Droplets TO SPROUT FINS AND SWIM WITH MERFOLK SOUNDS LIKE A DREAM BUT TO LISSIE DARROW IT IS A NIGHTMARE One night on an annual cruise with her family Lissie is standing on the deck of her father s fishing bo

  • Title: Droplets
  • Author: Meaghan Rauscher
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • TO SPROUT FINS AND SWIM WITH MERFOLK SOUNDS LIKE A DREAM BUT TO LISSIE DARROW IT IS A NIGHTMARE One night on an annual cruise with her family, Lissie is standing on the deck of her father s fishing boat when she begins to hear a strange murmur across the surface of the ocean The voice rises and falls with her own, dancing in and out of her hearing, but before she canTO SPROUT FINS AND SWIM WITH MERFOLK SOUNDS LIKE A DREAM BUT TO LISSIE DARROW IT IS A NIGHTMARE One night on an annual cruise with her family, Lissie is standing on the deck of her father s fishing boat when she begins to hear a strange murmur across the surface of the ocean The voice rises and falls with her own, dancing in and out of her hearing, but before she can get a glimpse of the creature it disappears into the depths of the ocean with a shimmery flash The next evening throws her family in the midst of a horrific storm Lissie is swept overboard and all hope is lost until she comes face to face with a dark haired merman She is saved, but the cost is her future The merman transforms her into a mermaid, with the ability to both sprout fins and walk on land she now finds herself a captive of the dark merman and flees into the night When Lissie ends up on a stranded island and meets its sole inhabitant, the handsome and mysterious Patrick, she begins to realize that meeting the dark merman was not a mere twist of fate But if it was destined, why is Patrick s past entangled with her future And just what does Patrick have to do with the dark merman who haunts her nightmares

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    1. Meaghan Rauscher

      After wanting to be a mermaid for years and not sprouting fins, Meaghan decided it was time to write a novel about a girl who is transformed into a mermaid DROPLETS is Meaghan s debut novel and will be followed by two sequels to complete the series.In her spare time, Meaghan enjoys reading and brainstorming ideas for other novels When she isn t sitting down at her computer or reading a book, she can be found spending time with her family or Netflix binging to catch up on her favorite shows normally while snacking on a bowl of goldfish crackers.


    1. My mermaid obsession isn’t stopping at the moment so when I had the chance to read Droplets I jumped at the chance. Mermaid books are really hit and miss! and this one was a HIT all the way.Lassie goes on a cruise with her family but things don’t go according to plan. I huge storm hits and throws poor Lissie overboard. She’s saved by something that isn’t so human…he changes her… and waits till she’s 18 to claim her as his own, but Lissie has other ideasis was a great new take on a [...]

    2. First of all, thank you so much Meaghan(we're on first name terms, right) for sending me a free copy of Droplets!! This has in no way influenced my review. For the review I promised: Very good! Mermaid YA books are something I have always been careful around. Mermaids like vampires are something with many different interpretations. I really liked this one. A very original concept, with a big Weasley-like family, and believable main characters. I look forward to reading the next book in this tril [...]

    3. I love mermaids! I love mermaids! Did I mention I love mermaids? I knew I would love this book as soon as I heard about it. I think every girl, at one point or another, has dreamed of becoming a mermaid. Lissie Darrow is no exception. But the merman who changes her is dark, demanding, controlling… Evil. To keep her family safe, Lissie agrees to his ultimatum… at first. Realizing that she can never be free of him, Lissie flees into the ocean and finds herself on a seemingly deserted island. B [...]

    4. I'm thinking this book is a 2.75 stars for me. I had some issues with the story from the beginning. Some things were just not realistic. I realize it is fantasy, but even human reactions were hard to believe at times. There were also a handful of grammatical errors and words used incorrectly. That being said(!!!), there are some really interesting aspects to this story! About halfway through the book, the story was set up and really got going. I will read the second book, Ripples, to see where i [...]

    5. Couldn't put this story down! Very well written. Excellent storyline with a continuing plot that builds. Can't wait to start the next in the series!

