Forsaking Gray

Forsaking Gray Book in a book series Each book features a different brother and each can be read STANDALONE Lies When does hiding the truth to protect someone you love turn into deception Deception When does you

  • Title: Forsaking Gray
  • Author: K.L. Kreig
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book 1 in a 4 book series Each book features a different brother and each can be read STANDALONE Lies When does hiding the truth to protect someone you love turn into deception Deception When does your unwavering trust turn into the ultimate betrayal Betrayal When is the truth than it appears to be on the surface Within less than twenty four hours of proposingBook 1 in a 4 book series Each book features a different brother and each can be read STANDALONE Lies When does hiding the truth to protect someone you love turn into deception Deception When does your unwavering trust turn into the ultimate betrayal Betrayal When is the truth than it appears to be on the surface Within less than twenty four hours of proposing to the love of his life, she disappeared No note No trace No explanation Nothing Now, five years later, she s resurfaced and Gray will stop at nothing to make Livia his again But is love enough to forgive an unforgivable wrong Livia I had less than sixty seconds to make a decision that would forever change my life and those of the ones I loved I sacrificed I suffered I survived And no one must ever discover my shameful secret, especially him Gray I had dreams of a future with the woman who breathed the very life into my soul I was betrayed I was abandoned I was lost Now that she s back, can I find it within myself to leave the past in the past and forgive so we can move forward and have the life I d imagined Mature readers only, 18 Features alpha men with foul language and penchant for hot sex.

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    1. Forsaking Gray (The Colloway Brothers) by KL Kreig4 stars!!“But now I’m starting to wonder it the secrets that will break us, or the truth?”This was my first read by KL Kreig and it won’t be my last. These Colloway brothers will keep me entertained for quite a while me thinks! I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I loved the author’s voice. This book was captivating from the beginning and I didn’t want to put it down. This is the story of Gray Colloway and Livia.When [...]

    2. 2,5 starsThis was moiwhilst turning the pages of Forsaking Gray the 1st book in K.L. Kreig's The Colloway Brothers SeriesI should have screamed out louder!!! Because Gray and Olivia's story is all aboutMISCOMMUNICATIONS.if only these two "knuckleheads" didn't go through all those MISUNDERSTANDSey would have avoided so much pain and heartachebut no! They do it the hard way!!Look, I liked Gray most of the times. How he put up with Livia is beyond me. She was one of the reasons that I couldn't get [...]

    3. K.L. Kreig ventures into contemporary romance with Forsaking Gray, a book I was highly anticipating!First thing to remember is this is a Standalone. Although the first in the series, the story of Gray and Livia is told in this single novel. This was something that I had to remind myself of over and over again as I read this. The fear of a cliffhanger ending was killing me, but again, it’s a standalone. So all was okay, I was going to survive. Gray and Livia once shared a love like no other. Wi [...]

    4. I've never tried this author before but I wanted to - so even though this book has an abused h(which is a no-no for me) I went for it and enjoyed this read.This was an intense romance. What struck me was the writing, it was good and showed very much a man who is owned by a woman and vice versa. They're truly soulmates but the h was a victim of terrible circumstances (which also affected the H) and they're both hurt and separated without a word for years.When they meet again, H - who is a betaish [...]

    5. OMG K.L. Kreig has very quickly become a favorite author. I freakin LOVED LOVED LOVED Forsaking Gray! Livia was so happy when the love of her life proposed, until she was forced to make a choice that would alter her life forever in less than 60 seconds. She had to leave everything and everyone she loved with no word. Gray has not been the same since Livia left him without any explanation within 24 hours of him proposing. Years later, he runs in to her, and he knows he will stop at nothing to mak [...]

    6. Well, I had no idea what to expect from this book and I was pleasantly surprised. I was in the mood for a good drama-rama read and I got it without excessive angst. Loved the twist towards the end, wasn't expecting that!Really enjoyed this one.

