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A Weaver s Web Handloom weaver Henry Wakefield and his family live in abject poverty in the Manchester area UK in the early th century He hates the new factories and clashes with everyone from his wife Sarah to

  • Title: A Weaver's Web
  • Author: ChrisPearce
  • ISBN: 9781925029611
  • Page: 493
  • Format: ebook
  • Handloom weaver Henry Wakefield and his family live in abject poverty in the Manchester area, UK, in the early 19th century He hates the new factories and clashes with everyone from his wife Sarah to a factory agent, a local priest, and reformers After many setbacks, the family becomes wealthy but this leads to a whole new set of problems and devastating events for thisHandloom weaver Henry Wakefield and his family live in abject poverty in the Manchester area, UK, in the early 19th century He hates the new factories and clashes with everyone from his wife Sarah to a factory agent, a local priest, and reformers After many setbacks, the family becomes wealthy but this leads to a whole new set of problems and devastating events for this family Find out what life was really like in Industrial Revolution times family life, living and working conditions, poverty and wealth, social change and upheaval, the challenge to the Establishment, the early labour movement, the factory system, opportunities, illness including mental illness, physical disability, child birth, death, romance, orphans, religion, crime, punishment, gambling, prostitution, transport and The family gets caught up in the Peterloo melee see front cover.The story includes escapes, rescues, bribery, trickery, society parties, a fire, moving house, flooding, runaways, a road accident, floggings, torture, eviction, daring thefts and robberies, kidnapping, births, a court case, a wedding, rowdy labour meetings, asylum and jail life, a near death experience, missing children, a cricket match, and plenty of tension between the various characters about 150 of them plus crowd scenes.This historical novel family saga is available at dp B00H52SEEK , Google Play, Kobo, or Apple Both the ebook 19480963 and Kindle 20256421 editions are the same.See a number of excerpts from this novel at story show and chrispearce52.wordpress 2.

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      Chris Pearce was born in Surrey, UK, and grew up in Melbourne, Australia He worked as a public servant federal and state for 25 years and in the business sector for 13 years He has a background in economics, statistics, accounting, management, marketing, history, research, writing and editing The Great Daylight Saving Time Controversy is his third book His others are a historical novel set in Manchester, UK, A Weaver s Web, and an account of an early Australian convict, Through the Eyes of Thomas Pamphlett Convict and Castaway In addition to writing books, his other interests include family history and tenpin bowling He and his wife live in Brisbane, Australia.Interviews include awesomegang chris pearce indiehousebooks interview ystalcrichlow.weebly 2 p dabalepublishing candysraves 2014 05 guest kimberleighwheaton 201


    1. The blurb of the book dishes out everything you need to know about the story. There's little left to the imagination.A poor, destitute independent weaver, Henry Wakefield, struggles to keep his family fed and clothed when factories are taking over in England. Stubbornly he sticks to their home-grown potatoes and hovel-living in his quest to remain an independent weaver. Potatoes for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner. It was okay with him while all the neighbors move to the bigger towns and cities [...]

    2. My inspiration for writing “A Weaver’s Web” was a postgraduate creative writing course I topped from 30 students in the mid 1990s. Also, I had already done some research into early industrial Manchester, UK, the setting for the novel, as part of my non-fiction book (print only) Through the Eyes of Thomas Pamphlett: Convict and Castaway. I had about 50 copies printed before sending the novel to any literary agents and received unsolicited comments from 18 general readers, five of whom said [...]

    3. A mesmerizing novel of the struggle between the individual and the Industrial RevolutionAs British-born Australian author Chris Pearce states in his book's preface, `After 25 years in federal and state public service and 12.5 years in two stints in the real world, I am now writing eBooks, researching my family history, doing a bit of consultancy editing, and contributing to a couple of writing sites in the US. I also compete in tenpin bowling. I have a background in economics, statistics, histor [...]

    4. So I've started to get into these books with more of an historical aspect to them, and this book is probably the one best I've read so far. The storyline is good and the actual writing of the events and historical part was more realistic written than most and you can actually picture what's going on. I couldn't get into most historical books, mainly because it bored me and some historical things, just shouldn't be made into a book. Anywho, I had an issue with Henry. Just what can I say? He is an [...]

    5. This historical fiction novel chronicling the lives of the Wakefield family takes you on a journey of love, loyalty, death, unhappiness, triumph… and so much more! The tale begins with Henry Wakefield, a hand weaver by trade, living in a modest English village and desperately trying to provide for his growing family. But with the modernization of the weaving industry, Henry finds his ‘hand’ made product is becoming less and less saleable, and knows, much against his better judgment that he [...]

    6. A Weaver's Web is historical fiction set in the early 19th century Manchester and rural surroundings. Hand loom weaver Henry Wakefield, his wife Sarah and their growing family (up to five children) live in poverty, stick to old customs. When their mill is sold, the family moves to Manchester to work in local factories. It's the start of the Industrial Revolution. Entropy sets in when organized protests don't bring the promised revolution, one son runs away and ends up in New South Wales (now kno [...]

    7. A Weaver's WebA Weaver's Web is an epic novel that takes the reader on a journey through the history of one family's battle with the industrial revolution. It's a historical novel with a strong core message about how change affects the psyche of individuals and the impact this can have on family dynamics.Charting the changes of fortune as a poor weaver rises to wealth when he finally accepts and embraces the inevitability of the rise of mechanisation, Chris has painted a vivid picture of what li [...]

