This Rough Magic

This Rough Magic When Lucy Waring s sister Phyllida suggests that she join her for a quiet holiday on the island of Corfu young English Lucy is overjoyed Her work as an actress has temporarily come to a halt She beli

  • Title: This Rough Magic
  • Author: MaryStewart
  • ISBN: 9780060747473
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Lucy Waring s sister Phyllida suggests that she join her for a quiet holiday on the island of Corfu, young English Lucy is overjoyed Her work as an actress has temporarily come to a halt She believes there is no finer place to be at liberty than the sun drenched isle of Corfu, the alleged locale for Shakespeare s The Tempest Even the suspicious actions of the hanWhen Lucy Waring s sister Phyllida suggests that she join her for a quiet holiday on the island of Corfu, young English Lucy is overjoyed Her work as an actress has temporarily come to a halt She believes there is no finer place to be at liberty than the sun drenched isle of Corfu, the alleged locale for Shakespeare s The Tempest Even the suspicious actions of the handsome, arrogant son of a famous actor cannot dampen her enthusiasm for this wonderland in the Ionian Sea.But the peaceful idyll does not last long A series of incidents, seemingly unconnected but all surrounded in mystery throws Lucy s life into a dangerous spin, as fear, danger and death as well as romance supplant the former tranquility Then a human corpse is carried ashore on the incoming tide And without warning, she found she had stumbled into a nightmare of strange violence, stalked by shadows of terror and sudden death.

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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Lady Mary Stewart, born Mary Florence Elinor Rainbow, was a popular English novelist, and taught at the school of John Norquay elementary for 30 to 35 years.She was one of the most widely read fiction writers of our time The author of twenty novels, a volume of poetry, and three books for young readers, she was admired for both her contemporary stories of romantic suspense and her historical novels Born in England, she lived for many years in Scotland, spending time between Edinburgh and the West Highlands.Her unofficial fan site can be found at marystewartnovels.


    1. It's the 1960s, and Lucy Waring, a rather unsuccessful young British actress (played here in my imaginary movie by Natalie Wood)has traveled to Corfu, an island off the coast of Greece, to visit her sister when her London play closes after only a two-month run. If you have to hide somewhere to lick your wounds, Corfu is the place to do it.Lucy get to swim in their private bay, play with a friendly dolphin:. . . trade lines from Shakespeare with one of the most famous actors in Great Britain, who [...]

    2. For the last Mary Stewart 'group read' which I did for Madam, Will You Talk?, I decided to cast the book as a movie, picking glamorous stars from the fifties. Hannah asked if I would do that again for this book, so here it is! Yay! I hope you enjoy it. Now casting this book was a little bit trickier then for MWYT, since This Rough Magic is supposed to take place 1964. I couldn’t use the cast from the last book. They weren’t young enough. And as always, they had to be British, since This Roug [...]

    3. It's been a great personal pleasure to pull out copies of my Mary Stewart books and read them again with some of my GR friends as group reads. This Rough Magic has long been one that I had fond memories of reading several decades ago, but as every reader knows, sometimes time (and maturity) has a way of changing our perceptions of books we enjoyed when younger. Thankfully, my fond memories of this novel remain fond; This Rough Magic is just as magical, just as suspenseful and just as enjoyable a [...]

    4. First published in 1964, this novel is set on the Greek island of Corfu, where out-of-work English actress Lucy Waring goes to stay with her sister, whose wealthy husband’s family owns an estate on the island. There she becomes embroiled in a mystery involving reclusive actor Sir Julian Gale, his brusque son Max, photographer Godfrey Manning, diverse islanders , a cute cat and a very appealing dolphin. The title is a quote from Act V Scene I of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Prospero decides to [...]

    5. How to create the perfect romantic suspense novel:1. select a stirring and exotic setting, like the isle of Corfu in Greece, with caves and hidden grottos.2. conjure up a castle in somewhat spotty repair3. add a plucky but somewhat naive heroine and a disdainful and gorgeous hero.4. mix in a few blood-chilling dangers (with sports cars and fancy boats)5. weave in a dolphin and a Persian cat.Then put all these ingredients into the hands of a wordsmith extraordinaire, and voila, you have a story t [...]

    6. Mary Stewart created the romantic thriller genre and here she is at the top of her game. There is so much to like here: a magnificent setting on the Ionian island of Corfu, magical scenes and descriptions, a great plot and splendid pacing; but what I love best about this book is its heroine, actress Lucy Waringd, of course, the dolphin.

    7. This was the first book I read by MS and I found out about it bec someone on my Flist is in the MS group as a mod, I think.I fell in love with MS's wonderful, lush descriptions of outdoor scenery of Corfu and its festivals. Reading these were truly a sensory experience. My senses of sight and smell were fully engaged as I read this book. She managed to create images in my minds eye wo the use of the Internet for research.I wasn't that impressed with the romance though. It seemed to come out of n [...]

