Land Shark

Land Shark The only thing Bobby wants for his birthday is a pet shark So you can imagine his disappointment when his parents get hima puppy Everyone knows shark lovers can never become dog lovers Or can they Ful

  • Title: Land Shark
  • Author: Beth Ferry Ben Mantle
  • ISBN: 9781452124582
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The only thing Bobby wants for his birthday is a pet shark So you can imagine his disappointment when his parents get hima puppy Everyone knows shark lovers can never become dog lovers Or can they Full of humor and heart, this book explores the idea that sometimes, getting exactly what you don t want turns out to be exactly what you need.

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    About "Beth Ferry Ben Mantle"

    1. Beth Ferry Ben Mantle

      Beth Ferry is the author of the picture books Stick and Stone and Land Shark Her family has cared for myriad pets, including two land sharks, a hedgehog, a blue tongued skink, and a heap of hamsters, but her absolutely perfect pet is an English bulldog named Winston She lives in New Jersey.


    1. Bobby wanted a shark for his birthday. A shark! And Bobby had a “frightful, bite-ful, delightful plan” to make it happen. Hints and signs were left all around for his parents to see, but alas when his big day came, Bobby got a puppy instead. A puppy? Can Bobby’s new pet win him over with chomps, barks, and land destruction? :DThis clever and hilarious book showcases the whole family and house. Every room and family member plays a part. I like that. Be sure to look for subtle shark signs in [...]

    2. This story about a young boy who wants a pet shark but gets a puppy instead is great fun. The text is visually appealing, and adds to the fun of the story as it changes size to match the action. The drawings are a ton of fun to look at, and the antics of the little puppy - who misbehaves in all the ways a puppy can - slowly converts this die-hard shark fan into a lover of puppies as well.I'm really hoping we get a dinosaur story as well, as is teased at the end of this book.

    3. We often hear about kids wanting puppies, kittens, bunniesybe even snakes or tarantulas as pets. But what about sharks? Have you ever met a kid who was genuinely, seriously, hopelessly in love with sharks? So much so that that is all they dream about and hope to get as a pet? Well, get ready to meet Bobby, the adorably tufty-haired and determined protagonist of Beth Ferry and Ben Mantle's picture book Land SharkBobby has a pretty simple two-step plan in place- a "frightful, bite-ful, delightful [...]

    4. I think this book does a nice job at sending the message to kids that "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might get what you need." In this case, Bobby really wants a shark for his birthday but ends up with a dog which is at first extremely disappointing. The entertaining words, the varying font, and clever illustrations all were great. I also like that the author chose to add the last four pages rather than ending it neatly concluded. Kids could even make some pred [...]

    5. Adorable! I enjoyed this fun story with lively illustrations. Kids will love Bobby's determination & scheming.

    6. Bobby has a birthday coming up and he doesn't want the typical gift. He wants a pet shark for his birthday. So he creates a plan. Step 1: Convince Parents, Step 2: Get shark. What follows is a perfect plan that comes togetherybe not exactly how Bobby imagined it. It's full of silly antics sure to get your child giggling. The illustrations are top-notch and will keep you from turning the pages too fast because your child will want to look it all over. What a great book for a birthday boy or any c [...]

    7. Illustrations are awesome. Cute story about a boy who wants a shark for a pet and ends up with something unexpected. Great story for slightly older boys who would get a lot of enjoyment out of this story.

    8. Bobby wants a pet shark, but his parents get him a puppy instead.With illustrations rendered in pen, ink and watercolor with a little digital help, the illustrations breathe detail and excitement. This is a fun book, with excellent pacing and offers and entertaining read. Pair it with The Octopuppy for an opposite approach.

    9. LAND SHARKBeth Ferry has done it again and Ben Mantle's illustrations help drive this book home! Her debut book Stick & Stone (illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld)hit the NY Times Bestseller list for good reason and I fully expect this one to follow right behind! If you never thought of sharks when you looked at chewy puppies, you will now! This is a must read and sure to be a family favorite :D

    10. Oh Bobby! He wants a shark so bad and he feels confident that he's getting one for his birthday. However, when his birthday comes, he finds not a toothy shark, but a little puppy. Oh boy is Bobby upset. After all, "shark lovers canNOT be converted to dog lovers." Can the little puppy chomp it's way into Bobby's heart? Note: The dog in this book reminds me of my mother in laws dog! She's a bit of a terror too! A cute terror! A lovable terror. She definitely has comped her way into our hearts!

