Vow of Celibacy: A Novel

Vow of Celibacy A Novel Natalie has made a promise a vow of celibacy signed and witnessed by her best friend After a string of sexual conquests she is determined to figure out why the intense romantic connections she s spe

  • Title: Vow of Celibacy: A Novel
  • Author: Erin Judge
  • ISBN: 9781942600725
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
  • Natalie has made a promise a vow of celibacy, signed and witnessed by her best friend After a string of sexual conquests, she is determined to figure out why the intense romantic connections she s spent her life chasing have left her emotionally high and dry As Natalie sifts through her past and her present, she confronts her complicated feelings about her plus sized fiNatalie has made a promise a vow of celibacy, signed and witnessed by her best friend After a string of sexual conquests, she is determined to figure out why the intense romantic connections she s spent her life chasing have left her emotionally high and dry As Natalie sifts through her past and her present, she confronts her complicated feelings about her plus sized figure, her bisexuality, and her thwarted career in fashion design.Piecing together toxic relationship patterns from her past, Natalie finds herself strutting down fashion runways and rekindling her passion for clothing design in the present All the while, her best friend, Anastaze, struggles with her own secret whether or not to reveal her true identity to the thousands of fans of her popular blog and her potential first sexual partner.Clever, sexy, and hilarious, Vow of Celibacy delves into the perilous terrain of love and relationships, the uncertainty of early adulthood, and the sustaining force of friendship This is an irresistible novel about the stories we can t help but tell ourselves about others, and it captures in perfect pitch what it s like to be a young woman coming of age in America today.

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    1. Erin Judge

      Erin Judge is a comedian, novelist, culture writer, producer, actor, and highly opinionated traveling nightclub entertainer based in Los Angeles Erin s debut novel, Vow of Celibacy, was released by Rare Bird Books in August 2016 to great reviews Her words also appear in VanityFair, the Advocate, and Salon, to name a few.Erin has appeared on NBC s Last Comic Standing 2014 , on Comedy Central s Live at Gotham 2008 , and at lots of festivals, including Women in Comedy, Bridgetown, Boston, and Laugh Your Asheville Off Her first comedy album, So Many Choices, is available on Rooftop Comedy Erin co hosts Romantic Comedy, a popular monthly comedy show at The Ripped Bodice, the country s first romance only bookstore Erin tells jokes and writes about queerness, sexuality, body image, culture, and her own life She graduated from Wellesley College, and she lives in Los Angeles.


    1. This is a very late, autumnal review of a book that I LOVED this summer. I was going through a bit of a rut with my summer reading -- I felt overwhelmed by reading academic articles for work, nonfiction that detailed not always pleasant things, and fiction novels that usually featured not the sunniest of characters. Vow of Celibacy snatched me out of that funk. The novel opens with our main character Natalie at a little bit of a crossroads in her life, she's not completely satisfied with what [...]

    2. Totally bummed that this book is over! I loved it so much! Natalie is a plus-sized bisexual woman, struggling to find self-acceptance in this hilarious and poignant novel. I have not related to a character more inever. See? I loved it so much I lost my ability to write coherently. It's a book about being bisexual and about self-image and about friendship and finally putting a value on your body, and so much more. It's just a really great book. It's been a long time since I was not just sad but k [...]

    3. I loved the this book. I started it today and I couldn't put it down. It was refreshing to have a character that is realitable in both personal, career and sexuality. It's empower and it is wonderful.

    4. Funny, sweet, heartfelt, beautifully written story of a fashion producer who decides to swear off sex. Told alongside her own sexual history and her relationship with her best friend, a famous but anonymous blogger. The kind of book you keep sneaking 3 pages of because it is so satisfying to do so. I loved it. Would read it again tomorrow. Makes you feel great just knowing its out there. The very definition of a great time.

    5. I loved this story so much. It made me want to read more books and then get mad at them for not being this book. The characters are all smart, well-written, and relatable. The story is one that everyone can resonate with regardless of size, sexuality etc. I would say that sexuality and body image is the focal point of the book, but Erin also perfectly captured the social politics of high school/early adulthood. Added bonus: it's very funny. Hilarious, even. I would recommend it to anybody.

    6. Smart and hilarious, such a relief to read a book about a woman who loves her big body and loves sex, too.

    7. This is one of the best books I've read in a while - within its pages, you will find a very honest (and oftentimes funny) portrayal of navigating budding (bi)sexuality, friendships, careers, rejection, dating, self-image, and family as a plus-sized woman. Natalie is an amazing protagonist, a breath of fresh air, as her voice and self-awareness bring a refreshing light in a world where so many books feature conventionally gorgeous yet dead-behind-the-eyes woman protagonists. Kudos to Erin Judge f [...]

    8. Absolutely charming. This is more of a coming-of-age story than a story about the main character's present-day life, with a thoughtful retrospective take on her relationship with her career, her relationship to her body and food, and of course her romantic exploits. The overall feeling is having a cup of delicious cocoa and reminiscing about the past with a new friend that you can tell will become an old friend. Highly recommended, especially for bi women, plus-sized women, and anyone else who s [...]