    8. So so charming. You know a book is good when you find yourself smiling while reading it. The rose garden, the friendly dolphin, the white Persian cat, and the exciting motorcycle ride along the Corfu coast. What's not to like?

    9. "Here was I, Lucy Waring, being asked into the water for a game." This Rough Magic follows the usual Mary Stewart formula - exotic setting (Corfu), heroine in peril, hero who doesn't seem like a hero at first and of course a rocking good mystery to be solved. "The body was lying half in, half out, of the largest patch of shadow." Despite being a bit dated (loved all the nylon clothing!), this was a lot of fun, especially the last 100 or so pages that were pretty darn near unputdownable.

    10. Another Fiver by Mary Stewart! Once again I'm opting out of doing a summery as I'd do a lousy job and probably give it all away. So, to begin. I honesty didn't have a clue what was going on in the first four chapters, and I didn't see or care what The Tempesthad to do with anything. But, that aside it was a jolly good read. In fact, it was just as good as I hoped it would be. My only complaint is I knew to some extent what was going to happen. (that didn't spoil my enjoyment, hence the high rati [...]

    11. This was exactly what I needed after handing in my dissertation yesterday. Adventures and romance with a touch of danger, but where you're pretty sure it'll turn out okay in the end, and if you've read any Mary Stewart at all, you know it'll end with a wedding. There's your usual plucky heroine, a couple of potential love interests, and the usual exotic setting, this time in Corfu, and this time laced with Shakespeare -- which might put some people off, because I don't tend to like books that tr [...]

    12. Plenty of reviews already on offer, it is a Mary Stewart novel after all. Plenty to enjoy with this vintage romantic suspense set on Corfu. Trade mark Mary Stewart with an engaging plot, a "plucky" heroine and a stalwart male lead. Wonderful descriptions of the countryside and a nice touch, the introduction of the dolphin.Love this author and her novels that I read avidly in my younger years.ey never lose their magic.

    13. "'Most sure, the goddessOn whom these airs attend! Vouchsafe my prayerMay know if you remain upon this Island . . .'"It will come as no surprise to anyone who is already a devoted fan of Mary Stewart that I found this book to be enormously entertaining!!! The same beautiful and intelligent writing style that I found so captivating in Stewart's Arthurian Saga, is a key ingredient in this romantic suspense.I could not have wished for a more daring heroine than Lucy Waring! She rescues animals, eve [...]

    14. I picked this as my light reading for a holiday in Corfu and came home having decided that Mary Stewart has become my new guilty secret. This was a charming romantic mystery, depicting the island in the unspoilt 1960s, as seen through the eyes of glamorous resting actress Lucy Waring. Naturally she is staying at her brother-in-law’s glamorous cliff top residence and there are a few hunky but sophisticated men around to catch her eye. There is also a mystery element that threatened to be a sort [...]

    15. Stewart is incredible at creating atmosphere. The story takes place on the Greek island of Corfu in the isolated cliff side surroundings of a castle and two villas with a crescent beach in between. You can not read this without feeling as if you are there every step of the way with the protagonist, Lucy. The sounds, the smells, the colors of the flowers, the feel of the water, the breeze are all there. Art, dolphins, mystery, colorful characters, hidden caves, local culture are all brought to li [...]

    16. Really 3.5 stars.This wasn't the best Mary Stewart I've ever read but a slow bland start was more than made up for by an exciting (if slightly implausible) finish. As always the scenery was wonderful and as with her other romantic suspense I've read, it had a real 1950s/60s filmic quality about it. Fluffy but fun, with Shakespearean references thrown in.And a special thanks to the 'book fairy' who sent me my copy as a present. It was much appreciated.Buddy read with Kim and lots of others over a [...]

    17. 3.5 Stars (Mary Stewart Group Read Sept 2014)Well I started this a week earlier than I should have (got the dates mixed up) so I'm reviewing when I should just be starting to read. Nevermind. It happens.I won't write a synopsis, that's been done many times. I'll just say that I enjoyed this, thought it was well written and was fairly gripping toward the end.I liked the retro references to gold lipstick and nylon clothes which made me think of 60s films (gotta love em! ) and the dolphin was a nic [...]

    18. It's her usual formula, but I couldn't put this book down. Another writer would turn this into a pulpy romance, but Mary Stewart pulls together all the classic elements I love and surrounds them with word magic. It's a lovely read, with the 1960's attitudes and nylon clothes adding to the charm. The protagonist was gutsy, not hung up on herself, and humorous, the descriptions of Corfu were better than a book of travel photos, and the suspense . . . well, I won't put any spoilers in, but if you a [...]

