Crossroads: Women Coming of Age in Today's Uganda

Crossroads Women Coming of Age in Today s Uganda African women stand at a crossroads between traditional culture and modern times Now you can read their own stories in their own words in what one African reader describes as an intriguing collection

  • Title: Crossroads: Women Coming of Age in Today's Uganda
  • Author: Christopher Conte
  • ISBN: 9781507680223
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • African women stand at a crossroads between traditional culture and modern times Now you can read their own stories in their own words in what one African reader describes as an intriguing collection of human experiences in a fantastic yet delicate basketa cultural keepsake What do you do when your education qualifies you for high level professional work but your culAfrican women stand at a crossroads between traditional culture and modern times Now you can read their own stories in their own words in what one African reader describes as an intriguing collection of human experiences in a fantastic yet delicate basketa cultural keepsake What do you do when your education qualifies you for high level professional work but your culture says you, as a woman, should kneel before men When sex education stresses how girls should please men even by making painful changes to their own bodies Or when your family haggles with your fiance s family over how many cows you are worth Similarly, how would you make sense of your life if you spent your childhood sleeping in the bush every night to avoid marauding rebel soldiers If you were held and tortured in a secret prison on a vague suspicion that you were linked to an enemy of the government If imported religions tell you to denounce your parents and grandparents faith Or if western trained doctors can t heal local afflictions but many of your peers dismiss traditional healers as quacks or witchdoctors In describing these and other dilemmas, these African women writers will surprise you as they strike a balance between past and future Their stories will make you laugh and cry, simultaneously demonstrating what makes Africa unique and celebrating what unites people across cultures Ultimately, their life stories will leave you celebrating the enduring strength of the human spirit.

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      Christopher Conte Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Crossroads: Women Coming of Age in Today's Uganda book, this is one of the most wanted Christopher Conte author readers around the world.


    1. For full review please go to: 5girlsbookreviews, Twitter @camartinez and Facebook "5 Girls Book Reviews"REVIEW BY: Michaela, age 11 years, 8 monthsMAY CONTAIN SPOILER:UmmmmmmI wouldn't really recommend this book for kids, some of the stories are okay for kids and some are not because they talk about more adult things. I had to skip over those types of stories. However, this is a really good book and I find it amazing to hear about these women's lives. The women really put so much into writing th [...]

    2. A collection of 15 essays by Ugandan women, edited by Christopher Conte. The editor states he wants to illuminate a culture, rather than produce a book in which an outsider would dissect Africa. He succeeds in this. The essays present very different versions of life for a Ugandan woman. They make the reader understand that a generalized stereotypical view of life for women in Africa is not accurate - there are many stories on many topics from many very different women. And I am sure that the sto [...]

    3. Summary: Narratives of fourteen Ugandan women on various aspects of growing up in a Ugandan society in the midst of political upheaval, the intersection of traditional and modern ways, between repression and reform.I've written in the past about the need to read diverse books, to listen to diverse voices, and not simply western White voices of my own political and religious persuasion. Among the voices I've wanted to listen to are women's voices. I'm also aware that as Americans, we have not oft [...]

    4. Being a woman myself, it was easy for me to empathize with all the authors. Hats off to the Christopher for putting forth this awesome collection.This anthology comprises of fifteen essays written by fifteen women from Uganda. Each essay is a reflection of the social fabric of the country and brings out its different facets. A real treat when it comes to understanding a new culture. The best part of these reflections are that they are not isolated, as in, many of the thoughts have a universal ap [...]

    5. I was not expecting this to be as brutal as it was. The collection of real life stories pulls no punches; it's gritty and visceral retelling of quite harrowing events. Powerful stuff! Book received as Giveaway.

    6. Crossroads is a collection of true life stories written by 13 Ugandan women. It covers various topics from sex education, culture, religion, education among others. It gives some of the challenges women in Uganda face growing up in a male dominated society and its impact in society.

    7. *I was gifted a copy of this book by the editor*Crossroads is a fascinating anthology comprising autobiographical essays by several Ugandan women. I loved the opportunity to learn more about the Ugandan culture and the upbringing of African women and how it is different from the upbringing of Black women here in America. Rarely do we hear of what these women endure so it was refreshing to read about it. All of the stories have a common Coming-of-Age theme where the women discuss their experience [...]

