The Engineer Wizard

The Engineer Wizard Paul Armstead is your average American senior citizen and electrical engineer He s years old unremarkably unattractive and a self proclaimed science fiction nut He s lived the American dream in d

  • Title: The Engineer Wizard
  • Author: Glenn Michaels
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Paul Armstead is your average American senior citizen and electrical engineer He s 61 years old, unremarkably unattractive, and a self proclaimed science fiction nut He s lived the American dream in drab, typical fashion without a single noteworthy event in his rather mundane life So how does he end up fleeing from one end of the world to the other, dodging government dPaul Armstead is your average American senior citizen and electrical engineer He s 61 years old, unremarkably unattractive, and a self proclaimed science fiction nut He s lived the American dream in drab, typical fashion without a single noteworthy event in his rather mundane life So how does he end up fleeing from one end of the world to the other, dodging government dragnets, evil, nightmarish monsters known as the Oni, good wizards, bad wizards, beautiful women, spies, and wizardly spells Well, it is entirely the genie s fault.

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    1. Paul has an ordinary life that is slowly killing him - that is until he picks up a stranger stranded in a storm - Given 3 wishes Paul does not choose the usual route and it changes his life. Shortly he finds himself on the run and in fear of his life. I found this book more enjoyable than expected and its better than a lot of self published fantasy I've read, though having said that is still somewhat uneven and the ending a bit strange for a fantasy novel with the character on the run. Its good [...]

    2. This is an original review from bookedandloaded - I personally purchased this title. All opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.The Engineer Wizard by Glenn Michaels is the first book in The Genie and the Wizard series. This is a DNF review. After a very strenuous attempt to listen and make it though, I got to about the 1/2 way mark before deciding I just needed to move on.It has been a very long time since I have posted a DNF review. Making it just short of the half-way mark befo [...]

    3. Great read! Sort of like _Wizard's Bane_Very entertaining - I'm really looking forward to the sequel. This story reminds me of Rick Cook's _Wizard's Bane_ in that it shows what an engineer can get out of a magical system that the magicians may not have anticipated :)

    4. The Engineer Wizard is clearly a fantasy book based on its title. It tries to bridge the divide that literature has created between fantasy and science. Many books make the combination of these factors present in futuristic societies that really just set these two subjects further apart from our current day perspective. Glenn Michaels introduces the idea of magic being another use for the energy that science revolves around. He does this by taking the thought process and ideals of an electrical [...]

    5. Let me say from the outset that I am also an engineer, and that our writing tends to a bit terse and to the pointE GOOD STUFFThe premise for the book is fantastic. The book never takes itself too seriously (less comedy than Dresden Files) and I was laughing out loud throughout nearly the entire book. The main character makes sane and logical choices throughout the novel, though he can be a bit slow on the uptake, especially on matters of the heart (he's an engineer, that's just the way it is wit [...]

    6. The Engineer Wizard just didn't grab me. The constant SF quotes were okay, but didn't really add much; I would have been happy with just a handful to show how familiar the protagonist is with the culture and ideas. The magic system was hard to accept -- first, it appeared that it was nearly scientific in its consistency and rigor, but then the protagonist seems to do incredibly complex things like creating omniscient avatars and body modifications, with only a few days of experimentation. It wou [...]

    7. This is an odd book. He's a 61 year old character, which is different and cool. The style is strange, it's not the best writing. The engineering bent is both a strength and weakness. I can only assume that the author is in some type of related field, so his thought processes are affected by this, and thus, his writing is too. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The pacing is a little off, as well. So, all in all, the concept is intriguing, but needs the sequel to progress/resolve satisfact [...]

    8. For an engineer this guy has no problem solving skills, lacks imagination, and for some reason thinks star-trek has the answer for everything. These very problems make him a bad engineer not to mention a wizard. No wonder his boss micromanages him. Even Paul calls himself and idiot. This guy is so stupid that he is afraid that a few IQ point will change his identity. The sad thing he is right the increased intelligence would force him to realize that he will not want to be that guy anymore.The w [...]

    9. The Engineer Wizard had a lot of potential, and I really enjoyed the many science fiction/fantasy references especially as I could place 90% of them. However, there were a few too many writing errors and some that just jumped out at me (they need to be quick!) and I had to reread because they made so little sense. Also, the love story was insanely quick but also rather stilted.Overall, although I thought it was okay, and I'm in the process of reading book 2, it's not a book I'll be recommending [...]

