Eight Days

Eight Days Suicide That s what being with Kate Browdy is She s sick And now my father has knocked her out because her immune system can t deal with this virus Seven years of fighting leukemia is destroying her I

  • Title: Eight Days
  • Author: D. Nichole King
  • ISBN: 9781505577587
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback
  • Suicide That s what being with Kate Browdy is She s sick And now my father has knocked her out because her immune system can t deal with this virus Seven years of fighting leukemia is destroying her I can t deal with this I m not strong like her Survival instinct kicks in, so I do what I know I call Ellie Numb the pain But there shouldn t even be pain What is itSuicide That s what being with Kate Browdy is She s sick And now my father has knocked her out because her immune system can t deal with this virus Seven years of fighting leukemia is destroying her I can t deal with this I m not strong like her Survival instinct kicks in, so I do what I know I call Ellie Numb the pain But there shouldn t even be pain What is it about this girl She s not good for me, and I m not good for her I m a freaking disaster, and Kate deserves better Maybe it s time to cut my losses.

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      I m pretty sure I drink too much Pepsi I m also pretty sure that somedays it s what keeps me sane Well, Pepsi and writing, that is.I m a dreamer, an inspirer I find beauty in weakness, brokenness, and heartbreak In life, and joy, and happiness These moments don t define us, but the choices we make in these moments do.I write about these moments About the choices we make and the paths we tread About the circumstances that make us who we are and the experiences that will lead us to who we will become.I write about life Love Pain And hope It s not about the ending it s about the journey.


    1. GENIUS TWIST!So many authors fall into the trap of recreating a successful book from a different point of view. As a reader, that is NOT what I'm looking for when I buy installment number 2. Of any book I've read, this—Eight Days—is the most stellar, most prominent example of the complete opposite. D Nichole King throws us into the midst of the the story from Love Always, Kate, and lets us relive eight scary days from the point of view of Damian, Kate's love interest. And what he went throug [...]

    2. A review from the author? Weird, I know. But this isn't technically a review. No, it's a thank you.Thank you to all the readers, reviewers, and bloggers who have either left a review for "Love Always, Kate" or messaged me your thoughts. This book, "Eight Days", was spawned by your comments. When I wrote the first book, I had no intentions of writing a novella. But you wanted more of Damian. His POV. Why he fell for Kate. And so I wrote "Eight Days." I hope that you enjoy it, and that through it, [...]

    3. To understand the depth of love one must live it. And that’s exactly what happened with this novella. I lived it. Kate and Damian. And now? I get their love. I further understand it. Understand them. That their love didn’t see illness or pain. Their love just is. “Leukemia is the catalyst that shows the world how wonderful she really is.”I will admit. I don’t read many novellas. Simply because I want a complete story. Not just part of it. But, Eight Days? It is simply the missing piece [...]

    4. !!!3.5 Very Cranky Stars!!! 3.5 stars because I can't say that it wasn't well written, and I'm not going to hold it against the author that I pretty much hated this story. Actually, that is still a testament to her abilities to bring out emotion in the reader, even if it is negative emotion.Love Always, Kate, the first book in this series, was heartwrenching, but beautiful. In it, I had some issues with Damian Lowell's character, but saw the good in him and his love of Kate. I do not doubt that [...]

    5. I cannot get enough of this story and enough about sweet Kate and troubled, tormented Damian. There’s always been something about love in the face of death that moves me, and that’s the kind of story Eight Days is—love dancing on the edge of a knife.For those of you not in the know, Eight Days is the companion novella to Love Always, Kate. Here we get to live inside Damian Lowell’s mind during the time that Kate was in a coma. And oh Damian, how my heart hurt for you. One of the things I [...]

    6. Leer esto es un acto horriblemente masoquista, el primer libro me mató emocionalmente. Acá podemos saber lo que pasaba con Damian mientras Kate estaba en coma y realmente no ayuda, esa sensación de amor - odio que me provoca su poca consecuencia emocional, quiere ser mejor para ella pero por otro lado hace lo contrario.

    7. leer este POV fue Extraño de algo que ya paso y saber como es el final de Desgarrador , en verdad dan ganas de hacerse bolita otra ves

    8. A very quick read, read it in one sitting in a little over an hour. I did enjoy reading this and getting to see some of Damian and what he felt and was going through but on the other hand, part of me lost a little love for him seeing what he was doing, I loved him in Love ALways, Kate and my heart broke for him and have been anxiously waiting for his book so at first when I thought this was his, I was a little disappointed to find out it is a portion of LAK where Kate is in the drug induced coma [...]

    9. Oh god, this story just pulls you in! I can't cope :'( I don't think I can read the next book, not unless Kate is going to come back to life and she and Damien can get married, have 10 kids and live happily every after! Please let that happen, please

    10. Title: Eight Days Author: D. Nichole KingSeries or Standalone: Love Always, Kate Novella (1.5)Genre: Contemporary Romance, Coming Of AgeRating: 5 Stars ***** Review:When I’ve been asked about books that have affected me, ones that have altered the way I read as well as my life in general, there is always one book that comes to mind before any other. And that book is Love Always, Kate, which without, this book would not exist. I can still to this day even though I can’t bring myself to go ba [...]

