Tens o Voc sabe que est na pior quando precisa pagar por um encontroA grande reuni o da fam lia de Annie Davis se aproxima e ela precisa aparecer acompanhada ou nunca mais ter sossego Qualquer homem bonito

  • Title: Tensão
  • Author: Leslie Kelly
  • ISBN: 9788539811137
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • Voc sabe que est na pior quando precisa pagar por um encontroA grande reuni o da fam lia de Annie Davis se aproxima, e ela precisa aparecer acompanhada ou nunca mais ter sossego Qualquer homem bonito e honesto serve Mas onde encontrar algu m que se encaixe no perfil Resposta no leil o beneficente de solteiros Com uma bela apar ncia e refer ncias que o tornam umaVoc sabe que est na pior quando precisa pagar por um encontroA grande reuni o da fam lia de Annie Davis se aproxima, e ela precisa aparecer acompanhada ou nunca mais ter sossego Qualquer homem bonito e honesto serve Mas onde encontrar algu m que se encaixe no perfil Resposta no leil o beneficente de solteiros Com uma bela apar ncia e refer ncias que o tornam uma pessoa trabalhadora e digna, Sean Murphy parece ser a solu o perfeita Mas na verdade, ele um sofisticado empreendedor europeu que transformou em arte a atividade de dar prazer s mulheres E agora tem um novo projeto em fase de desenvolvimento dar prazer apenas para Annie Entretanto, Sean sabe que se ela descobrir seu segredo nunca mais confiar nele Ainda bem que ele conhece muitos truques que desviar o a aten o de Annie por muito tempo

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    1. Leslie Kelly

      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information New York Times Bestselling author, Leslie Kelly writes sexy romances and dark romantic thrillers A four time RWA RITA Award nominee, eleven time Romantic Times Award nominee and 2006 RT Award winner, Leslie has become known for her delightful characters, sparkling dialogue, and outrageous humor in her romances, and for the dark grittiness of her thrillers Since the publication of her first book in 1999, Leslie has gone on to pen than forty sassy, sexy romances for Harlequin Temptation, Blaze, and HQN.In 2009, Leslie began tapping into her love for dark suspense by penning several books under the pseudonym Leslie Parrish The Black CATs and Extrasensory Agents series quickly put Leslie on the must read list of romantic suspense fans Tired of writing under various names, Leslie decided to go into her next genre futuristic thrillers with a suspense element under her real name She released her dark, gritty Veronica Sloan books, and reissued the Black CATs series, as Leslie A Kelly Leslie lives in New Mexico with her husband Bruce her real life romance hero and two spoiled rotten dogs Visit her online at lesliekelly for her sexy romances or at leslieAkelly for her romantic suspense.


    1. This book has the same basic setup used in Slow Hands, the 1st book in the miniseries, but I didn't do so much eye rolling this time. The case of mistaken identity was more believable in this book because it wasn't dragged throughout the whole story, so there wasn't really a Big Misunderstanding and the Small Misunderstanding was easily cleared up on the H/h's 1st date. How good it is when people talk to each other! :)Sean Murphy was a former gigolo - yes, he had been a male prostitute in the pa [...]

    2. This was a great book. Being Irish some of the books I read with Irish characters are way "over the top" with 'stage-Oirish' Hollywood sayings like 'Begorra' and 'Begobs'. Sean Murphy is the real deal - the language he uses is the real thing - even the bad language (yes some of us Irish use it a bit too much) - think Ms Kelly must have some Irish connections. Apart from that the book is a great read - will be checking out her other books. Hopefully, there will be another "Irish" hero in one of t [...]

    3. Another sweet story in this two-book miniseries. I know, I know, it’s the word sweet. What on Earth could be sweet about a jaded (ex) gigolo being auctioned off – for a measly five thousand bucks – at a bachelor’s auction for needy kids to a day-care center owner so she could use him as a pretend boyfriend at her parents’ wedding anniversary?Well, everything. ;)The story starts at the same auction as in Slow Hands by the same author, where the mix-up by two harried printers leads to th [...]

    4. Harlequin prides itself for still being in the business after 60 years.  From the ones I've read, I'd say that simplicity and  timelessness are their secrets. It's no different for this book.  Within its simple plot, fast-read quality and even the hot sexy scenes lies timeless lessons on love, family and self discovery.  Now that's very formulaic, but whoever concocted it knew what they were doing.

    5. This was the companion book to Slow Hands by the same author. This is the gigolo Maddy thought she was getting. Instead, Annie, who is looking for a wholesome date to take home to her rural parents 35th wedding anniversary party, gets Sean Murphy.I think it really works that Sean is a nice Irish boy gone wrong rather than a sleezy French gigolo. More Dermot Mulroney than Deuce Bigalow. Anyway, that's all in the past and Sean is now a business consultant.Once again this was a surprisingly sweet b [...]

    6. Heated Rush is the follow-up book to Slow Hands (The Wrong Bed: Again and Again, #1). It is the story of the 2nd bachelor at the charity auction who had his bio mixed up, resulting in mistaken identity by the bidders.Annie recently found out her boyfriend was a lying, married dirt bag and dropped him. Unfortunately she has a family reunion looming and can’t go home to her close-knit family without the boyfriend she has talked so much about unless she explains why they aren’t dating anymore. [...]

    7. So what happened to Bachelor #20?This book can be considered a sequal to Slow Hands and I enjoyed it even more (maybe because Bachelor #20 is Irish!). Annie is just looking for someone to act as her boyfriend for one weekend during her parents' anniversary party so they won't keep pressuring her to give up her business in Chicago and move bach home. The heroic sounding EMT listed in the brochure of the Bachelor auction would be the perfect fit if she can convince him to play along - and if she c [...]

