東京喰種トーキョーグール 9 [Tokyo Guru 9]

Tokyo Guru

  • Title: 東京喰種トーキョーグール 9 [Tokyo Guru 9]
  • Author: Sui Ishida 石田 スイ
  • ISBN: 9784088796529
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • 11 6 2

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      Published :2020-06-22T13:27:46+00:00

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    1. Sui Ishida 石田 スイ

      Also known as .Sui Ishida , Ishida Sui , born December 28, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, is a Japanese manga artistIn 2010 he won the Young Jump 113th Grand Prix award with Tokyo Ghoul , T ky Kushu In March 2011, the same oneshot was published in the 2nd Issue of Miracle Jump And later in September 2011, Tokyo Ghoul started as a series in Weekly Young Jump 2011 41 Issue In December 2011, he made another oneshot about Rize that was published in December 2011 in Miracle Jump 6th Issue, which was later collected in the 6th volume of Tokyo Ghoul.In 2013, he also started Tokyo Ghoul Jack in the digital magazine Jump LIVE.Sui Ishida is his penname nobody knows his real name or what he looks like.


    1. This was by far my least favorite in the series. I would've rather it had a focus on the ghouls, because I found the investigator's portions terribly boring. There's only one investigator that I truly care for and find interesting. I will say the story picked up when we got the ghouls section halfway through, but it took awhile to get to that point.

    2. The first part, investigators, was boring. Sure it gave me some information But still never fond of police-investigator types of stories.So happy that we came to see Hide again!Kaneki is complex with all the sweetness (thank you very much ) and killing mode. And he has developed physically too . ( I wish Touka chan saw it)Ah Touka! I see how you care about him^^And plot twist : (view spoiler)[ Rize is ALIVE! (hide spoiler)]

    3. The first chapters were so boring.My prayers have been answered and Hide was in the volume.But oh boy WHAT THE HELL? WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED? WHAT KIND OF PLOT TWIST IS THAT? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???? The ending obviously was shocking af.

    4. well well. i didn't expect this goodness. the earlier volumes were simular to the anime. i was flipping the page's knowing whats coming. but now i became a bit curious. i even i scratched my head countless times. flipping the pages frowningly asking myself did i skipped one or two episodes. but i realized i didn't. that's why they always says. dont judge a manga by its anime.😆. the manga side tracked the anime. so yeah I'm enjoying.

    5. Hmmm.Don't ask me why I keep reading this series because I have no idea myself.edit *after reading other reviews*ohhhhh that was Hide I completely forgot who he was.

    6. Questo volume era partito un po' lentamente, dato che la prima parte riguarda gli investigatori. Ma poi arriva la parte in cui ricompare Kaneki e diventa tutto migliore!(In una scena Kaneki esce dalla doccia ehtutto migliore, l'ho già detto). A parte gli scherzi adoro com'è evolito Kaneki, che non è piú il ragazzo “debole” di una volta. Però tutto questo cambiamento non è completamente positivofatti lui vuole uccidere i ghoul “cattivi” ma non vuole coinvolgere Touka, perciò [...]

    7. This is one of the main reason of starting reading this manga, I watched the anime first, so the second season for me was very very strange something was missing the entire time, and so I came here to find it and I think I didThis make sense, the build up of the second arc of the storyhis path to find the truth, the new players in the game Sure it is not action packed like the previous volume but it is still great!!!and Rize scene is 3:) 3:) 3:)

    8. This volume didn't really have any action in it, and because of this it took me way longer to read than the last one did. It evened out to be how long manga usually takes me to read, but possibly even slower because there was kind of a lot of explanations. This wasn't too bad though.This volume showed what goes on in between the big fights, during the sleuthing and planning stages. It was cool to see what the CCG investigators were up to as well as the ghouls. That has always been an interesting [...]

    9. The beginning of this volume was a bit slow, but gave some worthy info on the investigators and what they are dealing with. By the halfway point I was likehother than Hide showing up, nothing big was happening. Then, the second half started and Kaneki was back with my favorite trash Tsukiyama and I was in it again. So many twists and I can't wait to see where this goes after this.

    10. Se me hizo muy cuesta arriba éste tomo :/ me cagan esas partes que aunque necesarias de investigación y explicación, siento que no me aportan nada al momento.

