The Man Must Marry

The Man Must Marry Trying to escape marriage they are snared by love When Sam Sinclair s self made millionaire grandfather sends Willa Kent a woman none of the three Sinclair brothers have even heard of as his proxy

  • Title: The Man Must Marry
  • Author: Janet Chapman
  • ISBN: 9781416505303
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Trying to escape marriage, they are snared by love When Sam Sinclair s self made millionaire grandfather sends Willa Kent, a woman none of the three Sinclair brothers have even heard of, as his proxy to an ultra important meeting of the Sinclair shipping company, most people would think the old man had lost his marbles But Sam knows his grandfather too well For some reaTrying to escape marriage, they are snared by love When Sam Sinclair s self made millionaire grandfather sends Willa Kent, a woman none of the three Sinclair brothers have even heard of, as his proxy to an ultra important meeting of the Sinclair shipping company, most people would think the old man had lost his marbles But Sam knows his grandfather too well For some reason, the wily old man has decided that one of his three grandsons should marry Willa, and this is his way of trying to force the issue So Willa and Sam team up on what seems like a wild goose chase to find some loophole in Grandfather Sinclair s crazy notion But as Sam crews Willa s yacht en route to Maine, he finds to his surprise that his grandfather s offbeat scheme is growing attractive by the moment Willa is smart, beautifuld has a wild streak that sends them soaring together above the clouds But Willa isn t about to let Sam fly away with her heart until she knows his true motives If the man wants to marry for money, then the woman in her says that first he must fall in love.

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    1. Janet Chapman

      January 22, 1956 October 28, 2017Hey guys its Jessica Sorry I ve been MIA for so long I apologize for the long overdue wait for Janet s next book You ve all been very patient and loyal fans that she loves She has been working on this book over the last year and a half while dealing with her battle with cancer It saddens me to say that she peacefully lost this battle this past weekend while her family was by her side I apologize if this feels sudden, she was a very private person even to her family And she truly thought of all of you as her family Thank you for your patience and understanding.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.Janet Chapman is the author of twenty two contemporary and magical romance novels, all of which are set in her beautiful state of Maine She lives in a cozy log home on a beautiful lake with her husband, surrounded by an eclectic assortment of wildlife that she finds both entertaining and inspiring Probably best known for her Highlander Series a saga of twelfth century warriors rebuilding their clans in modern day Maine that now spans three generations , Janet also has two spin off magical series Midnight Bay Spellbound Falls and several contemporary family series set on the coast and in the mountains With over three million books printed in six languages, her stories regularly appear on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller s lists.When she s not writing well, when she should to be writing but isn t , Janet and her husband are traveling the state in their camper throughout all four seasons hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, and generally rubbing elbows with Mother Nature while always keeping an eye out for colorful new characters human and beast to put in her storiesthor s obituary


    1. **Originally read in 2016. Re-read in 2017**Enjoyed this JUST as much the second time around. I'm finding a lot of comfort in re-reads this year.Original review:Can’t aptly express how much I enjoyed this one!! This is the last series by Janet Chapman before I am all caught up on her books. sigh… (I see some re-reads in my future)The premise of this book was a little silly, but the delivery of the story was AWESOME!!! Janet Chapman always impresses me with her well thought out characters, fu [...]

    2. Reviewed for queuemyreview; book release Nov08I just can’t resist the hero who has to work hard to win the love of his lady. Can you? If not, you won’t be disappointed with “The Man Must Marry” by Janet Chapman. I’m a big fan of her series about time-traveling highlanders, and enjoyed most of the other contemporaries she wrote. But this story rates right up there as my favorite of her contemporaries so far. I think it’s likely due to the engaging heroine with her many ‘faults’ an [...]

    3. I was totally cracking up during this whole book! I loved it. It was so sweet and well, funny! I love all the characters and can't wait to read the other two books. Janet Chapman is the first author I read and since then I haven't stopped. She is my all time favorite author. Just thinking about the book makes me want to read it again. I was reading it on my iTouch while my husband was asleep and I was shaking the bed laughing so hard. She's a great writer!

    4. Excellent! I'm sorry I read this book so fast but I loved Willa and Sam and their compelling story so much I couldn't help it.Sam's misconception of Willa and vice versa is what drove this story along. Add to that the odd bequest of his grandfather, the zany townspeople, and the way Willa and Sam rock the boat ;) and you'd want to know how it's all going to unfold quickly, too.Btw, visiting Keelstone Cove is probably what living in Virgin River forty years from now is going to feel like, lol.

    5. Ok story but almost too sweet. Rich handsome guy falls for dowdy, accident-prone small town girlORY BRIEF:Abram built a shipping empire. He is dying and went to a small coastal town in Maine to spend his last days. He met Willa who owns a casket making company. He wants Willa to marry one of his grandsons, for her benefit and for their benefit. His three grandsons lost their parents at an early age and were raised by Abram. The three grandsons are confirmed bachelors. Abram retired and gave Will [...]

