finallyWhy do you ask? Maybe its due to the loss of connection I felt towards the characters or maybe it was due to the fact that this book seemed to drag on with unnecessary dialogue or scenes. Whatever the reason or reasons it just didn't work for me. Honestly, it irks me to be the odd man [...]

    10. 5 Stars!!Wow this book was great!!! It is my first M. Robinson book and I cannot wait to read more from her!This book was written in 1st person. Dual POV with Ysabelle and Sebastian.This book is about a young girl Ysabelle who had a very traumatic and depressing childhood. Her mother did not care about her and forced her to fend for herself. Sebastian came from a very good household. He had two neighbors, Julia and her adopted sister Olivia. Sebastian loved both of them, however he loved Julia l [...]

    11. There's a fair warning on the blurb that there's cheating involved here. I went in with an open mind and prepared myself. At first, it was not the issue for me. Perhaps because the heroine, Ysabelle, was the other woman that naturally I would be more inclined to be on her side. To be honest, I did like the first 40% and even considered it as a prequel since they hadn't met yet during those times. Their individual lives were presented. How they struggled and coped with it. It took quite a LONG ti [...]

    12. I agreed to review this audio book foraudiobookblast because it sounded dark and haunting and emotionally heart-wrenching but it wasn’t any of those things for me and now I feel like a jerk because I didn’t like it very much. If I’m being totally honest, I didn’t even want to finish it but I did even though I had a few moments where I feared this may be in my future.This cheating story line and the way it was presented made me angry instead of sympathetic. There is no other way to say it [...]

    13. VIP is the story of Ysabelle and Sebastian told through alternating POVs. Ysabelle (Ysa) is a girl who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, raised by a prostitute mother who abused drugs, alcohol. By the time Ysabelle is 16 yrs old, she leaves home for a better life. After two years, Ysa meets Madam and her life is transformed or at least Ysa believes it has changed. Contrary to Ysa, Sebastian had a picture perfect childhood with doting parents and two girl friends, Julia and Olivia, who als [...]

    14. This isn't a love story, but a story about loveWe first meet "Ysabelle Telle" who lived in the ghetto with a mother who was always high on drugs or booze and who did the unthinkable to her daughter at the age of 12, what this 12 year old Ysabelle went through broke my heart, something no child should ever have to go through and I think this is where everything broke down for Ysabelle, this incident was her undoing, it shaped what life was going to become for herThen we meet Sebastian who lived a [...]

    15. *** ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review***4 VERY IMPRESSIVE DEBUT STARS!!Reading this book, I felt so involved in what is happening as it made me feel different emotions, anger, sympathy, resentment and hurt as well as happiness! You can tell that M. Robinson did indeed have an understanding of the human psyche and the motivation that drives us to act the way we do! The moment Ysabelle was introduced, I fell in love with her through the author's words and was rooting for her [...]

    16. This was a devastatingly beautiful love story. I am going to be really tired at work tomorrow because I couldn't put it down until I knew how it ended. If you like angst and forbidden romance, this is the book for you. Reading this book was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You know the damage will be extreme and it's only a matter of time. You can't do anything to stop itd you just can't make yourself look away. Yes, at times I got irritated with Sebastian's wishy-washy ways, but it w [...]

    17. "5 Bravo Stars"This is not your typical love story. I absolutely love it. Its dark and the kind of love with full of cheating and lies. I can say I'm not a fan of cheating stories though I still read them but it depends on the story I guess I'm a hearts and flowers kinda girl and this one captures me from the beginning. Its a two way story with different point of view that collided in the middle to make a hell of a beautiful yet heartbreaking story. Ysabelle came from a difficult life. She makes [...]

    18. *****5 Riveting Stars*****Thanks to my beautiful Book Fairy~Godmother who writes the most amazing reviews I found this gem of a book that captivated my emotions from the moment I started reading. I experienced every word to the fullest due to the stunning writing style of this debut author. My darlings you need to read this book now! Vip is about Ysabelle and Sebastian, but they way the book is set up you won't read about them together until about 50% into the story. Not every author has the tal [...]