    10. This was truly fun. I can't help but think some of the quotes should have been left to the reader as an exercise, because I'm that geeky and I enjoy that sort of thing. The ending was a bit of a let down, not because of what happens but because there's no more to read! I would hope that the next one is just as exciting and enjoyable and I'll be buying it on day of release, whenever that may be.

    11. Wow most unexpected!I did not anticipate it being this good and unique storyline. Of course the movie / TV quotes are fantastic. I knew many of them but not all of the quotes and definitely not in so much detail. A very enjoyable reading time. Well worth the time and cost. If you are looking for a unique magical structure this book would qualify. Already got the second book and we'll be reading it next!!

    12. This is a difficult one to reviewI like the science bits and the author seems to have read the same stuff I did including E E Doc Smith.The writing style is descriptive but perhaps goes too much into some things removing the mystery and need for much imagination. The story is certainly different from anything I ave read before which is saying something.I'll be reading book 2 as i suspect the author will mature in the writing style.

    13. Some great ideas, but they are drowned in a sea of telling, no showing. A plot that disappears in the middle of the book and becomes a wedding instead. And a bit of misogynistic bullshit. This book reads like a "I wonder what my life would be if"One star for effort and those few great ideas that never became anything great. Absolutely no stars for the awful ending. I will not read the next book too see what happens.

    14. For the most part, the book was OK. As a geek, the quotes were cute at first but became tiresome, same as the spell verbal component. The love interest had a good start, but fell into the usual trope for indecisive, materialistic and all it was missing was for her to start stamping her foot. I did enjoy the scientific approach, but not enough to continue with this series.

    15. Great story, but TMII loved the story idea and for the most part, I really enjoyed the book. But the author goes into too much detail describing stuff that is not relevant to the story and slows down the pace. With that I mean descriptions of places or the appearance of subplot characters. I found myself skipping pages to get past those scenes. Other than that, a good read.

    16. Enjoyable bookI enjoyed parts of it. I liked the way the science of this universe. The hero is a bit too idealistic for me, a bit too simplistic. If you enjoy sci-fi and want a story with a more realistic magic system than some you'll like this book.

    17. a very good readWow, I really liked this book! Magic, mayhem, mystery, and chaos all mixed in to make a delightfully enjoyable read! I liked the magic system, and the way he worked it.Now to find out where or when book two is coming out!

    18. Decidedly AverageForget world building and believability. This is wish fantasy without the tie ins. The characters are poorly defined and simplistic. It's an interesting premise but needs more work.

    19. Physics versus ritual, Science wins!Make me a wizard - Oh by the way - you are not alone and the others won't like you. Interesting plot and makes you think, do you know enough to survive and remain human?

    20. Keep these stories commingI like the. way Paul asked advice from famous people . Also the way you brought out the problems that go with having magical powers and the responsibility. I look forward to the rest of the series. Dan

    21. I confess that I have not read the whole book YET. But I will.Mr. Michaels,Bravo (plus). By the time I read to Sam my uncle I was ready to run the U.S. and Marine Corps flag up the pole. Keep it up truth teller. Don't disappoint me.

    22. GoodstoryCool new way to look at how a current day wizard would function. Looking forward to the next installment .

    23. Good storyI'm not a book critic. I read for entertainment. I enjoyed the story, wish there was more. I recommended this story.

    24. I thought this was an original approach. While I don't share the same level of love for Star Trek references they did make the character Quirky and original.

    25. GoodGood not amazing but pretty good. It got a bit long though towards the end but still nothing to worry about.

    26. A GREAT ReadI really liked this book. A combination of science and magic. I couldn't put it down. Lots of action. Lots of sci fi references. Looking forward to the sequel.

    27. Excellent readFast paced reading, enticing storyline, held my interest through the entire book. I was pleasantly surprised by the melding of fantasy and science.

    28. A fun, wizardy tale of how a 61 year old Normal (a non-wizard human) becomes a wizard and his trials and tribulations of honing his trade.

    29. Something NewA different kind of urban fantasy. I liked the main character because he was a 61 year old, not a kid. Waiting for the next one.

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