Murder in Bermuda

Murder in Bermuda Her phone rang and she picked it up without checking the caller ID This is Anna Her focus was on the seating chart in front of her You re next if you don t let this go a hushed raspy voice warned and

  • Title: Murder in Bermuda
  • Author: Penelope Sotheby
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Her phone rang and she picked it up without checking the caller ID This is Anna Her focus was on the seating chart in front of her You re next if you don t let this go a hushed raspy voice warned and hung up the phone.Startled, she looked through the caller ID to see if it showed who made the call Her stomach felt sick as she came across the number and the name Th Her phone rang and she picked it up without checking the caller ID This is Anna Her focus was on the seating chart in front of her You re next if you don t let this go a hushed raspy voice warned and hung up the phone.Startled, she looked through the caller ID to see if it showed who made the call Her stomach felt sick as she came across the number and the name The killer had taken Tony s phone and used it to call her Now, there was no denying that the killer indeed knew who she was and knew she was still snooping into matters.Event planner, Anna Winters,wants nothing than to ensure the wedding reception for millionaire Tony Giovani and his beautiful new bride, Meadow, proceeds without a hitch.So far, things have gone exactly as planned The happy couple sfriends and family have gatheredat the Grand Palatial, a posh hotel in Bermuda which caters exclusively to the rich and famous, and are anxiously awaiting the cutting of the cake.Just when Anna is about to call the night a smashing success, the police are summoned to investigate a murder The cake was poisoned, the groom is dead and suddenly everyone s a suspect The pandemonium infuriates Anna s boss, Mr Puccio.He s worried about the hotel s reputation than the fact a guest is dead and, to make matters worse, he s holding Anna responsible for restoring the hotel s good name Now it s up to her to find out who killed Tony or else she s out of a job.The police order the hotel and its occupants detained until further notice and Anna discreetly enlists a few trusted employees to help with her investigation Clues are discovered, leads are followed,and it isn t long before Anna is dangerously close to the truth But someone isn t happy about her involvement and Anna has to work fast before she becomes the next victim.Murder in Bermuda is the first installment in the Murder in Paradise cozy mystery series by author Penelope Sotheby.If you are a fan of cozy mysteries that contain an ingenious but modest woman sleuth then you will love Anna Winters first adventure.Scroll up and get your hands on this exciting cozy culinary mystery whodunit.

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    1. Just dreadful.I have to say this is one of the worse books I've ever read and the only reason I even stuck with it is because I used to live in Bermuda and I was curious, let me tell you it's true what they say curiosity really does kill the cat.The writing is terrible, the dialogue is dreadful and dull and the whole book is beyond ridiculous, Anna is a member of the hotel staff dealing with catering yet she takes it upon herself to solve the murder, then her boss tells her her job depends on he [...]

    2. Murder in Bermuda, written by Penelope Sotheby, was a bit of a challenge to solve thanks in part to the realistic portrayal of the suspects. Sotheby's characters are described in such a way that the reader agrees with the protaganist's analysis of each characters emotions. I had on two separate occasions determined who the guilty party was only to find myself persuaded otherwise by the protaganist's internal thoughts.I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would encourage other mystery fans looking fo [...]

    3. Anna, Cassandra, Pauline and Pierre are doing a wedding in Bermuda. Everything is perfect. It's time to eat the cake. Tony (the groom) has requested a special piece be given to his lovely bride Meadow.When feeding the cake to Tony, he starts to foam at the mouth and falls to the floor dead. Who killed him?Anna is warned to stop her investigation or else. High intensity novel with a great payoff. You'll never guess who the murderer is. Penelope Sotheby has a way of surprising you with the twists [...]

    4. Murder in Bermuda by Penelope Sotheby is a book I really enjoyed! I am always willing to read a book that is going to take me someplace I've never been, so I knew this was definitely one I couldn't pass on! I'm so happy I found this author and even happier to see that this is just Book 1 in a series of many! Woohoo! I am looking forward to reading more from this series, and many more books from this author! I recommend you do the sameyou will not be disappointed! Thank you!

    5. Thank you so much to Instafreebie for the pdf download of murder in Bermuda , it was a cozy mystery with a lot of suspect's with motives and means to commit murder there are jobs and lives on the line with twist and turns on every page it is a great whodunit mystery I would recommend this book to my friends and family LAURA8759 .

    6. Wedding Day MayhemAs the bride & groom feed each other cake, the groom falls to the ground dead. The police confirm his piece was poisoned and Anna must solve the mystery or lose her job. The story has potential, but it seemed to move too fast. There was not enough depth to the characters and the story could have been a bit more detailed.

    7. Bravo!Well done Ms Sotheby. Pleasantly surprised to have an in depth story in so few pages!! I was guessing until the very end! Read the whole book in one sitting! Keep em coming! I always liked a good mystery to solve!

    8. At first I have doubt whether to read this book or not. But I thought what's wrong, it just 100+ pages. Actually it was not really that bad compare to my previous book. The story is simple. There's a murder in lavish wedding in Bermuda. You thought they would have great security team there. No, someone managed to easily poison the bridegroom. Worse, the owner of the hotel, want Anna Winter to solve the problem just because she is the one who serve the food, even though there are already police o [...]

    9. Where do I start? It was dismal. It was a bore from the beginning, but I gave it my best shot. I got just over 50% and had to stop. I considered skimming to the end but by then I was so annoyed by the lack of mystery I couldn't take any more.I know a good mystery. I've read all of Christy, Marsh, & Sayers and others. It would be silly to compare this book with any of their works. Writing a good mystery takes skill. There must be strong central characters, good writing, and good plotting. Thi [...]

