Toxic Told through Shame s point of view the final installment of the Lights of Peril MC takes place on the implied wedding day Shame is plagued with doubts surrounding his love for Mace He loves her He s

  • Title: Toxic
  • Author: A.C. Bextor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 412
  • Format: ebook
  • Told through Shame s point of view, the final installment of the Lights of Peril MC takes place on the implied wedding day Shame is plagued with doubts surrounding his love for Mace He loves her He s loved her since she was five years old, but feels he doesn t deserve her This uncertainty is surfacing while struggling to forget the loss of his tragic childhood WhatTold through Shame s point of view, the final installment of the Lights of Peril MC takes place on the implied wedding day Shame is plagued with doubts surrounding his love for Mace He loves her He s loved her since she was five years old, but feels he doesn t deserve her This uncertainty is surfacing while struggling to forget the loss of his tragic childhood What if the trigger has already been set and I m going to wake up one day and realize I m my parent s son in their way of evil The thought sickens me I m no good without Mace I never have been She s the one person in my life I would refuse to live without If I ever treated her and Ryder like my father treated my mother and I, it would make for an easy decision I would kill myself Shame s childhood wasn t filled with happiness and love It was heart wrenching, and abusive Used by his father and resented by his mother, a young Neil struggles through his days waiting for an escape a savior As he seethes his anger onto me I feel the spit from his words land on my face and in it I smell his whiskey and coke coming down like rain over my blissful day I m working for them now I m nine and I ve just been interviewed and hired for my very first job running drugs Once meeting Doc, Lynda, Mace, Hem, and Sadey his life changes from desolate to hopeful At just five years old, she found her way into my heart and loved me in a way I never thought I could be loved All that was before I ever even knew I needed her Throughout the story you learn why Shame has become the person that he is Intense, raw, powerful, and most of all protective of those he loves the most In the end he finds himself surrounded by everything he had ever hoped for The storms I waited out were violent and unstable, but once finding them I found the unconditional love that I d ached for in my search for them It s in this moment, among the sounds of monitors and babies crying and the feel of Mace in my arms, holding me tight, just as she always had, that I realize I am finally well and truly home Authors Note This book contains sexual content, explicit language, child abuse neglect and other content that readers may find offensive Not for readers under 18 years of age.

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    1. What can I say that I haven't already said about AC Bextor. I was given a copy of Toxic even before it went to the editor. I was anxious and nervous at the same time. I mean, I found the first two books in the series to be fucking brilliant. The love of book one is what led me to become friends with AC.I downloaded the book and within the first few pages I WAS AGAIN IN LOVE. Like I think I now seriously have a girl crush on AC. Her stories have always grabbed me and held me and made me take one [...]

    2. OMG, let me just start off by saying I didn't think I could love Shame anymore than I already did after the first 2 books but boy was I wrong!!! AC Bextor, I freaking love your face (haha)This whole book is told in Shame's POV and I LOVED it!!!! On the day Shame and Mace are to get married his past decides to haunt him causing him to question himself where Mace is concerned. Even though I knew from books 1 and 2 that Shame and Mace got their HEA this book still kept me on the edge of my seat won [...]

    3. Toxic is the third in the Lights of Peril series. I really like this series, even though I hated how book 1, Holding On, ended. I absolutely love Shame, Mace, Hem, and Sadey. Toxic is not a stand alone book, you absolutely have to read Holding On and The Way Home before this one. However, you can read books 1 and 2 without reading this one. But, if you enjoyed them you are in for a treat with Toxic. Toxic is told solely through Shame's POV. It is his and Mace's wedding day and he is reminiscing [...]

    4. Amazing book!! Loved Shames point of view. This book was very emotional ( I cried throughout the second half of the book, as Shame struggled with his feelings for Mace).I thoroughly enjoyed this book as well as the whole series, it has everything I look for in a book, a sweet alpha, unconditional love, troubles and trials, a beautiful build up of the relationship between the hero and the heroine.Of course you need to read the first two books in the Lights of Peril series before this one as this [...]

    5. Told from Shame's POV, it's his wedding day to Mace and he's going down memory lane beleiving he doesn't deserve Mace. We've seen brief snippets through out the other 2 books of what life was like for Shame as a kid, but now we have the unedited version. Never loved by his parents, forced to take their beatings an starvation, made to be their drug runner at 9 and life only getting worse from there, Shame's life is nothing but a black whole until he meets Hem and Lynda. Lynda becomes the mom he a [...]

