The Death Trust

The Death Trust Amid the dust death and chaos of Iraq an American soldier on a routine patrol is killed by an unseen enemy It s a tragedy but not a crime until it s linked to the bizarre death of a decorated four

  • Title: The Death Trust
  • Author: David Rollins
  • ISBN: 9781423332442
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Amid the dust, death, and chaos of Iraq, an American soldier on a routine patrol is killed by an unseen enemy It s a tragedy but not a crime until it s linked to the bizarre death of a decorated four star general who happens to be the dead man s father and the son in law of history s most feared and powerful U.S vice president.Major Vin Cooper of Air Force Special InvestAmid the dust, death, and chaos of Iraq, an American soldier on a routine patrol is killed by an unseen enemy It s a tragedy but not a crime until it s linked to the bizarre death of a decorated four star general who happens to be the dead man s father and the son in law of history s most feared and powerful U.S vice president.Major Vin Cooper of Air Force Special Investigations is the kind of loose cannon no commanding officer can completely control or survive without Cooper s a man whose capacity to absorb grief is matched only by his ability to dish it out And this case which will be either his most important or his last has plenty of both.Scarred by battle and a recent divorce, Cooper answers to no one but his own tough as nails female general She knows there s no one as relentless, as insubordinate, and as effective in prying out the truth as Cooper no matter where it leads or who it angers.Reluctantly paired with Special Agent Anna Masters, Cooper begins his search at the scene of a suspicious crash at Ramstein Air Base in Germany There they uncover a trail of inexplicable accidental deaths that leads from the war torn streets of Baghdad to sex slavery in Latvia and a marriage that began in the White House Rose Garden and disintegrated into bitterness and infidelity And with every step they take, Cooper and Masters come closer to the shocking truth about the biggest and most murderous lie of all.

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    1. David Rollins

      David Rollins is a fiction author who lives in Sydney, Australia, and is best known for his series featuring Vin Cooper, a special agent in the United States Air Force OSI.Rollins has published eleven novels, which most recently includes the seventh novel in the Cooper series, KINGDOM COME.


    1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for recommending this author/book. I've really been missing Brian Haig's Sean Drummond. Part of me also wants Lee Child to write Jack Reacher stories faster (the saner side of me is afraid of that.n't want him to turn into James Patterson). In The Death Trust, Vin Cooper combines the best of both.WARNING for future readers: Keep a bottle of aspirin handy. The action is non-stop. I ached all over just reading about the gunshots, bomb blasts, street brawls and fist [...]

    2. This is one of those books you thought you read before but fortunately, had not. My low expectations were quickly altered with an investigation of the supposedly accidental death of an Air Force 4 star general in a gliding accident in Germany. Heading up the investigation is Air Force Major Vin Cooper, a tough, smart and very witty detective assisted by the equally smart and lovely Major Anna Masters. Complication matters , the General's son, a Marine Sgt. serving in Iraq, was killed in under du [...]

    3. Vin Cooper Is an Air Force Major and Special Agent in the Office of Special Investigations. We meet him as he awakes one morning with a giant hangover before being summoned by his commanding general. An Air Force General commanding the Ramstein Air Base in Germany has died in the crash of his personal sailplane. The crash is deemed suspicious and Vin is assigned to investigate it. As he conducts his investigation he finds a whole line of suspicious deaths, all of which are labeled accidental. Th [...]

    4. Exciting thriller, somewhat over the top, but a fun read that moves well. Engaging characters, a couple cartoonish, but all coming together to keep things interesting.

    5. I give this book 3.5 stars. Story opens with OSI officer Major Vin Cooper, recently divorced, waking up from a massive hangover only to be given an assignment to investigate the death in a gliding accident of the commanding officer, a 4-star general, of the NATO Ramstein AFB. He's paired with a local OSI officer, Major Anna Masters, who is not impressed with Vin Cooper to say the least. Actually she feels he's stepping on her turf. From here things start to speed up. Evidence is found that the g [...]

    6. Not bad. For the most part, I enjoyed the story and the main characters. There were only two things that rubbed me the wrong way. Vin Cooper and his interactions with Varvara and Katarinya. Though each for different reasons. (view spoiler)[1. Varvara. I couldn't help but pause at the TSTL moment Vin had when Varvara came to seduce him in his hotel. Here's a woman that was at the least a stripper and at the most a prostitute/sex slave - and it's not like women in that position can demand their cl [...]