    8. Am getting the feeling that I read this before, but pretty sure I haven't. Good thing or bad? Am enjoying it nonetheless. I know why I thought I'd read it before. It is the 2nd in a couplet, following Slow Hands. I liked this one a lot. Sean and Annie were both very likeable. And I liked how Annie's family was incorporated into the story as well. And can I just say? Who wouldn't want to have sex on a Ferrari? Wow.

    9. Who would have thought that a gigolo could make such a great hero? Ms. Kelly apparently. Sean Murphy, an Irish "international businessman," meets Annie, country girl living in the big city trying to make it on her own. A children's charity (gotta love the children)mix up presents these two unlikely people a perfect platform for setting up a business deal that turns more into playtime then work.It's companion tale"Slow Hands" is also a can't miss.

    10. OMG is there nothing sexier than an Irishman? I was quite pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this book. Interesting plot, terrific characters and a very satisfying HEA. Did I mention the Irishman? Yeah

    11. This is the third book I've read by this author, and they are always very cute. The set-up for this one was very fun and the characters were likable. I actually did laugh out loud a few times while reading. That plus excellent chemistry, made this book a pleasure to read.

    12. Leslie can whip up a story like some women can whip up pancakes. Perfectly cooked and oh so tasty! Natasza

    13. I have been enjoying Leslie Kelly's books. This one is a great read. The characters are well developed and I liked the journey she took them on to the end. Good job.

    14. I absolutely LOVED Kelly's "Slow hands" - which used to be available as a free PDF download from Harlequin - and for that reason I put off reading "Heated rush", the companion piece, out of fear it would completely put me off "Hands" forever. It didn't, thankfully. But it also wasn't as good. It because of the plot, however. It's close at hand to think a male escort going out with a kindergarten teacher is a recipe for disaster, or at least a major turn-off. But Kelly did an amazing job making S [...]

    15. Se eu for comparar com o livro anterior, Lento (Flor da Pele 02), ele é um pouquinho mais fraco, mas nada que comprometa a leitura. Ainda levou nota 4 comigo.Sean é o "michê" que teve a identidade trocada com o paramédico gostosão. E fica meio indignado com o valor baixo alcançado pelo seu leilão, afinal com as suas "qualificações", ele esperava alcançar um valor maior.Annie, está desesperada para conseguir um acompanhante para a festa de familia em sua casa, e tirar o pai, a mãe, os [...]

    16. Although this book wasn't as good as it's predecessor, Slow Hands, it was a good read. If you have not already read Leslie Kelly's Slow Hands, swing over to and download the free Kindle addition and read it first really does lead into this story better and you know from the get go what has happened and why.As for Heated Rush, I enjoyed picking up on a plot that was familiar and seeing what happened to 'the other guys' who had a mix up as well at the bachelor charity auction. I wasn't as drawn i [...]

    17. A wonderful story about a man with a past who is trying to succeed in the world despite his family's clutches and a woman trying to succeed in this world despite her family's clutches. Ironically they have much more in common despite being complete opposites. Annie is a warm loving woman who wears her heart on her sleeve who is a day care center owner and drives a mini van. Sean is a charming sexy man and an international business man who knows six languages. He also happens to have been a male [...]

    18. This book was a lot like it's predecessor, Slow Hands (The Wrong Bed: Again and Again, #1). Same MO, same auction, same wrap-it-up-quickly-and-slap-a-bow-on-it. Perfect for a quick, fluff read.Another case of the cover not matching the characters. The guy (Sean) in the book is described as having longish hair and an earring (gag). The guy on the cover is much more my type.I needed a fluff-read break. Still not ashamed.

    19. Who'd have thought such a wonderful, timeless story of the nature of true love would come from Harlequin? A former male escort Sean Murphy is the second of two bachelors whose bios are switched at a bachelor auction. He ends up meeting wholesome Annie and finds loving acceptance in her arms. The nature of the mistaken bios is totally believable. The love story builds as these two people find they compliment each other perfectly. I read a re-release put out last year with new cover & had no i [...]

    20. This is the follow-up novel to Book 1 of "The Wrong Bed, Again and Again" series and is a really cute book. Erotic and funny, a good story with a really nice cast of characters. I was asked to review Book 1 -- "Slow Hands" some months ago and initially encountered Ms Kelly's writing. I have been looking for others of her books ever since. Let's hear it for the used book store!! Both books in this series are really fun and worth the effort.

    21. I really loved this book, but I wish it had been longer. There was so much emphasis on meeting the family, but in reality it was only one or two paragraphs. The ending seemed a bit rushed a blah to me, too. Other than that it was super adorable and funny. But the cover is so wrong it makes me sad. Did they even read the character descriptions before slapping the cover on?

    22. Classsic cheesy romance novel. Nothing special but not bad either. I did like Slow hands better. Then again I think Romance novels are like porn sometimes.occasionally like in porn the story isn't really importantis book would be one of those cases!

    23. This story was cute, sweet, light-hearted and, now this could be the pain pills talkin, but I am ligit inspired right now to throw down a large sum of cash money to procure a date with a smokin hot male escort so that he can fall madly in love with me and change his "bad boy" ways. Let me love you!

    24. I liked Slow Hands much betterWhich surprises me reallyI mean U expect a book about a gigolo to be hotterIt was sweet but that's about it

    25. This is the second Leslie Kelly book I read two years ago and there's something about the story that makes me really sad.

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