    10. Anna Winters is the event planner at a hotel when the worst happens; the groom drops dead after eating the wedding cake.***Interesting font on the cover… blood spatter.Oh boy… editing. Speech is marked with a comma at the end if there is a speech tag. Eg. “Thank you, Anna.” Tony replied. Should be: “Thank you, Anna,” Tony replied.New paragraph for a new speaker.This book has no EDITOR!She cut a hunk off the cake before the photographs? This is a $250k wedding and that is a feral brid [...]

    11. Thirty-six-year-old Anna Winters worked as an event host in the food services division of the Grand Palatial Premium Wedding Service. Wealthy groom Tony Giovani drop dead just after ingesting a piece of the wedding cake. Worried about the company’s reputation, Anna’s boss demanded she solved the crime or be fired. With her British accent and red hair, Anna stepped into the role of amateur detective and with the aid of her assistants Pauline Baker and Cassandra Wilson; they set off to find ou [...]

    12. Anna Winters (36) was an Event planner for the Grand Palatial Hotel (Bermuda). Tony Giovani (millionaire) & Meadow Graves (Tony’s wife) will get married there.Tony was later murdered. Cassandra had given a piece of cake to him that was poisoned.The 1st. suspect was Anna. Detective Michael Maese was assigned to the case.Will the murder mystery be solved? I did not receive any type of compensation for reading & reviewing this book. While I receive free books from publishers & authors [...]

    13. Anna Winters and Pauline Baker have catered a high scale wedding for the Grand Palatial Premium Wedding Service. When it comes time to eat the first bite of cake by the bride and groom, the groom requests a particular piece for the bride. When the groom takes his bite of cake, his face gets all red and he starts foaming at the mouth the dies. The Entertainment Director of the Grand Palatial tells Anna she better find out who killed the groom or else he will make sure she never works in the indus [...]

    14. A very good mystery one that you keep you guessing until the end. Anna Winters is an Events Planner is planning the wedding reception for millionaire Tony Giovani and his beautiful new bride, Meadow;everything is going along well until all of a sudden Tony is dead poisoned by the wedding cake.With the events happening from the murder her boss , Mr. Puccio wants Anna to restore the hotels good name she must find the killer or she is out of a job. With clues ,leads she is getting close with the he [...]

    15. Not great. The plot could have been so much more and it just wasn't. It was poorly written, confusing, and under developed. I am sorry Penelope because I really don't like to shoot down anyone that is willing to put their ideas down on paper but you could have really had something here and instead, the story was so fast and so under done that I pretty much missed the whole thing!You had all the elements of a great who done it; murder, a perfect suspect, then another, and another, a possible susp [...]

    16. No MysteryFirst, this book needs an editor - grammar, punctuation, content editing badly needed! Second, I can't believe that the first thing she should have checked was left until the end - case should have been solved in the first chapter. Third, plot with caterer doing the investigating and police doing nothing was not believable in the least. Fourth, a true detective does not go around accusing various people as they assume situations. I have been reading mysteries for close to 50 years. Thi [...]

    17. While it was a cute concept for a cozy, there is a lot of work needed on this one. As it is it reads like a first draft of a YA book rather than a cozy. The characters are not solidly written, there is no sense of who they really are as they keep doing and saying things are out of character from how they behaved or spoke in a previous scene. Some of the scenarios are completely unrealistic so it's hard to become too involved. The mystery is not that difficult to figure out. Nice attempt but need [...]

    18. I'm going to be generous giving this story 2 stars. The writing is dull and the cardboard characters act and speak as if they're stoned. The editing is non-existent. The sentence and paragraph structure errors abound. The formatting is all over the place. The plot is even more fractured than the grammar. I'm not sure what the author was going for here, but the entire thing is a bad joke. A complete waste of reading time.

    19. This book is just plain bad. The plot is thin to the point of transparency, the characters are completely 1 dimensional, there is no sense of place and it is very short. Even as a short story it would be horrible. I've read a lot of junk in my day and this is truly not worth the pixels it was "printed" with.

    20. Lighthearted readingI will look forward to reading the rest of the series. Moves along quickly and makes for wonderful bedtime reading.

    21. Quick readIt was a very quick read. It kept me on edge the whole time. The story line is unusual since it has to do with weddings but I am interested in reading the rest of the series.

    22. Interesting characters and situationNice cozy mystery. Well written, kept me turning pages to the end. Interesting characters that I want to get to know better. Glad it's the start of a series.

    23. No mystery/no storyI did not have any interest after 5 pages I kept seeing a cookie cutter.I assume the other stories will be the same.Gave 3 stars because I liked the length and the editing was good.

    24. Nice and easyMurder in Bermuda is an easy short read that could easily become a full novel. The characters were interesting and realistic. The author did a good job of laying out the plot instead just rushing through the story. Very entertaining.

    25. Murdered by this bookPerhaps one should not review a book that one could only suffer through seven chapters of, but here goes: don't read this dreary, melodramatic, disjointed, dull story. I would not recommend this book to ANYONE.

    26. The book was over before I knew it. It's a very quick read of mystery and light suspense. I'm not ready to get hooked into a series of books at the moment but I may look at another of this series when I want a quick book to read.

    27. Horrible book! Bad editing, weak plot, and stupid characters.The only good things I have to say about this book is that it was short and it was free.

    28. An alright book, it's not bad, but it's kind of weird. And I read only half of it, I just couldn't read it post that.

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