Our Little Secret

Our Little Secret Edwina is growing up in a town where nothing ever happens and she has Atilla the Hun for a mother But then Tom Atkinson comes along and he notices her but he s good looking and and she s just a

  • Title: Our Little Secret
  • Author: Allayne L. Webster
  • ISBN: 9781862917231
  • Page: 491
  • Format: None
  • Edwina is growing up in a town where nothing ever happens, and she has Atilla the Hun for a mother But then Tom Atkinson comes along, and he notices her but he s good looking and 25, and she s just a kid He wants their relationship to be a secret, just between the two of them.

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      Allayne grew up in a coastal fishing town in rural South Australia During her high school days, Allayne became of obsessed with Judy Blume The only thing she wanted for her thirteenth birthday was the novel, Are you there, God It s me, Margaret As a teenager, Allayne wrote her first epic novel inside three 96 page lined workbooks Kids in her class wanted to know, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT Allayne s lovely English teacher kindly edited her work even though it wasn t related to the school curriculum Ever so slowly, a writing monster was born.Now Allayne writes because she can help herself She talks about writing, dreams about writing and gravitates towards keyboards.Allayne is a proud recipient of three South Australian Arts Grants Her passions include chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate did we mention chocolate And wine And redheads.


    1. A very powerful novel of teenage sexual abuse in a small South Australian town. Ed (Edwina) is a 14 year old with a strict Church-going mother and a rather distant father. She has never been kissed by a boy, never had a boyfriend and is quite naive about sexuality. She reads Dolly and believes in the romantic notions of holding hands, romantic picnics and the kudos of going steady. She is groomed by an older friend of her father's who uses her for sex, even though it is clear that her notions of [...]

    2. Edwina is a teenager who lives in a country town. She does not get along well with her mother and her father is distant. Like many girls her age she reads teen magazines and believes in the notion of romantic relationships. Over time, she is groomed by Tom, a twenty-five year old from their church, who wants to keep their relationship a 'secret'. (Read, he wants to use her for sexual purposes, though Edwina does not understand this at first.) Edwina's response--a mix of shame and confusion--come [...]

    3. This book was full on and left me breathless and actually feeling very sick in the stomach. When I read certain bits I was sure I was going to puke it was that bad, not the writing, but what happened. I loved it though that it really hit home too and I really believe every girl should read this book some point in their life.I loved how we saw 2 different ways of dealing with the situation that was the main one in this book. It was good to see that everyone is different even in the way they deal [...]

    4. I loved this novel. It was one of the first dramatic novels I read which started my love for drama / real life drama filled books. It was a remarkable, intense, interesting novel about a girl who is trying to hide a huge devestating secret from those around her.

    5. Both hard-hitting and easy to read - should be a compulsory book for all teenage girls! My heart bled for Edwina, and her story has not left me yet. A beautiful yet harrowing book.

    6. a very sad story, i just wanted to yell at her and tell her what to do, i really felt for the main character. finished it in a day or two because i just couldn't put it down.

    7. WARNING SPOILERS!I didn't find this book beautiful or heart-wrenching and I definitely didn't feel for the main character.This book frustrated me and that was the only reason I couldn't put it down. I wanted it to get better, but it didn't.Her naivety and stupidness annoyed me to no end. She acted like she was 8 not 14. I even read some out to a friend and then said "She sounds like she is five"Firstly at her age I would like to think she wouldn't be that stupid especially when the book opened w [...]

    8. This book was amazing despite it's dyer plot line about grooming a young child, but the naivety of Edwina was so realistic about a young girl with no life experience. The whole book was fascinating and had me gripped to turn the next page, I truly believe this book should be read in classrooms all over Australia. My eyes were opened to how a sexual predator can lurk even amongst the closest of friends.

    9. This book left we speech less. I loved it.Its a powerful,honest,intense and very full on novel about sexual assault. It has taught me a lot about people, how they deal with grief and life in general.It is a must read for all teenage girls.

    10. I had to read it to teach it. not bad for a book for teenagers. has some important lessons, although a bit confronting in places.

    11. I found Our Little Secret quite informing of what to do if what happened to Edwina or Anne-Marie happens to us and people around us.

    12. I absolutely fell in love with this book, I devoured it in 2 days and it’s safe to say that it’s definitely become one of my favourite books, I was sad when I finished it. In some parts it was hard to read but it was even harder to put down. I have the utmost respect for Allayne for writing a book about such a highly controversial topic and not leaving anything out. The way Our Little Secret is written makes you feel everything Edwina feels. This book was a massive eye opener that a predator [...]

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