    11. For landlubbers and seafarers alike, this entertaining story of a boy longing for a pet shark will tickle your funny bone. After leaving not so subtle hints to his parents about the perfect birthday present, Bobby receives something quite different for his birthday. Can a shark-obsessed boy learn to love a land creature? Humorous illustrations add another layer of fun to a story you'll happily read over and over again.

    12. Bobby’s plan to convince his parents to get him a shark for his birthday doesn’t go exactly as planned. Well, not at all as planned. And Bobby knows that ‘shark lovers cannot be converted to dog lovers’. But the puppy his parents get him, acts suspiciously like a shark. Now Bobby is planning on next year’s gift… julianaleewriter/books-ali

    13. Bobby’s plan to convince his parents to get him a shark for his birthday doesn’t go exactly as planned. Well, not at all as planned. And Bobby knows that ‘shark lovers cannot be converted to dog lovers’. But the puppy his parents get him, acts suspiciously like a shark. Now Bobby is planning on next year’s gift…julianaleewriter/books-ali

    14. Maybe I loved this book because my son loved sharks when he was a preschooler.ybe it is the fabulous illustrationsybe it is the fact that it is humorous for kids AND adultsor maybe it is the combination of all those things that made me love this book. If you have kids read this book to them.

    15. Fun read aloud I can't wait to share with my nephew Dane, who is a huge fan of sharks. Our male protagonist (with cutely depicted nerd glasses) really wants a shark for his birthday, but instead gets a naughty puppy. Will he eventually win him over, or will his family get annoyed by all his destruction first?

    16. I thought this book was really fun. A boy fantasizes about getting a shark for a pet, but instead gets a puppy. It isn't until the puppy takes a big bite out of his plush shark that he comes around to the idea that shark lovers can be dog lovers.*I received a free review copy of this book from the publisher*

    17. A delightful tale about a little boy with big dreams about having a frightful, bite-ful shark for a pet. Naturally a puppy can't fill those shoes or can it? A good "be careful what you wish for" story.

    18. I love the character of Bobby - he is "every boy" with a plan. And the puppy is a real puppy - no sugar coating here. Kids would come back to this story - could be a great story starter for some kids. Pre-k - Grade 3.

    19. Youngsters who want unusual pets will relate to Bobby's efforts to convince his parents of his desire for a shark.Full color, expressionistic, illustrations done in watercolor, pen, pencil, and digitally retouched help us relate to Bobby. End papers help us get in the mood for the story!

    20. This book is delightfully written love it! And the illustrations go well with the story.My sense of humor might be a little darker than my kids - I thought it was really funny. My kids found the lovey chomping to be a bit discomforting.

    21. What happens if you want a shark for your birthday, but you receive a puppy instead? Initially, disappointment. But this is one special puppy.

    22. A funny reversal picture book--Bobby wants a shark for his birthday, and he's SO disappointed to get a puppy. No way can a shark-lover become a puppy-lover!

    23. This book was awesome. All of my elementary school kids enjoyed it, too. It's fun, funny, and has a bit of an unexpected ending. Plus, sharks.

    24. Bobby is a boy who loves different kinds of sharks. He wants a pet shark for his birthday present. However, his parents give a dog to Bobby as a gift on his birthday, and his pouted facial expressions show his dissatisfaction and disappointment. As time goes by, the dog’s misbehaved mayhem opens Bobby’s mind. When the dog destroys Bobby’s shark toy, the size of the texts become larger, expressing Bobby’s impressions of the dog. He then learns to love dogs, and makes a plan in requesting [...]

    25. Sharks, birthdays, and a puppy!Great artwork (I'm a sucker for detailed end pages and this book delivers!) and a unique story. I loved almost everything about this book except for a few points. Sometimes the font doesn't feel right for the art that's on the page. It's either too small or the wrong color. The words are broken up on the page and there were a few times where i missed a line or two because of this. This book is also a bit on the long side which can be fine depending on your audience [...]

    26. What happens when a boy who is desperate for a pet shark gets a puppy? Hilarity ensues. Bobby dreams of having his very own shark and is disappointed when his birthday present is a puppy. But as the puppy's crazy and destructive nature takes over, Bobby may have to rethink his stance on dogs. Shark lovers and puppy lovers alike will enjoy this story.

    27. A boy wants a pets for his birthday a very specific pet. Unfortunately, his miscommunicates this to his parents and ends up getting a plain ol' puppy instead. He wanted a shark, and shark lovers canNOT be dog lovers too. Or can theyIllustrations are great.

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