Cormac: The Tale of a Dog Gone Missing

Cormac The Tale of a Dog Gone Missing In the same vein as Marley and Me and My Dog Skip this mostly true novel is at once a whimsical campfire mystery and a universal story about the friendship between a man and his dog Cormac a golden

  • Title: Cormac: The Tale of a Dog Gone Missing
  • Author: Sonny Brewer
  • ISBN: 9781410404572
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the same vein as Marley and Me and My Dog Skip, this mostly true novel is at once a whimsical campfire mystery and a universal story about the friendship between a man and his dog Cormac, a golden retriever who has always been afraid of thunderstorms and lightning flashes, runs away one stormy night while his master is away So begins a strange adventure that lands CorIn the same vein as Marley and Me and My Dog Skip, this mostly true novel is at once a whimsical campfire mystery and a universal story about the friendship between a man and his dog Cormac, a golden retriever who has always been afraid of thunderstorms and lightning flashes, runs away one stormy night while his master is away So begins a strange adventure that lands Cormac in the back of a red pickup truck driven by a mysterious woman, takes him to a series of dog pounds and rescue shelters, and ultimately brings him to the suburbs of Connecticut His owner, meanwhile, devastated by Cormac s disappearance and trying to juggle a family, a book tour, and writing his new novel, becomes determined to solve the dog napping case With the help of the local veterinarian, bookstore colleagues, animal rescue employees, and old friends, he picks up on Cormac s trail and watches his small town community come together in search of his lost companion Inspired by real events, and embellished only to serve the story through the spirit of imagination, Brewer has, as he says, mainly told the truth in this story of losing my good dog Cormac.

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      Sonny Brewer is the author of four novels, including The Poet of Tolstory Park and The Widow and the Tree He edited the anthology series Stories from the Blue Moon Caf and most recently, Don t Quit Your Day Job Acclaimed Authors and the Day Jobs they Quit published by MP Publishing in 2010.


    1. I'm an animal nut. I have two dogs of my own, who I adore, and who more times than not, I organize my life around any book with a picture of a dog on the cover has my interest instantly. That said, "Cormac" was an okay read, but didn't come close to measuring up to the hopes I had for it.The story is about a man and his dog. Sonny Brewer is in the midst of releasing his first novel, and touring the country to publicize it. One night, while he's thousands of miles from home, he gets a phone call [...]

    2. I felt that this book could have been much better. In the beginning, I really liked the author's writing style, but as I progressed, I didn't like it so much. I can't put my finger on it, but I felt that he was a tiny bit condescending, for lack of a better word. As a dog lover, I was mortified that he would take down perfectly good and SAFE fencing, and put a radio control shock collar on his dog at a time when he was not going to be able to monitor him (this was while he was home, but fully en [...]

    3. I got send Cormac to review for Book Divas. When I first saw the summary, I was like, wow. This is going to be an amazing book. It didn't really live up to my expectations, though. First, it had a really slow start. I almost never give up on reading a book, but I got to page fifty of this one, and I was close to putting it down. If it hadn't picked up for a little bit there, I would've put it down.Not only did it start off slow, but the pace would pick up and then drop way down like the beginnin [...]

    4. A good story and a quick read, though it takes a little bit to begin the action. Heartwarming, very honest, while not tear-jerking, emotionally rousing. However, I would caution dog owners to not use electric fences. They don't work, they're expensive, and (most importantly) they've harmful to your dog.Growing up, I had a Golden Retriever named Maggie. She was, like Cormac, afraid of thunderstorms and, again like Cormac, adept at escaping. Thankfully, we were able to find her every time, and for [...]

    5. I wasn't able to finish it. I'm sure it's a very heart warming tale, but it really didn't pull me in and get me hooked soon enough. What I did read was thoughtful, well written and heartfelt. I just didn't find it was something I could get into enough that I'd hold on to the end. I read The Biography Of A Stray (a short paperback) in middle school and loved it. I was expecting it to be like that, but it wasn't, really. That's not to say it isn't a good book, it just wasn't a fitting read for my [...]

    6. My recommendation is that if you read this book, do not do so by audiobook.The author reads this book as if he's never seen the material before, and he's been asked to read it in front of the class.Despite the fact that the subtitle of this book is "A Dog Gone Missing", only a third of the book at the most is of the dog being missing. And that was the most interesting part of the book. I love and adore my dog, especially since he is the closest thing I have to a child in my life, but I don't nee [...]

    7. Brewer spends the first half of the book on his personal history. His childhood and his dog then, the dog he had before Cormac and the arrival of the golden retriever pup. The second half of the book is the search for Cormac when he goes missing. While there is some of the anguish a pet owner feels when a pet is lost, there is also details of the search and the surprising travels of the dog. It gives pet owners another consideration if they are ever in this position.The author is widely acclaime [...]

