A Charming Secret

A Charming Secret Bubble Bubble June Heal has it all A Charming Cure her magical cure shop in the town of Whispering Falls is thriving and she s engaged to her childhood sweetheart and sheriff Oscar Park Petunia Shr

  • Title: A Charming Secret
  • Author: Tonya Kappes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Bubble Bubble June Heal has it all A Charming Cure, her magical cure shop in the town of Whispering Falls, is thriving and she s engaged to her childhood sweetheart and sheriff, Oscar Park Petunia Shrubwood is taking over as Village President and there is a new bed and breakfast in town, Full Moon Treesort Life in Whispering Falls is good Cures And Trouble EviBubble Bubble June Heal has it all A Charming Cure, her magical cure shop in the town of Whispering Falls, is thriving and she s engaged to her childhood sweetheart and sheriff, Oscar Park Petunia Shrubwood is taking over as Village President and there is a new bed and breakfast in town, Full Moon Treesort Life in Whispering Falls is good Cures And Trouble Evil begins to lurk as June s nightmares return, sending her intuition into a downward spiral A Charming Cure goes up in flames and there is a dead body in the attic, clutching one of June s cures, sending some of the residents of Whispering Falls on a hunt d she s the one they are looking for Magic Stirs June flees to her hometown of Locust Grove, reopening her cure shop at the local flea market, giving her the opportunity to use her intuition and put her sleuthing skills to work And Troubles Double Will June wake up from this nightmare in time to save Mr Prince Charming, her Fairy God cat, after her nightmare reveals his ultimate demise

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    1. As usual I loved my trip to Whispering Falls! I have loved every book in this series. They get better and better with each new story. I was so excited to get back to Whispering Falls with June,Mr. Prince Charming and the entire cast of characters. A Charming Secret quickly drew me in and I couldn't wait to see what happened but I also didn't want it to end. I always think that I have figured out who the killer is but I never get it right. As always good job,Tonya! Can't wait for the next in th [...]

    2. I love Whispering Falls KY !! June finds herself in the middle of another murder Thankfully she had Madame Torres, Prince Charming and Oscar to help her.

    3. This is the sixth book in a "Charming Mystery" series. June is happy, her charming cures potion shop is doing well, she has her boyfriend back and she is just about to hand over the presidency of the village. June never wanted to be president. A new business has gone up over night in Whispering Falls and June is shocked to discover that it is a Bed and Breakfast. The owner of the new business is not a fan of Junes and neither are some other visitors to Whispering Falls thanks to their connection [...]

    4. Another great magical mystery in Tonya Kappes' Charming series! Perhaps it is that I've read so many now, but this book seemed to go by so fast! I loved that June returned to Locust Grove for a bit. It was good to hear about her non-magical community, and how much she's grown since she moved from there to Whispering Falls.My favorite part of the book was the fantastic new business in Whispering Falls: Full Moon Treesort. I want to visit there so bad! Tonya created a beautiful retreat for Whisper [...]

    5. I absolutely love all of the Charming series books, and this one definitely doesn't disappoint!! I read the whole story in under 2 hours, I just did not want to put it down!The whole Whispering Falls group is back, along with several new characters; Petunia's sister, cousin, and best friend who has set up a new hotel in town. It is time for Petunia Shrubwood to become the President of Whispering Falls, but we all know things never go to plan for June Heal. Poor June has been having nightmares ag [...]

    6. Trouble is brewing for June Heal, owner of A Charming Cure, a homeopathic cure shop in the magical village of Whispering Falls Kentucky. June's intuition is spot on when her fairy god cat, Mr. Prince Charming, presents her with his newest addition to her charm bracelet, the Third Eye! June will need it when the body of Gwendolyn Shrubwood or "Gwenie" is found dead in the upstairs of Junes burning shop and the murderer looks like it just may be June!.With some help from her handsome fiance' Oscar [...]

    7. The sixth book in this charming series is just as good as books one through five. This time it’s the town of Whispering Falls, Ky against an evil that might or might not be mortal. This time June finds herself fighting to prove her innocence in a murder that also wrecked the roof of her shop. When she agrees to give up the presidency of their goup to Petunia, things don’t turn out as expected. Things get really dicey when June told to stay out of Whispering Falls until the case is cleared up [...]

    8. Misses the markI tried to like this series. The concept is wonderful. Who wouldn't want to live in a magical community? Well maybe not this one! Spoiler alert. Let's see 5 murders and one near fatal poisoning? All in a small community within a span of 2 years that she has lived there (6 books). Always the same person blamed who then has to prove her innocence over and over again! The residents are supposedly all her GOOD friends until they accuse her of some horrid crime. Why would anybody stay [...]

    9. June Heal is back and better than ever in this installment of the Magical Cures Series. With a new spiritualist in town and another murder, Prince Charming delivers another charm to June. Tonya takes us back to Locust Grove and weaves a wonderful tale of mystery, romance and magic. I highly recommend!!

    10. A Charming Secret is another winner in Kappes' Magical Cures Series! These are the types of books that you don't want to end, the ones where you know the town and picture yourself among the quaint shops. You never know where trouble brews though or if our lovely June Heal's spiritual gift will be enough this time. Don't miss this book!

    11. It was so great to be back in Whispering Falls with June Heal and Mr. Prince Charming and the rest of the characters.Evil is a brewing for June and she finds herself having to clear her own name.Twists and turns and an ending that surprised me.

