Sutter's Gold

Sutter s Gold Decorations and designs for this book are the work of Harry Cimino Johann August Sutter Once that name was magic How many today remember its significance Yet there are few chapters in the chronic

  • Title: Sutter's Gold
  • Author: Blaise Cendrars
  • ISBN: 9781417910755
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1926 Decorations and designs for this book are the work of Harry Cimino Johann August Sutter Once that name was magic How many today remember its significance Yet there are few chapters in the chronicles of American adventure thrilling than his spectacular career A poverty stricken immigrant haunted by dreams of great achievement, he fought his way to California1926 Decorations and designs for this book are the work of Harry Cimino Johann August Sutter Once that name was magic How many today remember its significance Yet there are few chapters in the chronicles of American adventure thrilling than his spectacular career A poverty stricken immigrant haunted by dreams of great achievement, he fought his way to California when half of America was wilderness There in the desolation of the Sacramento Valley he created New Helvetia, that gigantic and fabulously productive domain which made him the first of America s multimillionaires Then came the discovery of gold on his territoryIt is Sutter s tale that is told here Strange that it should have waited for a Frenchman s pen, and remarkable that it is told with such fidelity, such an authentic ring Cendrars is himself an adventurer, a world wanderer Perhaps that is why he has been able to capture the spirit of Sutter s feverish and dramatic life.

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    1. Blaise Cendrars

      Fr d ric Louis Sauser, better known as Blaise Cendrars, was a Swiss novelist and poet naturalized French in 1916 He was a writer of considerable influence in the modernist movement.His father, an inventor businessman, was Swiss, his mother Scottish He spent his childhood in Alexandria, Naples, Brindisi, Neuch tel, and numerous other places, while accompanying his father, who endlessly pursued business schemes, none successfully.At the age of fifteen, Cendrars left home to travel in Russia, Persia, China while working as a jewel merchant several years later, he wrote about this in his poem, Transiberien He was in Paris before 1910, where he got in touch with several names of Paris b lle poque Guillaume Apollinaire, Modigliani, Marc Chagall and many Cendrars then traveled to America, where he wrote his first long poem P ques New York The next year appeared The Transsib rien.When he came back to France, I World War was started and he joined the French Foreign Legion He was sent to the front line in the Somme where from mid December 1914 until February 1915 During the attacks in Champagne in September 1915 that Cendrars lost his right arm He described this war experience in the books La Main coup e After the war he returned to Paris, becaming an important part of the artistic community in Montparnasse There, among others, used to meet with other writers such as Henry Miller, John Dos Passos and Ernest Hemingway During the 1920 s he published two long novels, Moravagine and Les Confessions de Dan Yack Into the 1930 s published a number of novelized biographies or volumes of extravagant reporting, such as L Or, based on the life of John August Sutter, and Rhum, reportage romance dealing with the life and trials of Jean Galmont, a misfired Cecil Rhodes of Guiana.La Belle Epoque was the great age of discovery in arts and letters Cendrars, very much of the epoch, was sketched by Caruso, painted by L on Bakst, by L ger, by Modigliani, by Chagall and in his turn helped discover Negro art, jazz, and the modern music of Les Six His home base was always Paris, for several years in the Rue de Savoie, later, for many years, in the Avenue Montaigne, and in the country, his little house at Tremblay sur Mauldre Seine et Oise , though he continued to travel extensively He worked for a short while in Hollywood in 1936, at the time of the filming of Sutter s Gold From 1924 to 1936, went so constantly to South America This life globertrottering life was pictured in his book Bourlinguer, published in 1948 Another remarkable works apparead in the 40s were L Homme Foudroy 1945 , La Main Coup e 1946 , Le Lotissement du Ciel 1949 , that constitute his best and most important work His last major work was published in 1957, entitled Trop, C est Trop Sources theparisreview intervi enpedia wiki Blaise_


    1. A ripping yarn that tackles the bio of an interesting 19th century character in a fictional format.I am writing this to remind myself to write a full review when I am back home at a real keyboard and not on this goddamned iPad hunt-and-peck-a-thon.

