Connections Lonely Cathy college dropout works in a grocery store and makes completely random phone calls to strangers just to make a human connection When a strange coincidence forces her to actually speak to

  • Title: Connections
  • Author: Selena Kitt
  • ISBN: 9781609825638
  • Page: 370
  • Format: ebook
  • Lonely Cathy, college dropout, works in a grocery store and makes completely random phone calls to strangers just to make a human connection When a strange coincidence forces her to actually speak to the person on the other end of the phone, she s suddenly thrust back into the world, with all its vulnerability Will Seth be able to draw Cathy back into the land of the livLonely Cathy, college dropout, works in a grocery store and makes completely random phone calls to strangers just to make a human connection When a strange coincidence forces her to actually speak to the person on the other end of the phone, she s suddenly thrust back into the world, with all its vulnerability Will Seth be able to draw Cathy back into the land of the living 2006 RAUXA PRIZE

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    1. Selena Kitt

      Selena Kitt is a NEW YORK TIMES bestselling and award winning author of erotic and romance fiction She is one of the highest selling erotic writers in the business with over two million books sold Her writing embodies everything from the spicy to the scandalous, but watch out this kitty also has sharp claws and her stories often include intriguing edges and twists that take readers to new, thought provoking depths When she s not pawing away at her keyboard, Selena runs an innovative publishing company excessica and bookstore excitica , as well as two erotica and erotic romance promotion companies excitesteam and excitespice and is now head of the Erotica Readers and Writers Association erotica readers.Her books EcoErotica 2009 , The Real Mother Goose 2010 and Heidi and the Kaiser 2011 were all Epic Award Finalists Her only gay male romance, Second Chance, won the Epic Award in Erotica in 2011 Her story, Connections, was one of the runners up for the 2006 Rauxa Prize, given annually to an erotic short story of exceptional literary quality She can be reached on her website at selenakitt


    1. 'I named my first fish MArtin, after Martin Luther King Jr and he died. I held a mini-funeral for him, and cried when I had to swish him down the toilet into the unknown world of the sewers.'This. In an erotica. Really.

    2. Connections is a fun little freebie by Selena Kitt geared toward those that favor a more romantic element to their erotic reading. It is the story of a lonely girl named Cathy whose only real connection to the outside world is through making prank phone calls to total strangers selected randomly from a phone book! This all ends when one of her calls leads to a connection with someone that pushes her buttons prompting her to call again. If only the prank calling of my youth had such delicious res [...]

    3. The only connections the young woman makes is through the phone where she waits for the other person to hang up. She's thrown when a man won't hang up first. She is slowly brought back into the world by him. Their relationship continues over the phone and finally with each other. I like the starkness and spareness of the scenes and Selena Kitt's words. Her loneliness and aloneness are very tangible. The tension builds through the story. First with will she hang up first or continue waiting for h [...]

    4. My gosh what a lonely girl and she doesn't know how to fix it. How can Cathy be so smart and still be so clueless about her relationships and why they don't work for her. She calls people randomly from the phone book so that she won't feel so alone. She doesn't talk to them, just wants to hear their voices talk to her.That's how she meets Seth. I think with Seth's help things could be a lot better for her. Wow! This book screams for a sequel. There's a lot of potential left in this story. This w [...]

    5. That story was for me a little weird with the phone calls to strangers and all, I don't really know how I feel about that part of the story when Cathy don't want to hang up over angry people just to hear a voice. She must be really lonely.[image error]But I liked Seth, he was touching and funny, even if we didn't have much of him.But the most important thing to say about that book is that it was too short. It was like a part of the book was missing and when it was finished, I was like "Uh, that' [...]

    6. I never add a short to my books unless its worth mentioning. Well this one is.Its short. Very short. But good. VERY good.It builds up and gives you much more than hot, steamy scenes. Which we all know Selena Kitt is a master at writing, and this was not the exception.But it brings alot of emotions to the playing field too. Sadness, anger, lonelyness much lonelyness. And then curiosity, hope and maybe love? Yeslove.I could say this would have made a wonderful 300 pages book, and it would have. Bu [...]

