A Silent Prayer

A Silent Prayer Adam Gibson is a young and powerful Toronto millionaire Despite his many blessings he is an atheist though he has an altruistic soul He denies there is a God until he meets a beautiful stranger in a

  • Title: A Silent Prayer
  • Author: Samreen Ahsan
  • ISBN: 9781491720370
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • Adam Gibson is a young and powerful Toronto millionaire Despite his many blessings, he is an atheist, though he has an altruistic soul He denies there is a God until he meets a beautiful stranger in a place that does not exist for anyone but him Rania Ahmed strongly believes in God, but has lost hope she will ever find her soul mate Endowed with hypnotic beauty and curAdam Gibson is a young and powerful Toronto millionaire Despite his many blessings, he is an atheist, though he has an altruistic soul He denies there is a God until he meets a beautiful stranger in a place that does not exist for anyone but him Rania Ahmed strongly believes in God, but has lost hope she will ever find her soul mate Endowed with hypnotic beauty and cursed by a brutal past, Rania has no idea she has cast a spell on Adam, who has never received from a woman than physical pleasure As Adam slowly discovers the true meaning of love from Rania, he begins to face his demons and reconsider his beliefs He learns to love, forgive and repent But as Adam grows closer to Rania, a series of strange, unexplained events threatens to drive them apart To keep her from being destroyed by her past, he must persuade her to trust him with her deepest secrets.In this spiritual romance, an atheist embarks on a path of enlightenment with a tormented soul who may just have the power to change everything he has ever believed to be true.

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      Judge of World s Best StoryHonorable Mention Readers Favorite 2014 International Book Awards Best Romance 2014 Los Angeles Book Festival Best Romance 2014 Paris Book Festival Best Romance 2014 Hollywood Book FestivalHonorable Mention 2014 New York Book Festival Honorable Mention 2016 New York Book Festival History, art and literature are my passions I love digging out information about prophecies, divine miracles and paranormal events that are mentioned in history and holy books, that don t sound possible in today s modern world.Since childhood, I have been into reading and writing and yes, it can t happen without imagination, which luckily has no boundaries Dance and music are also pastimes I enjoy, as well as reading romance fiction I love to travel and explore historical cities A Prayer Series is my first story about paranormal events based on Islamic concepts.My new book Once Upon A Stolen Time is available on samreenahsan


    1. "A Silent Prayer" which I won from Giveaways is an emotionally-charged, stirring romance between two broken people from different cultures and religious beliefs who are magnetically drawn to one another after they meet, and begin to discover that love is stronger than any barrier that could keep them apart.The story opens in Toronto when Rania Ahmed, a Creative Designer for Greenway Advertising, on her way to a breakfast meeting stumbles into Adam Gibson, a philanthropic billionaire. Smitten by [...]

    2. A Silent Prayer by Samreen AhsanRania Ahmedhas strong faith and devote belief in God. She is very beautiful, successful in her career, but had secrets from her past. They are so strong that it is destroying her from the inside keeping her from finding true happiness.She meets Adam Gibson, a young powerful and very rich man, but he is an Atheist, and has no belief in God. The two soon become friends and they find they are able to help each other. Will he be able to reach out to her and melt her h [...]

    3. NooooI didn't want it to end like this!!First I must say that I got the ebook free from the author for an honest review.I loved this book. I just didn't like the ending but I won't spoil it by saying why. You must read it for yourself.I don't like doing reviews just to give a synopsis. The back cover blurb or other reviewers can give you that. This is a modern day love story of a couple - Adam and Rania -from two different cultures, faiths and backgrounds. I found Rania's Muslim faith very inter [...]

    4. Note : This Review is up @ Readers' Muse“ Never judge a book its cover” warned my fellow bibliophiles. They conveniently forgot about the summary part. I normally pick a book based on the summary. This book’s summary particularly didn’t stand out. In fact, the whole millionaire and simpleton story line sorted reminded me of the Fifty Shades of Grey series. In fact I was a little apprehensive and considered writing back to writer apologizing for not reading her book. Thankfully I did no s [...]

    5. Got a free copy from Ms. Ahsan. So first, thank you for the copy. I enjoyed the book a lot.So where to start? There are many wonderful things about this book. This book, to put it simply, is extraordinary. I rarely got a chance to read something based on Islamic beliefs. However, in this book, Rania is a Muslimah and Adam is an atheist, so there is journey for Adam to find his belief in God. Because of Rania, he starts to admit that God exists. But secrets from their pasts haunt them, and Rania [...]

