Frank Miller's Sin City: The Hard Goodbye

Frank Miller s Sin City The Hard Goodbye Frank Miller is arguably the most important cartoonist writer AND artist working in comics over the last years Mr Miller is back in the spotlight with the release of DC s Dark Knight III The Master

  • Title: Frank Miller's Sin City: The Hard Goodbye
  • Author: Frank Miller Robert Rodríguez Mike Richardson John Lind
  • ISBN: 9781506700700
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Frank Miller is arguably the most important cartoonist writer AND artist working in comics over the last 25 years Mr Miller is back in the spotlight with the release of DC s Dark Knight III The Master Race in late 2015 Frank Miller s Sin City The Hard Goodbye Curator s Collection includes the entire Eisner Award winning graphic novel, now scanned from the originalFrank Miller is arguably the most important cartoonist writer AND artist working in comics over the last 25 years Mr Miller is back in the spotlight with the release of DC s Dark Knight III The Master Race in late 2015 Frank Miller s Sin City The Hard Goodbye Curator s Collection includes the entire Eisner Award winning graphic novel, now scanned from the original artwork in Frank Miller s personal archives and reproduced at the actual size he originally drew it.Twenty five years after its first publication in the pages of Dark Horse Presents, get ready to experience one of the most groundbreaking graphic novels of all time as few have ever seen it Produced and assembled under the Kitchen Sink Books Dark Horse Books imprint, Frank Miller s Sin City The Hard Goodbye Curator s Collection showcases the entire Eisner Award winning graphic novel, now scanned from the original artwork in Frank Miller s personal archives and reproduced at full size Introduction by film director Robert Rodriguez, with an afterword by Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson and an interview about the artistic process with Frank Miller This Curator s Collection includes The Sin City chapters from Dark Horse Presents issues 51 to 62 and the Dark Horse Presents 5th Anniversary Special Previously collected in TR and HC as Sin City The Hard Goodbye The Curator s Collection will also include a new introduction, afterword, and interview content.

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      301 Frank Miller Robert Rodríguez Mike Richardson John Lind
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    1. Frank Miller Robert Rodríguez Mike Richardson John Lind

      Frank Miller is an American writer, artist and film director best known for his film noir style comic book stories He is one of the most widely recognized and popular creators in comics, and is one of the most influential comics creators of his generation His most notable works include Sin City, The Dark Knight Returns, Batman Year One and 300.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.


    1. RESOLVED: The Sin City movie was superior to the graphic novel*. *Note: This debate covers only the first 45 Minutes of the Sin City movie which encompassed the adaptation of this graphic novel. BASIC ASSUMPTIONS NOT IN DISPUTE:Assumption 1: Sin City: the Hard Goodbye was a ground-breaking graphic novel and worthy of its critical and commercial success.Assumption 2: Sin City: the Hard Goodbye should be read by fans of the graphic novel format and those interested in a grittier, edgier read. Assu [...]

    2. I am so glad that I am finally reading this. I saw the movie years ago and loved it! This first volume was fantastic and almost every frame of it is included in the movie as is! I love it when they don't mess with the story.The black and white art is great. It had to be more difficult to do a simple face using only the negative space through the rain or in the shadows than a complex picture with all of the colors you want. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would! It is creative, raw, dark, [...]

    3. Ok I am tired of people liking this dumb review so I'm erasing it. Jesus. And while we're here, fuck Trump.

    4. DNF.Again.This is my second attempt to get into Sin city but I simply can't.Problem isn't the writing, I think that Miller is great writer(two of my favorite Batman comics are his work) and there is good story in here too.Problem are illustrations, I loathed them from the start and I couldn't enjoy the story properly.I will leave it unrated.I couldn't enjoy it but I don't think this is bad graphic novel, as I said above there is good story in there and if illustrations don't bother you than I wo [...]

    5. Miller’s “The Hard Goodbye” is a noir masterpiece that would’ve given the great Jim Thompson a legendary hard-on. This was so obviously a labor of love for Frank. He was really at the peak of his career when he put pen to paper with this one. The descriptions and dialogue were hard-edged and to straight to the razor-sharp point, just like good noir should be. And because of it, this book might not be for the easily offended. Frank doesn’t pussy around with what he wants to say and word [...]

    6. There's no settling down. It's going to be blood for blood and by the gallons. It's the old days. The bad days. The all-or-nothing days. They're back. There's no choice left and I'm ready for war. Marv is taking medications to keep his anger and his killing impulses under control, but his efforts to become a better person are sabotaged when he wakes up from a drunken stupor to find Goldie, his gorgeous one-night-stand, dead beside him. He is not anybody's idea of a knight in shiny armor - a hulk [...]