    11. I was lucky enough to win an ARC copy of Eight Days and I absolutely loved it! This book is in Damian's POV and it takes place during the eight days that Kate is in an induced coma. You get a look in how he struggles with his feelings for Kate, for Ellie and the promise he made to his brother, the possibility that there is a chance that he might lose Kate and whether he is strong enough to go through something like that again, as well as if he deserves to be with someone like Kate! His actions i [...]

    12. I won an ARC of this book last night and devoured it in a little under an hour this morning, it's that good. I love that we get to see everything from Damien's point of view and how everything effects him much more than he lets on. Kate is a tangible presence in this book,a warrior who is fighting for her life and loving life along the way. I love how the author didn't try to make her a pity me character, or even like a martyr, she is such a strong character and she is a huge reason Damien tries [...]

    13. 4.5 stars. This novella and glimpse into Damian's head was very well-written in his POV, but I'm conflicted about what to think because Damian is a complete mess. From Love Always, Kate, I knew he was tackling big personal issues, but wanted to think the best of him, especially in terms of how he was there for Kate during some of the hardest times. It was obvious to me how much he cared for her. I can't say that I liked Damian more because he really can be a complete douchebag, but I also saw ho [...]

    14. I recieved a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through Wicked Reads. After reading the first book, I was in love with this story. This novella was like a bonus to it. I loved it. For being so short, it had so much emotion in it. It was a quick read for me and I couldn't put it down. Getting to see Damian's perspective was a great add on to the storyline and I really liked it. I would definitely suggesst any reader of this storyline to make sure to read this one. Thanks to the au [...]

    15. I am glad we got this little missing piece of what happened while Kate was out for those eight days and what Damien went through while waiting for her to wake up. I think Damien really needs to stop at the nurses station and find out where the psychiatric unit is, because he needs H E L P! I can't decide if I should feel sorry for him or hate him. I kind of wanted to choke him a little bit. He could be so sweet with Kate and then go do something stupid that made me want to scream. I can't wait t [...]

    16. Eight Days is a novella that takes us on the emotional rollercoaster in Damian during an eight day span of Love Always, Kate. I can only imagine the difficulty in going from Kate's POV to Damian's POV, but King has done a wonderful job, and really made me feel with and for Damian while he battles his demons.

    17. I enjoyed reading this novella from Damien's POV. I didn't always understand where he was coming from or agree with his choices, but it was interesting and well written. A good inbetweener story for the series.+I received this a a First Reads Give away+

    18. I think it was important for us to hear Damian's side of how he felt when Kate was at her sickest. I'm a little disappointed in him though.

    19. 4.5 Broken StarsThis novella is pure Damian - in all of his misery and yes, his beauty. Do yourself huge favor and read it. You won't be sorry.

    20. ugh! I had typed about a 500 word or so review and it went *poof* before I hit the save button. will try again later when I've calmed down.

    21. so amazing to be able to read these scenes from Damian's POV. I really enjoyed it. and even though it was short it was perfect for a novella and setting the premise for Love Always, Damian.

    22. Este hombre lo único que sabe es compadecerse a si mismo de su pobre vida. No soporto a los hombres debiles que siempre dependen de alguien para dar un paso adelante.

    23. Bueno, no pude resistir leer de inmediato este libro que cuenta el punto de vista de Damian.La autora no decepcionó. Realmente fue impactante para mí poder ver lo mucho que influenció Kate a Damian; al inicio si me pareció que la atracción de él hacia ella era algo forzada e inesperada, pero poco a poco, al ir viendo todo lo que pasó, me di cuenta de que entendí mucho más las actitudes y situaciones de Damian del primer libro.En este, pude ver con total crudeza la vida de una persona ro [...]

    24. This was unbelievably so hard to read. I loved seeing those eight days from Damian's POV, but then againI really didn't. What he did, the battles in his own head, the indecision and his actionsGod! I want to hate him, but he's so broken. I get that he needs Ellie in his own way, and he wants to keep a promise he made to his brother, but NO! This story made me both stabby and hurt, but in the end, I just want to bundle Damian up and never let anything hurt him.I'm so scared to read his book. I'm [...]

    25. I'm really glad that the author decided to make this book, since i have always wondered what happened in those 8 days that Kate was in a coma. You find out whats really going through Damian's mind and everything he goes through with kate he clearly really loves her. I highly recommend reading this after the first book. I loved this book because it shows the love, and pain he goes through with Ellie and Kate. It sucks you in,I just loved it. I really liked seeing his point of view with everything [...]

    26. This novella is actually the 2nd book in the series, but I read it last. It does a lot to explain the relationship between Damian and Ellie in the early days, even though at the end of the first book, you don't realize how much of a relationship they actually have. I was kind of annoyed at Damian for his actions in this book, but then it all kind of ties the relationships he has with Ellie and Kate together. So, yes, he's kind of a jerk, but I guess I already knew that.

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