NIV, Archaeological Study Bible: An Illustrated Walk Through Biblical History and Culture

NIV Archaeological Study Bible An Illustrated Walk Through Biblical History and Culture From the beginnings of Genesis to the end of Revelation this new study Bible is filled with informative articles and full color photographs of places and objects that will open readers eyes to the hi

  • Title: NIV, Archaeological Study Bible: An Illustrated Walk Through Biblical History and Culture
  • Author: Anonymous Duane A. Garrett Walter C. Kaiser Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780310926054
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the beginnings of Genesis to the end of Revelation, this new study Bible is filled with informative articles and full color photographs of places and objects that will open readers eyes to the historical context of the stories and people of the Scripture.

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      483 Anonymous Duane A. Garrett Walter C. Kaiser Jr.
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    1. I don't have anything against this book, but it gets one star because some fucking Larry the Cable Guy lookalike and his bovine looking wife gave Karen and I both way too much shit yesterday because their fat asses were blocking shelves while they each leafed through this book. Like good Christians when asked politely to please sit so they weren't in the way, I was told that he'll sit wherever he pleases, and that since is going to buy something he can do whatever he pleases. Fuck him, fuck his [...]

    2. It's almost hard for me to believe that I bought two of these Bibles back in the day when the first came out. One for myself and a second one for my sister-in-law with the Bachelor of Science in Anthropology. SisterA and my brother were married when I was about 14 years old and I always remember her excitement whenever she went "on a dig". Then eight years later, I heard about this Bible and I knew it was the perfect gift for her. Now four years later, this Bible is still selling strong and ther [...]

    3. this is my first study bible ever and i am loving it. i looked at a bunch of different ones in the store and this seemed to be a style i really liked. lots of info, history, facts, maps. it is so chock full of information, you don't get very far very fast! but it pulls in all the most recent archaeological info related to whatever you're reading. it's extremely interesting and i think gives a much broader and deeper understanding of what you're reading. the one thing i don't like so far is the d [...]

    4. I've never read the Bible--none of the New Testament, and in Sunday school I only learned stories of the Torah without any real first-hand reading of it. So a year or so ago I decided once and for all to buy the thing and read it. Have you ever tried to buy a Bible? Which version to choose, which version to choose. I've always been fascinated by the archeological and historical basis of the Bible, and I was a lot more comfortable buying and reading the Bible with an intellectualizing rationale i [...]

    5. Although from my limited research, I would lean toward the ESV Bible, this is an incredible work. I had the opportunity to study archaeology in Israel under Todd Bolen, and many of his pictures are included in this edition. (for more of his work: bibleplaces) This book includes a variety of articles highlighting significant archeaological finds, debates, and culturally appropriate annotations. It has cast a lot of light on many Biblical texts for me in my own personal study, especially in the Ol [...]

    6. I love Biblical archaeology and I love seeing how the events in the Bible actually took place in real time and space. The little historical previews here in this study Bible are a great introduction to the world of historical Biblical reality. I've read through the Bible multiple times now, but the new information in this edition makes me excited to read it once more.

    7. This is an awesome Bible!!! If you are into archaeology like me, then this Bible is for you. it has lots of side stories about recent archaeological finds that coincide with stories in the Bible. Really informative and neat to have a glimpse of life back then.

    8. I try to read from this daily. Not only does it have all the scriptures, it has all sorts of great historical notes from the beginning of time to through the life of the apostles.

    9. --Edit 2015--I first read this while still an Evangelical Christian and I found the commentary helpful (it probably helped keep me as one longer). Since that time my views have changed and I dislike the commentary. For example in Genesis evolution is immediately discussed, the commentary tells us that the bible allows for variations in "kinds" of animals but the bible doesn't allow for a species to evolve into a different one. I'm not too sure why this is mentioned here, but it quickly shows the [...]

    10. Chock full of cultural and historical notes, gorgeous photography, maps and tables, this bible is an excellent way to gain understanding of scripture that may otherwise entirely escape one's notice. It also adds insight to common misperceptions about many scriptures. One way this is done is put put things in perspective and remind the reader not to measure actions against today's standards, but the standards of the time it was written. Weights, measurements, monetary values are all explained in [...]

    11. I have a fair amount of skepticism for the barrage of specialized bibles that have been coming out lately. The apologetics bible, the reformation bible, and on and on. I thought we had enough of this crap already, the couple's devotional bible, the teen study bible, the soldier's bible, the chicken soup for the bible's soul edition, or whatever. Then I saw this new addition to a long list specialized bibles in my church library and checked it out. I have got to say I am pretty impressed. I hones [...]

    12. This is an excellent resource that I'm sure I will refer back to often and is now my main paper copy of the Bible that I will use.

    13. I just received this Bible for Mother's Day. My goal is to read the entire Bible, commentary, articles and text. I will now read this side-by-side with the African Bible Commentary. After I finish the African Bible Commentary, I will continue in this Bible to cover the entire work. The commentary and articles are EXCELLENT. I am thoroughly enjoying the insights into ancient culture, geography and history. I'm disappointed in the maps in the back, I was expecting a lot more in that regard. They a [...]

