Murder in Wonderland

Murder in Wonderland It s the th anniversary of the publication of Alice s Adventures in Wonderland and Allie Griffin a middle aged widow with a little too much time on her hands is hosting a book club to celebrate T

  • Title: Murder in Wonderland
  • Author: Leslie Leigh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s the 150th anniversary of the publication of Alice s Adventures in Wonderland and Allie Griffin, a middle aged widow with a little too much time on her hands, is hosting a book club to celebrate Things go worse than she could possibly imagine when, at the very first meeting, wealthy socialite Victoria Cardinal drops stone dead onto the floor poisoned Allie immediatIt s the 150th anniversary of the publication of Alice s Adventures in Wonderland and Allie Griffin, a middle aged widow with a little too much time on her hands, is hosting a book club to celebrate Things go worse than she could possibly imagine when, at the very first meeting, wealthy socialite Victoria Cardinal drops stone dead onto the floor poisoned Allie immediately sets out to find out whodunit and why Meanwhile, standing in her way is a motley assortment of characters, all residents of tiny Verdenier, Vermont, a quaint little town that holds a great deal of secrets Also hindering her progress is Detective Harry Tomlin, a hard nosed cop who has his eye on Allie as suspect number one Could the answer to the mystery lie within the pages of her beloved Alice Join smart, sassy Allie Griffin as she dons her sleuth hat for the first time, determined to solve the case, and save her good name.

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    1. This book was okay - I would give it 2.5-stars if given the option. GR, seriously, when are you going to give us half stars here? We all need them. I digress, back to Murder in Wonderland by Leslie Leigh. This had a cute premise and the bones of a solid cozy mystery but it was just way to rushed. It was under 150-pages in length and because of that there was absolutely no development at all; either character, place, plot or otherwise. I think this could honestly be about 100-pages longer, with s [...]

    2. I honestly don't know what to think of this book. I feel like I read a second draft of a story that needs a few more tweaks and rewrites before it could be considered a complete manuscript. Descriptions of characters are mostly non-existent (how old is the main character, really? No idea. Somewhere between 40 and 50, if I had to guess. Also, no clue what she looks like or how she dresses.), scene transitions are clunky or also just non-existent, there's no clear explanation of the passage of tim [...]

    3. These cozy mysteries aren't the most brilliant thing, but they can be really fun. When a woman dies in Allie's living room during a book club discussion of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Allie puts her keen observation skills to use. The mystery was fairly straightforward, but threw in a few small twists to keep things interesting. Allie was a fun character and her friends were entertaining as well. They read more like teenagers than thirty or forty something adults, but with more maturity. E [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this and would read more in the series. My only critique is that I had a hard time figuring out what Allie's age was supposed to be? Sounds like she's quite attractive and has guys of all ages (younger and older) interested in her and she went on a date with a guy who was 26 or so and she was supposed to be much older than that. Anyway, that was my only issue. Enjoyed the idea of a book club and thought all the clues from Alice In Wonderland was fun.

    5. Fun story! I would have liked a bit more references to Alice in Wonderland and it got a tad slow for me in the middle but overall really enjoyed it and will have to check out more from this series!

    6. This was a good book how ever I do wish the author had done more to make it more interesting. I look forward to reading more of this author's work.

    7. Quelques passages sympathiques et drôles, mais je n'ai pas accroché. De plus, on a pas de détails concernant les personnages. On devine qu'ils ont pour la plupart entre 40 et 50 ans mais à la manière dont ils sont décrits ce sont des personnes bien décrépies. Et je ne me sens pas si vieille que cela!

    8. "The time has come the walrus said"A classic within a classic! Allie Griffin choosing Alice In Wonderland took me back to the film classic Desk Set, each Christmas a call inquiring the names of Santa's reindeer leading to my own yearly calling the library requesting what the remaining words were of the walrus. Time for what? Lewis Carroll's sequel. Being an avid reader my mind kept flickering back, with enthusiasm and encouragement by Ms. Griffin, the next clue and what I remembered thus trying [...]

    9. What do you do when the Red Queen drops dead in your living room? Well if you are Allie Griffin, you start investigating On the 150th Anniversary of the publication of the iconic Alice in Wonderland, Allie is in the middle of her book club tea party when Victoria Cardinal drops dead. With a myriad of clues and the fact that the detective in charge thinks that she is the murderer, Allie decides that she needs to solve this case. With all kinds of twists and turns, this book kept me guessing I lov [...]

