Star Wars: Bloodline

Star Wars Bloodline WITNESS THE BIRTH OF THE RESISTANCEWhen the Rebellion defeated the Empire in the skies above Endor Leia Organa believed it was the beginning to a lasting peace But after decades of vicious infighting

  • Title: Star Wars: Bloodline
  • Author: Claudia Gray
  • ISBN: 9781780896328
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • WITNESS THE BIRTH OF THE RESISTANCEWhen the Rebellion defeated the Empire in the skies above Endor, Leia Organa believed it was the beginning to a lasting peace But after decades of vicious infighting and partisan gridlock in the New Republic Senate, that hope seems like a distant memory.Now a respected senator, Leia must grapple with the dangers that threaten to crippleWITNESS THE BIRTH OF THE RESISTANCEWhen the Rebellion defeated the Empire in the skies above Endor, Leia Organa believed it was the beginning to a lasting peace But after decades of vicious infighting and partisan gridlock in the New Republic Senate, that hope seems like a distant memory.Now a respected senator, Leia must grapple with the dangers that threaten to cripple the fledgling democracy from both within and without Underworld kingpins, treacherous politicians, and Imperial loyalists are sowing chaos in the galaxy Desperate to take action, senators are calling for the election of a First Senator It is their hope that this influential post will bring strong leadership to a divided galaxy.As the daughter of Darth Vader, Leia faces with distrust the prospect of any one person holding such a powerful position even when supporters suggest Leia herself for the job But a new enemy may make this path Leia s only option For at the edges of the galaxy, a mysterious threat is growing

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    1. 4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2016/05/19/I fell in love with Claudia Gray’s Star Wars: Lost Stars last year, and so you can imagine my excitement when I learned that she would be penning a second book in the new canon, this time an adult novel about Princess Leia herself. And Gray certainly does not disappoint. With Star Wars: Bloodline, she has established herself as a new powerhouse author in the world of Star Wars fiction and become one of my favorite tie-in writers.Taki [...]

    2. I decided to read this for three reasons. My love for the Star Wars universe is deep and wide, but not wide enough to devour every novel that comes out, so this only brings me so far.My second reason is that other reviewers have raved about this title, so that makes me warm up inside and open my mind to new possibilities.And the third reason, the one that tipped me over the edge? Well, it's Claudia Gray. I read Lost Stars last year and was very, very impressed. Not only did she pull it off again [...]

    3. Claudia Gray cements her position as the best modern Star Wars author by following up the fantastic LOST STARS with the possibly even better BLOODLINE.In BLOODLINE, she finally gets the chance to show off what she can do with major canon characters and absolutely nails it. Leia's voice is perfect. Han's voice is great. Even more interesting, though, is her ability to introduce new characters as vivid and real as any in the movies. Both of her Star Wars books deserve just as much attention as the [...]

    4. Remember the stilted awkwardness of the Star Wars prequels? The lack of charisma? The shallowness, despite all flashy surface efforts at spectacle?Bloodline captures that spirit completely. Objectively, the writing is subpar. In Claudia Gray's first Star Wars book, the young adult novel Lost Stars, the tell-not-show style--while an unfortunate underestimation of the YA audience's intelligence--at least managed to feel age appropriate. The topical handling of big picture issues through a "young a [...]

    5. There is simply no way to avoid giving this five stars. This is the Star Wars novel I've been waiting for. Here we have not only crucial and meaty backstory to help explain the inefficacy of the New Republic and the rise of the Resistance and the First Order, but also an intimate look at the many complicated forces that pulled Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca into very separate lives after the defeat of the Emperor. In addition, we learn when the rest of the galaxy discovered [...]

    6. As a huge Leia fan, I had basically been counting down the days to this one and I’m happy to say it didn’t disappoint. Bloodline is set years prior to the events of The Force Awakens during the dissolution of the New Republic as Leia undertakes a dangerous final Senatorial mission. It’s told through the point of view of Leia, as well as her Senatorial staff, allies, and enemies. I loved getting a window into the political manoeuvrings happening in the background of all the action and frien [...]

    7. Leia is one of my faverite characters, for me she is the original warrior princess, however there was something just missing from this book. There were parts of this book that were done very well bordering on brilliant but I was just not gripped not continuing to read it I read a chapter then went off and did something else this is not really a page turner of a book it moves at the speed of the Senate's decision making process.Claudia Gray did an excellent job of portraying Leia. I think she man [...]

