Battle Lines

Battle Lines Battle Lines is the fifth book in Dr Bradley s Survivalist series It features six full page illustrations Series Order Frontier Justice Anarchy Rising Judgment Day Madness Rules Battle Lines and

  • Title: Battle Lines
  • Author: Arthur T. Bradley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Battle Lines is the fifth book in Dr Bradley s Survivalist series It features six full page illustrations Series Order Frontier Justice, Anarchy Rising, Judgment Day, Madness Rules, Battle Lines, and Finest Hour.Description Convinced that a militia leader holds the key to finally exacting justice, Deputy Marshal Mason Raines enters the destroyed city of Lexington TBattle Lines is the fifth book in Dr Bradley s Survivalist series It features six full page illustrations Series Order Frontier Justice, Anarchy Rising, Judgment Day, Madness Rules, Battle Lines, and Finest Hour.Description Convinced that a militia leader holds the key to finally exacting justice, Deputy Marshal Mason Raines enters the destroyed city of Lexington Traveling with the unlikeliest of allies, he must confront mutated survivors of the Superpox 99 virus as well as an elite group of military assassins sent to clean up evidence of President Pike s crimes.Meanwhile, Tanner and Samantha discover that their Naval Observatory hideaway isn t as safe as they would have liked to believe Forced to once again travel the roads, they face all new threats, including bloodthirsty animals, and survivalists with a twisted system of justice When they come face to face with patient zero, not only does the origin of the virus become clear but also a glimmer of hope for mankind s last survivors.With sanity continuing to slip away, President Pike orders the abduction and murder of General Carr As plans falter and allies depart, he is forced to accept that a larger showdown is coming Battle lines are being drawn, and in the end, only the most ruthless will be left standing.To find out about the next book in The Survivalist saga, or to sign up for Dr Bradley s FREE Practical Prepper Newsletter, go to disasterpreparer.

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      Events have made me who I am, neither a hardcore survivalist nor an all trusting soul I am a Boy Scout in the truest sense of the word dedicated to family, country, and good citizenship As you may already know, an enabling element of those ideals is being prepared.It took the horrific events of 9 11 to wake me from my routine complacency In one single moment, I came to realize that our world is not as safe as we would all like to believe We have no guarantee of safety in this world Disasters occur on an almost daily basis all around the globe Major events in recent years have included the devastating tsunamis striking Japan and the coast of Sumatra, the rash of tornadoes that swept across the U.S in 2011, Hurricane Katrina, the deadly earthquake in Haiti, and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to name just a few.I believe with all my heart that we have a duty to prepare our families for the dangers they face I started my preparation by reading nearly every disaster preparedness book currently available If you check , you will see that I am the 1 reviewer for many of these books Even with all the material out there, I could not find a single book that offered a complete, well reasoned approach to practical preparedness As a NASA engineer, I took up the challenge by conducting very careful research disecting fact from folklore Three years and many thousands of dollars later, I have finally released a handbook that offers well researched advice that can be put into practice in the real world by normal families.I wrote this handbook for my own family, but I would be honored to share it with yours If you are not fully satisfied with the Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness for the Family, send it back, and I ll refund your money, no questions asked.Arthur T Bradley, Ph.D.


    1. I incorrectly assumed that this epic dystopian series concluded with book #6 "The Finest Hour" (not included by ) but since subsequent book or books are not yet published, I'll comment on the first six as chapters in the same book. Book #1, "Frontier Justice", sets the stage for a post apocalyptic world devastated Superpox-99, a pandemic that killed 90% of the world's population. US Marshal Mason Raines is vacationing at his family cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains and returns to a world despera [...]

    2. End Game ApproachsFather and son, two extreme ends of justice, have decided President Glass has challenged Pike for a final roll of the bones. Whoever comes out on top will assume leadership of the U.S. and have control during this first part of Reconstruction, ensuring their ideals will be the prevailing ones when the smoke clears.

    3. very good seriesOne of the best as far a storyline & characters but the way the disease turns people n2 creatures is for the birds. Other than that a good solid read with down to earth characters

    4. Staying AliveI've enjoyed the characters and the plots. Once I started reading I couldn't stop till I finished that section of the book, but also I'm only on book five and I have gone over my monthly budget for books. So here is where I leave Tanner, Sam, Mason and Bowie. It was entertaining while it lasted.

    5. Expensive, for the series, but the books are worth the price.Good read. Keeps your interest. Plot keeps you guessing about what is coming next. Sometimes I'm right and sometimes the book surprises me.