    6. Thank you AC for another great book in this awesome trilogy. I truly hate to see it come to an end but couldn't think of a better way to go out. We finally got to have insight into what makes Shame tick and his flourishing relationship with Mace and Sadie throughout the years. I also enjoyed finding out more about his and Hems relationship. What a great read! The romantic relationship with Shame and Mace was a long time coming and I loved all parts of their history together. From brotherly/siste [...]

    7. This is my ZON Review. :-)Had this third book by A C Bextor on my TBR pile for a while why you say cause I didn't want this Fantastic Series to be Finished with. So apon hearing of the fourth book I got stuck in boots & all loved every moment, you really get to see how & the why Shame's head works the way it does & I don't think I really doubted he wouldn't get to where he was supposed to be going in the end… a few tears were leaked, Some laughs were had heart ache felt all thro [...]

    8. I'm ever in awe and truly honored to be a beta reader for ac bextor My first experience as one and feel privileged for the opportunity. I have seen her grow as an author and pray she continues. Shame always held a special place in my heart and this does not disappoint. His journey through life is moving. Loved how she pulled it all together and brought him more to life to me *sigh* If you read the first two of this series YOU HAVE TO READ THIS! all you could want in a book, laugh, cry and fan yo [...]

    9. AC, I love your face.LOL OK, so how many of your readers said that to you?? I loved Shame from the first book and to read his POV was just the perfect way to show why he's so over-protective, hard-assed, and oh so sexy, pure alpha male. I'm happy he found his "happy ever after", he deserves it. One of my favorite series to re-read.

    10. If I didn't already love Shame so much this book would have pushed me over the edge. Seeing Shames life though his eyes just made you know him better. Great job A.C.!!!

    11. I almost did not read this book because I do not like what I call recap books where the author goes back and retells the same story but from a different point of view. That is not what this is at all. Well ok some is but most is totally new content that goes back and tells things that were not included in the first two books. I just wanted to give Shame a big old hug though most of the book. So glad I read this book!

    12. Sweet, Loving, needing to feel Wow book 3 does not disappoint Shame finally has his woman Mace it's there day or is it. Follow Shame down memory lane wanting to clear everything. So heartaching, sexy, sweet and hot.

    13. 4.5 StarsYou thought you knew the entire story with books 1 and 2 of the Lights of Peril Series, but now we get to see the story through Shame’s eyes. We were given very little to go on in terms of a back story with Shame. We knew that he came from a neglected home and that he killed his father. Now we get to see just how terrible life was for Shame and how he was going through the daily steps needed in order to “live only to survive.” My heart broke for the little boy who at the age of 7 [...]

    14. Toxic was such an emotional read, one that was intent on breaking my inner strength to keep it together whilst turning the pages, something I’ve come to expect when picking up A.C Bextor books. I loved Shame before, but after reading Toxic I am not ashamed to say I had fallen further madly and deeply for his character. Toxic was raw, a ride where Shame reminisced about his childhood days before he married Mace. Looking at Mace and Ryder before leaving, thoughts crept into Shame’s mind questi [...]

    15. My favorite book in the series by far!Shame is just awesome! I love everything about this man. I knew his story was going to be dark and filled with a lot of hurt, anger, and uncertainty. But after everything that Shame has gone through he is the most sane and grounded one. Younger YearsShame grew up in a very bad home with two parents, (if you call them that). His drunken dad feels nothing about hitting him across the head at age 7. He's already nursing a sore side from a previous injury to his [...]

    16. WIN WIN WINs it's three big wins for all three books in the Lights of Peril series. I absolutely loved this series and was just so engrossed in everyone's stories that I feel like I know these people.In the first two books we were given the tragic and very dysfunctional stories of Shame, Hem and Mace's childhoods. parents who were abusive, to alcoholic and terminally ill mother and finally the step-dad from hell who was not who he seemed to be. Mace's BFF Sadey was a big part of their lives and [...]

    17. ARC provided for an honest review!!!5+++ Toxic Stars!!! Is it possible to fall in love even more with a character?! Well the answer is YES YES YOU CAN!!!! Shame oh my perfect perfect Shame! Reading his story was hard. The life he was given was HORRIBLE to process and read! How anyone can willingly do that to their child is horrendous!!! However reading his ending in Holding On and The Way Home and then going into Toxic it shows you how far he has come to overcome his demons and just how truly AM [...]