    8. I've read better fan fiction, tbh. I appreciate Leia and how badass she is in this story, but the writing style leaves a lot to be desired. We don't have the constraints of a screenplay here, so there's much you could do with inner thoughts and descriptions and taking the time to really flesh people out. Unfortunately, this author didn't do that. None of the new characters seemed especially complex to me; even Han was written as pretty oaf-ish. Leia doesn't seem overly concerned about her son ei [...]

    9. From my AccountBOOK REVIEW: 1 StarI want to tell you, my fellow reader, that I won't disrespect you and spoil the story here. Don't fear. If you read what I'm about to say and you still want to read the book, more power to you. After all, this touches on the original characters of the original series, and WE WANNA KNOW but god someone, get the Bacta tank ready. I need to recover from what just happened, and anyone with a lick of real world literary sense should, too. Let me give you a quick opi [...]

    10. 4+ starsThis is a very difficult book to rate and review. Is it good? Very. As good as Lost Stars? It's different. For me personally, it was nerve wrecking, because the main character is Leia and we already know things didn't go well for her (at least those of us who have seen TFA). And at the end of the book, you know there are still more horrible things to come.Claudia Gray understands Leia, what makes her tick, how her past influences her, her dreams, her ambitions, her loves She absolutely n [...]

    11. I am newer to the new Star Wars canon novels (I've read Gray's Lost Stars and Paul Kemp's Lords of the Sith) so I don't have a whole lot to compare this one to. But shit, this was my favorite so far. The one thing I thought "The Force Awakens" lacked was the political side of things (aka when the First Order blew up five planets at once and I said to myself "bummer, but I don't know those folks"). This book gets into the details of what was going on on the political scene in the years leading up [...]

    12. Okay, so it's been almost two months since I finished this book, but I remember so clearly the feeling of finishing it and sort of being gobsmacked at how good it was. Not that it's flashy or anything. I'm not going to claim this book will change your life, or even change the way you look at reading or anything hyperbolic like that, but it did kind of change the way I look at Star Wars books. Claudia Gray just GETS Star Wars.I read her first Star Wars book, Lost Stars, last year in prep for The [...]

    13. I need this sooo bad! Currently reading Lost Stars and it's perfect so far. Four months is so far away :( boooo

    14. I love Gray's Lost Stars for many reasons. I love this book even more for many other reasons, most of which involve utter heartbreak. This was a hard read. Mainly because, after four decades of loving the swashbuckling adventure that is the Star Wars saga, I'm slowly waking up to its reality, which TFA brought to light and Rogue One solidified. For as fun as this adventure is, there is always a cloud of darkness over it, from a 19-year-old woman watching her planet obliterated before her eyes, t [...]

    15. I really wanted to like this. It was a book about Leia. She was my age, and how often do you get a book where the main protagonist is a woman in their 40s that's not about them and their kids? It did have some fun moments, Leia winning at cards because she'd been taught by Han and Lando. And a reference to a gay x-wing pilot but overall it was very very disappointing!First of all the politics were dreadful! For SOME reason the Galactic politics post-rebellion had boiled down to simple bi-partisa [...]

    16. "The sun is setting on the New Republic," Leia said. "It's time for the resistance to rise."3.75 Stars.♫ Staaaaaaaaaaaaaar Waaaaars, nothing but Staaaaaaaaar Waaars ♫In the last couple of years my love and enjoyment for Star Wars has grown a lot. Yes, the original trilogy has always been there for me, but I never did venture to the expanded universe, aka the old canon, aka Legends. Now, this is going to change 'cause I'm finally going to read Heir to the Empire, but anyway that's for another [...]

    17. "Someday."The words sounded like a promise. But Leia couldn't make herself believe that day would ever really come and she knew Han couldn't either. Someday was the sun disappearing behind a cloud, a morning lost to darkness long before night should have come."I adore Star Wars, but have never gotten into the now old EU or the new novels. They never really appealed to me (except for maybe reading some EU books because of the ridiculous plots it had) because I never really looked into them. It wa [...]

    18. Jan 12 reread: It felt appropriate to kick off the year with Leia. RIP my princess. <3This book was fantastic! As much as I loved the old expanded universe, it always felt like Han and Leia had a fairy tale ending that wasn't quite true to their characters or the nature of reality. This book answered some questions I had about TFA and gave some touching insight into Leia's character. Also, it was refreshing having a woman into her 40s as an action hero. :DI also can't recommend this book enou [...]