    2. Like Dan Yack, this was a madcap tale, although far less over-the-top Frenchy/like a Decemberists song, and more about the tragically funny fate of noted accidental American legend John Sutter who curses out what gold does to a man, Treasure of the Sierra Madre-style. Of course, it's a wildly fictionalized picaresque, but you'll likely enjoy it in the same way you enjoyed (if you did) Mason & Dixon, The Public Burning, or any other thoroughly overboard, comic exploitation of historical perso [...]

    3. (view spoiler)[داستان مرد فقیر و بلندپروازی که به کالیفرنیا میرود و به ثروتمندترین مرد کشور تبدیل میشود و بر روی تیول او شهرهایی مختلفی از جمله سانفرانسیسکو بنا میشوند، و با پیدا شدن طلا و هجوم مردم و کارکنان خودش برای استخراج طلا در زمینهایش به یکباره امپراطوری عظیمش درهم میشکند و [...]

    4. Cendrars - demo era. If you, like just about every reasonably attentive person in the world, are a bit uneasy about things like "Columbus Day" and "American History" this breezy and vigorous read might interest you. It is impossible for me to read Cendrars without thinking up an Abel Gance film in my head and that's a great thing because life is better when you have an Abel Gance film in your head. Cendrars is a skilled observer of lives led to the fullest and like all his works - the possibilit [...]

    5. L'histoire tragique et magnifique du général suter, bâtisseur de la californie ruiné par la découvert d'Or sur son territoire. Malheureusement le grand écart tenté par Cendrars déçoit : voulant rester factuel, l'histoire est contée la plupart du temps assez sèchement, tandis que par moments l'auteur se prend d'envolées lyriques sur certains points de l'histoire d'un personnage que l'on a finalement l'impression de n'avoir pu connaître qu'à peine.

    6. Just re-read this and love the story. Means a lot more now that I know the area a lot better.I'd love to read an annotated version of this book, detailed with more history, images, references, etc.

    7. Le jeune Blaise Cendrars fut subjugué par l'histoire de Johann Suter, un suisse allemand qui trouva fortune en Amérique au milieu du XIXe siècle avant de finir sans le sou. Devenu riche à millions en quelques années, propriétaire d'un immense domaine foncier, il fut complètement ruiné par la découverte sur ses terres des premiers gisements d'or californien qui allaient déclencher la ruée vers l'or. Un destin certes tragique mais avec dénué d'épique ou de fantastique. Tout dans ce p [...]

    8. Blaise Cendrars was always fascinated with the life and adventures of John Augustus Sutter, traveller, cheater, crook, entrepreneur, pioneer. Having read his allegedly fictionalised account of his years in North America, one is not surprised. Sutter fled Switzerland to escape creditors leaving wife and kids behind and ended up in New York. From there he worked his way through Missouri and decided to venture to the West, at a time when only few intrepid travellers had risked life and limb through [...]

    9. خب،کتاب درباره ژنرال یوهان آگوست سوتره که به صورت داستانی و در قالب مخلوط تاریخ و داستان،زندگی این شخص رو که فاتح ایالت کالیفرنیاست به تصویر میکشه.کتاب همانطور که از موضوعش انتظار میرفت ،داستانی خطی داشت و این مسئله ممکنه برای بعضی افراد دوست داشتنی نباشه.در کل کتاب داستان ج [...]

    10. Written simply and straightforwarly, this slim volume tells the rather unbelievable story of a Swiss outlaw, Johann August Suter (who became known as John Augustus Sutter), an unscrupulous but shrewd businessman whose enterprises were ruined when gold was found on his land in California in 1843. The series of events that led to his rise and subsequent demise were remarkable; his personal evolution from an outlaw, to a generous host and respected businessman, to the rejected, broken and half-craz [...]

