Deeper in You

Deeper in You I ve lost everythingAnd I mean everything Once a household name now just a broken shell Lily has left me and taken my entire future with her I just want to sleep and never wake up Forget love forget

  • Title: Deeper in You
  • Author: David S. Scott
  • ISBN: 9780990711179
  • Page: 183
  • Format: None
  • I ve lost everythingAnd I mean everything Once a household name, now just a broken shell Lily has left me and taken my entire future with her I just want to sleep and never wake up Forget love, forget passion All of it I m done My Name is Alexander Phoenix, former Olympic gymnast I was once known as the X Wing, as the man who flies Make that flew Can I salvageI ve lost everythingAnd I mean everything Once a household name, now just a broken shell Lily has left me and taken my entire future with her I just want to sleep and never wake up Forget love, forget passion All of it I m done My Name is Alexander Phoenix, former Olympic gymnast I was once known as the X Wing, as the man who flies Make that flew Can I salvage my future and reclaim my place as the man I used to be Or does fate have something else in store Haunted by ghosts of the past, I must find the strength to move on and find my path Broken hearts still beat, right I ve never shied away from challenges Why should I start now

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      David S. Scott Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Deeper in You book, this is one of the most wanted David S. Scott author readers around the world.


    1. Deeper In You by David S. Scott is the conclusion of the story of how one man losses everything, or so he thinks. The author tells the story that even at your lowest point of your life, someone may come back into your life to change everything. When you find the person who can make you laugh, and just seeing them makes you happy and smile, you know you have to fight for them no matter what. The story is an erotic story, but has a wonderful story line, not just all sex. But, enough sex to make yo [...]

    2. After reading Deep In You, I was left with too many questions but no answers. Then I read Deeper In you and not only did David S. Scott turn up the heat, but a lot of my questions were answered. Deeper In you is a romantic suspense with heart stopping emotion! It's an amazing story that grabs you at the cover and doesn't let you go until you've read the final page, and even then you are wanting more. Mr. Scott gives you drama, mystery, angst, heartache, unexpected twists thrown in to keep you on [...]

    3. ~You think you know someone and one day you realize you didn't know them at all ~ Poor Xander is left wondering if he will find the strength to move on but it is often in our darkest times that we find ourselves again. Like his name suggests, Xander arises from the ashes like the Phoenix to be reborn. Through his writing, David includes the reader in every aspect of Xander's journey to finding himself once more and by the end of the story you are left with a feeling of hope. Nothing is impossibl [...]

    4. Power.Strength.ControlWhat happens when the life you know and the control you have over it begins to slip away? When you no longer have the power to control what is happening to you? Alexander Phoenix finds himself dealing with the fall out of a disastrous relationship and with a failing career sees no future for himself. A chance meeting with the auburn haired, green eyed girl who visits his dreams is all he needs to get himself back in the game. He finds he is still attracted to Faith, more th [...]

    5. The Continuation of Xanders story Here we see what one can do to fulfil ones dreams with the help and support of your one and true love Wow, the sizzling sex between Xander and his love Wholly hotness

    6. I was very impressed with the author’s first book, Deep in You, even though it ended in a cliffie (which I hate). But lucky for the readers Book 2, Deeper in You, came out shortly afterwards. I must admit that the storyline really surprised me and I am very glad I read these books. Deeper in You starts where the first book ends with Xander’s life in a complete uproar; he’s injured, his girl has left him and planning to have an abortion and his hopes of Olympic Gold are all but dashed. Thes [...]

    7. I could not wait to get into this book. I thought I had it all figured out in book 1 Deep in You but no I was wrong. Xander is left in shock as Lily breaks his heart at least at the time this is what he feels. He is dealing with a major injury that could end his career and now Lily does a number on him. Xander is in bad shape. He always believed in Power Strength and Control in his life that was how he lived, but he had none of that right now. Finally beginning to get his self together he runs i [...]

    8. David S. Scott, where do I even begin to tell you how much I freaking adored this story!!! Yes, the first ended in a cliffhanger, but you listened to your fan base when you asked how long to wait between releases. People who know me, will tell you how much I despise cliffhangers. So glad you decided to release them close together. As much as I loved the first book, I can tell you without a doubt that I enjoyed this one so much more. Let me list the ways1. I received the answers to all of my unan [...]

    9. 'Deeper In You,' is the second book in David Scott's, 'The Phoenix Series,' that I've had the privilege of reading. I thought the first book, 'Deep In You,' was outstanding and would be hard to top. Well, I want to applaud David for topping the first and writing a fantastic book! His writing just kept getting better and better. At the end of book 1 we are left hanging on Lily's answer. Not only does Xander's gymnastic dreams come crashing down, so does his personal life. David does an excellent [...]

    10. I needed to know what happened to Alexander after he was left with nothing. Was there a chance at salvaging his relationship with Lily, his career and his broken heart?Sometimes it takes losing it all to remember who you are and putting that fire back into your soul. Xander needed to follow his motto Power.Strength.Control to get his life back in order. At times I was scared that he was falling back into his old weaken self when it comes to a woman, luckily he had a coach that slapped sense into [...]

    11. What a great storywell done Author David S. Scott. I must say that you have outdone yourself in Deeper in You. I absolutely looooved every minute of it. At one point I actually interrupted my readings, because I felt compelled to send a small PM to the author; just to let him know how much I was loving it; An honest and sincere urge. Some of the passages are so touching and awesomely written, it truly left me breathless. I appreciate his clever turns of the eventsry clever. Did I say sexyhot sce [...]