    19. DNF - Got to half way and still was tedious to get through. I get what it was trying to do but the author isn't skilled enough to pull it off for me.Check out Heir to the Empire trilogy as Leia role in that book is to a similar standard in that but is written so much better.

    20. I never thought that a Sci-Fi book could be so close to reality like this!!---This book is to honour the life of Leia Organathe princess, the revolutionary, the senator, and at last the Gerneralthis book took place before The Force Awakens by 6 years a new generation has been born, A gerneration that has never known Vader and never saw how corrupt the Empire wasd as Suzanne Collins said: “We're fickle, stupid beings with poor memories and a great gift for self destruction.” The Senate that [...]

    21. Easily the best of the new SW canon right behind Lost Stars. Claudia Gray can write all of the Star Wars novels as far as I'm concerned. This is the first of the new canon that I felt was really pertinent to the story line. Highly recommended if you enjoyed The Force Awakens and want to know some of the back story.

    22. I try to be (somewhat) selective when it comes to Star Wars novels, as there's just so many of them out there to keep up with.But there's a hanful of authors whose work in the SW Universe is unparalled (Timothy Zahn, John Jackson Miller, Drew Karpshyn, and a small number of others) and draws my immediate attention.After "Lost Stars", Claudia Gray joined that list. I found that title to be fundamentally satisfying, and one of the best SW titles I'd read.With "Bloodlines", I feel like it was const [...]

    23. This is my second Star Wars novel I've read, the first was the novelisation of The Force Awakens. Bloodline in one word is phenomenal. Leia was always my favourite character from the original trilogy and to follow a story from her point of view was beyond exciting. One of the biggest questions I have always asked was, how does Leia feel about Darth Vader being her father? We never got to see this relationship on screen, but here it is played out beautifully. Thankfully, too, Leia's other parents [...]

    24. "Bloodline" is not a perfect book. There is an action deficit, Han Solo only has a cameo, and Luke Skywalker is nowhere to be found. However, I believe that given what must have been Claudia Gray's marching orders and limitations on this project, this is the best possible book we could have gotten.To be sure, "Bloodline" is Leia's story about six years before the events of "The Force Awakens." Her son Ben is still with Luke at the Jedi Academy. Han is still a reputable business man running a rac [...]

    25. Read this review and more at The Fantasy Nerds!Bloodline, the story behind how The First Order rose to political power.This story is what was missing from The Force Awakens.Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved the newest film. But I was left feeling a little lost on who the First Order is, why someone would be so quick to bring back the ideology of the Empire so soon after its destruction. Bloodline answers those questions.This is only the second Star Wars book that I have read. It is also the [...]

    26. At a Glance:Hello, Star Wars? Give me everything that is Star Wars related! Plus, I love Claudia's writing. This is the best of both world.Cover:I love Princess Leia, she is a badass heroine. Having her on the cover makes this cover stand out. Not only is she on the cover, but Daddy Darth Vader Yeah, this is definitely an eye catcher. Action:Again, Star Wars Just like the Star Wars movies, Bloodlines is packed with actions, deceptions, twist and full of HOLY SKYWALKER. Which is perfect because i [...]

    27. “When the people with authority don’t have to answer to citizens of the galaxy, the result is tyranny.” Bloodlines is twenty years after Return of the Jedi basically the half way point between Return and Force Awakens. It follows Senator Leia Organa (somebody got promoted) in the New Republic which is split between two parties the centralist and the populist. Guess whatey don't like each other. Shocking I know. Leia decides she tired of their bullshit and wants to retire and travel the gal [...]

    28. This is the first of the Star Wars novels (that is not a direct novelization of a movie) I have read and genially enjoyed the main story line. Previously, for me, it has been secondary to the new tidbits of world information, or further exploration of the characters I already love. The story line was intriguing, and while it was kind of obvious what the ultimate conclusion would be, I still eagerly anticipated the big revelation. I love being inside Leia's head. I will admit she is not a charact [...]

    29. I LOVE LEIA ORGANA MY FOREVER GIRL <3 <3 <3 !!!!!!!! THE BRIGHTEST STAR IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, THE SUN THAT LIGHTS UP MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!here's what i loved about this book:- leia loves freedom (obviously i knew this but still !!!! it's always great!!!!!)- leia being ANGRY!!!! <3__<3 (and sad, but mostly angry!!! fuck everyone up!!!!) (when she threw that helmet at the wall and it broke!!!! yes!!!! it's little things like that that feel so good)- leia thinking about padmé and a [...]

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