    8. Crossroads is an anthology of essays by women writers from the present day, Uganda. The essays are the personal experiences of the writers. Dealing with various themes, the essays present in this collection bring into light the voices that have hitherto been muffled.There are 15 essays in this book, which can also be called as short stories. Actually they are all personal narratives. The essays are full of ideas. They are throbbing with the desires of transcending all the boundaries and embracin [...]

    9. *I received a copy of this book to be honestly reviewed*This was powerful! The stories showed me a side of things I didn't even know existed, and struggles I am have been sheltered enough to not really have known about. The women telling their truths in this book put their hearts into it, and each and every one of them was moving, showing the lives of these incredible people. Wonderful collection!Bob says: 5 Platypires

    10. I'm happy I won this book. This book is made up of short essays written by Ugandan women. The essays show a commonality of how older traditions meet with the new modern world, however; these essays reflect different Ugandan women with very different experiences.

    11. With an eclectic mix of fifteen essays, Editor Christopher Conte in Crossroads: Women Coming of Age in Today's Uganda has put together a broad base of themes contributed by several women authors from Uganda.As Conte writes in the Introduction, the goal of these stories is to illuminate a culture through autobiography rather than create another travelogue in which outsiders dissect Africa. It should be pointed out that the contributors did not want to have anything to do with fitting African stor [...]

    12. I enjoyed reading this, despite the fact that this was an Interlibrary Loan that I've put off reading for a while so that I had to speed through some bits since the deadline was rearing its ugly head, but I managed to read all of the essays. None of them I particularly disliked (though I felt a faint sense of distaste for Harriet and her terrible poem), all of them provided me with some kind of valuable information or another about what some of the issues that Ugandan women might face in their d [...]

    13. This collection of stories by Ugandan women should be read by men, as much as by Non-African women for they are like splinters from a single shattered gourd. As an African myself I smell the heat, the dust, see the swaying hips balancing head- bearing burdens, and above all the rich earthiness of simple honesty. Each concentrates on a single shoot of reflection or incident to grow into a taller stalk. Together they are a small stand of food. Women in Africa grow food and men eat it. So should th [...]

    14. Summary: The value of this book for learning about another culture makes me want to tell everyone to pick this up, but the writing was average at best."They are rooted in their culture's rich traditions, yet they stand at the cutting edge of change. This is the crossroads where many Ugandan women find themselves today. With dignity and grace, they play a complex social role, balancing worldly sophistication with reverence for the values of their upbringing.In Crossroads, a group of these women e [...]

    15. My minor in college was Women’s Studies, so I’ve read a lot of books similar to this one. Stories of women all over the world; their hardships, as well as the joys in their lives. This one has resonated more with me than many of those I read in college though. It may be because I wasn’t reading this for a class. Or it could be because I’ve had more real life experiences since then, and am able to sympathise with some of the writers. But with many of the stories, it opened an entirely new [...]

    16. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Crossroads is a compilation of 15 essays written by Ugandan women that discuss a variety of topics: gender roles, societal norms, poverty, education, sexual orientation, Western charitable organizations, religion, and so much more. Profound, thoughtful, thought-provoking, and sometimes disturbing; each essay focuses on different aspects of Ugandan culture and reveals how each woman struggles with, and overcomes, the challenges [...]

    17. These stories are somewhat foreign yet several of their experiences are familiar despite the different circumstances.I greatly enjoyed the stories where I could relate to how the women reacted to the changes as they grew from child to adult. It’s quite amazing how quickly change happens throughout a lifetime. It’s also somewhat surprising to realize how much hasn’t changed.The essays about the challenges of relationships, both hetero- and homosexual, changing education methods, religion an [...]

    18. Crossroads is a fascinating collection of fifteen essays, written by accomplished Ugandan women; that shine a spotlight on different aspects of their culture. These amazing women share their stories of hardship and challenges, as well as how they live and survive in Uganda’s male-dominant society. I found each story compelling, thought-provoking but also very disturbing. All of the essays have a thread of oppression that runs through them, yet each one of them is unique and powerful.Reading th [...]

    19. This is a collection of short bibliographies, of educated Ugandan women, in a changing world. The book's description suggests these were stories of "dignity and grace". There is much I don't know about Uganda I'm sure, but I question this description. Rather these were stories of women struggling in a harsh, evolving world. I loved the cover. It has "dignity and grace".

    20. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn more about Uganda, and particularly what it is to-be a woman in Uganda. The writing had occasional rough edges but overall I learned a lot, was transported, found beautiful language and images, and truly just loved this book.

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