    7. ***FOUR STARS***I LOVED this story so much! K.L. Kreig writes her heroes so freaking sexy, filthy mouthed and alpha. Gray was perfect in every way and I fell head over heels in love with him, and my heartstrings were pulled learning all the horrific things that Livia went through. These two characters were fantastic together. The sex was off the charts smokin' and I enjoyed every second of every sex scene. And I flipped for all the angst in this story too. This would have been a full 5 stars for [...]

    8. I actually heard about this series and author from another popular author on Facebook that was highly recommending it. I decided that it sounded good, and gave it a try. I am sure glad that I did.This is a series that features the Colloway Brothers, and believe meyou will fall in love with them from the start! They have all the traits we love in our heroesloyal, possessive, sexy, tough on the outside; but a softy when it comes to the women they love!! Book #1 is about Gray and Olivia. They have [...]

    9. Ever been held hostage by a book? Totally imprisoned by sexy words and dark intrigue? I have and I loved every second of it! I've been blessed with the gift of speed reading, and as much as I tried to speed read through this book, I just couldn't. Every part of me wanted to live in the moment with the words and savor it for as long as possible. Grey and Livia's story took me on an emotionally charged journey full of highs and lows and some spectacular sexual chemistry. There is nothing sexier th [...]

    10. Wow. I really enjoyed this one. It was heartbreaking to read at times, but it was also sweet and hot. Full review to come

    11. What she doesn’t understand though is that she snared my soul the second she stared into my eyes.If you’re looking for an ugly cry book, seriously, this one is for you!I’m actually torn how on to say things, because honestly, after that beautiful ending, I’m not sure what to read next. I’m experiencing book-hang-over and it’s a good one. Usually its gut-wrenching pain I can’t get over but how do you explain a gut-wrenching pain that’s good?I know right? It’s that hard. All I ca [...]

    12. It was a decent read, but I wasnt too impressed with the hero. It wasnt that he fucked every available woman during their separation (but it was only ever Livia for him) - that didn't bother me one bit. For someone who supposedly loves Livia, he was pretty shit at standing by her and showing it. Wouldn't it have made sense that when he found out about what had happened that he talk to her about it and find out the truth? Instead, he acts like a dick and turns into some punk kid with the maturity [...]

    13. There’s nothing I love more than a strong heroine, and Livia is that. I also like a hero who isn’t the cookie cutter sort. The type of man who has faults and virtues. I hate heroes that are all good with no shades of gray. (Pun intended) Gray is excellent hero material. He’s complicated, in touch with who he is, and knows exactly what he wants—and that’s the heroine. He knew he had to have her from the very beginning and there was no keeping him from his goal. Our heroine has been thro [...]

    14. I absolutely devoured this book!!! Love, love, love this book! there were so many twists and turns that I just could not put it down!!! Now, I'm on to Asher's story!!! one click this read!

    15. OMG! Forsaking Gray and author K.L. Kreig stunned me with Livia and Gray's story. I had one of those “duh” moments because I overlooked the obvious in the storyline/plot. Ugh, I know, had to shake my head and hit myself on my forehead for not seeing it. But also, I did another thing I rarely do in a romance, and that is I fell for the other guy instead the main hero and wanted the MC heroine to end up with him instead. That's what happens when there's a beautiful second guy who is just as wo [...]

    16. 4.5* Have you ever read a book that you want to throw at a wall and hold close to your heart at the same time. Well, this was that book for me. I had a bit of a love-hate thing going on with this one. Half the time I wanted to choke the ever living crap out of both the H/h, Livia and Gray. The other half I wanted to hug them both close and make it all better! Gah!!! Kind of the way I felt about my kids when they were teenagers! Those of you who have or have had teens should all be nodding your h [...]

    17. My first book by K.L. Kreig and what a lovely and beyond amazing love story it was.I seriously loved Gray. The blurb says he's an alpha with lots of dirty talk and let me tell you, that's not even half the truth. He's so damn yummy with his sexy dirty talk and how he handles and cares for Livvy. He's the star of the book, with his huge heart and undying love.I'm in awe of Livvy and of her strength after what she did to rescue her sister. What a sacrifice and she did it out of pure love. Emotiona [...]