    6. Available on Kindle Unlimited. I really enjoyed this book. I love how Lissie took control of her life and never stops fighting. Probably one of the better mermaid books that I have encountered recently, so that's always fun.

    7. I won a copy of this book from a giveaway that the author, Meaghan Rauscher, hosted in exchange for an honest review. With that being said, the thoughts and opinions I am about to lay out in this review are all mine and they are all honest and genuine. When the opportunity to win a mermaid novel presented itself, I jumped right on it. I remember when I was around the age of 12, I had read a mermaid book (The Tail of Emily Windsnap) that I thoroughly enjoyed as a pre-teen. That was the one and on [...]

    8. Lissie and her family’s annual cruise takes a horrific turn when a storm battles and batters their boat. Lissie is thrown overboard, only to be saved by a monster who wants one thing: Her. The cruel man, who has fins like a merman when he hits the water, changes Lissie through a painful process. Having misjudged her age, the merman leaves her until her eighteenth birthday, when he will come back to claim her. Not wanting to be someone’s slave, Lissie will run and set many events into motion [...]

    9. First of all, I'd like to thank the Author, Meaghan Rauscher for giving me a free copy. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.To start off, I'd like to comment on the cover page on which I think is really appropriate and eye catching.So, this book is about an innocent, young girl named Lissie who had a wonderful life before she was forced to become a mermaid by this powerful merman called Morven who, in my opinion, acts all tough-man-who-knows-more-than-you-do. Then Lissie escapes o [...]

    10. I have not read very many Mermaid stories (Maybe 3). A friend of mine recommended this book to me. I started to read it and the beginning is very slow. The author takes a lot of time to set the "stage" of the story and introducing the characters. Now, I have finished book 1 and even though I only gave it 3 stars, I STILL think it is something you should read. I would make my rating like 3.5. It was still good, just not as good as #2 (Which I really really love!)Further into the book, the story b [...]

    11. Guys, I know that I usually give books 5 stars. It's because I just have never found a bad book. But this one definitely deserved those 5 stars! Droplets is one of the best debut books I have ever read! The writing was just fantastic, I was actually surprised that this was Meaghan's first novel! Her descriptions were so vivid that I felt as if I were standing right there watching the story unfold before my eyes.I simply couldn't put the book down! Each chapter pulled me in deeper and deeper. Thi [...]

    12. It's not terribly written and would have appealed to me when I was about 12 but I found a lot of it quite repetitive and tedious. The pacing was odd, skimming over things that could have been made more of and dragging in other respects. It would probably have scored higher with me (like a 2.5 rounded to a 3) if I hadn't also been angry at yet another cliffhanger/open ending. I'm getting quite irate with authors not wrapping up their stories in an attempt to pressgang you into buying the next ins [...]

    13. I quite liked this book, the story line and plot was good but I didn't feel as connected to the characters as I thought I would. Plus the story is slightly slow paced so it takes a while for anything to actually happen. I liked some parts of the book more than others.I did however like the relationship that developed between Patrick and Lissie. The fact that they had both been through similar ordeals. I am quite intrigued to read the next one because I would like to know what happens to Patrick [...]

    14. Really liked this one!This story is just unusual enough to keep you engaged up until the end. The characters are detailed and the world descriptive in nature. I'm looking forward to the next chapter

    15. Fun novel featuring a unique take on mermaids. I admit, I'm always attracted to the bad boys, so I found Morven the most interesting character. Looking forward to book two and finding out more about him.

    16. Love itI loved this book and can't wait to read the next book and find out what happens. I hope everything turns out great.

    17. TO SPROUT FINS AND SWIM WITH MERFOLK SOUNDS LIKE A DREAM. BUT TO LISSIE DARROW IT IS A NIGHTMARE…One night on an annual cruise with her family, Lissie is standing on the deck of her father’s fishing boat when she begins to hear a strange murmur across the surface of the ocean. The voice rises and falls with her own, dancing in and out of her hearing, but before she can get a glimpse of the creature it disappears into the depths of the ocean with a shimmery flash.The next evening throws her f [...]

