Holly's Story

Holly s Story Pink Angels and best friends Holly Raina and Kathleen have been through a lot over the past year The summer before their senior year promises to be busy but fun as Holly and Raina return to their f

  • Title: Holly's Story
  • Author: Lurlene McDaniel
  • ISBN: 9780440238676
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pink Angels and best friends Holly, Raina, and Kathleen have been through a lot over the past year The summer before their senior year promises to be busy but fun, as Holly and Raina return to their full time volunteer jobs at the hospital, and Kathleen, who needs the money, works at the hospital gift shop Of course, Raina and Kathleen will be spending as much time as poPink Angels and best friends Holly, Raina, and Kathleen have been through a lot over the past year The summer before their senior year promises to be busy but fun, as Holly and Raina return to their full time volunteer jobs at the hospital, and Kathleen, who needs the money, works at the hospital gift shop Of course, Raina and Kathleen will be spending as much time as possible with their boyfriends, Hunter and Carson.Holly is happy for her friends, but she can t help feeling a little left out when she s around the two couples She did finally have a boy interested in her, but the e mails from her secret admirer, Shy Boy, have recently stopped coming What did she do wrong Will she ever meet her mystery guy in person Then Holly s world is forever changed when tragedy strikes close to home She, Raina, and Kathleen will need each other now than ever.

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      Lurlene McDaniel born c 1948 is an author who has written over 50 young adult books She is well known for writing about characters struggling with chronic and terminal illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, and organ failure.Other places to find her arefacebook lurlenemcdannguinrandomhouse autyoutube user LurleneMc


    1. By reading this series I am forever changed. I know the characters aren't real but with my favorite charater Ben and my seconf favorite character Hunter dying It seemed so real. It seemed like I knew the characters and well maybe I did. Threw the story I did learn about them and feel I knew them. When Hunter was murder I cryed only a bit. When Ben died? I cryed more than I ever have in my life. The part that really made me cry about Ben's dealth was when Holly said to say hi to her brother (Hunt [...]

    2. By Lurlene McDanielIn Holly's Story of the Angels in Pink series, McDaniel stays true to her writing forte in exploring the real lives of young adults faced with difficult and even tragic circumstances. This story begins with Holly and her friends, Raina and Kathleen, starting out their summer with their lives ahead and promising. Raina is dating Holly's brother and Kathleen has a boyfriend of her own. The only thing that could make it better, is if Holly found someone to share the future with. [...]

    3. Pink Angels and best friends Holly, Raina, and Kathleen have been through a lot over the past year. The summer before their senior year promises to be busy but fun, as Holly and Raina return to their full-time volunteer jobs at the hospital and Kathleen, who needs the money, works at the hospital gift shop. Of course, Raina and Kathleen will be spending as much time as possible with their boyfriends, Hunter and Carson.Holly is happy for her friends, but she can’t help feeling a little left out [...]

    4. In this YA romance, Lurlene McDaniel follows three best friends as they finish their senior year of high school. For these three girls, life has had its ups and downs, but they have always relied on their friendship to pull through it. In this novel, however, life takes an unexpected turn that challenges all of them individual ways. In the end, the girls must turn to their family, their friendship, and themselves to make it through their struggles. While this book was somewhat of a page turner, [...]

    5. I came into this novel without realizing that is was part of a series, but it still seemed to work. Granted, I may have missed some key references to past stories but I think that it was just grand. This is obviously a book for girls and more than that it is a book for girls that have close friends. I think it would be difficult for a girl who was a pariah to connect with this novel. It tells the story of three best friends who have been through think and thin. The girls lead typical lives going [...]

    6. This book was about this girl named Holly and how her life has changed since her brother died from an a robbery in the store that he was working in. While she was recoverying and realizing the fact that her brother was gone, she began hanging out with this boy named Chad who has CF and has a crush on her. I like this book is because it is like a romance story and it is about teenagers issues and relationships between friends and family. Things that I learned from this book is that whenever there [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book a lot. "Holly's Story" is about three best friends who have been there for each other through thick and thin. Something tragic happens and it tests how close they really are.This book would be great for anyone who has been through any type or tragedy, because they could relate to it and maybe learn from it.