    7. “The Death Trust”, if it were a film, would be a solid B-movie. The plot is taut and no scene or dialogue is wasted, and the best parts of the book are the main characters. We’re introduced to the internal affairs department of the United States Air Force, and one of its agents, Major Vin Cooper; in the first chapter of the book, he’s nursing a fierce hangover when given a plum assignment from his commanding officer, nicknamed “the big cheese” (she’s a general and her surname is Gr [...]

    8. Every once in a while a conspiracy theory political thriller seems to hit the spot. Major Vin Cooper, a newly divorced USAF Special Investigator suffering flashbacks from Afghanistan, is sent to Germany to investigate the death of a 4 star general killed in a gliding accident. Or was it an accident? Turns out there are questions about the death, and about the death in Iraq of the general's son a year earlier. The descriptions of the scenes in Afghanistan and Iraq, and at the NATO base in Ramstei [...]

    9. This is the first book in the Vin Cooper series which I discovered with the third or fourth book Hard Rain. Cooper is an OSI officer for the air force doing a murder investigation of a 4 star in Germany. It is a good mystery with Cooper's usual sass. It introduces Anne Masters but not well. The characters are not yet unique which comes later. The plot is good with enough action and mystery mixed in it. Overall a good start to the series, but not quite as good as the later book.

    10. And here I was thinking I was in for another tedious flag-waving bit of neo-con porn a la Vince Flynn-made me think about passing on this book. Glad I read it because I actually found a thriller with a great set of characters that are nothing like Mitch Krapp.Was a bit of a stretch believing the motivation behind the crimes in this novel but a good read all the same.Looking forward to reading the other two books in the series.

    11. This book was a pleasant surprise. Many twists and turns and a great ending. I now will read the whole series, Vin Cooper is a hard hitting main character that will carry many more novels in the future. If you like series as I do you could do far worse. I urge you to give David Rollins a chance to win your loyalty as a reader.

    12. The death of a U.S. Air Force General pulls investigator Vin Cooper into something that may be more than he bargained for. Lots of action with a good story line to carry the mystery makes this a very good book. For those interested in military conspiracy novels this one is a hit. I am already looking forward to book #2.

    13. A military investigator Vin Cooper looks into the Murder of an Air Force general and his sonCooper has the cockiness and skills of both Brian Haig's Sean Drummond and DeMille's Paul Brennera fun read, but I get a little tired of the Deus Ex Machina plot device of the government/industrial conspiracies of some of these novels would have been 4 stars if it wasn't for that

    14. Excellent story told well. Love the main characters. The plot was complicated and mysterious enough to keep me going. The paranoid undercurrent carried the pace well. I liked it. Ready to read the next one. Love these kind of tough guy stories with strong, human characters.

    15. Great action. I read through it very quickly. I have the next in the series on my to read list. I found the main character, Vin Cooper, to be realsitic and not over the top. But some may find his personal problems too cliche.

    16. The first three quarters of this book were absolutely fantastic - witty, exciting, tense. Unfortunately, the author decided to take the plot way too far off the deep end towards the conclusion of the book, to the point that the last few chapters were actually painful to read.

    17. The second half of this book stepped it up to high gear and continually gained momentum at a cracking pace. A good easy read and quite enjoyable. Looking forward to the next installment of Vin Cooper!

    18. My first Rollins book and I'm off to the library to get the next. Plenty of action, likable characters; plot a bit far-fetched and involved.

    19. This is an absolutely superb book. Vince Cooper is as interesting and driven as Jack Reacher. Highly recommended.

    20. This book read like a made-for-TV movie. Each chapter left you on a cliffhanger or filled in one more piece of the overall mystery.

    21. Very exciting! If I had read it rather than listened to the cd, I would call it a "page turner". Lots of twists and turns in the plot.

    22. I've read a couple of his other books, and they were OK, but this is a whole lot better. It's like he'd read all of Nelson de Mille's books before writing this one.

    23. This is a book about a US Air Force investigation into the accidental death of a 4-star general. Non-stop action and adventure makes this a real page-turner. Oddly, it's by an Australian author.

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