    12. It just lacked some of the flair the first parts had. I felt parts were hurried. Over all i would read it over, but it's not as addictive as the first books were

    13. Another fun magical cozy read by Tonya Kappes! I always enjoy returning to Whispering Falls to try and solve another mystery!

    14. A very light, witchy book and a bit of mystery to be solved with June Heal and her magical cure shop, A Charming Cure, slap bang in the middle of it all.There is lovely interplay between all the characters from the town of Whispering Falls, some supporting June and others against her.Things are getting serious between June and her beau, Oscar and there are some delightful moments that they share.I love the way Tonya Kappes has put this story together and it kept me reading till long past my bedt [...]

    15. CAUTION! THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE BOOK ALREADY!!!!!!!This is another good book by Tonya Kappes. Though I did just realize that I read this book and the last book I reviewed backwards. The reason I did that was because I didn't realize that it went this one and then the last one I reviewed. But oh well. This book was very good.I knew that Petunia had family members that were spiritualists I just didn't know that she had a cousin and a sister [...]

    16. I love my visits to Whispering Falls. I can't believe I let myself get behind in this series but glad I picked it back up. This author does such a fabulous job of creating the town of Whispering Falls that the reader is instantly transported and feels as if they are actually visiting. I love June but boy can she get herself into some trouble. I love how the author is writing the relationship between June and Oscar as well has how it is progressing. The villagers and secondary characters round ou [...]

    17. Despite the negative story aspects (murder and suspicion of our heroine), this was a really fun book! The character names are a hoot, and a *treesort* or tree resort, is truly unusual. Every one in the town is psychically gifted, and June's cat is Mr Prince Charming, and her crystal ball is Madam Torres. Good plot with some dandy twists! Clues are in the publisher's blurb, so no spoilers. I have never read any of this series or author, but I certainly will make sure to have one or two around for [...]

    18. June is about to hand off the village presidency to Petunia. Petunia has family in town for the ceremony and June doesn't exactly get off on the right foot with the visitors, and one new resident. During the ceremony June's shop catches fire. Once the fire is out and they are able to go into the building they find one of the visitors dead in the attic. June is suddenly the prime suspect in a murder. She slips out of Whispering Pine and returns to her old home in Locust Grove just ahead of a lync [...]

    19. An Enticing StoryA Charming Secret (Magical Cures Mystery Series Book 6 by Tonya Kappes offers a storyline rich in detail and characters. The main character June even goes through a circular development where she finds herself once again selling her homemade remedies at the Locust flea market drawing on her experiences with her mother that she had as a child. Author Tonya Knappes once again creates a book filled with interesting plot twists, colorful characters, and intricately detailed descript [...]

    20. When I start each book in this series,it's like I'm coming back to family. I really love this series. There is witchcraft,a hunky detective who just happens to be a wizard .d really knows how to use his, June has really gained the confidence she needs to develop her potions using her gift and relying on her own intuition. Her relationship with Oscar is going in the right direction. People are coming to her shop for her "magical cure",and someone in her cozy town has a baby secret.Tonya [...]

    21. The stories have gotten more involved and darker since the beginning. I think the storytelling has improved. There is some repeating of main themes but that is natural in a series. The side characters have been becoming more dimensional but I'm still a bit annoyed that they don't show much loyalty to the main character and quickly become doubtful and "judgy".The world of spiritualists created by the author is quite interesting and there are several stories begging to be pursued (more about the a [...]

    22. Nothing But the TruthThe only thing I didn't like about this book was that we had to wait so long to get it. The good news is Tonya is writing so many wonderful, different series, you ALMOST don't mind waiting. I have read all the books in the series and they just keep getting better. In this book, everyone thinks June killed someone and June has to prove her innocence. Remember the saying "It is always the one you least suspect?"

    23. I just love the Magical cures books and Whispering Falls. Tonya Kappes does such a fantastic job of weaving these mysteries. As I was reading this book, I found myself yelling clues out loud to June Heal as to who the killer was! I wish Whispering Falls was a real village and I could go visit. Reading about all of these glorious shops makes me want to visit them in real life. Another fantastic read.

    24. So predictable!I originally loved the series but (spoiler) there's a murder in every single book and June is always blamed. The townspeople always turn against her, and she always forgives them so easily. It's so frustrating. It's also weird how she trusted Peony so much after only just meeting her.

    25. Another great mystery with a twist! June is in the center of evil happenings once again in Whispering Falls. She is going to have to depend on her supernatural powers and her familiars more than she ever has before. I love this village and all the residents!! A great paranormal mystery series you can't miss out on.

    26. Love seriesLove the stories. The characters are ones you cheer on and can't wait to see what will happen next. I do find the author re poo eats herself way too much. I wish she would know people catch on even if they missed a book. I will keep reading series

    27. Adore the characters, plot and community, but shake my head at June stubbornly naive. Ignoring advices and warning even from her own intuition made her into another murder suspects, this time June has to fled to her old house and re-open the flea market

    28. Always glad to visit with the quirky characters from the magical village of Whispering Falls! This series is such a fun, light, fast read - just perfect to wind down at the end of the day. Looking forward to the next one.

    29. Is is a book to read when u r stressed out, tired or sick. The writing is flawed but the magical town makes it worth the ride. I would love to spend the weekend there visiting all the shops and stay in the treehouse lodge for a romantic getaway.

    30. There are new beginnings and ends in this story. The nightmares return. Oscar is back- in the way that counts. June gets herself into another pickle and is being her stubborn self. We get a peak at the hotness that is June and Oscar. There is a nice surprise at the end.

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