    11. Un texte frappant sur une histoire qui l'était déjà beaucoup ; la prose n'a guère vieilli, on sent une influence très forte sur nos auteurs contemporains. La lecture de la préface (après celle du roman, bien sûr) donne à voir les libertés que Cendrars a pris avec la biographie de Sutter pour en faire le mythe Suter. C'est une légende, donc les personnages sont dessinés comme de très loin, à peine plus que des silhouettes de conte ; pas ce que je préfère, mais les qualités litté [...]

    12. A unique reading experience. You sit shotgun in the author's muscle-car narrative, barreling along highway of Sutter's life which stretches across Europe, Middle America, Panama, the South Pacific,and finally into the frontier of San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento Valley. Cendrars imagines a life for Sutter that is like a composite of Jack London, JD Rockefeller, Citizen Kane, and Vito Corleone; fortunes made and lost, kingdoms built and razed, family elevated and cut-down, spirits set sail an [...]

    13. It was just awesome! I've loved this story even if it has a dramatic end. It's the true story of the general Johann August Sutter when he came to the USA where he started a new business and then became rich. Unfortunately, he found mines of gold in his wide farms in California, which ruin his fortune I'm not fond of drama, but this true story, besides being a true one, shows how determination and self-confident can make a wealth starting from nothing.

    14. prava knjiga za pustolovnjake!cendrar je chovek rasplamsane mashte koji svoje rechi koristi na najsavrsheniji nachin da opishe dozhivljaje, predele & ljudske sudbine za koje nikada necemo saznati da li ih je zaista prozhiveo, proputovao & susreo ili ih je svojom fantastichnom sposobnoshcu izmashtao tako da postanu stvarne.zlato & pokoja istinita pricha ostavile su me bez daha, dok me je poneka *manji broj* uspavala & 4 zvezdice umesto 5 (:

    15. John Augustus Sutter is a whirlwind of man who emigrates/flees from Europe to make his fortune in America only to be swallowed whole in the hurricane that is the Gold Rush of 1848. A miracle of compression and driving narrative, this is one of the best historical novels I've ever read. "Gold. Gold. Who wants gold?"

    16. one couldn't make up a character like Blaise Cendrars if he wasn't already a major figure in French 20th Century literature. This one-arm natural genius wrote essays, poetry (my favorite!) and novels. "Gold" is sort of a historical novel that is often hysterical. But how far can this man's imagination go. Superb author and one should collect all his works.

    17. la magnifique histoire du general Suter, qui devint l'homme le plus riche du monde et perdit tout lorsque l'on decouvrit de l'or sur ses terres. Conquête de l'ouest, folie de l'or, reportage poème, un livre splendide et très court sur un des premiers rêves americains!

    18. L'Or raconte l'histoire d'un grand homme qui malgré ses capacités se trouve dépassé par des événements hors de son controle. Le roman lit comme un dégringolade. Malgré le brio de l'auteur L'Or m'a laissé froid. Le chef d'oeuvre de Cendrars qu'il faut absolument lire c'est Moravagine.

    19. fast, fun, furious pace following the adventures of a swiss immigrant in the 1800's america. like a good tale told at the bar, details stripped, characters simple, plot complex. short, sweet, surprisingly touching.

    20. Il allait devenir l'homme le plus riche de Californie, des Etats-Unis, du monde entier!Mais l'or l'a ruiné.Ce livre retrace la vie et la tragédie d'un homme qui a tout perdu face à l'injustice du destin et la cupidité des hommes.En effet l'enfer ne peut être que les autres.

    21. Super brief account of this man's life. Fast-paced, and glossing over everything, like a 126-page string of news briefs, letting only the grand arcs tell the story. I read it in about 4 hours over 2 days, and I don't think of myself as a fast reader. What a weird book.

    22. "C'est là qu'il disparaît Au pays on n'entend plus parler de lui et sa femme reste quatorze ans sans avoir de ses nouvelles. Et tout à coup son nom est prononcé avec étonnement dans le monde entier."Extraordinary novel

    23. La biographie (romancée?) du général Sutter, aventurier héroïque dont le destin est ruiné par la découverte de l'or sur ses terres. Bien écrit, très agréable

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