    6. Adam Gibson is a young powerful and rich man. By his own admission he is an atheist with no belief in God. Adam’s belief in God was destroyed many years ago along with his family. Adam has no wants and believes he has everything a man needs.He is not a romantic and doesn’t have time nor desire for a serious relationship. Adam is pulled into a dance studio where he see a beautiful masked ballerina and is completely smitten with her. He can’t seem to shake his feelings toward this woman. Mon [...]

    7. Full review here: mommabearsbookblogI try to go into new books with an open mind. This one, however, I had my reservations about. I'm not much of a religious person and I was worried that this book would be all about Christianity and religion in general. I was wrong!I didn't "get" Rania right away, and wasn't sure how I was going to feel about her. As I read further, though, I began to understand her and why she said and did the things she did. I got the feeling that the people around her took h [...]

    8. A slient prayer is one of most exciting stories about love, care and intimacy. It's mystery, romance, suspense all combined. It starts casually but gets more and more exciting and mysterious. One of the unique things about the book is that the chapters have been written in a way in which u get to read from the perception of both the main characters. You get to read inside both their minds which is truly a different experience.I like the way they so easily discuss religious beliefs with eachother [...]

    9. I was sent this free ebook in exchange for an honest review)This story is a mixture of suspense, mystery, and romance all together. What I love about this story is that we get to see what both of the characters are thinking in the chapters so that is a plus for me. The story starts off in Toronto. Adam and Raina have different lives. Adam is a billionaire and has everything that he could ever want or need. Raina is a graphic designer and keeps mostly to herself. Adam is an atheist and doesn't ha [...]

    10. I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Never judge a book by its cover – because otherwise I would have missed a fab read like this.Let me firstly start off by saying that I do not read religious focused love stories, never have. But wow this was definitely a pleasant surprise. Samreen did an amazing job with the characters and I really enjoyed getting to know Adam and Rania. Mixed race couples are so rarely represented and this was a beautiful portrayal. Let’s face it, fa [...]

    11. Where Romance meets the SpiritualTwo great genres intersect and keep moving ahead in this new seriesAsked to review this book, I was a wee bit skeptical that the two genres would be successfully combinedbined. But, get it right she did. The characters Adam and Raina are meant to be together. One is an Atheist the other a Muslim. Both have sworn off love and the hopes of a normal relationship with another.Yet drawn together since their first meeting, it forces both of them to question their belie [...]

    12. A good read decent characterization to visualize both the protagonists and details surrounding them. Chapters written from male and female POVs kept the interest and didn't let the story fall away. Adam and Rania's chemistry seems to be going beyond expectations and anxiously waiting for 'what will happen next'. Mystery behind Rania and paranormal activities kept me guessing and I was proved wrong at many occasions. Keep up the good work and bring your next volume in market soon.A Silent Prayer [...]

    13. I loved this book. Its much better than the many famous (read infamous) titles that have been quite popular these days.The author has her unique way of twisting and turning the story around to maintain the readers interest. Was not bored the least and read till the end. Can't wait for the rest of the books in the series.

    14. Well, its one of the best story I have ever read in wattpad When I start to read first I noticed how words combinated fluently. the usage of words were so impressive and powerful. While reading this book I felt as if I am inside of the world of A Silent Prayer Now Im looking for the next book Thank you Ms Ahsan! :)

    15. Rania and Adam.what a Iove battle they have going on in this fast paced nugget of a novel. The reader gets to look over Adam's shoulder as he peels away Rania's defenses to her heart. I loved every moment, and the ending left me wanting more. What a hook. How can Adam explain his actions of drunken jealousy? Will Nathan win after all? Loved it!

    16. A very sweet romantic love story of two people, poles apart in belief but glued to each other in hearts. I love the paranormal punches of the story and would really like to know Rania's secrets in the sequel.

    17. i've already read it in wattpadd I feel like my life is incomplete without reading the book 2: A Prayer Heeded Can I have it please.

    18. oh my god This book is one of the best fiction ive ever readThe writing is so damn magical that it takes you flying into to the colourful TorontoOkay so This is story about two stranger Rania and Adam Both have different lifestyle and culture and religion Rania is muslim whereas Adam doesn't believe in godAdam Finds Rania And fall in love with her at first sight but Rania was little reserved and she had a tormented pastThis is not the book about religion or anything just little glimpse of Islam [...]