    9. Witty, well-written, poignant, sexy, relatable, heartfelt, hilarious, engrossing. It's been a while since I've binged a book, and I'm sad this one is over. Even though the ending was perfect, I easily could have read double the page count! The characters are relatable and complex, plot is fast-paced and compelling, subject matter is topical and deserving. "Equal parts heart and wit." A rare novel. Major book hangover to come.

    10. I really enjoyed this book. Hooray for plus-size bisexual mostly happy main characters! While I understand that her body shame was a huge thing for her, I did get a bit sick of the constant references to her size. After a while I was like, I get it already! I guess that's probably how someone with so much anxiety about their body feels all the time, so maybe it was intentional.

    11. This is one of those stories that just stays with you even after it ends, ESPECIALLY after it ends. Natalie's journey of self reflection was rough to read since she had so many body image issues despite her apparent confidence in herself. I don't know which parts I liked more, the past or the present but I can say that found myself wanting to continue reading both throughout. I really loved this narrative and wanted the best for Natalie and Staze even when they made some choices I didn't particu [...]

    12. I loved reading Vow of Celibacy. It sucked me in from the very beginning. The main character is smart, capable, and witty. The friendship between Natalie and Anastaze is sweet and adds some great banter to the story. Vow of Celibacy looks at dating, friendship, career stuff, sexuality, body image, and figuring out what you want in life and the author ties it all together MASTERFULLY. It is a wonderful read.

    13. I was slightly thrown off by the structure in the beginning, and I thought the ending was premature, but the middle was a very thoughtful, engaging examination of friendships, sexuality and the blurry lines of relationships. I really appreciated how relatively grounded the stakes were. This is a book about a woman figuring herself out, which is an important task that nevertheless rarely gets the treatment and time it deserves.

    14. I've had this book on my shelf nearly a year and boy do I wish I hadn't waited so long--it's fantastic. Funny, heartbreaking, and full of masses of insight. It can be quite difficult to know and accept yourself in life, and Judge expertly captures the exquisite pain and beauty of those circumstances. Her work throbs with a palpable yearning while also never losing its biting wit. So delightful--it made me want to work on loving myself more because I loved the characters and their journeys so muc [...]

    15. Fast, light hearted read that handles sexuality and body image in a sensitive and empowering way. I saw many of my own problematic thinking and behaviors in Natalie's story. The voice is so refreshingly candid and the story quite relatable. When I went through similar relationship and body issue type things, I wish I had had this book to show me I wasnt crazy, I wasn't the only one. Overall a nice casual feel good read that might compel you to finish it all in one sitting

    16. At the start of the book, we learn about Natalie’s vow of celibacy. She then embarks on a journey to share with readers what happened leading up to her vow. This takes us all the way back to her teenage years as she processes through what went wrong in her relationships. Interspersed with her memories, we see her growth in the present day and eventually where she’s headed.This is not a romance. It’s a genuinely bisexual-themed book with a whole lot of other underlying messages about body a [...]

    17. I loved this book and what turns into a reflection on today's hookup culture and how that really affects how we see ourselves. I saw some of my own life mirrored in some of the anecdotes, and the voice is funny without losing impact. A quick read, but one I didn't want to put down until the end!!

    18. Sex is easy for Natalie. It is the rest of her life that is a mess. By her own admission, she does not date. She seems to have good judgement when it comes to partner selection. None of her partners abuse her. For reasons that are not entirely clear to me, she ends up unwittingly being "the other woman". She maintains that she does not know her partners are coupled up when she started sleeping with them, but who knows. However, she also continues these relationships once her partner's other rela [...]

    19. ***This was a book I had gotten from GoodReads Giveaway***I loved this book! I hated that I had to put it down (several times) instead of reading it in one sitting like I wanted. Most of the books I had read about big women (or RPSMs) made them unlikable characters, mad at the world. But in this book, Natalie (the main character) was for the most part a positive person, despite her mother's negativity. She is in tune with her body and what she wants sexually. But what is keeping her from having [...]

    20. One Amazing BookThis book is funny, edgy, Whitby. And I loved every word. This books dives into the very active sex life of a beautiful plus size woman, a story which is hardly ever told. This was a fresh perspective on a story close to my heart! Great , fun read, I highly recommend it!!!

    21. I was a little surprised by how much I enjoyed this, but I really did. A very sex-positive, coming of age type novel about a bisexual 30-year old woman at a bit of a crossroads who looks back on her romantic/sexual life to try and understand her present.

    22. Shameless self-insert that read more like a gossip column than an actual novel. Which would have been fine, were it not for the glaring spelling/grammatical errors. I guess it's cool as a guilty pleasure sort of thing?

    23. The world needs more books about fat ladies, sexy fat ladies, bisexual ladies, and people who feel weird because they haven't had sex. This book has all those thing! It was sweet and relatable and I'm glad I read it.

    24. Wittily written, a refreshingly honest and relatable exploration of self-esteem and sexuality. Really, truly could not put this book down!

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