    19. Though I ended up liking this story, I had my doubts while reading the first half or so. It seems like there was alot of dialogue going nowhere and all the literary discussion about Shakespeare's Tempest went right over my head. As a result, I found that very slow going. (And I never really understood what all this had to do with the story anyway.)However, Mary Stewart once again shone in her descriptions of a foreign land. They were so interesting, I lost track of turning the pages. Plus, the l [...]

    20. This was a re-read for me, and I loved it just as much this time as when I first read it 4 decades ago. (Gasp!!) Mary Stewart does beautiful romantic-thrillers. The heroine is always innocently drawn into intrigue and danger, but it's done so well that you get drawn in right with her. And she does such beautiful descriptions of the setting and its history that you can feel yourself there.This is one of my favorite Stewart stories. Out-of-work actress Lucy Waring is staying on the island of Corfu [...]

    21. My first book by Mary Stewart and what a wonderful introduction. Set on the Greek island of Corfu in the early 1960's. This book has suspense, a touch of romance, wonderful setting, boats, cliffs, caves, secluded beaches, villas, a nasty villain, and a wonderful dolphin. Mary Stewart is a master of description, I really felt like I was there. I don't get that feeling from a lot of authors. I was sucked in from the very beginning, but truly could not put the book down for the last six or so chapt [...]

    22. Mary Stewart, the author of suspenseful romances, was a gamble when I bought her book, 'This Rough Magic'. How surprised I was when I finally began to read it and was swept away to Greece and the island which might well have been Prospero's in Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'. 'This Rough Magic' (in itself a quote from The Tempest) begins with Lucy Waring's arrival in the Greek island of Corfu, a place rich in myth and tradition. Lucy joins her sister, Phyllida Forli at one of the three houses the Fo [...]

    23. Buddy read with Hannah, Carol, Misfit, Susan, Anne, Dianne Lynn, Catie, Shelley, Jeannette, Kim, Lorraine.The scenario is based on the Corfu island which was splendid described by the author. A lot of references of The Tempest: the idea that Corfu is the setting for The Tempest. The main character, the actress Lucy Waring is too juvenile in my opinion. The scene of the dolphin's rescue is hilarious in someway and quite implausible in all senses. Anyway, it was an enjoyable reading.Thanks Hannah [...]

    24. After this reread, I am upgrading my rating to 5 stars. I believe now that this may be my favorite Mary Stewart. I had remembered a lot of it but really enjoyed this reading even more. Definitely one of my favorites and maybe my favorite.

    25. Romantic suspense. This classic of the genre is light read, with an intrepid heroine, some intense moments and gorgeous descriptions of Corfu. A good find, I will probably read another Mary Stewart’s novel.

    26. Mary Stewart is the queen of the romantic thriller in my humble opinion. I hesitate to use the romance word because that can, in some folks eyes, downgrade a book! It shouldn’t, because if romance is about mystery, excitement and remoteness from everyday life then Mary Stewart’s books hit the mark. It’s a classic Mary Stewart - written in the early 1960s: - she describes a period familiar to her (and to me), but one which is as distant as Jane Austen’s era to those who were not even born [...]

    27. If you know Mary Stewart’s work, you know what to expect from this one — which is entirely why rereading her books is comfort reading for me, of course. It has danger, a plucky heroine, a mystery involving smuggling and, possibly, murder… and a handsome young man with whom, of course, the heroine falls utterly in love. Not without some rocky bits along the way, including not being entirely sure which one of the potential love interests is actually a bad guy.The bad guy in this book gives m [...]

    28. This was my introduction to Mary Stewart's writing. I read this in the early 70's because I was stuck without a book at my step-grandparents & bored to tears. As a teenage boy, I didn't like admitting to enjoying a romance book, but the story sucked me in. I later read The Crystal Cave & found my favorite Arthurian legend. I never read another romance by her, if she wrote any. I've never sought them out, but I'm glad I read this one.

    29. I first started this Sept. 18, 2014 with the MS book club. But, ended up backing out bc if time difficulties. I am restarting this tonight (March 20, 2016) as a buddy read in the Reading for Pleasure Book Club. I have been waiting a long time to see what happens to Lucyd the dolphin. :-)I'm excited to begin!Oh mY gOsH!!!! wOnDeRfuL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Review to follow.

    30. I love how Mary Stewart throws her many heroines right into the middle of the danger, violence, and mystery, because of course, they are brave enough to do that. I however am not. Which is why I am biting my nails and holding my breath during most of this story. This was a typical Mary Stewart with a lot of mystery, scenery, good characters, with a good plot. I do wish that the love connection made between the two main characters would have come into the story more, especially in the end.

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