    11. Storia fantastica ma troppi refusi.Da qui si distacca profondamente dall’anime (o meglio, è l’anime che non segue il manga ^.*).Bello vedere un Kaneki sì spietato ma anche affabile.Purtroppo ci sono tanti refusi e ci sono delle frase incomprensibili, completamente avulse dal discorso.Pessima traduzione e pessimo editing.Peccato perché nei volumi precedenti non avevo riscontrato questi problemi.Voto all’edizione 1EDITRilettura in attesa di leggere il sesto di TOKYO GHOUL: re

    12. lo abandone por unos días, por una idiota que dejo un spoiler en un comentario. Mi recomendación es que no lean los comentarios antes de leer el mangaro no me aguante mas y lo leí creo que he puesto que amo a kaneki en demasiadas reseñas; así que amo a kaneki

    13. Aw, Amon gives status reports to Mado’s grave.So now Mado’s daughter, Akira is going to be working under Amon.“Amon: Akira, wanna grab a bite after were done filing our report? I’ll be finished in about ten minutes.Akira: The answer is no. I’m sorry, but I try not to eat after nine.”—Page 40Denied.I’m starting to lose my patients at the fact that we’re learning Ghoul biology and not seeing what Kaneki has been doing.Wait, Amon’s father is a Ghoul?Oh shit, Hide’s working at [...]

    14. 3.5 stars, but I'm rounding up. The investigators are boring. sorry, not sorry. The first half of the volume really dragged, but once Ken & the other ghouls showed up things got much better. :)Not sure I like that hair though. :/ it looks badass when he's fighting. But it's just weird when he's his sweet normal self.That ending though. Totally made the whole boring opening worth it. Can't wait to finish book 10. Recommended to manga fans who prefer darker, gore filled stories like "attack on [...]

    15. The first half of #9 was SO brutally boring. I flew through the second half but MAN was I bored of all the CCG stuff. I know it’s important to the plot but meh. Still 4 stars in the end (more like 3.5).

    16. Die erste Hälfte war zu etwa 80% langweilig, die zweite Hälfte dafür dann viel besser und das Ende hat mich echt positiv überrascht. Trotzdem ist mein Interesse an der Serie kaum mehr existent. Lesen, nur um es gelesen/die Serie beendet zu haben ist mein Motto.Update: Der nächste Teil lag Wochenlang hier rum, aber ich hatte einfach keine Lust ihn zu lesen, obwohl es nur eine halbe Stunde gedauert hätte. Also ist mir klar geworden: Ich werde diese Reihe aufgeben. Tja, sorry Tokyo Ghoul aber [...]

    17. This volume is weird because not very much happens but it is a crucial turning point of the story. This takes place six months after volume 8 and almost immediately, I wanted to rip my eyes out from boredom. course, this was my second read through, so this was no surprise, but I found it to be true again the second time around.The first 3/5 of the book are dedicated to the CCG. I'm not quite sure what the point of it was, perhaps just an update on where the characters stood personally and in the [...]

    18. Finally! Two previous volumes were meh and I began to lose hope. Nope I'm back on track being hooked on the story!I like the structure of the volume, the pacing and story focus is great. Different plotlines are developing alongside, immeerging and submerging beautifully. I enjoyed reading about the ghoul investogators (Akira is here and Hide is in the middle of the case, Suzuya got a promotion, as well as Amon, I'm loving all this). Kaneki's squad chapters were awesome too! He's grown so much, I [...]

    19. Tokyo Ghoul remains one of, if not, the best written horror mangas to date. It's gritty and complicated, blurring the lines between humanity and monsters, with fantastic battle sequences and gore (hinted and explicit) that makes you cringe. The characters are fantastic and you're bound to find yourself rooting for at least one (human or ghoul, alike). Taking place six months after the series' greatest turning point, this volume starts out slow as it sets the stage for the finale to come. Loyalti [...]

    20. Diğer ciltlere bakınca epey yavaş ilerleyen bir ciltti, olaydan çok geçmişe dönük araştırmalar ve Kaneki'nin yeni hayatının tanıtımı niteliğinde bölümlerden ulaşıyordu. Kaneki'nin bu haline ben pek alışamasam da gerekli bir dönüşümdü, ayrıca KHB'nin işleyişi ile ilgili daha fazla yer ayrılmıştı. Ve son gerçekten çok şaşırtıcıydı, diğer ciltte neler olacak çok merak ediyorum, çünkü insanı epey merakta bırakan gerçekler ortaya çıktı. :)

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