    7. THINGS I LIKED:The writing. It was excellent.The drawings.Marv's distinctive dialogue. I've read enough Miller to know that he doesn't make all his main characters the same. This is much to his credit. Examples: By way of a for instanceI probably would have had to paste you oneJust give with the scoop. The fact that Marv is almost impossible to kill. Marv sleeps during the day and hates the sun. Like a vampire.Lucille is a lesbian. She is strong physically and mentally but is not a "bull-dyke" s [...]

    8. Sin City (The Hard Goodbye): A hard-boiled noir tale of revengeOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureFrank Miller’s SIN CITY hit the comic scene back in the early 1990s like multiple shots to the head and body. Readers were blown away with this hard-boiled story and its stark, iconic black-and-white artwork. In fact, Miller does all the writing, artwork and lettering for SIN CITY, which is pretty damn impressive. The stories tapped into that rich vein of crime noir pioneered by writers like D [...]

    9. So I never had much interest in Sin City. I saw parts of the movie and the style never stuck with me. So with the graphic novel I never really wanted to dive in because Frank Miller, while I respect, usually isn't my style of comics. Yet, I'm kind of glad I picked this up, because it was pretty fun ride. Marv is a old asshole ready to fuck some shit up after he wakes up to a dead girl on his best. After making love and waking up and seeing her dead he flips out. He goes on a hunt to find out who [...]

    10. Forgot all about this series. The art is so simple yet different. The movie really nailed the look of this graphic series!

    11. About ten pages into this, I commented to Erica that "I forgot Frank Miller used to know how to draw." That's my first and most lasting impression of this trade, the fact that before he lost his anatomy books and gave way to caricatures-as-commentary, Miller was a damned good writer and artist of comic books that were dark without being oppressive.Sin City is a really bad place, filled with really bad characters that do really bad things. And yet, none of it--save perhaps the jarring disfigureme [...]

    12. This is technically a 3.5. The story merits a 4. The art only 3.I know Miller's style is supposed to convey a frenetic edginess, and yeah, the boobs are all nice and round and gravity-defyingBut, I grew up on Vampirella, Eerie and Creepy. To me, the artwork just looks sloppy.

    13. Thematic BuddyRead with that gang we shouldn’t even be admitting to belonging to (but somehow proudly emblazon it wherever we go), the Shallow Comic Readers.Criteria: An embarrassing amount of jugs on displayYes, Miller had a real talent for drawing[Composition][it's almost balletic] even if he spent a remarkable amount of time focusing on the female nipple[I mean, seriously Frank. Porn wasn't *that* hard to acquire in the 80's]And no, I can't approve of the throwback-to-unapologetic-misogyny [...]

    14. The Sin City franchise is typified by stark black and white ink, far more verbiage than in many other graphic novels, and it feasts on the back alleys, strip clubs, and forsaken wastelands of a dark city where daylight never shines. It contains numerous noir themes such as waking up to a corpse in bed with you, being framed for a murder you didn't commit, and stalking serial killers. If noir-infused graphic novels are all about feel, look, attitude, it's here.

    15. This blew my brains out. The book is so much better than the movie for Marv's narration alone. Who's Marv? Marv is a killer, hardcore ex-felon, pill-popping alcoholic, sadistic, homophobic, womanizing hateful fuck. He's kind of a bastard. But I love how extreme and uncompromising he is, even if he is mostly evil. Marv is the anti-hero. Does anyone else think Marv looks and acts like a more extreme version of The Dark Knight? That was my thought when reading this. The women in this book, though, [...]

    16. Onvan : Sin City, Vol. 1: The Hard Goodbye (Sin City, #1) - Nevisande : Frank Miller - ISBN : 1593072937 - ISBN13 : 9781593072933 - Dar 208 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 1992

    17. Five stars for the artwork, narrative, the movie and the timeline of 2005 2006 when I was heavily into this.And absolutely zero stars for Frank Miller's rabid personality , xenophobia, and general pigheadedness.

    18. I am absolutely crazy for this art!It is BRILLIANT!I've never seen the movie, and I believe it or not, this is my first ever Frank Miller read.It's dark and sinister. It is treacherous and hankering.I don't think this comic would have succeed if it was in color, the black and white gives you the dark mysterious feel that makes the whole thing work.I'm definitely getting myself the rest of the Sin City series.

    19. Διάβασε όλο το review εδώΗ υπόθεση αφορά την Goldie και τις προσπάθειες του Marv να ξετυλίξει το μυστήριο γύρω από τον φόνο της, αφού ήταν η μόνη γυναίκα που δεν νοιάστηκε για την εξωτερική του εμφάνιση, περνώντας ένα βράδυ μαζί του πριν δολοφονηθεί ακριβώς δίπλα του χωρίς να το πάρ [...]