    6. I love this series.This series is one of the best I have ever read. Normally I only read stand alone novels. But I have gotten totally immersed in these stories. I love the characters. I love the writing. Great action scenes.

    7. Great as alwaysWonderful suspenseful story. Great story. Recommended. 5 stars. Love Bowie, Tanner and Sam. The lines have been drawn. Read it

    8. Note: this review is based upon a complimentary copy of the novel tendered by the author.Arthur Bradley's latest installment to The Survivalist series is both a return to form and a sign of the author's evolution as a writer. Concise, fast-paced, high energy and emotion fill nearly every page of Battle Lines. Dr. Bradley employs a formulaic approach to his novels--one that fails to grow old and is undoubtedly appreciated by his readers; fans of the series know what to expect going into each book [...]

    9.  In battle it is the cowards who run the most risk; bravery is a rampart of defense. - SallustThis is one "killer" of a post-apocalyptic series. BATTLE LINES is the fifth book in the series and the author is ramping up for the grand finale.I have read the entire series to date:1. "Frontier Justice (The Survivalist)"2. "Anarchy Rising (The Survivalist)"3. "Judgment Day (The Survivalist)"4. "Madness Rules (The Survivalist)"In this Book 5 of the series, the "Battle Lines (The Survivalist)" a [...]

    10. Mason, Tanner, Samantha, and the new gal Lelia finally all get together towards the end of the book. Mason's investigation is complete but for dispensing justice to the guilty parties of the U.S. Marshal's massacre. Tanner and Samantha have completed all their tasks and have settled down at the Raines' cabin.Some of the names used within the book are pretty funny. There is a peanut butter monster (yes, I said peanut butter) called a "fish taco" and then there's a militia villain named "Lenny Bru [...]

    11. Day of the underdogsIf you think nice people finish last and you only help someone if they can give you a credit point return, you know who you are, I dare you to read this series.This continues to be a great readers escape series. So entertaining and thought inducing.I bought it all.

    12. As the rouge president launches nukes into Lexington a true u.s marshal is going to capture a man named Lenny as the nukes reach the city before him and now ventureing into a radiation filled city just to search if there is anything left of this lenny guy with black dogs around the city its up to him to find him before the black dogs

    13. Better on every read!!I can not say enough about this series of books, superbly written and just found myself in each book wanting to experience every well written word. I read many books but few go so quickly as Mr. Bradley's books. Then when done just can not wait for the next in the series.Keep up the great writing Mr Bradley!

    14. As the story progresses it becomes more intricate. The characters continue to grow and develop more. Hopefully there will be more purpose in the next installment and the story can move along some more.

    15. The plot really thickens and gets very interesting. I am enjoying how the principal characters are developing as well as the development and involment of a number of the secondary characters. I will definitely finish the series.

    16. Need more SupergradeWell written. A few illustrations. A little less gunslinging in this one; the Supergrade didn't get much action. I'm enjoying this series. Would love to know what's going on outside the circles of Mason, Tanner, Pike, and Glass.

    17. I hear all kinds of long descriptions of what's good and what's not good about the books, bottom line for me is; I have been really enjoying the whole storyline! Each book gets better than the last. Ready to start book 6 today!

    18. When is the next oneSo much going on that it takes you from interested to mega page Turner to not being able to put it down. The whole series is this way. I can hardly wait for next book!

    19. Battle Lines survivalist BK 5 I am anxious to get to the next book to see how this all ends, on the other hand, I will be sad that it is over. The characters are wonderful and I catch myself both laughing and crying through out the book.

    20. This is a fine series. It's quite entertaining and easy to read. One nitpick: Is it really necessary for Mason Raines to find a new leading girl EVERY book?! Can't he go one book without meeting (and bedding) a hot damsel in distress? That one aspect just gets a bit tiresome . . .

    21. As the series continues, the story lines are improving exponentially. Plus, I live in Lexington, so it was intriguing to read the description of my town as a post apocalyptic wasteland.

    22. FantasticI love this series. I can't wait till the next book. Each one has pulled me in deeper. Keep them coming.

    23. Great storyTanner and Marshall Raines are awesome. Their supporting characters, Leila and Sam are super in their roles too. Good action series.

    24. Great readThis series has been such a fast paced read. Like the Sam and Tanner team. Looking forward to the next adventure.

    25. Great seriesThis book has a great storyline that is easy to follow. There are many great characters in this series that will keep you following along.

    26. Good seriesCan't wait for the next book! Can't wait to see what Tanner, Samantha, Mason, Bowie, and Leila have up their sleeves!

    27. Very good It's a good story that will leave you wanting more. Tanner is quite a character and it's hard not to like him.

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