    14. This Bible is absolutely the most exciting study version I've ever seen! Not only is the NIV translation accurate, but easy to read and comprehend.The archaeological articles envelope and take one back to the moment of scripture origin. Notes on the original Greek, Hebrew (& rare Arabic) script help one fully understand the full impact and intention of the text.This Bible also includes invaluable sections such as Bible Book introductions including information about the author, cultural & [...]

    15. I bought my Bible several years ago. I had mentioned to a friend that I was gonna get a study Bible, and she, knowing how much I loved history and archaeology, recommended that I check this one out. I did, and am so happy that I got it. It has so many insights into the background of the the Bible stories, and it's got study notes as well. My Bible also has a really nice leather cover that I was able to get my name embossed into, although I think (and I could be wrong about this) that there is a [...]

    16. This is my favorite Bible, ever. As an analogy, let me mention my grandmother's spaghetti recipe. It was meant to be dinner, but the spaghetti sauce (with ground meat, etc.) was so good that we'd eat it like dessert. That's what this Bible is like. The articles are soooo informative -- really giving you so much cultural insight into what you're reading without giving you the commentator's particular interpretation (as with many study Bibles). Makes me want to go to Gordon-Conwell Seminary (which [...]

    17. This is one of the Bibles I use for in-depth study. It has great background and notes in addition to being NIV, which is the version I like best for studying. The maps are great, as is the CD that comes with and makes it easy to use. I'm not putting a "finished" date, since I use this one for studying, so go back and reference it a lot.

    18. This is my favorite modern version of the Bible, because of how history is interwoven into each section of the Bible. For me, reading the history of the world makes comprehending the Bible easier, more complete.

    19. I have used this as a both a teaching tool and a study guide since it was first published. The companion CD includes a wealth of resources that any avid student of Scripture will find extremely useful.

    20. I've read the Bible through several times, but I found reading this one interesting. The historical connections and discussions of archaeological finds enlightened my reading. I took 2 years to read this time so I could read all the notes and articles. I read the New Testament last year and the Old Testament this year.

    21. Amazing collection of historyIt is one of the rare jewel - a collection of historical evidences for the word of God, all in one place with cross references for almost everything possible. Must have book in very home

    22. A great reference book, this version of the Bible offers unique look at the historical and archaeological backdrop of events that occurred in the Bible. WHile I doubt that anyone will read it cover-to-cover (it's mammoth in size), it is an indespensibel addition to your scriptural library.

    23. I love the notes and insights tucked into the scripture. The authors even offer views other than their own when scholars disagree on historical findings. I appreciate all the info, but will have to read it several times before I remember even half of what's in there!

    24. The text of the New International Version with many articles and explanations of history, archaeology, geography, etc.The NIV text is thought-for-thought and generally makes defensible interpretive decisions. Genesis 8:21 comes out of nowhere with its original sin/total depravity focus that is not warranted from the text; "sinful nature" for sarx, the flesh, in the NT, is also a bit jaundiced. I greatly appreciated the many articles; they do a very good job of teaching about what is known about [...]

    25. 5 stars for the production value of this book. The Audience, Timeline, and Outline sections for each book were helpful. The historical notes & photos did TRY to be objective. 2 stars because I know the NIV COMPLETELY changed the intent of at least 2 passages.Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, Chronicles: not much spoke to me. Amos, Hosea, and Micah were pretty rockin'. And, with help from Bart Ehrman's DVDs, the NT gospels are appreciated, muchly and greatly. The Epistles, hit or miss. Paul seem [...]

    26. This is an excellent translation that is both easy to read and similar enough to previous translations (I'm thinking about NKJV in particular) to be familiar. The historical context really helps to understand various passages and details that would likely otherwise be lost on the reader. The one thing that bugged me was that the editor shied away from anything that could be deemed even remotely controversial - traditional church views or practices were given just as much credence as scientific d [...]

    27. 8/20/12 - I chose the NIV for this session of Bible in 90 Days. I'm not reading it for the archaeological insights in the sidebars but because it's the only NIV I own. The program is very fast-paced so I'm not sure I'll have time to read any of the archaeological information!10/25/12 - Today I finished the Old Testament! I was correct in that I haven't had much time to read the archaeological insights. I've read several and hope to read more once this whirlwind reading schedule is complete.11/16 [...]

    28. My Bible. This version has great information about the locations, etc. in the Bible. Whenever I sit in Bible study or small groups, there is usually some great tidbits of information that go along with the study lessons. Some individuals are usually very interested to find out what information can be pulled out and used in conjuction with the lesson or discussion. Thank you mom and dad for getting this great book for me.

    29. This is one of the few complete Bibles that offers a good, solid, commentary. The translation, like most English translations, is not taken directly from the Hebraic-Greco (original) writings, so there are quite a few mistakes however, this is the best translation in print today.If you are looking for a new Bible, or a new commentary, I would definitely try this one out before turning to the more expensive commentaries.

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