    20. I read this first a couple years ago, and reread it because of the second Sin City movie, to see if my initial ideas about it held true. When I first read it, I think I knew some people hated Miller, though knew his Sin City/Batman/ Daredevil work made him one of the very top most influential writers in comic history. Based on the range of his work, there is a lot of bitterness and anger in it. Rage. Maybe this is true. It seems to be. Also, many people seem him as sexist, racist, and there may [...]

    21. Pop Sugar Reading Challenge 2018Un libro hecho en una película que ya hayas visto.Tan oscuro, tan violento, tan depravado, tan HERMOSOReseña en proceso…

    22. Crime, Mistério, Violência e Paixão: Sin City!Sendo este volume uma leitura poderosa, relembra-nos constantemente que “O seu nome era Goldie”, o nome da mulher de ouro que serve de alavanca a um trabalho de ouro de Frank Miller. Para quem não conhece, “Sin City é uma mulher enorme e sacana, implorando por ser possuída” (in Sin City, pp. 69). Não é uma cidade de heróis como podemos pensar à primeira vista, pois os “heróis não ficam com as pernas bambas e com vontade de vomit [...]

    23. Eh. I really wanted to like this one, since it's Frank Miller and Sin City and all, but I didn't, really. I will admit that I found the art stunning. The black and white was gorgeous, and the fact that the movie version followed the visuals of the graphic novel so closely is probably why I found the movie intriguing. I do also like the idea Sin City, of a place that merely exists and prospers due to it's prostitution trade, which has interesting effects, such as the paradox of a town with a thri [...]

    24. 3,5/5El duro adiós (The Hard Goodbye, 1991-1992) es el primer volumen de esta saga de historias ubicadas en Basin City. A través de los pensamientos de Marv desentrañamos una historia de corrupción y muerte que no deja indiferente. Todo comienza con la muerte de Goldie, una prostituta que se ofrece a un hombre solitario, borracho y desesperado, Marvis. Tras el silencioso asesinato de Goldie, el protagonista se toma la justicia por su mano e investigará que oscuros intereses se ocultan tras [...]

    25. I don't know what it is about this story, but it's my favorite so far. The author managed to make me feel so bad for Marv, it might be because of the simplistic way he refers to his mental disorder ex. "i get confused" or the fact that he really isn't a bad guy just a little off. Who knows, maybe it's because i'm a romantic and the idea of a guy tracking down his girls murderer and killing anyone involved isnda romantic to me. Don't let that scare you away though, the book is a bunch of violence [...]

    26. أدهشني أسلوب تصوير وإضاءة وتلوين الفيلم، لكن قراءة "سين سيتي" أدهشتني أكثر. فلقطات الفيلم تكاد تكون صورة طبق الأصل من لوحات الرواية المصورة. رائحة الفساد التي تفوح من المدينة هي نفس رائحة مدينة جوثام. تطرف "مارف" هو نفسه تطرف "بروس وين" كما كتبه ميلر. حتى حدود الجسد الخارجية في [...]

    27. After long years spent locked down, sick and ailing -- an invalid by law, unable to go anywhere or say anything, he was finally free and healthy.Frank Miller had suddenly kicked down the door, pulled Comics Noir roughly out of bed, tossed him a new suit, and slapped him hard when he started to whine. When Miller and Noir were back on the street, as the sickly man breathed in the cold night air, and examined the long shadows being cast by the streetlights, he began to look and feel younger, healt [...]

    28. الجزء الاول من سلسلة sin cityانا من مريدين فرانك ميللر , ومن مريدين خطوطه وأفكارهاعتمد هنا تماما علي الظلال والابيض والاسود ك خط موازي من حيث الرسم علشان يواكب الاجواء القوطية , لا قوطية ايه شديدة القوطية ف الحدوتهالجزء دا هو قصة "مارف " لو شوفت الفيلم ف الغالب هتكون قولت عليه رجل [...]

    29. Story Synopsis: (view spoiler)[Framed for murder and driven by a powerful sense of guilt and anger, ex-con Marv sets out on a brutal quest to avenge the death of a woman he loved. Tearing through hit men, corrupt police, and a dangerous cannibal who practices human taxidermy, Marv works to uncover the identity of the man responsible for his misfortune. Losing a friend along the way, and constantly questioning his sanity, it was a long and hard road before confronting Roark – the perverted Cath [...]

    30. Noir isn't for everyone, I've learned over the years. Not everyone gets as excited as I do about gritty stories about those who slip through the shadows of the city, the ones that humanity supposedly forgot about. People think it's cheap for violence, punny narrative, old slang and standard mystery skeletons all mixing about on the streets of a dark city where no one seems happy.But I love that shit.I seriously do.And the opening installment had all that: lone anti-hero on a war path to the top [...]

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