    6. 2.5 starsI thought the setup was great and I really enjoy the hero who has to work to get the heroine and who isn't afraid of his feelings. In fact, the first half of this book showed a lot of promise and had me readily flipping pages. I even like the tried and true ploy of the marriage caveat in an old man's will (don't know why, I just do). The second half of the book just didn't fulfill the promise of the first half, IMO. The heroine started losing my sympathy as she first tried to run away f [...]

    7. Janet Chapman writes what I consider "quick reads". No, they are not short stories, novellas or ever under 350 pages. They just read quickly. I enjoy her stories and get attached to the characters and their families and friends. This book was no exception.While there are no literary gimmicks used by Ms. Chapman, and her books will not be used in high school english classes, she is the epitomy of a good romance writer: she tells a good tale, writes clearly (not cleverly) and always gives good "HE [...]

    8. I like this book a lot. Grandfather Sinclair has sort of dissapeared. He is dying and doesn't want anyone to know. Turns out, he's at Willa's staying in a small cottage and carving his own coffin. See, that Willa's business. They become friends and he sends Willa to stand in for him at a corporate meeting as his proxy vote. She's way out of her element and the 3 brothers know it. Sam, the oldest brother also knows that his grandda is up to something. Grandfather dies before the vote is cast and [...]

    9. This is my third Janet Chapman book. I really enjoyed the two Puffin Harbor books. But this fell just a touch short of those. There were some funny moments. The dialog was good. I liked the flaws in the heroine. But I just never felt the connection.Willamina Kent is a frumpy divorced woman with no taste. Sam Sinclair is the eldest grandson of a wealthy multi-millionaire who just passed away leaving everything to his casket maker, Willa. Much of the rest of the book is Sam pursuing Willa. Decent, [...]

    10. Janet Chapman is one of my favorite authors of romance novels. Her stories are lighthearted romances with frequent conflicts and twists and turns that create both intrigue and passion. The Man Must Marry meets those standards. Here we have a hunk (Sam) unwillingly paired off with a dowdy woman (Willa) whom he initially calls a "partridge." Sam's attraction to Willa surprises him and she does not appreciate his sudden interest in her. She flees and he follows. What ensues has both comical and ser [...]

    11. 1 -1/2 starsThrowing in the towel at 89% I just can't do it any more.How did this book get such high ratings? It's absurd and silly.The heroine is so overly dramatic it's ridiculous. And so inconsistent, I believe the author didn't know her any better than I did. And the hero goes from rudely hating her to loving her in a week. Please. Gawd.

    12. Sam and Willa, have a crazy whirlwind romance, though the lengths he went to to win her were a bit crazy. If my future Father-in-law had done that to me, I would be irate also. No one likes being forced to do things they don't want.

    13. The Man Must Marry ของเจเน็ต แชปแมนหนังสือเล่มนี้เป็นเล่มแรกในชุดพี่น้องตระกูลซิสแคลร์ ที่เปิดเรื่องในวันประชุมผู้ถือหุ้นบริษัทไทด์วอเตอร์ ซึ่งเป็นบริษัทของตระกูลซินแคลร์ โดยที่วิลล่ [...]

    14. THE MAN MUST MARRY by Janet Chapman is 340 pages in paperback. This is #1 in The Sinclair Brothers Trilogy.Brief Description: Trying to escape marriage, they are snared by love.When Sam Sinclair's self-made millionaire grandfather sends Willa Kent, a woman none of the three Sinclair brothers have even heard of, as his proxy to an ultra-important meeting of the Sinclair shipping company, most people would think the old man had lost his marbles. But Sam knows his grandfather too well. For some rea [...]

    15. Author: Janet ChapmanFirst published: 2008Length: 343 pages, 3593 kindle locationsSetting: Contemporary. Keelson, Maine and New York.Sex: Infrequent. Reasonably explicit.Hero: Self-made wealthyHeroine: Owns a casket factoryGood characters.Easy.Enjoyable.Nothing more to say.Sinclair Brothers:Book 1 The Man Must Marry - Sam Sinclair and Willamina KentBook 2 Tempt Me If You Can - Ben Sinclair and Emma SandsBook 3 It's a Wonderful Wife - Jesse Sinclair and Cadi GlaceReferences:Author’s website: ja [...]

    16. At a very important meeting of Sinclair Shipping Company, Sam Sinclair's millionaire grandfather sends Willa Kent to vote his proxy. Everyone thinks the old man has lost his mind, but Sam quickly figures out that his grandfather wants one of his three grandsons to marry Willa, and this is his way to force the issue. When Sam's grandfather dies suddenly, he and Willa team up to find a loophole in his crazy will. But soon Sam finds his Grandfather's offbeat scheme is growing more attractive by the [...]