    8. While the author Sonny Brewer is on a book tour his beloved golden retriever Cormac disappears from his home during a thunderstorm. The story is about Sonny's first getting Cormac and the subsequent search for the dog. While at first the book just moved along it was the middle and near the end when it picked up as one tried to figure out the "motives" and characters actions that dealt with Cormac. I listened to it on Playway and the author read his book. Again, at first I wasn't impressed but th [...]

    9. Sonny Brewer's story about his life with dogs. One he gave away because he just could not handle the fact that is was being a dog I guess he wanted the dog to change its habits and take the time to train the dog. Then he gets Cormac. Cormac runs off and Sonny tells his story about trying to find him. Good story but Sonny's demeanor is a turn off so that is why the two stars. Get in the car and drive to the pounds to look for the dog not just make a call, mistakes and misidentifications and cruel [...]

    10. Having recently lost (and found) a cat who went missing for 21 days, I can relate to the anguish the author felt when his dog, Cormac went missing. It was especially endearing to listen to the book read by the author with his engaging southern accent. I felt transported to Fairhope, Alabama and the Over the Transom Bookstore as the author recounted his heartbreaking experience of losing his beloved pet and the struggle to reclaim him.

    11. Sonny Brewer is an author/bookstore owner in Fairfhope AL. He wrote this memoir of his dog Cormac, his best friend until he went missing. Sonny searched for his dog, uncovering much about himself and other people in the process.I listened to the audiobook, read by Mr. Brewer himself. The performance has most of the weaknesses of an amateur reading, yet, those weaknesses help to reinforce the heartfelt truth in the tale.

    12. THE WORST animal "lover" book i have ever read.***This is not a spoiler because no one should read this book. ***the guys gives away his first dog because he could not train it righten when his next dog he bought goes missing he yells at all the shelters and rescue organizations for trying saving his dogs life.I would not be surprised if the author has never owned a pet. Also the book was named Cormac so it would pop up when people are searching for Cormack McCarthy.

    13. The kids and I read this together. It was interesting and entertaining, and kept their attention. As I read in someone else's review, not the best dog story ever, but I think he wrote it for all the people that heard about his missing dog while he was on the book tour for his first book. It was a real-life doggie whodunit, and you will probably be surprised when the story unravels as to who took the dog in the first place.

    14. A very quick excellent read about Sonny & his dog. It lacks the sad ending I've heard that exists for Marley & Me but truly describes a man's relationship with his dog. I was very disappointed in Sonny in the beginning for his & Zeb's relationship but by the end of the book had a new way of looking at Sonny.

    15. As a dog lover; who wouldn't love this book? I love to read about places I have been and seen. Cormac is from the small town of Fairhope, Alabama. A place I have been and love. I can imagine him hanging out in the bookstore and walking the very streets I love to walk when I visit there. Excellent read.

    16. I am a huge fan of animal stories with dogs being my favorite. This was a great one. It makes me want to have a golden. I also can't believe that a neighbor would be so spiteful and mean as the one in the book. It takes all kinds I guess. A good story. My only critique was that the reading was a bit unprofessional. Overall, I loved the story.

    17. Fast, pleasant, easy read. I liked his style of writing. My favorite parts of this small but true story was when the author (and "owner" of the subject dog, Cormac) would put in words what he guessed Cormac's thoughts were at any given moment.

    18. I just couldn't get into this book because the author was just annoying.The electric fence was a bad plan,not getting the dog fixed made him more likely to roam and he wouldn't even go to the shelter to look for the dog.He should be glad the dog wasn't put down because all shelters are packed.

    19. Purports to be fiction "based on a true story," but in fact reads exactly like a pet memoir, and is just fantastic and wonderful in that regard, even though I almost didn't make it past my annoyance with the first couple of backstory chapters.

    20. The way Cormac disappeared was unsettling to say the least. The journey to find him, part perseverance, part team work and a lot of luck. The writing can be a but cheesy but a good dog tale gets a good rating from me :)

    21. What a fun book to read , being a dog lover, It makes you want to hug your fella and not let him out of your sight! Well done story, not too long and geee, we love our pets.!

    22. I read this to get ready for the SC book festival. It is a moving, light read for dog people who love other dog people.

    23. A delightful and endearing story. A wonderful and fullfilling relationship between a mand and his dog. Very heartwarming.

    24. Not the best dog book I've ever read but stillGlad he got his dog back. Inspired me to get my dog chipped and an ID tag for her.

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