    7. The best aspect of this book is that the reader can really connect with both main characters Seth and Cathy. They may have their quirks (especially Cathy) and they may both seem unsure about themselves, but that is what makes the story so goode reader feels like he or she knows them or at least someone like them. They seem more true to life than extraordinary and the story portrays them tenderly.Both Seth and Cathy wear their emotions on their sleeves. That helps draw them together, and you feel [...]

    8. Being an Erotica connoisseur (LOL) I am no stranger to Selena Kitt’s awesome talent and her works. Sadly, this is not one of her best stories, and if truth be told, I found it a bit depressing.Cathy, a genius who is 4 points away on her SATs to getting a perfect score is unhappy. She dropped out of college because she wasn’t learning anything new and works as a grocery cashier at Kroger – much to her mother’s dismay as she can no longer shop there. (Did I mention Cathy and her mother do [...]

    9. When I began reading, my first thought was….what, a story about a very lonely young woman named Cathy, who connects with the outside world by making anonymous phone calls…where does this fit in with an erotic tale!!!!!!! But hey, I was now on page 2why not see where it takes me!!!! The premise of the story also perked up my interest to continue. Cathy, I found her more quirky than weird – the funeral, listening to Bob Dylan (do young people today still listen to him, I wonder!!), her telep [...]

    10. Selena Kitt is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. She does erotica very, very well, and this little short story is no exception. The main character is a little odd. She's withdrawn, somewhat anti-social, but when she feels the need to connect with other people, she prank calls perfect strangers just to hear another voice on the line. One night, she happens to call a man who seems to know her name and from there an unlikely friendship develops, one that culminates in a very steamy, sexy [...]

    11. This was a good short book. I loved what happened between the characters. Selena told a great story about a lonely girl and where it leads her. I read this in about one sitting and after it ended I was left wanting more. I can not wait to read more by Selena Kitt.

    12. I totally loved this free short story. I loved everything about it. I don’t think there was one wrong thing with this story. It was written so well and was perfectly cut off at each scene. It didn’t run on and on with random filler. It is about a self-chosen loner who calls people from her bedroom and sits there on the other line and waits for them to hang up. Just so she can have just a sense of something. She – Cathy - has a wall compiled with over fifty phone books and she loves dialing [...]

    13. This is a borderline 2/3 short story. This comes up as a free read from Selena Kitt, who I rate as a good BDSM/ erotica writer. Put BDSM into kindle search and this comes up, hence I added it to my BDSM reading challenge. That is why I rated it borderline 2 stars as it is not BDSM, has no links and shouldn't come up in said search. Reader beware if this is the reason you have it.However, I give it a full three stars for the story as is, which is a sad story, beginning with Cathy, an extremely in [...]

    14. This was an odd one for me. It seems Cathy is one of those women who wastes her potential and the story is showing that it is okay. Cathy seems to suffer from depression and some kind of mommy issues which drags this story down for me. Her odd behaviour to crank call people is also strange.The sex in this story is light and cute. Not really what I was expecting from a sizzling sexy writer like Ms. Kitt.

    15. The only connection I have for this book now I've read it is my fingers using the 'remove from device' button on my kindle as there is no way I will be reading this again!

    16. Very short, 36 pages, thought provoking, slighly erotic, about depressed woman who somehow makes a connection by telephone.

    17. When I read this book's description, I thought it sounded decent. It wasn't terrible, but it was a bit lacking. Based on the cover alone, I thought maybe we'd get some phone sex or something. Nope. There was sex in the book and I would say it was a panty soaker light level 2. Basically, Cathy calls random people for kicks. She's lonely and shy. She has some kind of conflict with her mom, but I never really understood that part. It almost seems like Cathy was traumatized in some way, but I have n [...]

    18. A very odd, incredibly short story.Odd girl gets a buzz out of telephoning people and just listing to them, she never says a word just listens, it's a game and they HAVE to hang up first. Then she phones a random number and gets a random bloke, Seth. Seth takes a random guess and asks if this is Cathy, her name is Cathy. I couldn't make out if they actually did know each other before this phone call as he is at the college she dropped out from. Anyway, many phone calls follow and they get to kno [...]

    19. In general I like Selena Kitt as a writer. This is, I think, the third story by her that I have read and I liked it, though I will say I enjoyed the other books I've read by her more.Anyone picking up this book should know it is a short story, told in the first person. Although it is short Ms. Kitt does a good job of showing the connection between the Caty and Seth. The ending is not necessarily an HEA but it is an appropriate ending for this story. Ms. Kitt seems to enjoy ending her stories on [...]