    12. Amazing well written. If the story doesn't grab you the characters will. What a wild ride that wonderfully ties up all of the loose ends. The introduction of a few new characters including Faith. I love her character. She's sweet but yet knows her own strength and she is exactly the type of person that Xander needs. This is a great continuation story of the first book and it delivers everything with a fluid forward motion. The story moves effortlessly and pulls you in from the beginning and then [...]

    13. This is the conclusion to Deep in You. David Scott is brilliant with the twists he throws in this excellent storyline. Xander Phoenix thinks his career as an Olympic gymnast is finished after his focus is lost and an injury makes him forget his motto of strength, power and control. Lilly left him and he doesn't think he can go on but with the help of his coach, who I must say is awesome the way he takes no shit from Xander, and the green eyed girl that he hasn't been able to forget comes back in [...]

    14. I went into this book thinking I knew exactly how it would concludey was I wrong! And boy am I glad I was wrong because I couldn't predict how it was going to end. The story picks up where Deep in You left off. Xander is a drunken mess and missing Lily. After he finally gets his act together he wanders to his friend's gaming store and lo and behold, his past has come back! Will these 2 finally act upon their desire for one another? Will Xander finally heal emotionally and physically? Is she the [...]

    15. This book follows up Deep In You and resolves the story. Deep In you ended with a proposal and Deeper In You fix the story back up right where it ended. Xander is a man who thinks he is lost everything. He was on top of the world career wise and had his choice of women. Until Lily came along and destroyed him. He then reconnects with Faith, a woman from his past who he has never forgotten. The chemistry between these two is out of this world. I really wanted to see the happy ending but of course [...]

    16. Wow. So Alexander went into focusing on his come back or just normal living and trying to get back into training. Hang out with friends and just being in the moment. He was having reoccurring dreams of a red head green eye beauty. Her name is Faith and Faith believed in faith. On a chance meeting Faith and Alexander meet and start a friendship but fastly fall for one another and the drama of ex's start up and make things be question as to why things were happening. Great book.

    17. I was surprised at the direction this book went, it was so very good.I didn't want to put it down.The characters were well written and I learned to love many of them.Xander went through so much with the Lily situation, and now he is trying to pick himself up and move past the pain.Faith is a performer by trade, but met Xander when she was in college a year ago. When they run into each other again, they are both surprised at how easy it is to talk to one another.The transition from book one into [...]

    18. Spot On!The second book kept me in complete suspense. The triangle between the characters, and the zeal Xander had for love and his sport kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved the storyline, and being a sports romance, with suspense was so sexy fun. The author did a fantastic job of keeping your interest, you could not put it down. I couldn't help but be shocked, and smile at the same time at the conclusion. Congratulations to this authors first release. If this is any indication of what's to [...]

    19. Great conclusion to the story of Xander. Just when he was down and felt he had lost everything, Faith his one true love comes back into his life, although at first she is with someone else, she admits that she is still attracted to him, they get together but it's not all plain sailing, As always his best friend Sam is on hand to help.David had done a great job with book 2, answering questions asked from book 1.David has provided a bit of everything in this book, i will definitely read more of Da [...]

    20. Deeper into you is the second book released by David Scott. And well, hes done it again! !!! David is a brilliant writer, after finishing book one I couldn't wait to get my hands on book 2. The story, characters, He puts you there. More hot and sexier then the first! !!! No spoilers from me, but all the little twists and nail biting moments will not disappoint. If his next books are anything like these, please sign me up!!

    21. This is the conclusion of Alexander Phoenix "Xander" story. The story begins where Book 1, Deep In You, ends. Xander is broken, he feels out of control of his life. This is his journey to try and put his personal and professional life back on track. Can he do it? He is dealing with his injury and a loss. Will he find love with the woman he dreams about? I loved this story. David you did not disappoint. This book was worth waiting for. Great job!!! This is a must read!!

    22. Just when the reader thinks they have it all figured out, Scott takes them on a completely unexpected ride in Deeper in You. The clues he sneaks in along the way makes them believe they have Xander's life all wrapped up. Think again!Twists and turns lead readers down paths to wrong conclusions until he is ready to let them in on the secrets. He does keep them wondering until the end, and it's well worth their time.

    23. Deeper In You picks up immediately where book 1 left off. To the reader it seems that Xander had lost everything. But when one door closes another one opens. Xander is able to overcome everything and find new love. This book was amazing. It has romance combined with suspense. This book did not disappoint. This book is a must read for everyone!

    24. Great read full of twists, turns and mystery. The interactions of the characters is unique and the story line moves along quickly as Xander must do what for many is impossible. This was a hard book to put down as the mystery started to unravel. I never expected that ending to this amazing two book series. Fantastic!

    25. This was a continuation from his first book Deep in you. When you think you've figured out what will happen you are turned completely around. This book is even sexier and hotter then the first. David Scott does a excellent job at making you feel like your in the story watching all that is happening.

    26. AmazingBook keeps you on edge. As don't know what's going to happen next. Loved the sex scenes. Amazing how much the heart is in love with someone you meet a year ago. Mystery of the story was amazing.

    27. I couldn't wait to start this book. A continuation of book one and David Scott did not disappoint. The twists and turns in this will keep you turning the pages. This book is a definite must read. I look forward to many more books from this author.

    28. This book picked I'm up right where the last one left off. But this is is crazy intense. The story that unfolded was attention grabbing and just wow. I really enjoyed reading this series. The twists that were in this book made up for the cliff ha he in the last book.

    29. Yet again David Scott sucked me I kept saying 1 more page ok 1 more chapter until I reached the end of the book This is a must read!! Super hot and twists that will keep you thinking David never disappoints!!! Great job

    30. Fantastic When a story grabs you so tight you can't put the book down until you read the entire thing all you can say is, holy shit that was fabulous. I highly recommend this book as well as book one of The Phoenix Series! You are a remarkable writer David!

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