    18. Originally posted on Books & Bottles.There was a few good reviews for Droplets on , not to mention Casey Ann's raving review, and figured I'd give it a try with my fancy new Kindle Unlimited subscription. A little mermaid adventure and romance? Sure, why not.Unfortunately I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up with this book because it was an exceptionally average YA. Fans of Red Queen (ie. not me) would like this book because it was almost exactly the same but with mermaids.The idea is c [...]

    19. Droplets is a YA mermaid book I discovered through the author's Instagram account, and after falling in love with the cover, I really wanted to read it. I bought both the first and second book (Ripples) on my Kindle for $0.99 each on a day where she had them specially priced, so I had to get them.It took me awhile to finish this book only because I don't read on my Kindle as much as I read physical books, and I've been so busy with work that it's been difficult to set aside much time. When I did [...]

    20. I bought this book originally for the cover being so pretty. However, Meaghan Rauscher completely sucked me into the story. It was so beautifully written, I felt I was there with Lissie and Patrick through the story. I've always been apprehensive of Mermaid stories, just because they are usually hit or miss, but I am so glad I took the chance on this one. There was action from start to finish, and I cannot wait to read Ripples to find out what happens next.Lissie and her family are caught in a s [...]

    21. Book Title: Droplets (Droplets Trilogy #1)Book Author: Meaghan RauscherSource: Kindle UnlimitedRating: 5 starsThis is my second time reading about mermaids and the secrets of the deep. This is a story about Lissie, who was forced to become a mermaid by an evil merman leader who wants ultimate power over humans and merfolk. The only that keeps Lissie from going insane is the good side and Patrick, her true love. It is well written, interesting, and has great descriptions. I applaud Meghan for her [...]

    22. A fun and unique take on mermaids. I enjoyed Rauscher's writing style and I think she developed her characters well. Lissie is a great heroine. She's not your typical whining female and I feel Rauscher made Lissie to be a believable 17 year old girl. The other females in the story are strong as well and I appreciate the author showing how female friendships can be more than just fodder for teenage drama. Morvin. I'm so glad Rauscher didn't try to ship him as the a-hole romantic lead. He's a douc [...]

    23. This book is amazing!I was lucky enough to get it sent for review and I am so glad I did!I loved the main character Lissie, I found her so easy to connect with, I loved her character development!I really enjoyed the stories surrounding the other characters and thought that it worked really well and helped to explain a lot and add to the story. I enjoyed some of the more adult writing that was hidden within this book and it left me wanting to know more about certain intentions of certain characte [...]

    24. Actual rating: 2.5It is well written with an interesting and new idea (at least it was new for me), but I never felt close to any character. Maybe because everything happens very fast. The MC falls in love after spending weeks (?) with someone, but for the reader it's like one chapter. Which leads to a good pacing, but that's why it looks like insta-love to me. It is always hard for me to like a book, if I don't feel involved with the characters. But all in all, a good debut with potential. I ca [...]

    25. This is just all kinds of awful. I wanted some silly, non-thinking book I could finish fast. I couldn't finish this fast because I just couldn't stand it. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Sure, this book isn't written for me, and not everyone can write for a specific audience while appealing to a general audience, but this doesn't even get close to the latter. Anyways, I couldn't finish this book, and my brain thanks me for it.

    26. I liked the idea behind this book and although the beginning was strong, the rest of the book was kind of a let down for me. I actually liked the possibility of Morven and Lissie, I liked how it wasn't love at first sight but my dreams of an epic beauty and beast style romance died with the introduction of Patrick. Give me the tall,dark and handsome merman any day.

    27. Amazing storyDroplets is a story of love, war, and changes. Changing both from a girl to a woman and a girl to a mermaid. But what's more is it is the story of finding yourself. I loved it and can not wait to read the next book!

    28. It wasnt too bad. Romance was good starting when they first met, but needed a slower continuation. Was a little rushed. The story was interesting. It wasnt like other fantasy books I have read before. I dont know exactly what made it so different. Onto the next book!!

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