    19. Solid 4.5 StarsOk, this one is filled with some complex characters & heart breaking circumstances surrounding their lives. Ever hear of "Extenuating Circumstances"? Well, this book is chock full of them.From reading the blurb for this book you can pretty much guess the headlines of what occurs here. But if you pass this one up because of that, you will be missing out on the whole story. The how's & why's of it all. It's a beautiful, heartbreaking, decadent, frustrating, erotically charge [...]

    20. 4.5 STARSI LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVED this book! 700 pages, and I still want more. when is the second book coming out? I don't think this book will be for everybody because there is cheating. So some ppl might have a problem with that. I didn't. It's a book and not real as long as it is not my husband why should I have a problem ;) But I loved Sebastian and I loved Ysa!They only meet each other 40 - 50% into the book. The first 40% is of their past / growing and why they do what they do! I c [...]

    21. WOW I thought I wasn't going to like/love this book but I actually did. THANK YOU to Crabs (blow kisses) for recommending this to me. I don't know how to start this off but if I could I'd say pick this book up and give it a read. This author I've known and seen her books but I think this might be my first book read of hers. She will draw you in and you'll expect a good read when you least expect it. For me though I had my roll of the eye moments and it felt at times like it was just dragging a b [...]

    22. Jointly Reviewed on: totallybookedblog/2013/12/This isn’t a love story, but a story about love’Jenny: And so begins the tragically woven story about the forbidden and overpowering love between Ysabelle and Sebastian.‘I wanted to be with her. I didn’t care about repercussions. I lived in that moment. I let it take over me. ‘ – SebastianWe’re taken through the lives of these two characters from childhood to their eventual meeting in adult life. There’s seemed to be a path that was [...]

    23. Wow, this book was great. It started a bit slow but it gained speed really fast. Sebastian and Ysabelle couldn't be more different. They had completely different lives. One had the happy childhood with lots of people who cared, the other not so much.Sebastian and JuliaThe book starts with their childhoods and growing up. And the day they meet, both their lives change forever. Ysa doesn't let people in. She learned it the hard way. But they can't stay away from one another.But he had a family and [...]

    24. ARC provided kindly by the author in exchange for an honest review.Ysabelle hasn't had an easy life. Growing up with a neglectful mother who had a steady stream of Johns flowing through the slum they lived in. She learned early in life that she had to rely on only herself, that her body was a tool that could get her what she wanted and she had only one choice left to leave. Ysa didn't expect life to be glamorous or easy, but when she meets the Madam one night while on shift at the bar - life as [...]

    25. VIP is one of a kind. I fell in love with it because of its uniqueness and that wonderful story line.Sebastian and Ysabelle were meant to be with each other.Sebastian doesn't know what loving someone is, the only kind of love he knows is that one has for his or her best friend.(view spoiler)[His love for Julia can be described as true friendship love. Julia, Sebastian and Olivia grew up together. Oliva died in a drowning accident. And so did Sebastian's chance to experience love, and he refused [...]

    26. 4 VIP HEARTSOH MY! This book had me all hot and bothered. I've read a lot of erotica romance but none has made me feel the way I did when I read this. This book kick start my libido in full gear. Though there was cheating in this book, it didn't bother me. It felt different for me. Don't get me wrong, I do not condone cheating at all, but in this case I had a different outlook on it. Sebastian knew what he wanted but there was always "somebody" standing in the way. I felt sorry for him. He loved [...]

    27. 3.5 Stars ‘This isn’t a love story, but a story about love’Jenny: And so begins the tragically woven story about the forbidden and overpowering love between Ysabelle and Sebastian.‘I wanted to be with her. I didn’t care about repercussions. I lived in that moment. I let it take over me. ‘ – SebastianWe’re taken through the lives of these two characters from childhood to their eventual meeting in adult life. There’s seemed to be a path that was destined to collide and the events [...]

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