    19. Intense, thought provoking, emotional roller coaster, tremendously done, pure romance but not for young readers. I give it 4 and half stars because it explored Adam and Rania's dreamlike states and their symbiotic existence in A Silent Prayer and it also did it in a totally new way, which is bound to be copied.A Silent Prayer is a stroke of genius from the start with Adam seeing a beautiful masked woman dances with music, lights and shadowy dancers until she is left alone and it seems like there [...]

    20. Astute, tremendous powerful paranormal romance with a difference it's all true! Intense turbulent romance becoming a modern classic. Be forewarned this is a tear jerker but still able to be read by all!I did not foresee the ending of A Silent Prayer how could it end! I wanted more!! A Silent Prayer was a stroke of genius, it is exceptionally moving, I never knew what was going to happen next! Miss Ahsan wove a dream like symbiotic world that drew you in from the first page, it hooked you in and [...]

    21. A Silent Prayer is a book that deserves all the attention it has received.In the first year following its publication, A Silent Prayer has won first prizes at book fairs in Los Angeles, Hollywood and Paris, first prize in the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards, and an Honourable Mention at the New York Book Festival.Deservedly so.I know I am not the target audience for this book, but like all great novels, it has a universal appeal.The storyI know from the author’s statements on soc [...]

    22. 3.5 star readAdam Gibson is the epitome of the young, urban professional. He is a self-made millionaire and used to getting what he wants when he wants it. He isn't wholly selfish in that he also gives backs to the community and feels that if he gives his promise to someone then he must follow through. In Canadian society, Adam is hot and his life is constantly in the spotlight. Rania Ahmed is the exact opposite of Adam. She has a fervent belief in God and that only God has the right to guide he [...]

    23. On the surface, it seems as though Adam and Rania have led very different lives. Adam is a wealthy, womanizing billionaire with every possession he could ever need. Rania is a graphic designer who secludes herself from others, men especially, as much as possible. The truth is, the are both hiding difficult pasts that have scarred them and left them nearly incapable of a normal relationship. The question is whether they can heal each other, or if the will only tear each other apart even more.Whil [...]

    24. Rating Clarification: 3.5 I generally don't post full reviews of adult books on my blog, and I mostly avoid reading romances, so when Samreen Ahsan approached me to review her book, my initial response was hesitant, to say the least. Great writer that she is, Sam piqued my curiosity with her premise and description of her book and persuaded me to read it, and I am so glad that I did. Ahsan has found a unique blend of ingredients that are both relevant to the times and bigger than the here and no [...]

    25. This review and more on So BookaliciousRania is a very average girl. Trying to leave her past behind and build up a life in Toronto the best she can with the guidance of her God. Adam is a young self-made billionaire who believes that money is the only thing you need in life. When there pats cross Adam is not so sure any more that money is all he needs. He pursuits Rania but to his astonishment she’s the first girl to ever turn him down. Rania has built strong walls around her to protect her a [...]

    26. This is my first book by this author. This is a two-book story, so you will have to read book 2, A Prayer Heeded, to find out how the story ends, which I plan to do.This is Adam and Rania’s story.Being a woman of faith myself, I was intrigued by the story-line.Adam is a rich business man who professes to be an atheist. He was very much the womanizer before meeting Rania. This makes it difficult, at first, for Rania to trust Adam’s motives for wanting to get to know her. For that reason, she [...]

    27. "A Silent Prayer",which I read it within a day from wattpad. I find this story very intense emotionally written by author ,and very much different from other romantic stories.This story unfolds between two protagonist , Rania Ahmed and Adom Gibson. Rania is a woman with beauty and brain, she is a muslim and has strong faith on God's existence. She has a charming and strong personality and anyone who just met her,got smitten by her. She works as a Creative Designer in a company located in Gibson [...]

    28. A Silent Prayer moves quickly after the slower first couple of chapters. But picks up pace to a dead run a quarter of the way through. I loved the two different point-of-views alternating from Rania to Adam. The characters are descriptive and three-dimensional and the dialog, both face-to-face and while texting, comes across rich and seductive—a true romance indeed.The two narrators guide us through their individual ways of thinking. Adam is unable to resist Rania’s luring beauty, spontaneit [...]

    29. Set in several different cities in Canada, I fell in love with their story as Adam and Rania fell in love with each other. Samreen is an excellant storyteller. I believe she has the gift of Scheherazade. I believe she has shown in her romantic novel that you can achieve passion without the use of graphic sex scenes. However I am disappointed and distracted from getting caught up in intense scenes by the use of the “f” word many times. The strong language is why I gave it a 4 instead of a 5.T [...]

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