    18. I'm rating Toxic, an amazing, awesome story 10 stars! I can't say I've ever read a story like this one. An extremely well-written back-story of Shame's history with Hem, Mace and Sadey. The love story that began from the first moment he met Mace at the age of five advancing every one or two years, through to the present, their wedding day. Toxic was my favorite of the series, but Holding On and The Way Home were definitely close seconds.**Spoilers**This is the story of Shame who came from rough [...]

    19. I was fortunate to have received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Toxic is the third and final book in the Lights of Peril series. Of the three books, I can honestly say that Toxic is my absolute favorite. I rated the first two books with 5 stars because they were fantastic but Toxic just blew me out of the water and deserves 5 stars and many, many more. In the previous books, I thought I knew Shame's character fairly well. However, Toxic allows the reader to genuinely get a [...]

    20. Ruling: 4.6 stars – the perfect ending…Shame’s story. His past, his present and the fears of his future. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Today is Shame’s wedding day, and like most brides and grooms their nerves are frayed. For men it’s the pressure to be the constant provider, lover and protector, through thick and thin, until death do they part. For Shame it’s the commitment to be a better husband and father than his own. He has a pre-conceived notion of who he wants to be, but ex [...]

    21. Above & beyond 5 Stars! Not sure what else to say but this by far has been my absolute favorite biker series to date:) I have loved a lot of biker books but this series just is on a whole different level, I mean WOWZA The emotions you experience are a serious rollercoaster ride for sure! This book on Shame and may I add, Shame oh Shame you ARE just AMAZING.I mean no words here for that guy, I am in total lust and love with him, lolol:)oops, ok, back to the book, hehehe, his POV was just raw, [...]

    22. This series seriously sucked me in. I originally intended to read just the first one during our night before the Cleveland Author Event, but what occurred was an all-night binge read extravaganza. I literally couldn’t put this series down. Shame and Hem are delicious alpha male bikers. They are bad to the bone and sinfully sexy even though at times they need a good kick in the pants from their woman from time to time. The intensity of this book series is off the charts. The first two books lit [...]

    23. Rating: 5 Stars Beautiful, just beautiful! I was hesitant to start reading this book right away because I thought it was going to be all about Shame's horrible abusive childhood. I was so wrong! Yes, it details some of Shame's family issues, but there's lots of good stories as well. We learn about how these 4 best friends/lovers grew up from childhood and their interactions with each other as they matured and started experiencing life events. Be warned, there is no drama in this book. This is al [...]

    24. I didn't know there was a Book Three so I was stoked when I saw it and bought it immediatelyI was on the floor laughing when Sadey and Mace were little shitsey were adorable, drama filled and got themselves into some pretty ridiculously cute situationsr example, Shame's Birthday and Scotch playing Rudolphassic!! The continued story of Shame, Mace, Hem and Sadey was awesomeey have loved each other for so long and been through so mucheir bond so deepeir banter is hilarious, fierceness and commitme [...]

    25. Meh! Let down after the forst two books its just a recap on the history of Shame and Mace on their wedding day! Nothing special

    26. well well wellA.C. Bextor you have done it again, but this time I don't want to hit you I want to hug you :)as much as shame is a hard arse, I just want to bundle him up and save him for a rainy dayhis parents grrrr make me so angry and its sucks/angers/hurts me to think that there are parents out there that do these things :(I loved this novel it gave me peace when thinking about shame and how his life has turned out. it sucks to know that this is the final book in the series however to finish [...]

    27. 4.5 stars!!I fell in love with Shame in book one and book two, so I really loved getting inside his head and his past. That poor man had been through more hell that it’s a wonder he turned out as well as he did. What I love the most is that no matter what, Mace seemed to be the one to keep him going ever since he met her and Hem. Their bond was so strong and even though he doubted himself so many times, he knew his love for her was what ended up saving him. I really am sad to see their story e [...]

    28. Interesting & heartrendingI enjoyed reading Shames view of the playback of his life from his neglectful, abusive parents to Lynda-Hem(a brother) and Mace(his love) their mother who became his family as well as the Lights of Peril MC Without them he couldn't have found his way out of the darkness that he came from or found his life partner who he loved immensely, Mace. This is a roller coaster of emotional past history but explains a lot of the events leading up to their union. Other than a f [...]

    29. This series will take you places you never imagined, haunt your dreams, rip your heart out, struggle through the unexpected turns and twists and then melt your heart to pieces.This series is about Hem & Shame who were best friends growing up and are now the Prez & VP of Lights of Peril MC. Mace Cash is Hem's younger sister of 10 years who has always adored Shame and her best friend Sadey Lyons who has loved Hem all of her life. Read this series! This is my full review for all 3 books. I [...]

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