    20. What? The only saving grace is that this was a freebie. The end was like This had great potential I loved the premise and it reminded me of at the start.But what the actual fuck? Why is she not talking to her mum? Why is her mum not allowed to dress innocently?What happens with her and Seth just ended halfway through.Not cool.One star for freebieAnother for story ideaPlease add more to this, or add a part two! So much promise.

    21. I hate to admit this because I absolutely adore Selena Kitt, but this was not one of my favorite stories. I would have liked more backstory. Why was Cathy no longer in school? What role did her mother really play in that choice? What started Cathy's obsession with making random phone calls?I did like the fact that Cathy and Seth really got to know each before anything happened. They were able to build an emotional and intellectual connection before they physical aspect was brought into the relat [...]

    22. Rating: 3.0/5.0I liked the idea of this story. Cathy is a college dropout girl who is not in good terms with her mother and working in a grocery store. Out of boredom, Cathy calls anonymous numbers (This is set in the era before the invention of mobile phones) say nothing and wait until they hang up on her. One day a phone call leads her to get to know Seth with whom she has a conversation and this conversation turns to a daily habit where both get to know each other more over the phone until th [...]

    23. This is a short story about a young woman named Cathy who has withdrawn from the world, even her family. Her idea of reaching out is by making anonymous phone calls just so she can hear the person on the other end of the line say "Hello? Hello?" and then hang up. (Reminds me of someone whose idea of socializing is hanging out in online chat rooms.) Everything changes when she connects with Seth.I thought Selena Kitt did an excellent job of conveying Cathy's sense of loneliness and fear and isola [...]

    24. Ms. Kitt's writing is spectacular, but this particular tale left me dissatisfied. That is to say I was satisfied, but I was left wanting more. What happened to the two of them when the tale ends? I guess I could make up my own story for them now, but I'd like the tale to continue, to be fleshed out, to show me exactly how these two broken people found a connection, and most of all I want to feel the connection between them. I want to live vicariously through them and understand how broken they [...]

    25. More onTalk Supe Do you remember when phones were the only means of communication and people got their kicks from prank calls, phone pals and phone sex? Well that's the theme on this one. Cathy is bored and calls random people til she found college student, Seth. After several conversations they decided to take it further, meet up and fulfill their curiosity and fantasy for each other. And in true Selena Kitt fashion, it's steamy however the story is not as intense as Taken.

    26. Connections is not your typical Selena Kitt story. It was odd. I don't really know what to say except that I found it weird. I thought that the main protagonist, Cathy was borderline suffering some sort of mental disorder. Some may say that she was just quirky but when an adult (lonely or not) does prank telephone calls, I'm wondering what exactly is wrong with her in the head. It was a freebie on and I love sexy Selena Kitt stories so where could I go wrong? If you want something just a little [...]

    27. A really great short story. Steamy and loving at the same time.IF you are looking for a steamy "quicky" this is not the book for you. It's about a real girl, alone and lonely, who through a quirk of fatends her soul mate. yeah the sex gets steamybut it's so sweet you'll forget what your idea of erotica is. It doesn't have to be raunchy or without a storyline. Selena Kitt knows how to reach a woman's heart with her writing. I believe you will think so too.

    28. This was god damn weird. Written in first person present tense, most of this story is just Cathy telling the reader how neurotic and depressed she is. And then there is a sex scene and it's over. I'm not sure what the point of this short story was, but it made me feel bad for a fictional character and that's about it.Also, the cover shows quite a bit more pubic mound than necessary. Wow.

    29. I've never read anything by Selena Kitt, but I will now, because in 43 pages she made me a fan. You have to be an amazing writer to give someone a thorough feel for a character and her situation, put in a fun random meeting, and end it in a sort of HEA of girl meets boy and it goes well :-) ter good real world type sex!I enjoyed this very much.

    30. 1 missed connection starthe concept of this book 4 stars the beginning of it 3 stars the rest of it 1 star a girl obsessed with dialing random numbers in a phone bookbut the answer never really explained she's smart but not ?she has a job but not ?she hates her mom but why ?nothing really did it for me here

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