    8. This book was really good. There weren’t any boring parts at all. “Holly’s Story” is about three friends trying to overcome a tragedy which affected all of them. I would recommend this book to freshman and up because it’s a pretty easy book to understand.

    9. I did not expect the tragedy that struck in this book. It caught me off guard and had the water works going full blow. I should have known better given my previous experiences with Lurlene McDaniel. Once again, her trilogy doesn't disappoint. A truly heartfelt story.

    10. Holly, Raina, and Kathleen are up for a not necessarily happy, but eventful summer before their senior year. Raina and Kathleen both have boyfriends, Hunter and Carson and they plan to spend as much time with them as possible. Hunter is Holly's brother and of course, Holly is happy that her friends are happy. Being as she feels left out when she's around the couples she hopes for a relationship of her own. She often feels as though her two best friends would rather spend time with their boyfrien [...]

    11. I thought this was a great book. Once I got started it was hard to put down. I thought this was a heartbreaking book, but it was good. I felt bad for Holly, her family, and Raina. I thought Holly, Kathleen, Raina grew as characters through out this trilogy.

    12. Angels in Pink Holly's StoryMass Market, 2007, 224 pp.Lurlene McDaniel ISBN: 0440238676 Being a Junior in Highschool is definitely stressful, but it leads to a fun, relaxing Senior Year. Holly, Raina, and Kathleen are all Juniors becoming upcoming Seniors in the same school, they are best friends. So these three girls are heading to the summer of their Junior year and doesn't know what to do. After discussing, the girls decide to volunteer at a hospital. Raina and Holly will work volunteer work [...]

    13. My Book review It is the summer before Hollys senior year, she has decided that she wants to get a job this summer to buy new clothes for senior year because her mom can't do it all because she is sick and has MS. Her friends Raina and Kathleen want her to join the Pink Angels Program at the hospital again like last summer, and Holly is having a hard time telling her friends. Holly ends up talking with a woman in charge of the program. The woman in the program got her a job in the gift shop at t [...]

    14. I've been a die hard fan of Lurlene McDaniel since the 4th grade, when My teacher started the habit of reading aloud to our class each day after recess. She read many books over the course of the year, and each and every book she read us was a smashing success. However, "Six Months to Live", by Lurlene McDaniel, touched me in a way that no book before had because it was my first experience with a book that managed to make me laugh AND cry. It would not be the last book that had that effect. In f [...]

    15. holly faces the summer before her senior year of high school with her two best friends whit her They been friends forever, helping each other through life, such as when Kathleen's mother relapsed with MS and when Raina discovered she had a grownup sister who needed a bone marrow transplant. they go to the pinks angels at the hospital to volunteerd planned to be roommates at the same college the following year.Holly want a boyfriend. that possibility sparks a chance when a stranger, this one guy [...]

    16. This is the first Lurlene McDaniel book that has really disappointed me. As I understand it, this is the last book of the Angles In Pink series and there are too many loose ends at the end of this book for me to feel truly satisfied as I turn that last page. I would very much like to see more books for this series particularly because the groundwork is already laid. There is enough material for at least one more book one each character particularly Riana and Holly. And I would like McDaniel to g [...]

    17. The book “Pink Angels-Hollys Story” by Lurlene McDaniel is in the fiction category. This book is about a normal girl with her own best friends doing nothing but relaxing. Raina is with Hunter, Holly with no one, but a mystery guy emails her back and forth and she doesn’t have a clue of what he looks like. Kathleen, with Carson, has an obstacle in her life. Stephanie is back a.k.a. Carson’s flirty friend. Holly is very close with her brother, Hunter, Raina’s boyfriend. A horrible mishap [...]

    18. This book is about three girls named Holly, Raina and Kathleen who are in grade 12 and work at a hospital. They all have boyfriends except for Holly but later on, Holly gets an email from ShyBoy saying that he likes her. Holly gets in trouble for emailing him back but ShyBoy shows up at Holly's door saying that he's a patient at the hospital where they work and explains everything. Then one day, Holly's brother and Raina's boyfriend Hunter, goes to work one day and doesn't come back. I picked th [...]