    10. The book Adventures of Alice in Wonderland ( 150th anniversary!)played a big role in this tale. Many quotes and references were made to this book that was assigned to be read by the members of a book club.Unfortunately the book club meeting was "interrupted" by the murder of one of its members. The heroine plays investigator and sets out to discover the many intricate clues that will allow her to find the guilty party.Although it was well written I found the plot to be a bit confusing with so ma [...]

    11. A mad tea party indeedI also have a love of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which drew me immediately to this book. The story plot was well written (what tea party/book club meeting would be complete without a murder?) and the characters were fun to get to know. Many times it seems like the plot of a cozy mystery is easy to follow and solve, but the twists Leslie Leigh embedded in the story surprised me in a delightful way that really sold this book to me. I can't wait for the next trip down t [...]

    12. “Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”There was something very comforting about this murder mystery. The plot was well thought out; the characters are familiar and well observed. The story moves along at such a very pleasing pace that you can get through it on a warm summer's afternoon. You'll find yourself whistling or humming the theme tune to a well-loved TV show, but that's not a criticism; it's what you do when you're having a good time. I had a good ti [...]

    13. 'Murder in Wonderland' was a good light mystery. The storyline was intriguing and fast paced. I enjoyed the way it played out. The characters were interesting. Allie was quite the crime solver. The only thing that seemed off was the way the characters spoke. The dialogue between the women seemed to portray older ladies, not women in their late thirties to mid forties. But overall this was a good read. I look forward to reading more in this series.

    14. It was interesting enough to keep me reading and some parts were very good But some parts were absolutely awful. The book could have ended a few chapters before it did and it would have been much better. Add to this syntax errors, a certain predictability, and an often awkward sentence structure, and I really cannot recommend this title. The author may have improved in subsequent work but life is too short to spend the time to find out.

    15. It took me two days to read this book and I found it enjoyable. I like the idea of the characters being middle-aged. My only complaint it was slow in the beginning and I almost put it away, however I'm glad I didn't as soon I kept reading it turns interesting. That's the reason I'm giving a four. Otherwise, the ending was a big surprise and I didn't expect it. I will definitely read more books by this author.

    16. A real page Turner.This was an awesome read. I gave me suspense as well as keeping my attention in trying to figure out who the murder was. While Allie doesn't seem like the detective type, following her thoughts and clues on who the killer was is fun. If you like suspenseful books then this one is the one for you.

    17. Decent outline needs more fleshLeigh has an interesting idea that might become an intriguing read if the characters are fleshed out. A good editor would be an important asset, but only after more time and effort goes into the manuscript. The attempted cliffhanger ending didn't work for me. I won't be reading on.

    18. Quick and light This was an ok, quick, light cozy mystery. It moves along quick and the short length means things aren't flushed out as well as they could be and some things are a little pat. However, as a fan of cozy mysteries, I light that lighter flare and so would recommend this for an afternoon read.

    19. Murder in Wonderland, Allie Griffin Mysteries, Bk 1, Leslie Leigh, NB-M @ 2015, 8/26/15, 76 Pgs. A middle-aged woman celebrates the 10th anniversary of her favorite book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by hosting a book club reading. When one of her guests, a wealthy socialite drops dead on her floor , poisoned, Allie sets out to find who dun it and why. Okay, not anything special.

    20. What an adorable little book. It was funny and also a good mystery with a cute twist at the end. The conversations were so very real. Sounded like me and some of my friends. I will read more of these.

    21. I would have liked this book a lot more if I were 20 years older. The characters are all older women, so it was hard for me to relate. The mystery parts of the book weren't too bad. there was a twist at the end. I think I would pick this series up again in 20 years.

    22. This book was just ok. There were lots of pieces that kept appearing that I'd think, "did I miss something?" Maybe I'm not with it today, but some things didn't make a lot of sense. As far as a quick and easy read, just fine. Brain Bubblegum.

    23. 4 StarsIt took me awhile to get into this one, but once I did I enjoyed it. My one complaint is that the characters came off as being elderly instead of middle-aged. This came from the way they spoke.

    24. Cardinals & FlamingosThis was a bit slow getting started but it soon became a book I didn't want to put down. Not thrilled with the Alice in Wonderland motif but it was an integral part of the plot. Allie is a fascinating heroine.

    25. Short, entertaining, fun series starterThis is a great starter introduction to Allie Griffin's stories. Author Leslie Leigh has a refreshing sense of humor. Plot progresses well and it is not predictable, which is a definite plus!

    26. Murder in WonderlandVery good enjoyed it. Would recommend it to my friends . Looking forward to seeing your next book. Thank You Leslie leigh

    27. I enjoyed reading this cozy mystery novella. I also liked the leading character Allie Griffin and the Alice in Wonderland tie in to it.

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