    17. Liked the premise of the book, but the follow through? Well, the heroine Willa seemed only two dimensional to me. The hero Sam is really frustrated with his grandfather's interference in he and his brother's love life (his grandfather wish was for his grandsons to be happy in love and give him grandchildren). With his grandfather slowly dying, the grandfather leaves everything to Willa in hopes that one of his grandsons will see what a special woman she is and marry her. Sam is dead set against [...]

    18. DNF I got too bored a bit over halfway through. The hero was a bumbling idiot - he started out all alpha and on top of things and then just disintegrated into a rather uninteresting man who didn't seem all that different than any other wishy washy man.The heroine was annoying from the start. I have no problem with the frumpy heroine who is hiding her light under a bushel, but Willa is just a bit too far down that path. She also totally lucked out with her casket business, because I can't see how [...]

    19. This book starts off really interestingly with an unlikely representative of a self-made millionaire CEO being given his proxy vote to decide which of his three grandsons should have control of his company. There was plenty of snark and twists with the out-of-her-depth proxy not letting the three grandsons push her around. But I thought it became too unrealistic when millionaire dies, leaves a surprise will, and instead of the grandsons throwing tantrums or demanding explanations, they all just [...]

    20. Wow, not up to Janet Chapman's usual novels which I've really liked. Story of klutzy young woman with inferiority issues and baggage from a car crash that maimed her niece. She winds up inheriting a fortune and has a good looking hunk fall for her overnight. The catch is she has to marry either him or one of his brothers and have a baby to keep the money and keep a big company in the family. I had so many issues with this plot, I couldn't help shaking my head and can't believe I finished it. I w [...]

    21. I actually am giving this book 3 and 1/2 stars. It was a really cute book. I had been putting it off to read other books and finally this weekend sat down and read it. I liked better then I thought I would. It was a light and funny read. Willa Kent and Sam Sinclair met only because of Sam's grandfather Abram. He went to Maine to escape his life in New York. He rented a cottage from Willa and worked in her casket making factory. Abram was a busybody and always in other people's business. Willa be [...]

    22. I really liked this book. I enjoyed that the heroine was klutzy and poorly dressed, therefore giving a false first impression to the hero.I enjoyed that the hero and his brothers indicated that they were not going to get married, despite the pushiness of their grandfather - - then the hero decides that he likes her, despite her clumsiness and apparent problems/issues.I was annoyed at the fact that the heroine's issues were things that she should have worked through/dealt with already. Especially [...]

    23. Well. I was disappointed. I have loved the highlander books & the spin off trilogy from that one, but this one was stupid. I really liked it in the beginning, but I hate when characters are not described. I cannot picture a girl who says she's fat and a guy who says she's not. I cannot picture a guy with a great chest except for the cover picture. OH The MC girl Willa has blue eyes and she looks dumpy. Ok I like her. NOT. Anyway, that says it all. If you own it already, read it, otherwise. N [...]

    24. I love Janet Chapman's writing but this one really didn't resonate with me. I liked the three brothers but the "romance" wasn't very romantic and I honestly didn't even like Willa. I understood the grandfather's reasonings but still thought it was a weird setup. The romance was just too convenient and implausible. I will read the others in the series and again, I liked the brothers and am interested in who they end up with.

    25. The first in the Sinclair Brothers Series introduces Sam Sinclair, a confirmed bachelor, and Willa, a casket builder from Maine. The characters in the story were funny, and I wish I had more story about Abram, the grandfather. The story line was good, although I thought Sam changed his tune a little too quickly. I am interested in how the other brothers will be brought over to the marriage team.

    26. I read the 3rd book in this series first and couldn't wait to read the first one. Of course I had to order it and it was way too slow coming. I read it mostly all in one day. This is a devious idea for a plot line with wonderful characters and side characters that you love too. If you love a romance that is a fast read with strong characters don't miss this whole series. I'm afraid I'm not going to get anything done today either because there is one more in this series that I haven't read.

    27. This was a somewhat unreal, but very funny romance. Big business meets cottage industry when the family patriarch dies and he leaves everything to an unsuspecting coffin maker from Maine under the condition that she marry one of his grandsons and get pregnant within a certain timeline. Craziness ensues while all involved work through their emotional baggage and the pressures of their environment.

    28. It does not matter how long in between her books it has been - I get transported by reading Janet Chapman's books. I fell in love with her highlanders and now I have fallen in love with the SinclairsHer stories are so interesting to me and the characters are charming! I read the book in 2 sittings - could not put it down. Now started book 2 and I am well on my way through it as well. Not many books make it to a 5 star rating for me - but this was another one that did!

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