    19. I feel so saddened by this book. I always get attached to characters and I feel so sad when something happens to one, even if they are not the main character of the books.I wish McDaniel would write a book that lets us view into Raina, Holly, and Kathleen's futures. I liked being able to see Kathleen and Carson's relationship blossom, Holly and Chad's relationship start off, and I wish that Raina and Hunter's relationship was just thata relationship. But, for some reason, McDaniel decided to wri [...]

    20. Holly, Raina, and Kathleen have been enjoying there summer vaction and have been spending a lot of time with each other. Kathleen and Carson are doing better. Raina is spending the summer with Hunter and Holly has been talking to a guy online. He is very nice to her but when they try to meet, he stands her up. He come's to her house unexpectantly and Holly is surprised to find that he has a sickness but he looks fine in person. He apoliziges and asks Holly can they talk more. Things seem to be j [...]

    21. Out of all three Angels in Pink novels, Holly's Story is my favorite, because I can relate to this novel on a personal basis. I had a brother die at a time that seemed much too soon also, causing this story to really touch my heart.Holly, Raina, and Kathleen have been through a lot over the past year in their lives, and have all grown up a lot in that time. The love and compassion that each of them gives to those around them is wonderful and touching. They always seem to pull through, no matter [...]

    22. Third in the trilogy, the Angels of Pink will have a busy but fun summer. Raina and kathleen have their plans set and with their boyfriends around before the last year at high school, Holly feels left out. But a tragedy strikes close to the house and now, the Angels need each other more than ever.A beautiful, touching and moving story focusing on Holly's world takes us on a ride of intensity of emotions and feelings. McDanial couldn't have done a better job!

    23. This book was a good book, there were many twists and turns in this book. Holly lost her brother to a murderer, she had her trust in God until she met her long lost crush. It was inspiring to see but yet it was quote difficult to read considering we have lost several students during this high school. It gave many different perspectives from others, Holly, Raina, Vicky, and Kathleen. God is always in control even when tragedy strikes.

    24. I expected less from Holly's book. Knowing her personality a whinny book about everything her parents didn't let her do was what I expected. But, it was completely the opposite. A terrible event happens, and suddenly she gains perspective. Although I expected it to be the most boring of the 3, it was actually where the plot developed and the most exciting one. I would really recommend this series.

    25. This book was really good too. I was so surprised that Hunter dies. I was so surprised and kind of mad because why did it have to happen to him. I didn't like it. I also thought that the author should have gone in more depth with the Holly and Shy Boy thing because the other girls have so much about them and their boyfriends but Holly got almost nothing. This date is an estimation and im pretty sure i finished in the same summer as the other books.

    26. This book was an amazing and sad conclusion. But I loved this story it is one of my favorite stories ever. This one was the best one for me out of this trilogy. I cried a lot and couldn't believe Hunter died. I wish he lived, but just lived with something from the accident or nothing I just really wanted him to live. I cried even more when the little boy Holly knew had to come back to the hospital and he died. I love McDaniel's stories they're amazing.

    27. i learned that holly self-esteem is slowly dropping and she feels as if she is invisible and the one boy that ever notices her "Shy Boy", she can never see him he has no pictures on his profile and she only dreams that he is next to her. I think she may get a little jelous at time when her bestfriends, Raina and Kathleen are with there boyfirends. She feels left out and lonely it only makes her self-conscious get more and more negative.

    28. This Angels in Pink is Holly's Story. Its about three friends who return to their volunteer jobs at the hospital. Two of them have boyfriends now - Holly is left out when she it with the couples, and her e-mail pal has vanished on her. Then something really bad happens to holly's family. I was really sad, but i still think its a good book.

    29. this final installment of the angels in pink trilogy truly gives you the most feels. it was such an emotional last book and it ended well. I loved this series as a whole and am glad it ended the way it did. there are some things that I would have liked to have been better, but overall it was great :)

    30. aww Holly's brother got shot and died, Holly also loses a "boyfriend", Ben, to cancer and then Holly and her friends, Raina and Kathleen, must learn to move on and go to separate colleges each and everyone of them. But before they go they must go show their graduation bracelet and say goodbye to Holly's brother, Hunter.

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