    18. Wow! This is one of the best books I have ever read. I didn't want it to end. My heart felt like it was pounding out of my chest the whole time. I cried a few times. Now that I have finished it, I just can't find the right words to express how wonderful this book it. It is a must read!!!!!

    19. It doesn't get much more meant to be than Livia and Gray, folks!Livia Kingsley was desperately in love with Gray Colloway when her father sold her to a man to pay off his gambling debts. Abused and destroyed, Livia is finally able to escape her prison and start to build a new life, only to unexpectedly run into Gray in Chicago. Gray wants answers, needs to know what happened the day after he proposed to his soulmate, needs to get her back in his life and his bed. Livia isn't the same woman she w [...]

    20. I didn't feel like I could justify giving this anything higher than 3 stars because the whole book is based on miscommunication and misunderstandings. I understood why the h (view spoiler)[ had to leave the H the first time. She had a good reason for her actions and it was through no choice of her own. But what I don't understand, and what annoyed me throughout the book, was the fact that she still did not tell Gray why she left, or what she went through. Peter had been murdered, her past was be [...]

    21. ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS STORY!! Beyond 5 STARS *********I was drawn into this story from the get go. I couldn't put it down. Gray is just the perfect alpha male character, you automatically can't help but fall for him. Livia's character is strong independent abd fierce. The two together are combustible, and it's perfect.The angst in this story Holy Crap on a Cracker!!!! Your nerves will be shot reading this. Oh almost forget this baby is off the charts hot!!!! The woman can write sex.Looking forwa [...]

    22. GODDAMMIT!!! HATE LOVE TRIANGLESins perfectly good love stories especially when it involves (view spoiler)[ the H's brotheryou don't sleep in the same bed with the OM and claim it's bloody platonic!!!! (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>

    23. I'm conflicted with this book.It started out really good. It sucked me right in and the writing of the author was superb. I could easily see this being a five star read for me and I thought it was going to be, but it didn't hit the mark.I thought the storyline was engrossing and the pace was pretty steady. However, I believe the story didn't have to be as long as it was (382 pages). It could have easily been condensed down to 300 or so pages in my opinion. As a result, the story just started to [...]

    24. You need to read this book so fucking hard. For a book that has a substantial amount of awesome sex in it, there were still scenes that brought tears to my eyes. And I don’t cry at books. Much. KL Kreig twists words into stories that take you away from your life and insert you into the pages.I would have thought that a book about betrayal would have hardened my heart towards Livvy – I mean, what kind of woman leaves the man she just promised to marry without much more than a note? But facts [...]

    25. A new series, each book will feature a Colloway brother. This book features Gray.I feel emotionally exhausted after that book, it tore at my heart the love Gray and Livvy have for one another.Livvy is so strong, she's been through so much stuff and sacrificed her own happiness and well being to protect another, surely life gives second chances? Gray, a man doing well in the world, has a fabulous set of brothers and a mother that adores him, but still his not whole, not since the love of his life [...]

    26. If you haven’t read K.L. Kreig then you’re missing out. This author already has three books under her belt and everyone single one of them are worth their weight in gold, including Forsaking Gray. So pick up a large glass of your favourite wine, run yourself a bath and make sure you have eight hours of hot water because you won’t want to move. I couldn’t put this book down. Livia and Gray create this intense, fractured relationship which kept my heart racing for them. Emotions run deep, [...]

    27. I love finding new authors and this was a great surprise for me. This is book one in The Colloway Brothers. As soon as Gray saw Livia he knew she was the girl for him. He chased her for a date and life seemed to be good when they got engaged. Suddenly Livia disappears. Five years later they meet again. Gray wants answers but Livia is afraid to open up. Lies, deception and betrayal. This book has it all. If your looking for an emotional roller coaster then I highly recommend this story. I totally [...]

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