    8. In 1776, a few years before we meet the Wakefield family in Chris Pearce’s epic tale, A Weaver’s Web, colonists in America were declaring their inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Up in Glasgow, a moral philosopher named Adam Smith attempted to explain the historical development of industry and commerce in Europe—and in the process invented the “dismal science” of economics. A thread running through Smith’s theories is that a person’s economic environme [...]

    9. "A Weaver's Web" by Chris Pearce is a book that is set in England right at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Henry Wakefield is a handloom weaver who is set in the old ways of doing business. He eschews the new factories and all of the horrid conditions that people are forced to work in. Henry could get a job working in a factory and moving his five children and wife, Sarah, out of their one room rental cottage that leaks when it rains and has a door that won't remain closed unless it [...]

    10. 3.5 stars rounded up to fourHenry Wakefield is a handloom weaver around the time of the Industrial Revolution. He hates the new emerging factories, becuase he knows they will soon put him and other handweavers out of a job and he forbids his family from working in them, even though they would earn better money.His long-suffering wife Sarah, tries to get him to see reason, but Henry is admanat - none of his family are to set foot in a factory. Their eldest son Albert runs away, fed up of having l [...]

    11. A Weaver’s Web has a simple, basic story line: poor family, husband makes good, wealth has impact on all family members. And that’s where simplicity ends. Chris Pearce has done some very skilful ‘weaving’ himself.From the first paragraph the reader is immersed in England at the time of the Industrial Revolution with hand craftsmen losing their livelihood to mechanisation.Many writers of historic novels either write their history without checking facts or include long and boring passages [...]

    12. This book grabs you immediately, with its simple but straightforward tale about an independent weaver named Henry and his family. Henry makes his money as a weaver who works from home in his dimly lit little house, while his family gets on with life around him. Their routine is upset by a visit from a man who wants to hire on several of Henry's children and his wife to work in a Manchester factory, spinning thread. Henry's suspicious and disapproving from the word 'go' -- he's heard all about th [...]

    13. To call this novel anything less than an epic would be an understatement. It is beautifully written and crafted into an immediate classic. The historical setting is impeccable and believable, as though the author had personally lived in that time, suffered through similar destitution, and had witnessed the rise and fall of a family just like the Wakefields. It was almost impossible to put this novel down, simply because it never stopped being interesting. Historical novels are often complicated [...]

    14. This social history is an excellent and involving study of a family led by a handloom weaver who have to contend with the rise of mechanisation. I've read many social histories and the main difference is that the primary focus here is on the husband instead of on a woman; this may account for the difficulties the author has faced in selling his work. Women are seen as the biggest market for domestic struggle and romance in changing times. However, there is plenty in this book to interest women, [...]

    15. A Weaver’s Web is a wonderful story of historical fiction. Well-crafted, Pearce takes us back to the early 19th century and a world where home workers (in this case, weavers and spinners) are being pushed out in favor of modernized machines and industry. It’s join the masses or starve. Ok, as history has shown, for most it’s starve no matter what. That’s where we meet Henry Wakefield and his family.I’m going to pause right here. Do you ever read a story or see a movie and there’s tha [...]

    16. The book is brought to us from the 1800's (Who doesn't love a good 1800's story?) and makes us fall in love with Wakefield clan (well most of them) right from the start. They are poor as poor can be in a hard time as the book opens and what they evolve to be is staggering.This is such a great story about how industry displaced so many who were barely making enough to eat to start with it's also a great story about the values we hold at different stages of our lives. We get to see how wealth ca [...]

    17. Weaver's web it is!!I know 2014 has just started but I am going to go out on a limb here and say this will be my favorite (best) read of the year! Pearce has done a marvelous job! The characters are well developed and I honestly felt as if I was in the early 19th century, Very well researched or just a FANTASTIC imagination! Although I secretly wish that the story had been different, just because in the beginning you are routing for the family, I don't think I would change anything!A Weaver's We [...]

    18. A complex drama about a family who started out like the Joads in John Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath," but who ultimately somehow made a left turn landing wealth, or at least for one, and ongoing despair at every turn. The historical novel is set at the time of the industrial revolution in Manchester UK and is painstakingly researched and descriptively detailed.The plot is quite gripping and you will be hard pressed to put the book down. It is quite possible that you might lock yourself in a r [...]

    19. A Weaver’s Web by Chris Pearce is a four hundred and one page family saga written in third person, present tense. It has nineteen chapters, no titles, just numbers. The story unfolds in eighteen sixteen, well in the outskirts of town, in a valley and rundown workshop of weaver Henry and Sarah Wakefield. It is a sweeping story of the Wakefield’s rise from extreme poverty. The way the family dynamic evolves and how they emotionally learn to live with the choices that they make was a nice, stea [...]

    20. This is an epic story of values and family loyalty. The Wakefield family is poor but this book shows the true struggles and triumphs of the 1800’s. From the beginning you are definitely rooting for the Wakefield family.The story begins with a hard working Henry trying to provide for his family. Along comes a man who promises his family, food, which is well needed, and a better life. The conditions are that his wife and children must work spinning thread in Manchester. Henry has his doubts but [...]

    21. This historical novel is an emotional roller coaster filled with hardship, love and amazingly written characters with different - but equally strong - values. Chris Pearce captures the human psyche very well and A Weaver's Web will have you gripped from the very page. Henry is a difficult character to like, but his view on the world drives the plot well and he makes the book a much more unique read. Absolutely fantastic and highly recommended.

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